Gang stalking and sex trafficking and moral panic industrial complex

Gang stalking and sex trafficking and prostitution abolitionists: “fighting” the worlds oldest profession is a multi-billion dollar industry- and OGS claims show up in many blogs and other media that also chronicle accusations of prostitution.
But the reality is this: most organizaions that claim to fight for the ‘women and children’ are themselves thinly veiled panderers that facilitate high level pedophile operations such as we see in the UK’s pedophile scandals, where cops, social workers, and others charged with the care of children are themselves profiteers and perverts.
And then, there is the curious case of Somaly Mam, a woman whose false narrative allowed government agents full access to children in Cambodia, Thailand and Laos.
Most human trafficking and sex trafficking narratives are so loaded with lies and disinformation that the entire narrative is flawed beyond reason and highly suspect. Like the narrative fictions that western society uses when it employs the scapegoating of pedophiles, prostitution has a longer history as a moral panic inducing scapegoat, as time after time, and century after century we see that prostitutes-for the most part- don’t want to be “saved.”
This link demonstrates one example of cyber staking by morality panic pandering abolitionists and profiteers. In this example, we see a notorious liar and fraud harassing and threatening actual sex workers online- but in interviews, I have confirmed that the harassment comes offline as well, and that sex workers are frequently monitored by local police and more:

Many of us sex worker rights activists have been well aware of the vicious lies told about us by an abolitionist calling herself “Stella Marr.”  She has bullied us and lied about us in numerous articles, forums and on her blogs.  There was nothing we could do about it because we did not know her real identity.  She felt free to spread her falsehoods anywhere and everywhere, knowing that there was nothing we could do as long as her cloak of anonymity protected her.
Now we know who she really is.  Someone who knows her well and obviously dislikes her enough to “out” her, has provided us with her true name and other very personal information.  When I sent a message to Stella’s Facebook page, letting her know that we know who she really is, she confirmed that it was her by responding with a very nasty message threatening action against me if I posted her real name.
It seems her whole story is a fraud, that she is not who she claims to be (in addition to her fake name), and that she was never the victim of pimps who trafficked her into prostitution.

Some speculate that these ‘save the sex slaves’ narratives are thinly veiled western propaganda delivery systems designed by some to cut into the lucrative sex trade in the thin disguise of ‘saving’ people, while others note that these morality campaigns are funded by international banking that use the dialectic of trafficking to get to the women who have social connections to underground capital; and seeks other ways to use people for profits. And it’s ‘for the children,’ of course.
And, like almost all OGS, there is an “influence operation” component as well as a religious component to it. Lastly, there is a well documented investigatory and police aspect of it as well.
Related: How lucrative is the “fighting sex trafficking” industry? Here is just one grant, for one year from Uncle Sam: 44 million dollars.  But the anti-prostitution lobbyists turn a multi-billion dollar international trick across the globe.
The federal government, and many so-called NGO’s* incentivize morality campaigns by first conflating human trafficking and labor trafficking with “sex trafficking.” Then, granting billions of dollars per year to people who claim they are “saving women and children” from prostitution, and there is a huge cottage industry of public relations crisis managers and spin doctors employed to craft messages that sex hurts all women and children, and that free agent sex workers, and gainfully employed prostitutes need saving.
Related: Getting Screwed- How governments, and anti-prostitution religionists, and  abolitionists seek to derive profit from the sex trade, and socially engineered morality crisis campaigns.
Related: Jasmin Abuslin, aka Celeste Guap was pimped and used by police from seven police departments in California, from a very early age. Her mother worked as a police dispatcher, and this is a common theme across America, as we see police heavily involved at all levels of narrative control of child prostitution.
*Non-Governmental Organizations are often financed by international financiers, governments, and intelligence agencies through black budgets to drive social policy across the globe, and domestically as well. A classic example of this type of agency blur is the vaccination program that targeted Osama bin Laden.

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