Organized gang stalking and the truth: "You can't handle the TRUTH!!"

Yup- it’s just like that line where Jack Nicholson say’s that. You know- that line from that movie with the Scientologist in it– Tom Cruz? Yeah- that All American movie about military hero’s. Yeah, that one-like there’s not enough of them these days.
And THAT really is the truth, as American’s have become too afraid-too coerced with the abuses and daily blackmail by the NSA et al that they are afraid to stand up against warantless surveillance. Well, some of us knew in 2003 what others of us woke up to the hard way, in 2013, when Edward Snowden (a REAL American hero) came forward and told us that our own agencies were spying on US and trickling the data out to the DEA/FBI/DHS ‘task forces’ and local LEO’s, security contractors, and the endless stream of neighborhood rats and cowards who think that stalking their neighbors is “patriotic,” all across America.
Because these days- the truth is, the NSA has been working overtime to build dossiers’ on ALL American’s, and twice as hard on those who dissent, or take the stand against these Un-Constitutional practices. Because why? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!(Much less speak up about it.)
the truth
And the truth is, they are blackmailing you, in advance of any court case, or any ‘probable cause.’ And that, for the last 16years, since the grand intelligence agency coup de’ tat of America, circa 9-11 (not counting the assassination of JFK, of course-which is a ‘conspiracy theory.’ At least we know now, thanks to Edward Snowden, that in fact a coup took place here when the agencies agreed to scoop up all of your data without a warrant.)
So- it’s almost transparently funny that the former head of the CIA and all those other careerist douchebags who sit outside our homes, slobber on our windowsills, and switch our internet switches around in ‘internet black bag jobs,’are pissed.
Waaaawaaawaaa. James Comey,  foremr head of the America’s Political Police and intelligence agency insider/traitor/blackmailer-in-chief eats pavement. Boohoooo, John Brennan-one of the guys who used black programs against American citizens, got hax’d, and he’s is saaaad. I mean- I guess you get what you play for when you sell American’s to Saudi’s and other’s who look upon us a slaves and corporate ‘acquisitions.’
Sorry assholes- no American I know of signed on for that. We the people and all that. I don’t remember agreeing that you could sell me, trade me, steal mydata, manipulate my internet connection, or coerce my movements across time and space.

John Brennan 1123502-11-20170523092234
Former Dir. of the CIA John Brennan is in a huff- cuz’ Russian #badguys are trying to take over ‘Murica. So, he per-emptively worked with the NSA/FBI/DEA/DIA/ et military ass to target and entrap the communications f ALL American’s, and then, to selectively stalk them in cyber-databases. Cuz-#badguys. And he got to look at that data AFTER it had passed through Israel! Oy vey! Mazal tov! A marriage made in sheol! Those darn turreriss’s!

And lest I forget the NSA’s Black-bagger-in-Chief, Keith Alexander, and his cushy “sell American’s cheap” plan-and his cushy new digs! What a heavy price to pay…er…get paid, for stealing all the dataz from all the Murican’s! Bunch of criminals.
What Me Worry? The NSA will never target my daughters Barbie camera, right? Prolly the CIA will NEVER try to recruit my son because they have a wonderful photo of him dancing around in his bedroom with a stuffed teddy bear in his underwear, right? Suuuuure. These ‘American’s’ are the #goodguys- not a bunch of RATS, nibbling away at the edges and bottom of the bottomless MIC trough,  like some of those #badguys, right?
And that time-that one time with the Mexican stripper who smoked cigars with her…and my face in…a donkey….blurry focus….hangover….and those Guerreros…just that ONE NIGHT. Nahhh. Prolly those assholes didn’t get those pictures when I sent them FROM Mexico TO Las Vegas where…oh never mind. Made ya look, anyways, sucka’s.
And of course- who are you, anyways? The FISA court will probably never-probably never– target you by mistake, right? Just a lil’ mistake….or two, or three hundred thousand per year. Little ol’ mistake’s-the #goodguys seem to make more and more of those every year, with less and ess consequences. You know what they call that, right?
Yup. YOU CAN’T (won’t?) HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!
BlueLine Flags Tattered Thin Blue Line Vinyl Reflective Decal Black ...
But the truth is, some “American’s” are trying to turn our flag black and blue, and with your silence, you are doing a bang-up job of aiding them. Enemies, foreign and domestic, right? Suuuure. What’s in an oath, anyways? Just words. And we know those are useless. But black and blue flags-and black and blue people? Priceless-because the #goodguys and all that protection, cuz, #badguys.
And writers, of course. First they came for my internet connection, and I had no one to report it to-because it was them at the switch-and that, altering content BEFORE a single digit hits the keypad.
Sure-why not. Yellow seems to be fashionable amongst those who took oaths to uphold our constitution.

