Pimping Guardian UK's Suzanne Moore: Linguistics and gang stalking language is full of signs and symbols-and politicized meaning

I have covered language, and the specific language of organized gang staling fo several angles so far, documenting it’s similarities, and specific signifiers that indicate that it is derived from the argot languages of policing and military jargons. I have also demonstrated links between cults, sects, religious orders, and the sliding door between the CIA and local LEO’s such as we see in the NYPD.
And, everyone knows that plenty of SJW’s and Klansmen  and others compete against each other, and work in policing, military and community policing settings, and, the pseudo morality of “women and children’s” policies of the modern police state interests that all derive income from the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex, which is an unimaginably profitable, hundreds of billions per year industry that chiefly exploits and profits from the creation of ‘domestic violence.’
So, a look at women’s violence, and the marriage in the VAWA era where lesbian gender feminists, backed by communist capital married the American police is in order.
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Here- have a look at these images that will explain my main thesis of OGS:
How did THIS:

Angry Eastern Bloc, New Yarwk, Jewish lesbians who were, Frankly, not that attractive, were enraged at “me” and “men in general” and especially- for some reason- angry at the rabbi’s who raised them. But the reality is that, Frankly,  these suffered from deep scars and mental illness, from religion in general as well as being “not that pretty” in a culture where most healthy men-and even lesbians- prefer pretty women.

Utilize THIS:
we can do it
White, non-Jewish women have always been a target of both the Eastern Bloc sex industry, and the gangs of Jewish pimps, and ‘social minded’ do-gooders who used them for leverage against the wider culture (and who used them for a few other things too), the exact same way that Adolph Hitler leveraged women’s wombs and the “youth” against their own parents. Oh yeah- and radical lesbians like Andrea Dworkin who were dying to get their fingers in the moneypie too.

To become THIS:
So they created the Domestic Violence Industry, and targeted the families of police and other social, and institutional enforcers with “gray area policing” by leveraging their OWN CHILDREN against them, and their ability to make a paycheck, and then, exploiting those children like ping pong balls (shout out to Doug, in the alley, who finds mystical, clearly Sataniss meaning in the phrase “ping pong balls) in a variety of cash-rich schemes ranging from family courts to foster care. Eastern Bloc Bankers got filthy rich. The kids of that generation, not so much.

And all of that, became this:th
Because these armed hero’s with MRAP’s and donuts at the trough-slop-shop are deadly afraid of THIS:
90 and full of beans
This woman- who I will not nae because someone is lurking at ROGS blog and taking names, and sometimes, hunting down people that I write about- this woman is from Hong Kong, and her son-in-law is a multi-billionaire in America. She, however, was just thrilled when city workers allowed her access to a withered community garden where she nabbed this handful of dried beans. To those peeking in here today on your hendheld raadio’s aka “cell phones” or on your cmputers- aka “government wiretaps”- dried beans were once called “seeds” in days gone by, and some people still grow them, and eat the results.

So- what has all that got to do with the price of tea in China, you are probably wondering- right?
Well- the answer is all over this blog, if you look closely, and maybe- do some linguistic analyses. But the short answer is that our own governments are doing to US what they said that the CHINESE are doing to their own people, which is simply not true, because the Chinese do not yet have an internet that is totally full of mind control experiments. And I know this because I tested it out.
And what I can tell you with certainty is this: here in America, secret cells of quasi-foreign agents ranging from Middle Eastern federal prosecutors, to aged white females in Virginia at UVA, to Jewish girls who write blogs from Ohio, to Taiwanese guys who are lawyers in San Francisco are utilizing the dialectic AND the internet to spy on American’s, without warrants. And some other stuff.
So, if you want to know more about that, you are welcome to pay for that information, because it didn’t come to me cheaply. Otherwise, moving on now….
So- some say that language is learned in a variety of ways, and in order to understand OGS, you must change your mindset from Occam’s Razor of Simplicity, to Occam’s Razor Gauntlet- which posits that the simplest answer is one that simpleton’s understand; but that in reality, i is just the tip of a Titanic Iceberg, which is really a hall of mirrors, amplified by black operations.
So, each razors edge becomes a hallway, and in that hallway, many other razors, some real, some not.
If I had a razor, which I don’t because I am writing this from the Salt Lake City public library- if I had a razor, as we once heard about ALL Italians, and ALL Mexicans- ‘ those guys were born with razors in their hands’ we can say today of the infamous gangster babies of the CalGang database, r, about telephone poles, to whit:
Here is how every internet communication works- and keep in mind that the thesis above is mediated by the modern policing of language itself, utilizing algrythms, and profiling, via Palantir, Media Sonar, PRISM, Dataminer, and all thse other programs that target “pure speech” as an identifier of a speaker ‘on the internet.’
As we see in the example of the late model white female Suzanne Moore’s body punch to Hugh Hefner’s still warm corpse, we see all over the internet that slander, defamation, and libel are the tools of the modern police state.
So, here is the primary question that the DVIC industries ask in relation to OGS victims like Bill McGaughey of Minneapolis, or of the various so-called “mass shooters” lie Omar Mateen, as they gleefully stir up conflict via Rotary Club training of “Stalking the Stalker’s” and more:
beat your wife
Then, they take individual language expressed on the internet and run it through a variety of filters, and switches, and redirection. And at every point, or any point, an Infragard member, a government hacker, or a battalion of Pentagon paid crisis PR trolls intercedes in the connection, and the words expressed online.
So, this is how the internet REALLY works, for those who seek to change the dialectic; and I have put forwards here many proofs of that.
How you THINK you connect to the internet:
internet for dummies 1
Just you, online sending some blips and beeps over a wire

But- the “good guys” are actually screening EVERYTHING YOU DO AND SAY as soon as you meet the internet switches:
internet for dummies y1
Then, all of that meets politics at the Fusion Center’s, or in the NSA sooper seekrit spots:
internet for dummies y2.jpg
If this looks like a huge mess, it is because it IS a huge mess- and, it’s against the law. “They” have hidden this mess from you for over two decades, and in doing so, literally denied the public the right to know- but ALSO, stolen your data, and elections, and more.
SO, put another way, linguistics is the primary-and perhaps the best tool, with which you can study OGS, but also, to identify your personal stalkers, and their politics.
Here is what they look like online, and sh!t flies everywhere after they get involved:
birds on wire2

To my reader in New Zealand: maybe, send me an email?

Hi, reader in New Zealand. I notice you check in frequently these days. And, sometimes when you check in-especially if I am writing “live”- my browser crashes, or the blog freezes.
Then, depending on where I am when I am writing, I am frequently disconnected from networks that I have carefully selected to avoid JUST THAT EXACT PROBLEM of disconnection.
In fact, I was “net cut” three times, just writing this one short post!
I am not saying it is you, personally doing these things- only that, when YOU are reading through my live posts, lots of hacking and screen freezes happen.
So, let me tell you a shot story: once upon a time, some moron threatened me. They said ” Let’s send him down to NEW ZEALAND!” in order to silence other writing that I was doing.
I of course, presumed this was a specific threat that somewhere in the roster of cancers that some are infecting the internet with, there must be a very special, unconstitutional cancer right there where YOU are at right now.
Then, Peter Thiel moved down  to New Zealand, within a year or so of that threat. I don’t mean that these things are necessarily connected- but certainly I am inferring that they are.
So- maybe just write me an email instead? Because every time my blog gets hacked, lately, New Zealand is peeking in.
The management of ROGS

Sociologist Alex S. Vitale says the problem is policing itself, and he's not alone.

The “problem is not police training, police diversity, or police methods. The problem is the dramatic and unprecedented expansion and intensity of policing in the last forty years, a fundamental shift in the role of police in society.” according to Alex S. Vitale, professor of sociology a Brooklyn College, and a contributor to America’s oldest print journal, the Nation Magazine.

In gray area policing, there are no good guys or bad guys anymore. The problem is policing itself.

You, the reader, might have noticed that I frequently reference “gray area policing,” in the “darkness” which is not only a frequently repeated meme on nearly ALL blogs about OGS, but also, in the wider society and “community policing” which is where organized gang stalking takes place.
The key element that defines a “police state” is “secret policing,” and all of the hidden processes and tactics and methods that are used “in darkness,” and those who complain of OGS  are part of the the experiment in unconstitutional policing.
From the NSA/DHS/CIA/FBI/LEO, and the FiveEyes data theft pipeline that has cast a net across our entire online and cell phone and computer and emails, to the increase in homicides of activists and dissenters; to a state of affairs where secret laws and secret courts, and secret proceeding have replaced jury trials- gray area poling has a clear name, and every dictionary of American English has a name for it- search this language, below:

Definition of police state

:a political unit characterized by repressive governmental control of political, economic, and social life usually by an arbitrary exercise of power by police and especially secret police in place of regular operation of administrative and judicial organs of the government according to publicly known legal procedures

Hopefully, sociologists and psychologists, as well as civil litigators and criminal defense lawyers will find the ROGS blog helpful when they/you encounter “targeted individuals of organized gang stalking.” You will note I have a guide for lawyers at the top of this blog; and several pages for how to document elements of OGS; and within I have many stories and anecdotal evidence you can yous to build a case, or defend a victim of OGS.
I have written ROGS from a variety of perspectives, and utilized information in a cross-disciplinary approach, which seems to me to be the correct approach, because claims of OGS take place in an environment where society at large is generally unaware of the practice, and where this causes a specific form of of social anomie where we no longer live in a “civil rights, civil procedure, and civil law based” society, but rather, we clearly and undeniably live in what is a “police state” by the very definition of that term.
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And this isn’t my opinion alone, as many have noted, and that any rational or reasonable person can infer from the state of affairs where the NSA has literally wiretapped our entire nation, targeted the communications of select citizens for decades, and then, widened the net, and disseminated this information to 17 US intelligence agencies alone, who are trickling that data across databases as I write this; and worse, US LEO’s are distributing our data to foreign interests and non-governmental organizations after that.
Alex s. Vitale teaches sociology to police officers and civilians alike, and so, he has undoubtedly met several thousand of those who are eventually tasked with participation in the police state, and who themselves might one day develop an actual conscience, or humanity, or even morality, and question the current state of gray area policing. But for now, there appears to be no end in sight of the endless growth of repression across America, or an end to the Israelification/militarization of the police.
Vitale’s book is set for official release in October 2017, but it is already available on  Amazon.com.

How the police endanger us and why we need to find an alternative
Recent years have seen an explosion of protest and concern about police brutality and repression—especially after long-held grievances in Ferguson, Missouri, erupted in months of violent protest following the police killing of Brown. Much of the conversation has focused on calls for enhancing police accountability, increasing police diversity, improving police training, and emphasizing community policing. Unfortunately, none of these is likely to produce results, because they fail to get at the core of the problem. The problem is policing itself—the dramatic expansion of the police role over the last forty years.


“In a tightly constructed monograph filled with reform suggestions, Vitale decries the evolution of police agencies as tools of the white establishment to suppress dissatisfaction among the have-nots. The author understands the role of police in trying to solve violent crimes such as rapes and homicides, but he believes police should no longer serve as the chief combatants against narcotics use, street gangs, border patrol, prostitution between consenting adults, homelessness, mental illness, and misbehaving adolescents. Instead, Vitale suggests either decriminalization of certain behaviors or non–law enforcement solutions, such as government agencies and private organizations that could, for example, work with the homeless to provide them with permanent shelter. A clearly argued, sure-to-be-controversial book.”

Alex S. Vitale is a professor of sociology at Brooklyn College and the author of The End of Policing, forthcoming from Verso Books. He is senior adviser to the Police Reform Organizing Project and serves on the New York State Advisory Committee to the US Civil Right Commission.

