A note on disinformation and classic propaganda techniques and tactical information: divide and conquer and Karen Stewart, so-called NSA whistle blower

As I have noted in many places on this blog, most blogs, video’s and other media that purport to be “information” are just cleverly crafted lies designed to cover up the fact that we are being spied on and harassed by our own governments. Bad governments, not good governments.
So, here is what you should know about the current mass surveillance disinformation:

  1. The NSA has stolen ALL of your data, and sent it to Israel which is a theocratic  apartheid nation state that has not signed any treaties that limit its use of nuclear weapons.
  2. That Americans and others have been targeted FROM Israeli bunkers and Unit 3200/Mossadi black operations (this is easily found in MSM)
  3. that these organizations are doing “black propaganda” to hide or minimize this fact, and also to limit legal liability
  4. That genuine whiste blowers do not suddenly appear at the height of political campaigns to “blow” whatever it is they want to blow, as did Karen Stewart so-called NSA whistle blower.
  5. That all black propaganda is designed to divide those who it targets (in pubic relations as well as CIA propaganda operations targeted individuals are also called the “targeted audience”
  6.  phrases like “The Silent Holocaust”The Silent Holocaust” is a phrase designed to divide American Jews and others from radical zionist Jews and force a false “equivocation” that “A” is worse than “B”, so, in effect they are saying “a little bit of mass surveillance and targeted individual harassment is not as bad as the Holocaust”.
  7. That these equivocations are designed to cause the reader/audience to overlook the current evil, because of evil that happened 80 years ago. And, it is designed to cause the audience to overlook the fact that the evil of 80 years ago was preceded by THE EXACT TACTICS AND METHODS THAT WERE USED THEN by both Nazi’s and Jews, aka the “Bernaysian Dialectic” aka the “Hegelian Dialectic” ARE BEING USED NOW to cause division, when in fact we should all be unified under our Constitution.

In that light- Karen Stewart the so-called NSA whistle blower is totally full of shit.

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