0 thoughts on “Organized gang stalking and the truth: "You can't handle the TRUTH!!"

    1. Thank ou. Putting these things i plain terms can help a lot of people-and the NSA/DEA/FBI/CIA data theft and abuse pipeline that trickles down to local LEO’s is beyond anything imagined by the framers.
      So, I am trying to re-frame it, and weed out the total BS and disinfo that pervades the dialogues, and thankful for those who want to get involved.

    1. Thanks for the link but I NEVER lick outbound links from my blog because it gives “them” one more location point of data!
      But thanks for the book recommendation.
      As we both know, because of incidents like James Comey and Andrew McCabes contrived memos, contrived conversations-and Mueller’s selective targeting of Russia links; as well as their conspiracy to commit perjury and obstruction of the political process, they cook books like some people roast the pigs they sleep with.
      The DEA burning the SOD database, and the CIA burning Dick Cheney’s Thailand war torture porn-burn baby burn seems to be how these mult-billionaire careerist douchebags treat our Constitution-surely, books are next.
      Read ’em before they burn them!

      1. Thanks for inserting my comment. It is a very important book indeed. There is a not well known underground black intelligence agency based in Germany called Deutscher Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD) which origins can be traced back to the Abwehr and to the prussian intelligence. All secret societies linked to the NWO like the Rosicrucian society or the Illuminati have been founded in Germany and have been the historicals precursors of the modern EU-globalist-german deep state.
        The german Zersetzung methods used by both the Nazis and the East German STASI are indeed the main model of covert warfare used by this totalitarian deep-state.
        There is another good book by Cristopher Story about the issue:

        1. Thanks for the information. I am not at all surprised, because here in America, we have deep state Nazi players as well, and they are very active in these operations.
          Not surprisingly, we see the same blur between Jews and Nazi’s here that we saw in Germany in the pre-Hitler era, and during Hitlers reign. Zionism and Naziism are inseparable philosophies, not least because both have eugenic and genocidal tendencies. But also, because they share financial sources, goals, and certainly both are deeply invested in constant causation of strife and war.
          A wise Jewish “anti-semite” once pointed out that Communism and Capitalism/ fascism/humanitarianism are merely two dueling narratives that profit the same people, one generation to the next, with no real difference between the two.
          I agree with that fellow.

        2. BTW: I avoid all of the talk about the NWO etc, and while Ben Fulford and Greg Szymanski-even Alex Jones for that matter occasionally hit the nail on the head, its all a time wasting rabbit hole. I just want to be left alone here under the Eastern stars.
          On the other hand, I have no doubts about these things being actual. I have been sabotaged as a journalist for decades, by Progressives and particularly AIPAC sponsored Jews who work institutionally; and by Catholics of the highest orders who work in hidden capacity in the state institutions-the Maltese check in here regularly from Malta! -and others too-these are what collective insanity is.
          There simply is no benefit to me or my family to engage in hidden activity in any way-so I bring the cockroaches into the light, for the sake of others.
          But, if any of these have any actual sane business activity, or should these offer sanctuary, I would consider altering my paradigm a bit-but not so much so that I will overlook the obvious criminality they perpetrate via their paid armies of Paul Blarts and others who are sworn to do better-and to uphold our Democracy.
          I mean-just Google James Comey and “mis-statements” to Congress-or that failed SA bureaucrat McCabe-how many of these double dipping, anti-Constitution, political shitbags lied outright o Congress and the American people? This is how democracy dies…
          A great article for you: How the FBI (like the DHS et al) has turned into the slimiest political shithole in the history of a slimy political shithole organzation

    2. To the reader:
      About the book “Spyhunter”:
      by Michael Shrimpton. £25.00
      Paperback, 711pp
      The Secret History of German Intelligence. Shrimpton a renowned barrister and intelligence specialist with deep sources in the Pentagon, the CIA and elsewhere, has written a fascinating alternative look at the history of espionage from the 11th century to the present day. From Chairman Mao’s excesses to the methods his successors use to target prominent individuals who shape political and financial opinions in Europe, America and Australasia today.

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