The Beatrice Six, America's largest DNA exoneration, and how mind control and "auto-suggestion" work in practice

So, as you have seen throughout this blog, there are two competing narratives, aka “two sides of a story.” And gang stalkers HATE that.
And that goes for ANY story, anywhere, BUT because we are entrapped in a culture undergoing the constant conflict that is inherent in the Hegelian Dialectic, and literally surrounded at all times by the government-corporate blur where law meets technology; and ranging from constant NSA wiretaps on our phones and computers, to assaults on our attempts at privacy, or that exploits us on more levels than can be counted here- we see without hesitation that the individual is under attack in public, and in private.
But in situations where state sponsored gang staling is involved, the “authorities” demand and enforce a lockup on narrative-even the psychologists agree that those who have been subjected to this illegal, warrantless para-judicial re-punishment or harassment shouldn’t even be ‘allowed’ to discuss it online. Never mind the fact that some 50-80% of all online OGS dialogues ARE government agents, or private contractors, or even obese social workers and retired cops having a slow day and using the internet access to stalk and harass victims, as we see in the cases of OSI Informers and Talkshoe podcasts; and even in the case of Eleanor White.
So, as Glenn Greenwald of the Intercept has noted, there literally is “No place To Hide” from these psychopaths and their desert slaver/baby bomber/pre-emptive/eugenic/ killer religions- and only those who derive income from the DVIC/MIC/PIC, and hidden away in military bunkers and corporate internet trolling boiler rooms, squad cars,or  Fusion Centers have any modicum of protection, or privacy, which is antithetical to everything that the Bill of Rights guarantees our citizens.And, by definition, is what a police state IS.
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Further, we see that in the Jewish-christian collusion of endless war waged all across the globe that Israel has become the home of some of the most vile modern leaders ever to lead a people, as those who are in power keep their people under constant bombardment of propaganda, and actual terror in the longest military occupation in modern history. The constant streaming of terror comes from within Israeli media, and ideology, and while many complain of “militarization” of the American police, the proper word is “Israelification,” because of the training that police receive in Israel on privately funded junkets paid for by “mystery money” donors.
But then add the fact that between American media and it’s AIPAC basis, combined with the deliberate “influence operations” and then, social media monitoring and more, we see that these types have truly infiltrated the communication channels in ways that even Hitler failed to accomplish, going so much further into mind control than Edward Bernays ever imagined (you might recall that Bernay’s books and ‘teachings’ guided the Nazi propaganda machine).
So, rationalists, skeptics, secular humanists, atheists; Buddhists, Jains and Hindu; Muslim and Sufi; animist, Onanist and Odinist alike literally cannot escape the Jewish-christian terror factories anywhere, because they have surrounded the entire communication channels, they track, monitor, and access us in our homes and private spaces; and their religious terror, proselytization, trance formation and it’s accompanying wars leak into everything, everywhere, and often with deliberate force and coercive control.
And all of that is pretty bad already, living under such tribal-religious occupation, but when we add to this fact how weaponized and poisoned media is, with the programs and privacy raping weapons that I have outlined herein, enhanced by offline activities of these same people, using tactics of social control ranging from OGS to false arrests and slander’s in gray area databases; investigations/harassment campaigns that go on for decades- even then, it is hard to make a case that “mind control” in the legal sense is a factor in any one thing or another.
Which is why this same society ALSO uses OGS, and then, specific, localized, targeted, and coercive “enhanced interrogation” via these same channels and more, as we see in many posts I have written here at ROGS, and in the work of others who have described similar things.
But nowhere is this element of  coercive control more evident in the cases where false confessions via “suggestion” are enticed, coerced or otherwise created from whole cloth in vulnerable defendants or suspects.
This is why I use the case of the Beatrice Six as a flagship of my many thesis-because ALL of the elements above were present for them THEN, and the situation for such defendants is only worse TODAY. So the question that must be asked is “if this is what “they” did then, what are “they” doing now?”
And, I believe that I have answered that question herein: “they” are creating pre-crime, and crime, and then policing that crime in the biggest make-work project in history. And, we have an example of how this worked “then” via the story of the Beatrice six, and so, with this in mind, a keen reader would being to look for these cases “now,” as they are being created.
So-for one simple example of how this would work, look below, and instead of a Burdette Searcy framing, then locking away, then “suggesting” narratives to vulnerable people over time- look at the internet as having replaced Searcy FIRST, before a Burdette Searcy even gets his hands on these people. But especially, we have Google, which is armed with “auto-suggestions” and Palantir software, which can-and does- by ITSELF create a narrative.
And also- and this is admittedly a sidenote- recall from the story that these “authorities” used their  car headlights to flag each other down on the road, and exchange information un-officially, and off the record as they plotted and then framed these ‘suspects.’
For the criminal defense lawyer, or the civil litigator of future cases, note that such documented “brighting” as it is called in the OGS dialectic carries with it today, GPS locations that can be co-ordinated, and more, on multipe electronic devices, which can be subpoenaed in discovery.Again- from Rachel Aviv, Remembering the Murder that You Didn’t Commit

“He was often called to the jail to help defendants in emotional distress, and he took pride in the county’s willingness to rely on psychological advice. “If you relax, memory is more likely to occur,” he would tell them. “It may occur in dreams. It may occur in bits and pieces.”
He described the mind as a physical space, like a basement, where memories are stored and retrieved. In 1890, in “The Principles of Psychology,” William James wrote, “We make search in our memory for a forgotten idea, just as we rummage our house for a lost object.” But James’s image of memories as discrete packets, deposited in a physical space, is obsolete. If memory is like a house, it is one that is constantly under construction. As the cognitive psychologist Elizabeth Loftus put it, “Memory is born anew every day.” We piece together fragments of recollection, shaped by beliefs and impressions, and unwittingly embellish and invent our own pasts.”

Apophenia and numerology and numbers: sometimes, a cigar IS just a cigar-and psychology, a deep tool of the Deep State.

Is the deep state real?
Ariana Huffington, and the Huffington Post thinks it is. And, so does the left leaning yellow-liberal sanitary napkin, Salon.com  And President Donald Trump’s Republican lawyers think the deep state and its hidden agents and agencies (much like the electoral college) is a real thing too.
And even Scientific American online asks the question and tries to answer it (in typical politicized ‘scientific’ terms):

Why People Believe Invisible Agents Control the World 

But for some reason, the DSM-IV thinks such “beliefs” are an indicator of delusional thinking. And, psychologists who are gang staking denialists believe that OGS is likely a delusion-and tat people who talk about it should be “isolated off the internet,” or that “these people” are likely dangerous-that the the internet, which is one place where they have to reach out to others about this topic-should be monitored, and “these people” tracked down or “referred into police custody.

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The “Bible of Psychology,” the DSM-5, holds that a delusion is not a delusion if there is a substantial community that “believes” in it.

SO, this question about “invisible” begets another question:  If one of the the flagships of “modern” psychology is in fact just more junk science cloaked in the disguise of “authoritative opinion” aka psychology-then their main claim about such delusions  just went out the window didn’t it?
Because it’s just crazy to believe that “invisible agents” control the world, right? Or that total scumbags use race, class, gender, and then, manipulate institutional power for purely evil ends? Or that policing, and especially the unaccountable, unchecked, hidden elements of it that work “in darkness” as some authors have noted, IS the problem?
Let’s look at “what is hidden” in darkness on the internet today
So, today was a banner day here at the ROGS blog, as some 81 people (and counting) from the US, Hong Kong (8 specific HK readers) and Britain read through my blog. And, my blog was hacked, AND for awhile at least, those ‘reading through’ ROGS numbered only 13 visitors.
Seems there must be a simple explanation for that, right?
I mean- when I first checked my stats, BEFORE I was hacked, or otherwise subverted (these are actually social engineering exploits)-they said that the visitor count was 13-and then, AFTER the hack/redirection/ offline ‘situation room’ or whatever it was ( I write “live” meaning I do not pre-write offline and then post)-my stats jumped to 81.
Why am I telling you this you might wonder? Well- in the OGS dialectic, some psychologists have made the claim that those who say they are gang stalked are crazy, delusional, and likely suffer from something OTHER than official source gas-lighting, which as I have documented repeatedly herein, is a very profitable narrative with subsidiary industries where crisis PR firms get paid billions, psychology, of course, gets to control a narrative, and make bilions, and all of those CVE and related “surveillance state” hero’s get paid paid paid to chew through the ballast stones of healthy democracies.
But before I get too deep- here, meet “David” who thinks the number 35 has special meaning-and that he is charged with a duty to tell others about the connection between the number 35, I-35W, the Houston Astro-dome, and aliens that he met while on an airplane one time. Even as I write this phrase, I know I am writing it incorrectly- that his story is not MY story, and thus, I cannot properly interpret his personal meaning but ere is “David” (after Lucie was hunted down and locked up, I decided that using real names here at ROGS can put people in danger):

David 2
David was on a plane, when e felt “a powerful force,” and the light seemed to get brighter, and ten, from there forwards, street lights became dimmer- just over NASA, in Houston Texas. Ever since, he believes that he felt the presence of  G-d, but that because it was more powerful, that it was/is actually aliens. And, the number 35 became a mystery for him from that time forwards.

I could tell you about these aliens and so on, but probably you should ask him. For my purposes, I would rather describe a situation that he described to me-and BTW? About 94% of everything he has said to me makes perfect sense; he follows narrative well, knows the difference between a joke and a serious comment, and so on-in other words, he doesn’t strike me as “schizophrenic” at all. I have known those, and at best, he could qualify as a mild case, with possible impulse control issues, and some anger.
But the story he told me aside from the aliens and NASA and I-35W- his stories are quite factual, reality based, easy to check out, and his narrative and recall incredibly clear- his stories have “longitudinal” memory, and are steady and precise-not ritualized in ANY way, and easy for the listener to comprehend.
the light
A “force” came over David above Houston. He knew- he knew it at the time! That this force, which he first thought was G-d, was in fact, aliens, more powerful than God! Then, when he was on the ground, in a cab, and the cab driver’s meter registered “Three-Five. You know what I mean, Three-Five-Zero-Zero. What are the odds of that?! I watched the meter switch, just like that!” And, David knew there was G-d-AND aliens.

