Organized gang stalking and police explorers, police cadets, and the police personality

Police cadets wreak havoc, commit crimes under the tutelage of seasoned officers.

UPDATE: This post below all but predicted what has followed as one under-aged female police cadet claims that she was the target of sexual impropriety in this case.
Weapons Cache seized at home of LAPD officer accused of having sex with underaged police cadet.
This is a predictable pattern, and an even more common practice in police departments EVERYWHERE across America. As we watch America turn into an extension of the carceral state-as racial tensions and stratifications nearly overshaodwed the last election; as pedofication has become a tool whereby police and state canruin a persons reputation-we see here, a case where those in authority-those charged with upholding our Constitution- are in fact themselves often at the center of hidden crime, and the creation of criminality itself.

One of the most understated issues in OGS is the fact that police and other LEO’s or intelligence agencies use recruits, and those recruits need practice-but how to get it?

The short bus answer is that they use targeted individuals for target practice, as they direct police cadets/explorers in various covert harassment campaigns, and frequently drum up cases using these recruits, as well s hidden tools and hiden tactics outside the law.All agencies do it in one form or another, and the rational citizen will realize that many online testimonies are actually descriptions where citizens catch intelligence agencies, security contractors, and LEO’s in the act.

This is documented across many online blogs, or suggested in them, and most TI’s can tell you that they suspect as much. Further, one will note the frequent use of the word “gang stalking recruit,” in the extant writing on the subject.

As such, they “practice” investigation techniques, and surveillance, and use the unwitting as targets of their interests in the wider OGS scheme of hidden abuse. There have been reports of these types creeping through peoples yards, breaking into houses and cars, flashing lasers at targets and many more things. A dilligent researcher can find this evidence.

This story below comes from the LAPD, but all police cadet programs run this way, and this below is one example of several things:

  1. indicators of what the “police personality” is at it’s heart-there is a very fine line between criminality and miscreants and “trusted” LEO’s. Note in the linked article that one of these miscreant cadets was literally the POSTER CHILD of this program.
  2. that the criminality is expressed within the realm of authority-that part of the job is literally a con job.
  3. That these are “trusted” members of a “trusted” program-and they operated within supervision, and WITH official titles. That their criminality expressed itself within the boundaries of oversight.

“They gamed that system,” which is part of the job.

LAPD cadets stole police cars and may have impersonated officers, chief says

Kate Mather, Richard Winton and James Queally
The Los Angeles Police Department has long hailed its cadet program as a successful partnership between police and the city’s young residents. The initiative is designed to help cadets develop life-building skills, bond with officers and volunteer at events such as Dodgers games and the L.A. Marathon.
But on Wednesday night, three of those teenagers crossed paths with city police officers in a way that LAPD officials surely hoped would never happen — when they became suspects.

Racing through the streets of South L.A. in a pair of stolen police cruisers, three teenage cadets led LAPD officers on car chases that ended in separate crashes, Chief Charlie Beck said Thursday afternoon.
The chases sparked an investigation that revealed some of the cadets may have also stolen a bulletproof vest, two stun guns and two police radios, the chief said.

The embarrassing incident has prompted a “top-to-bottom” review of the cadet program as well as the systems the LAPD uses to check out and track its equipment.
“We’re going to look at this, we’re going to look at how they did it, and we’re going to make sure it can’t be done again,” Beck said.
The teens, who were not identified because they are minors, were arrested in connection with the theft of the cruisers and other LAPD property, Beck said. All three teens are members of the cadet program and from 15 to 17 years old, Beck said. He added that all three teens were involved in the vehicle thefts but that it was not immediately clear which teens were involved in the theft of the other equipment.

LAPD cruisers have to be signed out through an automated system before they are driven out of a department motor pool, but the cadets were “sophisticated enough” to manipulate the system by logging in with the name of a sergeant who they knew was on vacation.
“They gamed that system,” Beck said.

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