Organized gang stalking and pedophiles and moral panics

One of the main claims of those who have been gang stalked is that there is a whisper campaign waged behind their backs by law enforcement and others who put themselves in the position of  morality police while slobbering at the windowsills of the public in secret.
The worst of the slander is in-arguably that the people being harassed are “pedophiles” which means social death to anyone who the police label this way, as few things in western society are more deadly to a persons reputation. And, in gang stalking campaigns that are waged in secret, there is no secret that these stalkers are trying o cause targets to commit suicide.
Related: the mysterious death by “stabbing himself in the back and stomach” of John Lang, Fresno, CA anti-corruption activist.
This sort of slander is so powerful, that it guides western nations policy and politics and few labels are more indefensible or impossible to overcome. In sociology and psychology, labeling theory and policing are inseparable companions that stigmatize some, for the benefit of others-that at the intersection of society and the individual, a label is a powerful tool of conformity.
Here, at the link provided below,  Christopher Soghoian of the American Civil Liberties Union, and a TED talks senior fellow notes that some American’s, working in the Deep State, and with the assistance of compromised, blackmailed Congressional members are currently sacrificing your Constitutional liberties, and representative Democracy over their fears of nearly mythical, statistically nearly non-existent pedophiles*while bartering your privacy for their own financial freedom:
Soghoian link “Your Privacy, or else: PEDOPHILES!”:

Chronic, pervasive, warrantless and total government surveillance: “This is just the beginning”
Privacy researcher Christopher Soghoian sees the landscape of government surveillance shifting beneath our feet, as an industry grows to support monitoring programs. Through private companies, he says, governments are buying technology with the capacity to break into computers, steal documents and monitor activity — without detection. This TED Fellow gives an unsettling look at what’s to come.

  • there is no doubt that pedophiles are, and should be a major concern for any parent, or any decent citizen. The problem is that well organized, and well hidden pedophiles currently control the narrative, as they all work in government, in police departments, and other positions like churches, the Boy Scouts, and the various Masonic and ‘community’ clubs that claim to work for boys and girls of America, where they have authority over children. And, these same organized networks of #goodguys are distributing child porn across the globe.
  • while there are some 700,000 people on sex offender registries across America, the vast majority of them are not pedophiles. In fact, few have ever had actual sexual contact with a  child. Most on the registries are on them for nefarious and irrational reasons.
  • The pedophile in western dialectic serves as a universal scapegoat, and so those who are actually raping and harming children are able to hide behind official titles, positions of power, and narratives that control the dialectic to the minutest levels of social discourse, even shunning, harassing and stalking those who attempt to wrest the false narrative from their grasp.
  • Interestingly, Dr. Lorraine Sheridan- who wrote the famously flawed study about gang stalking-apparently works with men in prison, and sex offenders.

Related: Many pedophiles work in policing and also act as gatekeepers for pedophile networks that operate from all of societies ‘social services’ networks, institutions such as medicine and schools, and child protective services such as CPS, and the subsidiary  ‘domestic violence’ industries that keep fathers out of the lives of the majority of children in low income homes.

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    1. Well, probably you should as your former DoD, and Department of State buddies, or that guy in Texas.
      And know this: I do not condone your use of my material at your blog. My work of online and offline performance art, where I document how actual tribes,and sects of our culture are destroying our constitution, and trying to replace it with religion is copyrighted, in my actual name, despite my pseudo-anonymity online, I have revealed my name to others.
      And, in the future, your online black operations, and your stated goak of corrupting officials in the Asian Pacific will be,(and are) documented in other places.
      Keep your eyes on the news cycle, pal.

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