Here is a story that is NOT about aliens, or ‘seeing the light’ above Houston:
” You ever been to San Diego? I was down there one time, and a couple guys, you know some gang kids, you know-gang banger types-they point to me and say ‘Hey-you-you’re the guy that stole our bike last week.'”
“Well, I never stole no bike-Look at me! What do I need with a bike??!”
(Note: David is filthy to every single fold and crease of his clothes, fingernails, and every piece of skin, wears only one pair of clothes, equally filthy, torn, with holes and frayed fabric; he refuses my many offers to feed or clothe him; refuses my offer to buy him a blanket, and has no other belongings-NONE. He is laying in the street when I meet him, and he is laying in the street as I write this. Every time I step out, his eyes smile a vague smile, he gets up and makes conversation with me, very clearly, very concisely, very well spoken.)
” Well I walked away from them, and into a convenience store, grab a soda, and then these guys come up, you now, about this far away behind me.”
He motions to a car about twenty feet away.
“Then they start asking where I am from, and what I am doing here (in San Diego), and I don’t have to tell them anything. You know, they changed the whole way they were talking and stuff- the bike wasn’t even what they wanted to talk about.
“And then- like I was telling you before, you know, the cops come up and then they tell me ‘sit down buddy, relax’ and all that, and ‘why don’t you have seat here on the curb.'”
“They go over to the guy’s, you know, the gang kids, and you can see the way those guys were using their hands, you know, like this, and that…”
David is showing me rapid hand gestures that signify direction, motion, personal references from the standpoint of the gang bangers who are using the gestures.
“You know- basically they’re running a story, and you can tell it has nothing to do with a bike, or even what they were saying when they talked to me the first time. Well, the cops come back, and you know, ‘ Please stand up’ and all that-you know how it goes-then they are putting cuffs on me! I spent over half a week in jail over that, and I didn’t do anything. But I did get the hell out of there.”
So, David, despite his strange belief- his struggle between apophanie and epiphanie- David and people like him are useful tool’s with which some derive capital-namely, in this case, the police got paid, the jail got paid -jails get about $140.00 per night- and no doubt the community rat’s, aka “gang bangers doing pro-active self promotion  and PR” got out of whatever dirt they were doing.
Then, there is the factor of “the horses” where guys like David-who could easily be though schizophrenic- are instead, numbers junkies, addicts, who are stuck in the gray area between superstitions that are encouraged by “magical thinking” which is nearly by design in the western cut/s narrative, an integral part of Catholic/Orthodox/Greek and Russian Orthodox thinking. That religion and mystical teaching’s about “god” are themselves harmful-because David, aliens, the number 35, NASA and all- he bet the horses till he was broke. David’s destruction then, wa gambling-which opens the door to a host of other possibilities for cure; and none of those possibilities include the fact that “organized gang stalking” will solve the problem.
Corporatism, and globalism, and then, the collusion with the sales and marketing end of it, aka the PR industry and it’s progenitor, psychology-these same types have done this since the late 20th century forwards, and from 1913 in the US, and especially ramped it up around 1950, when the “good guys” got their hands on Hitler’s and Mengele’s Twins Studies, Sydney Gottlieb’s special poisons, and Donald E. Cameron’s notorious hand crafted minds. None of them solve these problems ever- but they make sh!tloads of money at it.
And other fun toys, of course, like MKULTRA, PAPERCLIP, MONARCH, and BLUEBIRD- but especially when they sunk their hungry teeth into the soft buttmeat of MHCHAOS, where the CIA worked with domestic law enforcement to destroy dissent, and dissenters (the reader is welcome to jump down the rabbit hole and study those topics themselves, but here is a primer and here is one way that this played out as recently as 2003-4).
So- what better place to hide potentially nefarious conduct than in an online dialectic of strange and sometimes illegal, questionable, or plainly evil behavior by government agents? I have an idea!
Hide it n the internet, masked in total gibberish, and then, when “one of those” gets out of the box, or goes off the farm and tries to associate online- how about we call THEM “a bunch of dangerous crazy people,” and then isolate them, so they cannot tel the world abut this new thing of theirs=which is really a very old thing indeed.
But anyone reading this bog has by now come to understand that the online community of those who have been gang stalked have within it several different levels of participation- and that the “schizophrenics and delusionals” are fairly easy to separate from within the dialogues. And so is apophenia; and harmful misinformation, disinformation, and coercion.
But “David”- well, I looked up a few relatives of his, and tried to connect him with resources-just as the block captain- a woman who used to be “in the fashion industry” and her two well tended Pekinese were upon us. She thanked me for spending time with David, and suggested I call in the “whoever they are” that “helps” “these people” in the community policing scheme.
For my part, I chose NOT to do that, or to call the cops, or some resource allocator, and bought David a bagel and cream cheese instead-because that’s what he asked for when he finally asked for something (after refusing my offers over a period of hours) And, I ordered a toasted bagel for him, because that’s what he asked for, and because Lucie likes toasted bagels, and so does David.
And, as far as I can tell, no aliens rubbed off on me. But what do I know? I am just one person’s opinion about “these people.” And David, for his part, made it clear to me that he had no idea how the internet works-“I really, no really, I am computer illiterate, or whatever they cal it, which is why I can’t get it all together, you know, and get back with my family. ”
In fact- David NEVER uses the internet.
So, so much for that “the dangerous delusionals need to be kept offline” theory. Sorry Liz, and Lorraine, and David*; and Mengele, and Goebbels, and Cameron, and Nurse Ratched-  but maybe “good people” LIKE you-need to stay off the internet, and leave the crazies alone.
*David. V. James, who co-authored the Sheridan-James study. He also authors study after study about how dangerous TI’s are to people who pander junk science to police agencies, that willingly use it in the modern frauds that “commitment hearings,” and other due process free, taxpayer milking, gray area police, PIC and DVIC make work projects.
Because as we see above, thats what “gang stalking ” actually is.
Update 08/27/2019:I left out important details in this story,, for a variety of reasons, which I will elaborate in the novel, but the gist is that David, described above, is a potential heir to a huge multi -million dollar inheritance, and his father had left a trust behind. David clearly has been -for whatever reason -marginalized and isolated, incapable of finding his family, or being found.

Organized stalking, Domestic Violence MONEYPOT$, and internationalist feminism (fauxminism) and gun control-and a bonus 13

This blog is literally under siege as I write this post, as the browser froze multiple times, and the cursor as well. I was literally in the condition of prior restraint.
Related Story: free tools and advice on how you can fight back against gang stalking.
Then, when the cursor unfroze, the keyboard interface between WordPress and the box I am writing on (right here where you are reading these words) was disconnected, and the page redirected- that my actual ability to even  write across time and space is being tampered with.
Here is what he redirection page said:

The address isn’t valid
The URL is not valid and cannot be loaded.
Web addresses are usually written like http://www.example.com/
Make sure that you’re using forward slashes (i.e. /).

An here is what this looks like “in action” from the other day-and note the spelling errors and especially the formatting errors in this post about “mass shooters,”who are manipulated by those in LE communities.The reader will note that this has happened to this blog many times, which I documented in multiple places.
Do you see how the linked post just above this paragraph looks like one single hard to read paragraph? This is by default of the thousands and thousands of sloppy and careless, and even calculatedly prohibitive,  “redirectional‘ and ‘dehumanizing’ programs these many NSA/FBI/CIA?DHS/ local law enforcement and FiveEyes Alliance bots, and programs like PRISM, and thousands of “internet backbone cancers” are to those who practice pure speech online, which is highly targeted by the many cultists, retired LEO’s, InfraGard members and others who act as middle men attackers in every online dialogue (total cowards, bullies, and subverter’s of law and due process).
Put another way, the guardians at the trough are nibbling away at the henhouse clapboards in a Panoptical Praetorian quest to prove that they are right, somehow, despite the police state illegality of it all. and that the “ends justify the means,” which is the guiding mantra of fascist forces everywhere-and nordisrespect intended to communists in well established communist countries, as even they abide by law, now, and, at least, are open and honest about their forms of censorship, whereas America and the FVEYs are killing their citizens after intensive online psycholigical operations.
And, these “disruptions” are the “psychic” equivalent of bullets whizzing past the head of a writer who is deep in thought; or the equivalent of stepping on tripwires and booby traps. The direct equivalent of surprise ambushes on those of us who have been coerced into this war for free speech. None of this subversion  is an accident either, as we see time and time again politicians (especially Democrats under Obama) targeting “alternative media” for assault and silencing.
As a journalist, I am aware that war zones are widely thought to be where “the action is at,” and that main stream journalists-ranging from my personal mentors who were embedded in the Iraq “war” to the many progenitors who came before me such as Hemingway– had warned me that ‘modern Hegelian Dialectic war is asymmetrical, and is blind to civilian casualties.’ And if I had wanted to go to war, I would have hopped a plane and gone there, which I didn’t, because the war was already here at home, on me, back then. (this link here chronicles specific, named academics, and state-level actors attempting to blackmail me using state databases, and “predictive policing,”aka Fusion Center spying and police intimidation.)
But also, that journalists are themselves targets in fascist and communist conflicts much as we saw in the case of Reuters journalists being gunned down alongside children in Iraq in a calculated homicide made famous by the bravery of Chelsea Manning, who leaked documents to Wikileaks in the famous case where our own military violated the Geneva Conventions in an act of Collateral Murder.
And, as we see in the constant encroachment against speech and speakers-and all of that AFTER the NSA/CIA/DHS/FBI/Israel data theft pipeline has eradicated our privacy,targeted our associations, assemblies, and more.
SO any decent writer accepts a fate to be soundly hunted by deluded “goodguys” who murder children and journalists to get some kind of point across. Good guys do that, dontchaknow. And zionists especially-look here, how I predicted this oncoming onsaught just a few days ago, when I said ” Here comes the gang stalkers- let the gang stalking begin!”
See how that works? And, as I came under attack about forty minutes ago, or near or about 1230, my stats went from 7 readers or so to 63 readers/hackers/Fusion Center attackers. That is all documented in my stats. YUp- to thse who doubt that gang stalking is “real” well, refer them back here, to this post, and then guage reality from there.
I had also been warned that resisting war is to embrace a fate of constant targeting by the MIC-and certainly as “targeted individual,” prisoners rights activist, and humanitarian Dr. Moss David Posner experienced, they hunted and targeted him and many others to the grave.
So, it helps to know that gang stalking is very real indeed, and that words are the primary targets, and after that, the narrative the words form in the real world. That racial/tribal/ethnic supremacists-not surprisingly- seek supremacy. And like I say, I have little to no fear of the KKK, or the nebulous “white supremacists” because they are a relatively small group of cranks with little to no social power.
I am afraid- very afraid- of these religious fanatics who kill journalists and babies and then laugh about it, as we saw in Collateral Murder, thanks to Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning (ho, it might be noted, is being gang stalked as I write this.)
You don’t have to believe me- have a look at this in action, as these lunatics-these clinical psychopaths- murder a journalist and some babies:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rXPrfnU3G0&w=459&h=344]
And all of this was sold to us as a war of good versus evil, moral right against moral wrong. You know- all those Hegelian Dialectic tools of race and tribal supremacy that play one group against another group, century after century, and who always some out on top-with wads of cash lining their Kristians, their kreshs’, their kippah’s AND their koffers.
And so, revisiting my many thesis on organized stalking, gang stalking, stalking and so on- it is this issue of cause stalking that pops out most. That those who charge themselves and others with the “destruction of individuals” are really psychopathic entities whose goal is to ensure the supremacy of their narrative at the expense of every other, and especially at te site of speech itself-the individual.
We saw elements of this when the architecture of totalitarianism masqueraded in the interests of “women and children” via feminist calls for unity under stalking, when Nikki Craft was at war with men in general-and that the “dehumanization” of the male was in fact a tool of control, and a ploy with which to gain the attention of the police.
SO, today, we see the military and civilian propaganda organs cranking out endless streams internet discussions, and campus level trauma bonding sessions that cry out  “rape rape rape is everywhere!” despite the fact that it isn’t (and frankly those who believe such slimy pap could probably use a rape reality check).
But we see now that beyond pornography (which was the last generation feminists complaint-that men would rather use porn than cater to late aged females who stretch their crotch muscles in font of foreign swami’s) we see in the porn deluge today, these work together with military/civilian LEO’s to distribute WEAPONIZED porn into the private, personal space; but now, that speakers are targeted at the site of words; and that writers are under attack.
SO let’s look at this issue of weaponization for a moment, in retrospect, and how the gun-a symbol and a tool, was used by internationalists to frame a dialogue between their finance, and police power.
International Finance Courts American  Police Power Through the Radicalization of “Minorities”and the Weaponization of Words
For reference, a look at how the CIA LSD program  targeted white males, in the cases of Whitey Bulger, Ken Kesey and others, and used white females and black males against them is in order, but also, the issue of the second amendment.
For that example, refer here, to the bottom of this post about Lucie, where I discuss Nurse Ratched as a sociopath, and then, this link to Negroes s With Guns, by the late Robert Williams, who pre-saged the armed self-protection of Malcolm X and the Black Panthers by challenging the fore-runner of the race-baiting supremacy and the ADL lockup on narrative in the black community which was then the NAACP (which, like most “progressive” projects, has little to no actual power today).

