Organized gang stalking and linguistics: targeted individuals are often victims of linguistic manipulation, aka, soft force mind control

Any blog, anywhere on the topic of OGS is derived from within a wider dialectic of gang stalking, and then, contains individual narrative, influenced by the language and terminology of others within the dialectic. As such, linguistic analyses infers that the Sapir-Whorf hypotheses, and linguistic relativity of strong and weak language applies.

“The principle of linguistic relativity holds that the structure of a language affects its speakers’ world view or cognition. Popularly known as the Sapir–Whorf hypothesis, or Whorfianism, the principle is often defined to include two versions. The strong version says that language determines thought, and that linguistic categories limit and determine cognitive categories, whereas the weak version says that linguistic categories and usage only influence thought and decisions”
from Wikipedia “linguistic relativity”

I have already demonstrated that the OGS dialectic is a mind control and influence operation full of information, disinformation, and misinformation (and here, and here, and here, and here) on some-or on many levels. Also, I have demonstrated that it has real world consequences, and that law enforcement is not doing its job to stop those who encourage the dialectic, and who profit from it; and that law enforcement is quite frequently involved directly, and indirectly.
But more than any one proof is the general flow of the data, as we discover that the dialectic itself is purely and easily understood as language in action to influence, confirm, interrogate, or otherwise manipulate individuals who, for whatever reason, find themselves trapped-entrapped-within the dialectic, which is itself a form of neuro linguistic programming (NLP).
While most targeted individuals do not or cannot answer or state openly or apparently the six w’s of journalistic inquiry -who directed them to the dialectic? What happened just before you were directed or redirected into this dialogue? Where did this happen?when did this happen? Why did you get brought into this abusive dialectic? How did you become aware of the dialectic?-the evidence is clear that memetics and influence via language are at work, and that certain people are involved, and many others are, statistically, not even aware that such a dialectic -that of organized gang stalking-exists. Any researcher, lawyer, psychologist or other concerned researcher should be aware of the need to ask these questions.
But what does exist a solid fact, or set of facts as regards the language and terms of OGS: that the structure of a language affects its speakers’ world view or cognition. This is undeniable, and there exists evidence of this fact in every log ever written about OGS.
Then, when you add influence operations, pseudo-legal “investigations” by LEO’s and LEIU members across the internet-which is used malevolently as both a tool of investigation, aka “webterrogation,” and also as a purely vindictive and petty tool of harassment by bullies in official places- we se a new picture emerge: that the root of the problem is that the internet backbone is full of cancerous, state sponsored and illegal activity, directed at targeted persons, groups, and their ideas; and that the Panopticon that has been designed by bad actors in high places has been abused-which we also know with plentiful evidence.
So, if one chose to, one could analyse the structure of the dialectic is itself for evidence that OGS is a real, and directed, and valid potential complaint, rather than a hoarde of mentally ill folks who sabotage legitimate mechanisms of communication for nefarious purposes, when in fact, it is state, and institutional, and academic, and professional actors that are this exact disease ridden apathetic and complicit group, as this blog attempts to document and demonstrate.
The evidence I direct the reader to herein should be an ample and well endowed starting point for any researcher, sociologist, psychologist, criminal or civil rights defense attorney to have a secure starting point for any case that involves claims of OGS. As such, I invite you to test or retest my evidence, and come up with your own hypotheses, but what I have herein is fairly hard to refute, and each refutation opens a door to a new line of inquiry, which has so far been missing from the discussion.
But clearly, it is not merely a dialogue of the mentally ill talking to others who are mentally ill, unless we are willing to engage in the fact based discussion about institutional sociopathy, and narcissistic abuse by those in power directed at those who do not have power.
And as we see in example after example that some, who have power, often working in institutions or governments who are very well financed are targeting and directing others-who are generally low status or low intellect individuals into this abusive dialectic, and keeping them enmeshed in occulted and unclear, and often nefarious scenarios within the Panopticon that our internet has, in fact and practice, become. In that light, we can see that the internet is in fact and also in ractice, oe of the largest and most potentially dubious forms of electronic abuse ever, being used to cause harm or to force ‘normalization’ upon unwitting subjects.

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