Organized gang stalking and strange disappearances

In the organized gang stalking online community, there are many tales of ‘mysterious suicides,’ whose victims leave no death certificate, and others who do. And, there are stories of those who for some reason or other, disappear, but then, are talked about in the general dialogue as if they are still alive, but no one knows exactly where they are, or what they are doing, such as Dr. Reidar Visser.
In order to research this topic, one must be aware of these facts, as there is some danger involved, and also, the threat of falling under the control or association with what some call mind control cults, such as OSI informers, or Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS), which had been run by one Derrick Robinson who has claimed that he was an NSA employee, and others who say he was a CIA operative.
The latter group has since changed its name due to the Aaron Alexis,  Myron May, and then finally, the Gavin Long shootings. And, many of those who are affiliated with these two groups are current or former intelligence officers, many of them with NSA ties, and military “jargon” and “argot language” peppers the online forums where these disspense bad advice, and wage hidden investigations of the neighborhood crank, activist, journaist, or whistle blower.
Many mass shooters, cop killers, and school shooters had contact with these organizations shortly before they went on their rampages, which is wel documented, even in the MSM. I myself avoid them completely, as a matter of self health, and self respect, as my opinion is that these are indeed harmful organizations, and central to the CAUSATION of the social conditions that encourage mass shooters.
And too, some have suggested that there are ties to InfraGard, which in turn extends its tentacles to community policing mobs, which uses these people as human propaganda organs, and encourages these mass shootings for political purposes, and funding. You are welcome to draw your own conclusions, but the evidence is fairy straight forward that these are implicated.
Then there is the issue of the “police state” itself, which is literally a “targeted phrase” that the Department of Homeand Security uses as a “trigger word,” to then target and harass dissenters, or profile tthem in a d
Lastly on this topic, I will note that I have lost one acquaintance to these people, and i will not mention her name, because last time I did, my bogs were mobbed, and I was harassed in various ways that I will not discuss or disclose at this time for my own safety.

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