In 1975, Craft founded Women Armed For Self Protection (WASP), which advocated armed self-defense for women and retaliation against rapists by their victims. In 1976, Craft co-founded the Kitty Genovese Women’s Project when they posed as sociology students under the pretense of doing “statistical study on violent crimes” and compiled, pre-computerization, on index cards, the names of every indicted sex offender in Dallas County from 1959 to 1975. A year later 25,000 copies of a newspaper listing all 2,100 indictments, 1700 of which were multiple offenders, was distributed throughout Dallas. On March 8, International Women’s Day, the group read the names over local community radio KCHU for 13 hours. The same year she wrote and recorded the Rape Song about Inez Garcia and Joan Little.

And here is from her work labelling men as dangerous rapists, and helping to build the massive surveillance and police state that we see today:

Larger Poster

Drifting from the Mainstream
A Chronicle of Early Anti-Rape Organizing

by Nikki Craft
1972 – 1975 — New information was surfacing within the women’s movement about the myths surrounding rape. Women were beginning to discuss rape in feminist consciousness raising groups. For the first time women could benefit from the experience and knowledge of other women. Susan Brownmiller’s eloquent historical analysis in Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape, Diana Russell’s, The Politics of Rape and Medea and Thompson’s Against Rape laid the foundation for the changes that would sweep the country in the next decade.

So, what is missing in these two examples of Craft and Williams?  The observer might note many things missing- and certainly time has passed- butguns are the one thing that all social movements f that era relinquished control of, and over to the police power.
The “rape is everywhere” of yesteryear has been replaced with politic that awkward, immature, unsatisfactory, or less than artful sex between teenagers  is rape; and the NAACP is led by white women who call themselves black, as we saw in the case of Rachel Dolezal.
SO, progress, it seems, is one-directional, and words themselves are targtes.

What mass killers have in common: extensive contact with gray area policing, aka UK styled "high policing"

The link between domestic violence and mass shooters is mediated by crisis PR firms, MSM media pundits who are Fabian Socialists, and weird white females.

I know that sounds odd-but let me tell you about my friend Karen from many years ago, whose grandmother liked to fondle her genitals.Karen, who went on to become a rabbi,  was studying psychology in a class where the instructor-a descendant of a famous psychologist, and himself a diagnosed mental patient- was throttled that I would mention the fact that female pedophiles act with impunity, and frequently target their own children as possessions; that women’s deviance is under-studied.
Well- Karen, for whom I have nothing but great affection- liked the fact that I would bring that up in a psychology class-and she also liked the fact that the instructor, who was also a child of the 1960’s cultural revolution and “free love era” became dismissive and apoplectic at the mere possibility that women’s deviance could be harmful t children.I bring this up to demonstrate a set of facts: that mass shooters and domestic violence are connected in way that are literally hidden from our view BY these women, who focus on male deviance, and deliberately obscure female deviance, as if it doesn’t exist, when in fact, most OGS is derived from the philosophy of Nikki Craft, and policing that claims to act in behalf of women, while stalking, murdering, stalking, incarcerating men.
It is here where we see the “feminist” most plainly in action, using men against other men and causing classic Hegelian conflict disguised in the cloak  of cry-bully narratives. Also, that these women have twisted feminism into the DVIC knot that we see today with the ADLification of police, aka “Israelification” and militarization” of domestic law enforcement.
And, while mass shooters are far to the outside of a Bell curve by enacting violence, many mass shooters follow similar trajectories to the recent “mass shooting” where Mathew Riehl was gang stalked AFTER “mystery slanderers” from a college in Colorado ran his name though the mud. In fact, slander is a main feature of these stalkings.

Related: Police were “warned” about Colorado shooter Mathew Riehl by “mystery slanderers” who worked in a college, weeks before his stalking ended. And, this “whisper campaign”method of terrorizing individuals follows a pattern that is as old as the Palestinian Exodus of 1948.

And nowwe see these same women-who wanted equality and equal opportunity once- we see these women falling back on crybullying, and dismissing women’s perversity and violence outright and favoring sexist society, backed by a police state power. We see in fact, that women’s violence s far more calculated and far more deadly because it is institutional.and, that they wil cal police to have their opposition illed for them. How counter-feminist is THAT? So, feminism we see, is just the foot in the door for larger, more cunning bullies.

Related Reading: Last generation feminists recommended that Jewish “mothering” be perpetuated-and  Nancy Chodorow notoriously recommended that the secret to the “replication” of mothering was that mothers sleep with and sexualize little girls, while kicking boys to the curb and letting them learn to fend for themselves.

So, in case after case after case we “see” that domestic violence and active shooters are involved. Sure- that’s an easy explanation, right? These are bad men whose violence takes place in their own homes, against helpless women and children, right?But on further examination, we find several things that -for some reason- the MSM fails to note, so I will list them here (stop me if you are seeing patterns, because…)
1) in gray area policing, the lie, slander, and then OGS travels quicker-so we only hear about what a man is ALLEGED to have done, but NEVER HEAR what kind of abusers/skanks/ho’s/child abusers/drug addicts/violent sociopaths the women in these cases are.2) in gray area policing, until my research herein revealed these hidden groups and hidden LEIU type initiatives that bully men, the involvement of the Rotary Clubs, and especially Hamish Brown’s “white knightery” which he dispenses around the world, via his thesis attachment to stalking men,  as an instigating institutional force was unknown.3) that the DVIC is largely a propaganda war waged on the American populace, and that the MSM mockingbirds are involved not in journalism-but in YELLOW JOURNALISM of the most scurrilous type, as we saw with the case of Sabrina Rubin Erdeley, the famous liar whose work appeared in the Rolling Stone UVA rape hoax.So, here, below, we see yet another white, progressive femalefrom the Jewish/Catholic fold named Rebecca Traister missing the point of women’s complicity, and institutional bullying, and the hidden practice of OGS deliberately, while running with narrative-and it cannot be missed that she ALSO manages to slip in a story about evil white men, despite the fact that one of the evil white men pictured is also half Jewish and half Asian:

The body politic

What Mass Killers Really Have in Common


Dylann Roof, Elliot Rodger, Robert Lewis Dear
Dylann Roof, Elliot Rodger, Robert Lewis Dear Photo: Getty; AP; Getty

In the wake of the terrorist attack in Nice, France, on Thursday, Republican Newt Gingrich, perhaps still hoping (in vain, it turns out) to be tapped by Donald Trump as a vice-presidential nominee, amplified Trump’s past calls to round up Muslim suspects in an effort to stop future terrorist violence. Gingrich said that “Western civilization is in a war,” and suggested that “we should frankly test every person here who is of a Muslim background, and if they believe in Sharia, they should be deported.” Muslims who do not believe in Sharia law, Gingrich continued, would be welcome.

But if Trump and Gingrich are truly looking to stem terrorism and mass violence of the sort that happened in Nice, they might do better to look to a different kind of litmus test: domestic violence and grievances against women. Early reports suggest that Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, who drove a rented truck through a crowd of Bastille Day revelers on Thursday night, killing more than 80 including at least ten children, may not have been devout, but he did have a criminal record of domestic violence. A neighbor claimed he would “rant about his wife,” who left him two years ago.

An undeniable link between domestic violence and mass shootings: DVIC stalkers and the Rotary Club

There are undeniable links between domestic violence, mass shooters, active shooters, school shooters, and the Rotary Club international.
Here is one where we see this organization implicated in crisis PR that is part of a globalist push to eradicate the second amendment.
And here is a link between how the MSM works with crisis PR to run a narrative that links mass shooters and domestic violence.
And here is a link between domestic violence, and a high ranking former Scotland Yard officer who lectures the FBI and others in American law enforcement about how to “stalk the stalkers.”
And the links between mass shooters, active shooters, school shooters and other “deviants” are more clear by the day. But why hasn’t the MSM picked up on these links? Let’s analyze this from the “ROGS perspective” of what we have learned so far about how the DVIC, working in “darkness” and working with LEO’s online and offline to target, bully, harass, and ritually murder men in the “gray area policing scheme’s” that OGS are.
Related Story: Feds shelling out BILLIONS to crisis PR factories every year, with spikes during election cycles.
And let’s start with a few articles from MSM that document this linkage between OGS and mass shooters and Rotary Club and crisis PR factories using their own language (and see if you can spot patterns between who the authors are by race, class, gender-and how “on message” they are about this linkage). Then, note how “NOT feminist these authors- nearly all white females from the progressive/Jewish/fallen Catholic fold are as they pander for federal DVIC dollars and police state controls:

The Link Between Domestic Violence and Mass Shootings
As Rebecca Traister has written, for New York magazine, “what perpetrators of terrorist attacks turn out to often have in common more than any particular religion or ideology, are histories of domestic violence.” Traister cites Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, who drove a truck through a Bastille Day crowd in Nice, last summer, and Omar Mateen, the Pulse night-club shooter. She also cites Robert Lewis Dear, who killed three people at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, in 2015. According to Traister, “two of his three ex-wives reportedly accused him of domestic abuse, and he had been arrested in 1992 for rape and sexual violence.”
Last year, Amanda Taub also wrote powerfully on this issue in the Times. “Cedric Ford shot 17 people at his Kansas workplace, killing three, only 90 minutes after being served with a restraining order sought by his ex-girlfriend, who said he had abused her,” Taub wrote. “And Man Haron Monis, who holed up with hostages for 17 hours in a cafe in Sydney, Australia, in 2014, an episode that left two people dead and four wounded, had terrorized his ex-wife. He had threatened to harm her if she left him, and was eventually charged with organizing her murder.”
Obviously, not everyone accused of domestic violence becomes a mass shooter. But it’s clear that an alarming number of those who have been accused of domestic abuse pose serious and often a lethal threats, not just to their intimate partners but to society at large.
The statistical correlation between domestic violence and mass shootings has also been documented. As the Times reported:
When Everytown for Gun Safety, a gun control group, analyzed F.B.I. data on mass shootings from 2009 to 2015, it found that 57 percent of the cases included a spouse, former spouse or other family member among the victims — and that 16 percent of the attackers had previously been charged with domestic violence.
In the meantime, many domestic-violence suspects, like Hodgkinson, are arrested only to have the charges dropped later, which leaves them armed and dangerous.

On analyses of this linkage one notes almost immediately that the Rotary Club isn’t mentioned at al- but those who are “spokesersons” for the DVIC all have ties to these clubs, as many retired LEO’s are also Rotarians.

Organized gang stalking and Rotary Clubs: Hamish Brown "Stalking the Stalkers" with crisis PR

Indisputable link between Rotary Clubs International and stalking
In Britain and the rest of the UK, the Rotary Club has a policy to stalk those who they deem to be stalkers. And this isn’t even in dispute, as here below, we see a main premise of my thesis borne out: police are at the center of most gang stalking campaigns, and that the slippery slope of breaking the law to “enforce” the law or to “investigate” has been breached.

Stalking the Stalker
Sep 29, 2017
Hamish Brown MBE -Former Scotland Yard DI
Stalking the Stalker
He has been key note speaker in Houston, Texas at the conference of End Violence Against Women International and other high profile events in Europe, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Singapore.
He is the author of the Home Office publication Stalking and other forms of harassment, an investigators guide.
Former New Scotland Yard Detective Inspector with 30 years in the Metropolitan Police London. An International Speaker touring, en route to the 2017  International Women & Law Enforcement Conference in Cairns. Presenting on the subject of stalking. An investigative and victim perspective, coupled with case histories and studies combined with and element of english humour.

