Gang stalking in Amherst, MA and community awareness fliers, 1993, and police disinformation: hen house, foxes, big sloppy trough, DVIC, "Joe Biden's Legacy"

Political Commentary: I still wonder what kind of dirt certain scumbags had on Vice President Joe Biden that cause him to become a total cop-dog muncher. Single man (hookers? Dog porn? Crack?) and those mysteriousy dead relatives-and then his son Beau, finally.
It seems fair though, because the policies that he backed have all but destroyed our once functioning Democracy, and [email protected] a lot of kids into the “community policing” scheme of state controlled zombie children. African American children have a 70% chance of NOT having a father around, while Hispanic aand others have a near 40% chance of the same fate.
A constitution, due process- yeah. Hahahahaha, Joe, thanks for sharing the burden with your constituents. HAHAHAHAHA-and sorry ’bout Beau-how’s it feel to lose a kid? Hahhahaha. Or should I say VAWAwawawawawawwa? Because you inseminated the modern police state, and it’s consort of OGS harassment, the DVIC.

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And certainly, nothing beats not having to worry about having a job, or being able to get one without a future employer being handed a dossier’ from mystery stalkers who subvert the letter and the spirit of the law. Ah, the right to work-especially if you get to make  your own work, check your own work, define your own work, and pay yourself for work created?
Yup, that’s what OGS is primarily as police suck the teat’s of federal dollars after the women’s internationale’ sold us all down the river. OGS,  aka “make-work” projects are how police are complicit in destroying democracy, one trumped up charge, one harassment campaign after another in a database. Create a target, and start gunning for it, ay boys and girls? Democracy is full of holes now. Thanks.
End of political commentary.
Here, below, we see another case where the fliers from that encourage neighborhood awareness of the organized gang stalking that is perpetrated by the DVIC and it’s handmaidens in democracy subversion are being demonized yet again by the local police, and instead of raising awareness, they are participating in the official “gas lighting” of those who have been gang stalked. I haven’t checked yet to se how many of those involved or suspected in this particular stalking are Rotarians, or other ‘hero’s’ of the community who are always saving cute kitties on fire, and old ladiesand children, but I am certain it’s near 100%.
Note the reporter’s bland and useless, uninsightful and cowardly reportage-yet anther MIC mockingbird. I suggest you write to her at her email address, and write frequently to raise awareness of OGS. But especially, go over there and read the comments section, which is instructive indeed-a bunch of rational people, discussing DVIC funded harassment, not a mention of electronic weapons, aliens or face orbs. Here is the reporters email [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected][email protected]

Flyers detailing concerns about organized stalking are not posted by Amherst police

This flyer was posted on a parking kiosk at Boltwood Parking Garage lot early Monday morning. (Diane Lederman/The Republican)

AMHERST – Orange flyers tacked up on store windows, parking kiosks and other places around town claiming to be a public safety notice are not from town police.
The flyers read “Public Safety Notice: Gang Stalking.”
Police do not know who is putting the flyers up and they are not signed by any organization.
“The neighborhood has ongoing ‘gang stalking’ criminal activity,” the flyer begins.
“Known also as ‘organized stalking’ ‘community harassment’ group bullying & ‘counter-intelligence stalking’ this crime consists of illegal surveillance and harassment of targeted individuals,” the flyer reads.
It also states numerous state laws throughout.
But Det. Jamie Reardon said police would post any warnings on the website and send out press releases not post things like this around town.
Similar flyers have been put up in Guilford, Connecticut or in mailboxes and other communities  across the country.

Yeah “what’s hidden in darkness.”Suuuure.
It is this official participation that makes OGS so nefarious- that some will sacrifice YOUR liberty for another slurp at the trough, and THEIR job security (fake terrorists anyone? How about a side dish of the equally mouth watering “domestic terrorists are also domestic abusers!!!”), without raising a finger to represent the Constitution and that includes veteran’s, and stalks them as well.
With special relish (just for CN-Libra who likes to cook) note that “gray area,” slander, and defamation have replaced facts, and law, and due process in these so-called domestic violence/domestic terrorist scenarios, as the Charleston Nazi-guy was likely harassed with OGS for years, similar to Omar Mateen, not to mention the gray area database slander-the he-said/she-said “he was accused of” DV. To these people, an accusation IS a conviction, and OGS i the para-judicial, para-military, para-constitutional punishment.
This all which worked so well in the Stalin era of punitive policing and punitive psychology. Why not just try it here? And let’s ask the experts if it is a “dangerous emergent internet community” that seeks to raise awareness about this insanity-this institutional sociopathy. I would suggest that maybe, they aren’t dangerous enough.
And equality of course-we can’t forget to help tip the world in one direction, so that we all fall off, and all the money rolls into certain pockets-those whose tentacles are wrapped into every dusty 1990’s era orifice and every old, faded, extinguished volcano hole on this planet, as they  hold on together and to each other.
Yeah- ” woman power!” seems to mean “sell the men to enemies, both foreign and domestic, build the prison industrial complex, ” while kneeling for VAWA dollars from the Saudi’s, and slurping down triple dipped cop-dogs as a form of duty to the phallic monolith.
Or, this:
Plus this:
Police badges KLECK - 03_03_17 - B1
and this:
KLECK - 03_03_17 - B4
multiplied by this:
cop car themed high heels
Equals this:
Note these comments from this article especially, and note that the year “1993” is used, specifically to undermine dissent on this topic. Does this sound familiar-are you seeing a pattern yet? No? Well pull your head out of your vahjayjay then, because with women like this commenter bellow, who goes by the name of “Delores Hejazi,” who was a woman who murdered her three children just before the VAWA era-and was likely one of the creative forms of feminist jurisprudence where feminists sought to exonerate YET ANOTHER female psychopath by creating a novel criminal defense, which was just wrong, but also, rightfully, chalenging the powerful MIC narrative’s.
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IN that era of false equivocation, fathers were slandered as pedophiles while these so-called feminists built the domestic violence industry to what it is today. Women who rape, molest, or use and exploit children are A.O.K. with the MIC/PIC/DVIC “warriors,” but men are “all rapists and pedophiles!”
Yeah-you can bet the deal is done already. “Just doin’ mah job!” and my favorite “I’m not a lawyer, I’m a cop! You’ll have to have a judge look those papers over” and oof course, who can forget- “Shin-zu! I think he said Shin-zu!*”:

