Gang Stalking and Fusion Center spying and artificial intelligence: yes, "they" ARE spying on you, in real time

Now that the slow roll-out of totalitarian domestic spying has occured (while you were sleeping, perhaps), we can look back at the many felony lies to Congress by NSA and CIA chiefs, and the local lies from Fusion Centers and the FBI and local police to see that, well, it was all lies (then take a look at how deep state players created a bomb hoax, and a designer bomber who allegedly targeted those exact CIA /FBI /SOROS funded senators and others who lied to Congress ).
And, Democracy was dead after that- those with power had, and do, and will continue to destroy our democracy-because they can, and because YOU are letting it happen.

Related Story: the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) calls police and private contractor sponsored organized gang stalking “colluding parallel investigations.” And many ATAP affiliated private contractors company names are, not surprisingly similar to the military acronym for psychological exploitation of targeted influence operations, aka PsyOps. use is closely associated with Fusion Centers, and a staggering amount of OGS complaints, and their crisis PR is what drives narrative in the press, and in police related public relations. . Americas 77 Fusion Centers are also very well disguised, each of them using different names, so that citizens cannot connect the dots.

Related Story: Washington State Fusion Center distributes bizarre “mind control ”documents to FOIA requestor, who asked for a different set of documents entirely 👽💩👻
From, in April of 2013-two months BEFORE Edward Snowden:

You may recall that, last fall, a Congressional investigation completely slammed Homeland Security’s “Fusion Centers” — noting that despite DHS insisting that they were critical to “fighting terrorism,” the actual evidence showed that they had done nothing helpful in the fight against terrorism, but were instead chock full of wasteful (possibly fraudulent) spending… and with an added dose of civil liberties violations (just for fun).
“There’s misconceptions on what fusion centers are,” he says. “The misconceptions are that we are conducting spying operations on US citizens, which is of course not the fact. That is absolutely not what we do.” link

But what ARE Fusion centers- and what are they supposed to do? Nobody, anywhere seems to know, but those who have experienced various forms of “electronic harassment,” and strange internet shenanigans certainly know that these centers are doing something. Targeted individuals have been telling us for years, what we all now know.
From the ACLU: what Fusion Centers are supposed to be doing

UPDATE: Police, and Fusion Centers have begun waging media hoaxes attempting to discredit victims of illegal Fusion Center spying, and here we see an actual Fusion Center in Washington state distributing “junk information” to the press about mind control, and here we see local police and sheriffs deliberately waging a media hoax, claiming that a dangerous drug, fentanyl, was put onto fliers that were then placed on squad cars, right outside the police station.

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  1. Hi my name is Huy and I live in Burke, VA and I have been “gang stalked” for more than five years possibly even longer than that. Most of those years it was unknown to me this fact or this program which I still think is ridiculous and hard to believe, still. If you can extend your help to me, I would appreciate it so much. I am well aware of the disinfo among the “community” and I am level headed enough to differentiate between what is really of this program and what is just normal occurrence in life. Its a truly sinister program and wickedly evil that these people are spreading slander and lies about me just because I am a target they can simply experiment on. Sad world indeed.

    1. Hi, Huy.
      Well, follow my advice, and start documenting it with digital recordings, film, and photos.
      Most OGS starts in a database somewhere, where the initial slander began, like family courts, or the biased domestic viokence hearings, and other due process free environments.
      Radical cults and sects of religions,police and military persons, and fake-feminists are implicated in nearly all OGS.
      And, cops are 100% behind it. So, maybe go to the police station, and tell them directly that you are being gang stalked, and record the event (police stations are public spaces).
      Also, because Fusion Centers actually track targets and more, shut your phone off occasionally and enjoy the peace.
      Feel free to write and tell me more, and we can narrow down the list of suspects, and then target them back.

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