One of the great ironies of combining militants, feminism (‘militant feminism’), policing, and endless dollars in a big stinky wet, sloppy trough called the DVIC is that inevitably, the dual charade of both feminism, and “good guyism” will collide and fall flat on their own premises. Only more ironic than that- to me- is that these morons and bullies with badges who stalk people online and off actually believe that they can remain hidden.
That somehow, all the vestments of authority and then, the uncouth intimidation tactics and outright illegality of their “hidden policing” aka “communitarian policing” aka “high policing” will go unnoticed by civil liberties advocates and attorney’s. Or, failing that they they can and do and will stalk, harass, defame, and even murder activists and dissenters (Google Ferguson Protesters mysterious suicides for cases that have al of these elements.)I mean, that is if they can’t otherwise obliterate them with, you know, sooper seekrit stuff like this. (Shhhhhhhh. Don’t TELL anyone).
And here we are today, with trillions of dollars in debt, the Department of Defense literally practicing “mind control” via Facebook without informed consent;  MRAP’s at the local doughnut shoppe’s as reporters who document this sort of lunacy get treated like this, and the largest gulag in human history exists just a few miles away from you, in Anywhere, USA (New York state pays $168k per inmate per year, and the Prison Industrial Complex s worth $40 BILLION dollars per year, providing “jobs”). And all of that, is yours, for the low, low price of $571MILLION dollars per year- not counting the hidden costs of the NSA/DHS/FBI/CIA/ et alphabet ass data theft pipeline which costs you 72 BILLION per year.
Related Story: “The public” just begs for more money to be spent on the DVIC every year, according to the politicians whose salaries are paid to promote it. In fact, the public bags sooooo hard for it that even the Ghost of Edward Bernays is considering coming back from the dead to get in on it.

we can do it
WE CAN DO IT GIRLS! With the help of a well armed bunch of sadists and bullies who believe in “gray area policing,” lots of breaking the law, and tons of internet shenanigans with help from the NSA/DHS/FBI data theft pipeline. And Hegelian policing, of course.

WHO knew “feminism” meant “gorilla society” led by dominant alpha males with grenade launchers in the back seat of the squad car, cuz’ journalists are so scary-and who needs a fair fight anyways when you have a bully pulpit (extra points if you can figure out the connection between females as less-than-truthful, and gorilla infanticide), women who dress little boys up like Barbies to make their globalist financiers’ “happy” while “crushing the patriarchy here at home? Oh, well, I guess we knew feminism meant THAT ahead of time.
Well- the “public” sure does get what they beg for. And apparently, the “public” is begging for more CRISIS PR! Look! Mass shooters are popping up every day! Turreriss’s and pedophiles are EVERYWHERE!
And, the Rotary Club is in a dither because they can’t decide whether or not they should keep the bows and arrows off their logos because it’s a PR risk to stand for the second amendment-and why is THAT?
Because here, standing at this unique crossroads, the conflict between crisis PR, globalist interests that finance this sort of PR (hint: they are the SAME people who birthed the DVIC upon us), policing, and then, the hidden mechanism of gang stalking all come into focus as the focal point of the question “why do people get gang stalked” and “who gets gang stalked” and “who pays for gang stalking” and “do police participate in gang stalking” and “do retired law enforcement intelligence units participate in gang stalking,” and so on.
You know- all those hard questions that the psychologists (who get paid to torture and incarcerate people) and the main stream news (who slurp down deep state propaganda quicker than you can fill a Russian oil tanker with junk news about Pizza) never seem to ask- or even know how.
So, to those who live in academic echo chambers, or pimped out DVIC dollar lined MRAP’s, have a look here at how the US Dept. of Health and Human Services just can’t promote the DVIC enough for CRISIS PR:

-The story must be told.
News that the Department of Health and Human Services is paying a prominent public relations firm to improve its messaging to reporters throws light on a murky and little-scrutinized area of the federal budget: Advertising.
Agencies in the executive branch spent about $4.4 billion on contracts for “advertising services” from fiscal 2009 to fiscal 2013, $892.5 million of that in the last year, according to a study last year by the Congressional Research Service.
[Federal agency hires outside firm to ask reporters how to help with messaging ]
That’s certainly a lot of money. But it could cover everything from public service announcements that encourage people to avoid setting forest fires to the kind of image advertising undertaken by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, part of HHS. And that’s why this kind of federal spending falls into a bureaucratic black hole, the study found. Agencies don’t really have to be transparent about what they’re doing and why.
“Absent an agreed-upon definition of  “advertising” or a government-wide reporting system for advertising expenses, agencies have had great discretion to budget their in-house advertising-related costs,” research service analyst Kevin R. Kosar wrote in the study, first reported by The Fiscal Times.
“The challenges of defining advertising and, therefore, advertising expenses are significant.”
The biggest spenders in fiscal 2013 were the Defense Department ($419 million); HHS ($197.4 million); the Education Department ($128.8 million); the Department of Veterans Affairs ($61.8 million) and the Transportation Department ($43 million).
But the study said there is no “government-wide definition of what constitutes advertising” and no central place where agencies are required to report advertising-related expenditures. As a result, agencies can pretty much spend what they want.
In mid-September, public relations firm Edelman sent an e-mail to a few reporters on behalf of an unnamed federal agency asking for insights on helping “refine their agency messaging.”
It asked the reporters to “keep the conversation confidential” and not to “report on anything discussed in the interview.” For participating, Edelman offered to “donate $175 to a charity on your behalf.”
A spokesman for the substance abuse and mental health agency said the Edelman contract was designed to help the agency better understand how to better serve its customers.
Technically, there are some restrictions on advertising. For example, the Department of Defense can’t use public funds to pay for advertising by a defense contractor.  The government can’t advertise certain agricultural products. Treasury appropriations laws have contained prohibitions on the use of funds for the purpose of “publicity or propaganda purposes not authorized by the Congress,” the report said. Also, agencies can’t use government money to pay for advertising to lobby Congress.

Sure- who wants to be the guy who criticizes well armed bullies who are implicated in case after case after case of guys who go ballistic and kill people, or themselves- or who just put the brakes on the GNP? Just look at the glee with which these sicko’s correlate “domestic violence” with “mass shooters” who are themselves frequently reported to be timid, or gentle natured BEFORE they go ballistic.
The “link” between domestic violence and mass shooters turns out 623, 000 results. And the MSM is pushing a narrative that there is a link-but gee whizz, who knws what it might be?
So, let me tell you what it is: it is the hidden gray area policing that I outline herein, causing these homicides/suicides and more.
Any thinking person might ask “is there a link between retired LEO’s stalking alleged stalkers in the gray area of the law, and mass shootings? And the thinking person would find that Google’s results have increased since the DVIC crisis engineers jumped in bed with the Rotary policy of stalking men who have been slandered in databases without the benefit of justice.
Here Jane Myer does her DVIC best to continue just that narrative, and breathlessly runs with “the narrative.” AND manages to throw the word “conspiracy theorist”  into the article in the first paragraph:

The Link Between Domestic Violence and Mass Shootings

Within hours of the shooting of the House Majority Whip, Steve Scalise, and four others, one couldn’t help but feel tired watching the predictable brief moment of political unity. The country has been through enough horrors to know that political adversaries will soon line up and take their battle stations on Twitter and talk shows as no solutions are found and no lessons are learned. They will blame each other’s political ideologies and rhetoric for the bloodshed. It won’t be long until the conspiracy theorists come along and throw doubt on whether the facts are the facts, or something more sinister.

Suuure. OGS is probably a “delusional disorder.” Who can possibly refute psychologists whose paychecks are derived fro the DVIC/PIC/MIC agenda? I guess I will then. I mean-what are these cunts gonna do-stalk me? Or-shoot me in the back?
Bunch of pigs rutting after sow-pussies if you ask me, chewing through the bottom of the planks of a healthy Democracy.
Links between “hate factories,” Rotary Club policies of “stalking stalkers,” defamation specialists, crisis PR factories, organized gang stalking, and mass homicide here


Organized gang's of christian recruiters stalk new recruits in a world of deference.

In the west, christian’s are the dominant culture, and christian proselytization affects every aspect of society, from law and justice, to punishment and ostracization. Even atheists and secular humanists and pagans fight to rid their vocabulary of the phrase “Bless You” when someone sneezes.
And due to this proselytization over the ceturies, many non-Jews came to realize that christianity is a “false religion” based in the co-option of other cultures, and the subsumation of tribal beliefs to “christian” domnation.
All ancient european tribes were overcome with this religious mysticism and domination that started in Babylonian times, and some still fight hard to resist, namely the tribal-religious cultures of the neo-pagans, the alt-right, “Judaism,” and some sects of African American tribal movements.
You may note that throughout this blog, I refuse to capitalize the word “christianity.” I do this because the Jesus story is basically part myth, part propaganda, and a wholly stolen/disputable narrative, and then, manipulated by people that have no relation whatsoever to this desert prophet for financial and other gains.
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And then, the  the various sects, cults, and denominations Jews have their own ways of profiteering the Jesus story, which is so complex that it would require an entirely separate novel. So, christianity is the cricket in the head of western civilizations.
As such, it has it’s own stake in societies that are diverse, and seeks power much the way that all those who seek power do so: they form gangs. While I have made the claim repeatedly that these “christian gangs’ exist, and that they are part of the “organized gang stalking” dialectic, and that they choose to “work in darkness” or in hidden capacity to recruit.
I will present here below a few photographs that indeed, christian proselytization is directly affiliated with gangs, targeting those who might have gang affiiation, and practices the co-option of gang language and then, gang symbology. But also, because these hand written messages appeared in a catalogue, that the methd of recruitment is “hidden” and in fact a tactic of “guerilla marketing,” which uses the same tactics as guerilla warfare that we see in the CIA operations manuals.
These photos are from pages in a Bloomingdale’s high end catalogue of luxury merchandise, which I found randomly in a stack of magazines and high end advertising circulars that have appeal to upper middle class culture, but also, to a specific group called “fu er dai,” which means “second generation wealthy” in Chinese Putonghua.
Note first the graffiti that almost appears as if it is part of an ad campaign; and then, the clear and indisputable linking between “Jesus” and “gangs,”but also it cannot be missed that the sloganeering and hash tagging is juxtaposed against Swarovsky crystal, with the slogan “God over $” Then, let me know if YOU can see, or infer patterns from the data:
swarovski god over gang 2.jpg
swarovski god over gang.jpg
I found these in a neighborhood that has the following general features:
1) affluent, but also with noticeable disparity. These magazines were NOT found in a place accessible to the poor or the marginalized.
2) first, second, an third generation immigrant culture from non-Jewish-christian countries
3) largely homogeneous, largely self sustaining community
4) in-group/out-group dynamics and pressures of strain and conformity
SO here we see a “proof” between religion and gangs, which is a well known connection as I demonstrate here with the number 13.
And, we see that the “message” has hidden itself like a cricket in this cultures head-
But- what is the worm that infects the cricket?
While Jewish culture itself is an amazing mosaic of artistic and tribal and political; historical and ahistorical narratives, it, like christianity, cannot be avoided in most situations, because for the most part, Jews control media, and the accompanying dialectic. And worse, a certain class of Jews who are focused on racial purity, and then, narrative control, have infected all dialectics with the diseases of the Hegelian dialectic, via zionism and it’s narrative lockup on both christian, and Jewish cultures.
Jewish culture and religion, which, while representing a minority, has what some would say is an undue influence in all aspects of society due to the forces of capitalism favoring Jewish culture, which has historically been remarkably resilient and innovative in trade and capital, but also, in transmitting culture. And, some would say that the “Bible” is itself a form of Jewish proselytization and propaganda, whereas others would say it is a co-ption of cultural narratives.
While some who claim that they are the guardians of Jewish culture are also curiously and ironically  situated as arbiters of our current culture and who profit from being in the politics and the profit margins of  ” the business of hate,” and indeed, hate is a lucrative form of media– this seems on the surface to be a “good thing” that, in theory, benefits many others , it cannot be missed that this “business of hate” is itself a large industry whose main tool is the propaganda stream, and as such those that espouse it are in effect invaded by a parasitic memetic organism, and literally “infected with a loathsome communicable disease.”
Much as it was two millennia ago, it is today, as we see a smaller segment of a larger riding it’s culture of origin, and that culture riding a larger culture that works WITHIN media, and WITHIN government, and this control on narrative leaks into everything, everywhere else.
SO as I have documented, being under the influence-and the influence operations of religions, is stressed by the religious aspect of being culturally Jewish i  world full of cults, sects, and denominations that all use Jewish cultural narrative as if it is their own, when it is not.
The west and it’s various versions of christianity is under strain as a “true” religion, due to the fact that we are under constant bombardment of  not only those who are literally “in the business of hate,” but then, the media Mockingbird, and then, the MIC propaganda stream that works with only the most primitive and crude versions of “our culture” and to diminish us all down to binary Hegelian choices that over rule logic and sensibility-and OGS is  a sign of this strain.

