Draft post-the peopple of Liliput versus the homeless traveller

I don’t write enough about how integral and invlved Law Enforcement Intelligence Units are in organized gang stalking, probably because it could get e even MORE shot in the back, or even MORE murdered, again (a really fun story that one.)
But many who come here to ROGS sure like to read the post’s about how LEIU’s are the black bag artists and the wheel artists behind much of the OGS that is taking place across America, Britain, and the rest of the “Five Eyes Alliance.” And perhaps I am a bit too skeptical about Eleanor White’s very valuable workperhaps I am a bit too skeptical about Eleanor White’s very valuable work, but hey-she disappeared, so here I am now trying to elaborate it all for the victims of these nefarious practices.
But it’s a fact that I have met them, and they are mine. Et Tu, LEIU? And I am not the only one who knows this. But there comes a time when the average person who is mercilessly and relentlessly hounded and otherwise so violated that you just don’t care anymore- that something in a person “breaks.” Then, you have a few choices-and anyone who has been manipulated or coerced into the OGS dialectic knows what those choices are.
For me, it was the “third way.” No no no-not this one, where Bill Clinton-one of the most compromised and blackmailed presidents in American history- put even MORE money into the DVIC; no, for me, the third way was to write. And to document, and raise awareness of exactly how broken our system has become.
Let me tell you a short story about “Ed the Morgellons guy.”
You see, I once was a teacher of sorts, and like many who experience “bullying on steroids” we discover son that bullies and their many accomplices in OGS band together like miniature Liliputio’s fighting a sleeping Gulliver, and plot all kinds of ways to put that guy to work for them.
Well, once I had discovered the very many things I write about herein-and especially how the InfraGard subverts our personal privacy at the switch (I knew in 2003-5 what Edward Snowden told us in 2013)

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