According to his website he does nothing wrong because the KKK distributes flyers in just the same way and they are NOT investigated. Way to go. See also where he explains it.

4/1/2016 8:37 AM

It’s probably the veteran from the fight gang stalking website. After his flyers were investigated in Connecticut, he moves on to Massachusetts. I’m just telling because he accuses other websites of being disinfo. Activists have used flyers since 1993 without any result. You better try something new, something that they didn’t expect.

And with the help of Vice president Joe Biden, and his “feed the starving narcissists/psycopaths/violent women and other sociopath’s” programs, and the “protect police with MRAPS and bigger donut’s” programs, aka the NSA total surveillance agenda, we see a generation of narcissistic sociopaths now discouraging dissent at any cost.
But OGS is real indeed, as noted by the commenters at that post. Also special note: these comments on OGS took place in a presidential election year, 2016.

Hate StasiMar 18, 2016
Gangstalking, correctly termed government-sponsored stalking and harassment, is extremely widespread  in the United States. The catalyst for a person to be targeted in this manner, is to be placed on a watch-list.

The primary perpetrators of this crime are the Alphabet Soup agencies, their community assets, and the many government contractors who currently support the “War on Terror.” It appears to be directed by the fusion centers.
Not only is it used as a social and political control technology (to crush dissent), but it is also used as a way for these “pigs at the trough” to enrich themselves through the phony “War on Terror.” Since real enemies/terrorists are very small in number, domestic citizens are labeled as enemies (manufactured/created) to maintain almost unlimited funding.
Indeed, It is a huge cash cow for those involved.
Also, I believe that this program is how the Feds infiltrate all communities across the US. They simply label somebody a suspected terrorist and then spread the word around the community. They control the community by getting them to artificially focus on certain individuals – similar to Hitler’s Germany where the Germans where directed to focus on & hate the Jewish people living among them. A very powerful control technique.
Furthermore, it teaches the American people to reject a free society and start viewing their fellow citizens as enemies. It teaches them to be snitches and informants.
I could go on and on. But suffice it to say that this program is directly responsible for destroying the lives of many innocent people. It is still a secret and many Americans have not heard of it yet, but the word is getting out.

3/18/2016 12:37 PM
[crackle, pop, crackle] “Are you there Bob, it’s me, Margaret. What did he say?”  [radio crackle] “Well, he said something about fliers, hitting a few points….and Joe Biden’s closet. I dunno…something about using shoes as weapons of mass reconstruction, or deconstruction or making sushi out of old volcanoes, something….[radio crackle, Handsel and Gretel, crackle ] But did he use the word “penis?” [crackle] no, I think he said cunts though.[pop, crackle, pop] Well we can’t just kick in his door for a bunch of little cunts-or CAAAAAn we? Or…caaaaaan we…I have a plan….or maybe just put a hold on ‘im? Tell the white coats that he speaks “word salad? The would get the ambulance company $1220 dollars, the 5150 folks will get another $300-1500, and the 911 dispatch center will get about $35 per call-s get the neighbors in on it. We get hero points of course, and Andrea will LOVE us, and give us new shoes!
 MMMM. I’m getting hungry, and hungrier. Do I look fat in these heels?
walk-a-mile-military zpsmxjciqsq-618x383
Always hungry hungry hungry! [crackle] “Yeah, are you there Bob? It’s me, Margaret. [pop, crackle, pop] Yeah go ahead.[ Snapple, apple, pop] Did you just tell me to give you…?!! Oh never mind! He said something about what a lying fat bunch of con artists we are, and suggested we eat word salad. [snapple, pop, greckles in flocks] Then i would go aheaad with the sushi/volcanoes narrative. That smells like a rotten plot.
Related image
* This is an inside joke between me, and those who were so sloppy, and so obvious, and so patently wrong, criminal, and plainly cowardly in their many attempts at being “right” that I was able to catch them, name them, and now, write about them as participants in OGS.
high heels were created for butchers not women

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