Speech Crimes, journalism, and Targeted Individuals: my connection to Sammy "the Bull" Gravano, who got out of prison Monday.

Webs of associations, connections, presidents and naming names- even some torture. All of that is in a single quote from “Six Degrees of Separation: by John Guare, voicing his observation from the mouth of his character Ouisa Kitteridge:

I read somewhere that everybody on this planet is separated by only six other people. Six degrees of separation between us and everyone else on this planet. The President of the United States, a gondolier in Venice, just fill in the names. I find it extremely comforting that we’re so close. I also find it like Chinese water torture, that we’re so close because you have to find the right six people to make the right connection…
-Ouisa Kitteridge in “Six Degrees of Separation”

In my formative years, I watched the movie”Six Degrees of Separation” starring Will Smith, and based on the book by  Guare, and have found that, in these privacy and due process raping times, our “associations” are under attack; that the NSA, DHS, FBI, Fusion Centers, and local police have literally stolen our choices of primary “rights of assembly; and association,” by data-warehousing our entire webs of relationships in the huge data bases that I chronicle here at ROGS. And they have done it for over two decades. This is what is meant by “soft force eugenics” in the online gang stalking community, and it works like this.
So, what is a “disruption” campaign and how does it affect targeted individuals?
Six Degrees of Separation had, for me, a personal connection, though our “six degrees” is no longer six: it is TWO DEGREES of separation, as the Five Eyes Nations and the NSA-FiveEyes-Israel data theft pipeline have stolen all of our information, and use it to monitor, manipulate, and “disrupt” our relationships, as we are now all connected by a single mouse click at the NSA, or GCHQ, or any of the hundreds and thousands of other “good guys monitoring human relationships” centers across the west. As Edward Snowden said- this is not merely about spying: ‘this is about intellectual property theft,’ and then guilt by association-or vindication by it.
Six Degrees also notably highlights the late era feminism of white females attempting to ’empathize’ with black men, which they simply cannot, being as they are on one hand, the un-empathetic Bernaysian mouthpieces of organized globalism, and on the other, the mistresses of the police state itself, which Guare note’s thus in an exchange between the protagonist Paul, and the white Ouisa:

Ouisa Kittredge: There is so much you don’t know. You are so smart and so stupid.
Paul: I’ll be treated with care if you take me to the police. If they don’t know you’re special, they kill you.
Ouisa Kittredge: Oh, I don’t think they kill you.
Paul: Mrs. Louisa Kittredge, I am black.
Ouisa Kittredge: I will deliver you to them with kindness and affection.


I have never been awed by status or power, nor intimidated by it, which for some, poses a problem. And, those “some, I have described elsewhere on this blog as “cowards,” and especially as RATS, nibbling away at the bottom most planks of Constitutional Democracy, and nibbling away at the bottom of the bottomless DVIC slop-trough. And as such, I have come to realize how the Pharisee’s and the scumbags alike all HATE words. And, mine, specifically and especially.
But fame and power interested me slightly in my formative years, for several reasons, not least of which is that when I was  kid, I spent a lot of time on Hollywood Blvd, in Hollywood, CA, where Smith used to hang out as well, during his pre- “Fresh Prince of Bel Aire” days.
Generally, he caused quite a stir when he would roll up to Tommy’s, in his late model Benz ( I actually cannot remember what his car was, but I recall that he preferred late model Benzies or something similar) or otherwise show up at a club venue with a gorgeous ingenue strapped to his arm. Those who hung out, or lived on The Blvd-those ranged from teen runaways, to hookers and dope dealers, or punk rockers who squatted on abandoned properties up on Mount Olympus- would stir like bees, and in minutes, everyone knew that Smith was around.
He was an “up and coming star” then, and everyone wanted to touch fame, and hope it rubbed off. Except me. I was saving up to pay my way through college when I met a “mind controlled”system child named “Piper.
I personally was never star struck in any way, and have the unique ability to see people as people, regardless of stature. And I always somehow had a focus on the fact that fame is illusory, and that it can get in the way of other things that are more important. And in Hollywood, in that era, a lot was plainly “not right,” but also, not necessarily wrong either; that things were as they have been for millenia; and even moreso, that I was called to write, which is a tenuous fate for anyone facing “the way tings really are.”
Many years later, as a budding journalist, I tried to “make a difference,” by writing stories that defied “narrative” and that defied those who abuse power, and sought the gritty “facts” instead-and was soundly abused because of it by those that I write about herein and more, all of whom had their own designs on what I could or should do, what I could or should write.
SO when the researcher asks the question “who are targeted individuals?” Who gets gang stalked?” and so on, a simple answer would be that those who defy the lockup on narrative are primary targets, because narrative is the guiding force of corruption; and corruption is profitable; and the truth? Well….you can’t handle the truth.

vlcsnap-2017-12-07-22h26m08s502 (2)
I smell a rat!

But the truth is, in a society where Jewish-christians and then, al of their many sects and cults have a lockup on narrative, and where the mouth-piece of choice is the white female and her “others,” who literally CREATE boogiemen like evil Golem’s-those of us who see it another way are plainly dangerous to their old myths and lies, and cover-ups of atrocity after atrocity with their pseudo-morality, called “religion,” which many of our societies most astute have observed is a form of mental illness-but because so many suffer from it, it is the “norm” not the exception.
And so, the irony of me scrabbling around at the feet of Hollywood then was less than ironic, because I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about fame, or power; but “they” did, all of them. Sherman, the script writer, living in his cat-shit littered apartment, and cranking out pulpy manuscripts and cat-pawed screenplays;  Henry Rollins playing here or there, the Sick Green Hearts and their heroin addiction (as I recall they were usually too sick to get out of bed and play), and Bukowski’s bungalow blocks away-none of it meant “doodley squat” to me, then or now, as I simply couldn’t write an “ending” to any story I ever attempted- there are just too many new beginnings that the end is plainly outgunned.
Anyways- years later, as a budding college journalist ( I studied journalism because the paragraphs were moronically simple, and most American’s are adept at moronically simple), who worked in a little college news office, at a college  that, it turns out, was and still is one of the FBI’s “Somali/immigrant informant recruiting” centers, I once interviewed Lynne Stewart, who passed away in March of this year, 2017.
Stewart was labeled “the Terrorists Lawyer,” by the Bush Administration, because she had the odd trait of being able to represent clients according to the law-every ugly and precious bit of it, and to protect her clients, and to protect due process, and civil liberty zealously, with vigor, and regardless of their politics, or the political climate in which she practiced law. And in a social climate where practicing law and defending clients is demonized by the police, and their racist enablers, even lawyers ‘get no respect.’ especially those who stand for the CONSTITUTION.
But American cops no longer stand for the constitution, and have nearly al never even read it, because they themselves are little more than the paid armies of AIPAC and its enablers.
Cops who hate America give policing a bad name. Here is a “police opinion” of Lynne Stewart, from Michelle Malkin, who has likely chowed down a few sloppy cops dogs in her time. So many in fact that it is surprising that she can even speak freely:

Sicko Terrorist Lynne Stewart: Still Hating Cops

Well, sue, Stewart represented radical leftists, gangster’s and mass murderers, and non-Jewish Nazi’s alike; she represented “the Blind Sheik,” Omar Abdel Rahman, who was an actual terrorist, as opposed to these manufactured terrorists that we see being created today-and Rahman also died this year in Supermax prison, almost as a signal that we are at the end of an era-and no one seems to know it.
But what she was DEFENDING was due process and the Constitution, which is distinctly different than “defending terrorists.” And who could forget that King George thought the founding fathers were themselves terrorists?!
And, of course, she represented FBI star witness against organized crime, Sammy “the Bull” Gravano, who gets out of prison today. Gravano was an actual RAT who brought down the Gambino crime family, and John Gotti (at least- the parts of this crime family that are NOT on the FBI payroll, or otherwise working with and for the government.)
Like cancer, rats chew away at self-sustaining organisms, and then, let larger diseases in. Don’t get me wrong- mobsters are plainly dangerous, and plainly scary and all that, and Gravano made “hard choices” but this new thing- this ‘thing of theirs’? This government with no due process ever, and constant slander and spying and the destruction of due process in “gray area” that will NEVER see a day in court (and which they work hard to keep OUT of courts? It’s terrifying in every way.
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vlcsnap-2017-12-07-23h03m15s193 (2)
Frances-it’s a whole nation FULL of rats!

Some might note in my thesis here, that our current corroded democracy was initiated by secret courts and secret laws, and secret practices in the “gray area” of policing and prosecutor conduct and misconduct. Gravano’s case was one of those that set this trend.
And, too, a cowardly trend was set in journalism as well, by the “nation’s opinion  leader” The New York Times. Here is the schmear that the New Yarwk Times put out about Ms. Stewart as an obituary– and I have highlighted the keywords and phrases that indicate a smear-in fact, the entire first paragraph is classic intelligence agency slander:

Lynne F. Stewart, a radical-leftist lawyer who gained wide notice for representing violent, self-described revolutionaries and who spent four years in prison herself, convicted of aiding terrorism, died on Tuesday at her home in Brooklyn. She was 77.

Her son, Geoffrey Stewart, said the cause was complications of cancer and a series of strokes.

Ms. Stewart, who had been treated for breast cancer before entering prison, was granted a “compassionate release” in January 2014 after the cancer had spread and was deemed terminal. Doctors at the time gave her 18 months to live.

A former librarian and teacher, she had taken up the law in the cause of social justice after seeing the squalor in the area around the public school in Harlem where she taught. She built a reputation for representing the poor and the reviled, usually for modest, court-paid fees.

Believing that the American political and capitalist system needed “radical surgery,” as Ms. Stewart put it, she sympathized with clients who sought to fight that system, even with violence, although she did not always endorse their tactics, she said.

One such client was Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, the blind Egyptian cleric who was found guilty in 1995 of leading a plot to blow up New York City landmarks, including the United Nations, after some of his followers had driven a powerful bomb into a garage beneath the World Trade Center in 1993, killing six people. Ms. Stewart would visit him in prison, where he was serving a life sentence in solitary confinement. Her death came less than three weeks after his: He died in prison on Feb. 18.

So, when I met her, and covered her story in a little college newspaper that had been ransacked several times (most likely by the college administrator) Stewart was touring the nation under federal indictment, working with the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and others; and I was being followed around and photographed by cowardly “mystery people” who ranged from tall Ethiopian men in suits, to flat chested blonde women and butch haircuts, or stocky meat-packer shouldered black women with bad weaves- and all of them with bad shoes (usually black, but sometimes “Eddie Bauer brown”).
And I was “crazy” because my relationships were undermined-James became an FBI informant; Laura became a librarian-much like Lynne Stewart herself had been a librarian-and another story I covered about a “terrorist” who was a librarian- librarians are highly targeted individuals, apparently. Let me know if you start seeing patterns, because…
My phone’s were constantly re-routed and redirected-even when I was in foreign lands. There was the “clicking” at the switch-fairly routine surveillance; but, too, the morons who repeated select words and phrases back to me over time. And much more going on as you might imagine; and much of that terrifying and heinous in ways that only deviants at the state level could think up, and disgusting; abhorrent to due process of law.
Many years after the time I interviewed her, my storage locker was broken into. My family mementos box was tossed like a salad, and my papers were scattered between boxes. So my “news clippings” were mixed with “family history” and my book and leaflet collections- the contents of several boxes of distinctly different materials literally became “word salad.”
And, my reporters notebooks had pages torn out of them, and these pages were put int different boxes or otherwise scattered about. Here are the notes these people came to take-and never a single warrant issued to me, or left anywhere. And this happened some five years AFTER I had interviewed and AFTER she was convicted of ‘material support for terrorism” because she did what?
She spoke with a cnvicts family on the phone. Yup. She got ten years for that.
Are you seeing any patterns yet especially patterns about how long they drag these “disruption campaigns” out- and how petty and trifling the ‘offenses’ are? Surely, America is under attack from SOMEONE SOMEWHERE- but it isn’t terrorists, because last I checked, terrorists LOVE speech.
How about this pattern: shortly after I discovered this burglary of my storage locker- which I did not report to police for obvious reasons stated all over this blog- shortly afterwards, “mysterious” pele contacted me on a web forum that has since disappeared from the internet-and thee mystery people were yammering on about how “yeah, THEY can even do sneak and peek searches of your stuff,” and so on.
So, here is evidence of my personal disruption campaign- because I believe in due process of law, and the right-indeed, the IMPERATIVE NECESSITY of attorney’s to vigorously defend their clients:
lynne stewart notes 1
lynne stewart notes
Look at these notes above ad ask yourself what could POSSIBLY be worth anything to anyone? If your answer was that I was personally villified, terrorized, and sufficiently in horror that I virtually kept quiet for many years, you would be correct- because the outrageous state of affairs of gray area policing, and Kafaka-meets-Orwell-meets-Fabian in the DVIC policing scheme that this country and the west is in today are beyond imagination of the founders, and even beyond the imagination of LEFTISTS of Stewart’s ERA!
So, for those peeking in, and asking yourselves “what is a targeted individual” or “what happens in gang stalking,” know this: I refused to cooperate, capitulate, cop a plea, or otherwise subsume “my” rights to those who approached me in secret, in “darkness” or who used un-Constitutional and undue processes and methods to ensnare or enlist my “support,” or submission.
In other words, in totally corrupted societies, they never come “through the straight gate,” and choose cowardly,ensnaring, entrapping, or  blackmailing work-arounds instead. This is what gray area policing, aka Fabian Socialism is meeting the total corruption of institutional power; and all of that WITHOUT JUDICIAL OVERSIGHT, or with judicial complicity.
So there’s that factor, and becoming a rat, like Sammy the Bull. It only takes one rat gnawing away at the bottom of the big huge sloppy pig trough to set a trend. And, as we see with our total surveillance state, DVIC dollars are the Pied Piper that these have followed-and led us over the cliff of this new “thing of theirs”-totalitarianism.

Let's talk about RATS: PLAGUERATS and DIRTY RATS, specifically.

DIRTY RATS ROBO RATS PLAGUE RATS SEBACIUM and internet search redirection
Gee- I hope I don’t get in trouble for this Mom-and thanks for letting me sleep in your basement for all these years, but like I said over and over again: I HATE RATS. You can read this here to see how long I have been on record discussing how RATS have taken over our country, and especially, our internet. But Mom, Frankly, either there are laws, or there are not laws, and nations that forego their own Constitutions have no basis in law.
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And I for one, have not feared terrorists, journalists, pedophiles, or boogiemen since forever (or, 2003-4)- because I  know with scientific certainty that these all work in government, the military, vague NGO’s with snazzy mission statements, or in crisis PR. And especially, I don’t fear nebulous “hackers on the internet” because I know these are the SAME PEOPLE who work in-yeah, Mom, these all work in government, the military, vague NGO’s with snazzy mission statements, or in crisis PR.
Mom, some of us knew about these rats for many years before the MSM and even altMedia decided to take our complaints seriously; but also before we could get at the “proofs” that are necessary in journalism to “prove” that what we say is true. Which only makes one more highly targeted. And again, I say: I am NOT a RAT-but I have been telling you about them for years (use my search feature to understand the context of this phrase here at ROGS).
But lots of other people are RATS, Mom, and they are destroying the American democracy quicker than Ellen DeGeneres can stick her fingers in dykes. Like I have been telling others for years-and nearly EVERYTHING I have been telling others for years- is hitting the news EVERY DAY now.
And Mom, I know we disagree on this, but I thought the Constitution and due process, and law meant something! Now come to find out, it means nothing, because everything is “for the children.” (and here, and here, and here and everywhere). Mom, Hitler did the SAME THINGS, and told us that it “takes a village to raise a child,” and all that, and look how that turned out.
Now, people are waking up, Mom! After only 16 years of this crap, and our country going broke,  and people are talking about RATS nibbling away at our Democracy, and eventually, we know these same will be nibbling away at our children as well, like this little ditty about RATS , from the Intercepts latest Edward Snowden document releases:

Mom- while the Intercept does an amazing job of providing the public with a glimpse of how our own governments are nibbling through the bottom of the huge DVIC trough, and destroying or selling democracy, they frequently miss how those who “come in the name of the children” are also those who go away holding the children by the hand. And, sometimes, the Intercept is ALSO a huge part of the problem, because it is largely becoming partisan media. Mom, I told them about these rats over three years ago, for example.
But, Mom, look at how hese billion dollar Military Industrial Complex subsidiary industries of the DVIC are raking in BILLIONS of dollars per year to “eradicate” problems that have existed since time began, and how they are using the good names of our children to do it. Just today for example, these vampires are reading this, and the many of my stories like this, that chronicles how these “good guys and gals” are subtly threatening our children with phony moral imperatives in the guise of the moral panic industrial complex, aka “Bernaysian Crisis PR”.
Which is why I also read Techdirt.com, by Mike Masnik, who invented the term the Streisand Effect, and his team of writers that covers news and tech news from a legal perspective. You might also remember Masnik as the originator of the Shirky-Masnik bureaucracy Perpetuation Principle as well.
And he, like me, is concerned about all the RATS that have streamed into America from Britain, after they were led here by NSA cheese and DVIC dollars.
Masnik writes about a program that the GCHQ used to undermine anonymity, privacy, and even redirect searches over the eMule and BitTorrent platforms, and selectively send targeted results to targeted persons IP’s (and these agencies-as I have noted EVERYWHERE, are redirecting ALL searches of EVERYONE most of the time) under the thin veneer of goodguyism and ‘saving the children’.
But the “human experimentation” didn’t stop there- not by a longshot, because then, the GCHQ would send the results to London Metro police and the FBI, who then participated in the activity in a variety of ways, ranging from political to other targeted activity, such as malware delivery (and all of this long before the Section 41 ‘changes’ became a “general warrant”-and all of THIS without Congressional oversight, or even judicial approval). And then, they sent their contrived  ‘information’ and ‘anonymous tips’ down to the local level, where gang stalking takes place.

Over in the UK, GCHQ was taking much more proactive steps toward turning torrent traffic into both a weapon and a source of intel.
“The page describes DIRTY RAT, a GCHQ web application used by analysts that at the time had “the capability to identify users sharing/downloading files of interest on the eMule (Kademlia) and BitTorrent networks. … For example, we can report on who (IP address and user ID) is sharing files with ‘jihad’ in the filename on eMule. If there is a new publication of an extremist magazine then we can report who is sharing that unique file on the eMule and BitTorrent networks.”
The RAT was also tasked with gathering info to be shared with law enforcement….
A tool called PLAGUE RAT “has the capability to alter the search results of eMule and deliver tailored content to a target,” the wiki article states. “This capability has been tested successfully on the Internet against ourselves and testing against a real target is being pursued.”

So, Masnik is one of the few who is aware that our Democracies are crawling with RATS, and, so, mom, while I appreciate you letting me live in your basement all these years, I think a change is in order, because sleeping with rats isn’t my idea of America.
More from Masnik:

Released Snowden Doc Shows NSA Thwarting Electronic Dead Drops By Using Email Metadata

from the ‘just-metadata’-strikes-again dept

The latest batch of Snowden docs published at The Intercept cover a lot of ground. The internal informational sheets from the Signals Intelligence Directorate include info on a host of surveillance programs that haven’t been revealed by previous document dumps. Nor do they discuss the programs in full. As such, some of the information is limited.
One of those published last week mentions the NSA’s targeting of internet cafes in Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries using a program called MASTERSHAKE. Using MASTERSHAKE, analysts were apparently able to drill down location info to which target was sitting in which chair at the cafes under surveillance.
Further down the page [PDF], past this brief mention of a program discussed more fully elsewhere, there’s another interesting tidbit. Apparently, the NSA can suss out electronic dead drops using harvested metadata. (h/t Electrospaces)

[REDACTED] will be briefing on THERAPYCHEATER. This is a system that uses metadata analysis to detect and exploit the communication patterns of targets about whom the SIGINT system has no specific a priori knowledge. By identifying suspicious patterns in the access to draft folders of webmail accounts, THERAPYCHEATER will identify email addresses potentially being used in a form of covert communication known as a cyber dead drop. There are numerous examples in both SIGINT and collateral of terrorists using cyber dead drops to communicate operational information and plans.


Guest Post from 4rec3s: Gang stalking and artificial intelligence-a world of false positives and death

This essay is based on this post on the Boingboing article, “NSA and GCHQ’s crappy Big Data techniques may be killing thousands of innocents”, which reminded me of a video of a robotic drone-death art installation that really puts this killing into a particularly inhuman perspective.

Notice: This essay does not deal with ‘electronic mind control’, drugging, ‘creating alters’, V2K or paranormal. All these links are from mainstream sources and my purpose is to glue it together as a feasibility of how gangstalking could happen with existing, known technologies. Namely social psychology, HUMINT-based pattern prediction, ubiquitous surveillance and communications.

Gangster Computer God
Every day, increasingly, our reality is validating Francis Dee’s racist, paranoid, schizophrenic prophecy of the “Gangster Computer God Worldwide Secret Containment Policy” as less fiction and more fact (sans the mullatto-jew robot doctors). More fact because it’s become feasible (except for the cosmetic surgery).
Mass surveillance innovations[1][2][3][4][5]), purposeful efforts and accomplishments[6][7][8][9]; a drive towards total information awareness[10] and such compelling integration of technology leading to a Panopticon[11][12], creates a situation in which a system could be devised capable of data-mining and heuristic pattern-of-life analysis of all citizens[12]. Coupling such a system with astoundingly capable AI technology; an extreme willingness to help (and profit motive) by industry[14][15]; an hegelian (‘ends justify the means’) ethos quite contrary to that of Christianity, secular humanism and altruism generally[16][17][18][19][20]; and “machine learning algorithms”[21][22][23][322]; form the constants of an addition equation that yields the very real possibility and therefore threat of an worldwide, technocratic, AI-based Gangstalking system.
Requirements and Purpose
The only requirements are paranoia and an utter lack of trust of the Government towards the global everycitizen[24]. In other words, “to shut down a political enemy by gaslighting[25][26][27][28] them to the extent that they end up in jail or in a mental facility”. There may be other incentives however:

  • Random harassment ‘like a game’
  • Targetted harassment of non-threat ‘undesirables’
  • Spiritual warfare ‘to demoralize the population’
  • Human / Social experimentation
  • Data collection efforts (pushing people around to see where they go / with whom they talk in ‘crisis’ mode)
  • Psychopathologizing an individual through trauma-based mind control—to develop them as asset
  • Playing both the targetted individual and deputized stalker against each other. Why is the TI the only victim?

All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace[29]
Consider the following scenario.
1) You have an AI program that is hooked up with mass surveillance and has decades of social psychology to understand how humans work (HUMANINT + psychology/sociology, ‘game theory’, ‘prisoner’s dilemma’, ‘milgram’s’)[30].
2) The AI program finds ways to manipulate people (stalkers) into ‘being at a certain place at a certain time’, ‘to look out for a certain individual’. Perhaps they’ve been getting fed emails from a “protected’ or ‘authoritative source’ (AI::outreach), someone from an intelligence agency for example, that has ‘deputized’ him/her, to help assist them in tracking down ‘an alleged (serial killer / pedophile / drug dealer / murderer / stalker)‘ in the community. This person then is notified to go to a certain place and ‘watch out for’ this disreputable / potential criminal.

Everyone wants to be a hero. All that is required is exploiting our vanity.

3) This AI program has a deep knowledge of everyone from mass surveillance[1][2][3][4][5]). Enough to ‘predict behavior’ and generate a deep, heuristic, ‘life pattern’ analysis[1][2]
4) The AI knows when you leave your home, when you take a shower, approx where you are located and headed using your cellphone’s gps/wifi and cell tower triangulation sent back to servers. Also, if the AI has access to NRO satellite data, they can actually see you, with a potential resolution of 50 cm2 to 1cm2 (drone)!!
5) Using the ‘pattern of life’ and seeing that you left your home, it can send email / sms / skype / facebook / twitter / foursquare / ‘other’ instant messages to various ‘deputized’ community citizens to ‘watch you’.
6) The targetted individual is now under humanint field surveillance by people who have been tricked, duped with disinformation into thinking they are doing good, protecting the community.

Con Game, Not Mind Kontrol
None of this requires mind control. All it requires is panopticon, vain authoritarians as ‘faux-insiders’, and a highly-available communication network with dynamic asset development and appropriation software.
If this is happening, it’s immoral and abusive and it’s also lacking in manners. Military-industrial aristocrats are supposed to have manners and respect. After all, their guarded culture demands those things. But their development of rights-destroying, ‘tough guy mafioso abuses’ reveal the ruling class as irresponsible, lacking a keen foresight into consequence they claim generally has guided their successes in life and which differentiate them from the masses.
Their lack of manners has created an uncouth robot that reduces everyone to numbered accounts in a microserfdom. This robot is going to mix up the salad fork with the dinner fork, which is a metaphor for ‘killing everyone’—it’s a matter of time before it’s discernments become so specific that everyone, poor and rich alike, need to be subject to ‘quantitative easing’. And that’s too is a metaphor, for this.

The NSA's targeting is killing thousands of innocent civilians.

Pardon he source, but BoingBoing media occasionaly gets a few things right.
In this case, the NSA’s targeting is killing thousands of innocents. And when we add into the organized gang stalking psychobabble online, much of it a psychological operation, as well as a way for agencies to target whistle blowers pre-emptively, we see the equivocating claim that “innocents are being killed in a silent holocaust” validated in an odd way:

NSA and GCHQ’s crappy Big Data techniques may be killing thousands of innocents

Researchers have taken a second look at the NSA SKYNET leaks, as well as the GCHQ data-mining problem book first published on Boing Boing, and concluded that the spy agencies have made elementary errors in their machine-learning techniques, which are used to identify candidates for remote assassination by drone.

These errors reveal the fundamental problem with secret science: that scientists will forgive their own corner-cutting and sloppiness when they know no one will ever check their work.
At root is the lack of good training data to use to establish “ground truths” for the data-mining technology. The techniques documented in the leaks show the researchers taking shortcuts to get around this lack — rather than holding back some known-terrorist profiles to test their models, they re-run the training data back through the system. This is an absolute no-no in machine-learning.
The system is geared to prefer false positives (innocent people who get killed) over false negatives (guilty people who go free). But the assumptions the NSA makes about how frequently these false positives occur are based on the idea that the training and modelling is done correctly. The shortcuts in the model-generation mean that the false-positive rate will be much higher, though.

If 50 percent of the false negatives (actual “terrorists”) are allowed to survive, the NSA’s false positive rate of 0.18 percent would still mean thousands of innocents misclassified as “terrorists” and potentially killed. Even the NSA’s most optimistic result, the 0.008 percent false positive rate, would still result in many innocent people dying.
“On the slide with the false positive rates, note the final line that says ‘+ Anchory Selectors,'” Danezis told Ars. “This is key, and the figures are unreported… if you apply a classifier with a false-positive rate of 0.18 percent to a population of 55 million you are indeed likely to kill thousands of innocent people. [0.18 percent of 55 million = 99,000]. If however you apply it to a population where you already expect a very high prevalence of ‘terrorism’—because for example they are in the two-hop neighbourhood of a number of people of interest—then the prior goes up and you will kill fewer innocent people.”
Besides the obvious objection of how many innocent people it is ever acceptable to kill, this also assumes there are a lot of terrorists to identify. “We know that the ‘true terrorist’ proportion of the full population is very small,” Ball pointed out. “As Cory [Doctorow] says, if this were not true, we would all be dead already. Therefore a small false positive rate will lead to misidentification of lots of people as terrorists.”
“The larger point,” Ball added, “is that the model will totally overlook ‘true terrorists’ who are statistically different from the ‘true terrorists’ used to train the model.”

The NSA’s SKYNET program may be killing thousands of innocent people [Christian Grothoff & J.M. Porup/Ars Technica]

Civil Rights attorney Andy Ostrowski arrested for Facebook posts in the "Cash for Kids" state of PA

UPDATE 10/22/2019: This post is about civil rights attorney Andy Ostrowski in Pennsylvania, who was literally abducted by police in his home as he broadcast on Facebook live. I wrote it about a year before he was finally driven mad by “extra-judicial gang stalking.”
Ostrowski challenged judicial corruption and nepotism in an impossible to navigate Catholic and Jewish sectarian dominated area of America.
And, he took on the child rapists and pedophiles in the famous Kid$ For Ca$h scandal that jailed a corrupt judge, and gave reparations to over 3000 children who were trafficked by the state, and he also was active in the Penn State Jerry Sandusky scandal, and even ran for the senate.
He was gang stalked and arrested repeatedly for Facebook posts on numerous occasions, and locked up on punitive “mental health evaluations”, each time passing the evaluation, deemed sane, and not a threat to self or society.
You can chronicle his demise by noting the difference between his photos as a senate candidate, and then, his final arrest for “profane” words spoken on his personal Facebook account, after many years of gang stalking. He was charged, and eventually plead guilty to “making terroristic threats,” which is how the totalitarian religious state phrases any words or ideas that challenge their hegemony and mythology in the west, which they have enshrined into secular law; and AFTER they have harrassed and bullied targeted individuals.
His case fits the well known pattern of religious sectarian, police affiliated stalking that we see with:
Larry Guzzino, framed as,a pervert and fake bomber
Mathew Riehl, who challenged occulted religious messaging in the MSM, via the #Rapecult memetics of neocon Jews and Catholics
Scott Bierele, framed as a “pitential rapist” because he was alleged to have grabbed a womans butticks, and whi finally hunted down one of his stalkers and blasted caps into her ass.
Ian Long, the Ten Thousand Oaks shooter, who was bullied by lesbainesque “warrior sistahs” who used the number thirteen in mainstream media interviews to describe how they had bullied him.
Finally, each and every mass shooter/incel “movement” car crasher and butter knife wielding “threatener” fits this identical pattern, so much so that ROGS Analyses can be used to predict features of these events, as I did in most recent mass shootings, starting with the Virginia Beach shooting, where I wrote to the chief of police in that area; and Swedish psychological operations are indicated as,we see people like former CIA Dr.s like Robert Duncan, and religionist feminists like Dr. Tomo Shitbata associated with Catherine McKinnon(whose father, Admiral George McKinnon started the star chamber FISA courts)

“They don’t have the balls to give me due process or charge me with a crime, so they are going for mental health imprisonment.”

Anyone who is following my thesis will instantly recognize the headline above as being a “proof” that my theory of organized gang stalking is valid, especially as pertains to the use of punitive psychology on dissenters, whistle blowers,  and activists.

And, this incidence of the claim that many make online that “gang stalkers will “put you away on a 72 hour mental health evaluation hold” is validated here. Are you seeing connections yet?

But someone from Pennsylvania was researching “organized gang stalking” a gew months ago, and my statistics registered search language specific to that area. I believe the exact search term was “gang stalking in Pennsylvania,” but I would have to go back and look.
But any keen researcher of organized gang stalking will recognize that speech itself is criminalized, and pathologized, and then, weaponized by institutional power. That dissent itself is criminalized in “gray area policing.”

Related Story: Kids for Sale in Luzerne county Pennsylvania in “Cash for Kids” kickback scandal Class action lawsuits are the only hope for “We the People” against our fully corrupted government that profits from the sale of our children to the ocvultes “its for the children” DVIC.

Powell Defendants Settlements from Cefalo and Associates law firm in the Kids for Cash kickback scheme that sold kids to the Child Protective Services

Then, another part of my thesis- that gang stalkers and gang stalking are political tools of both the right AND the left is validated as well, because in the case of Bill McGaughey, and many others we see the DVIC corruption as a well orchestrated assault on a landlord by neocon’s and Democrats, while  here, we see a civil rights attorney literally abducted from his home as he broadcasts live on Facebook.
But….stop me if you start seeing patterns, because…
It also must be noted that in the case below, this attorney Ostrowski was a critic and an adversary of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge, who later became Director of the Department of Homeland Security itself.

Judicial Reform Activist and Attorney Abducted by Police While Broadcasting

By Janet Phelan
Judicial reform activist and radio personality Andy Ostrowski has been taken into custody against his will and forced into a psychiatric evaluation. His abduction took place yesterday, September 19, at approximately 3 pm in Wilkes-Barre, PA, where Ostrowski resides.
Ostrowski was taken while on Facebook live and the incident was captured on video. The video is available here:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ig_YZ1BgiYw?feature=oembed]
https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=Ig_YZ1BgiYw&feature=youtu.be
The video reveals an obviously anxious Ostrowski stating he had just seen a Wilkes-Barre police officer climbing over his fence. He says, “I am staying on Facebook live here til someone pulls me off the air.”

“Andy Ostrowski has done nothing wrong to anyone,” he says on the video.” Andy Ostrowski has done nothing but hit enter on emails and things on Facebook.” At that juncture, Ostrowski suddenly stated that two police officers had just entered his house, wearing gloves and carrying tasers In the background, one can hear the officers ordering him to stand up while he repeatedly asks for to see the warrant. One then hears the off-camera officer saying he has a warrant to take him into custody for a mental health evaluation. The camera then goes dark.
Ostrowski was reached a couple hours later at the General Hospital crisis unit. According to Ostrowski, he was not shown a valid, signed warrant for his detention. He discussed the history of the efforts in Wilkes-Barre to deprive him of his freedom, stating that he was being held as a political prisoner.
….follow this link to read more.