Gang stalking and slander: "they will tell the targets neighbors (….)

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At the time of this writing, there are 303,000 Google results for this exact language: “they will tell the targets neighbors gang stalking”
This phrase is a phrase I have documented in approximately 80% if the blogs I read over thousands of hours researching OGS. And, many of those blogs disappeared, or were marked “private” after I began to write ROGS. And, .many of THOSE bligs were written by middle aged white, or Jewish females, many connected to academia.
If any researcher of OGS seeks to validate it as a practice, and its connection to community policing and the DVIC industries, set up a blog, and pretend to be a victim. Then, when you start to get hits and emails, infer in private emails that you are a social worker, or a “frail 50 something woman”who works in academia.
Like Morgellons disease claimants, and those who responded to Dr. Lorraine Sheridans internet poll, most claimants and false reporters and extreme or bizarre claimants (they are zapping me right now with electronic weapins!!) of OGS are middle aged white women with ties to policing, social work, AND the internet backbone, aka, Fusion Centers.
RELATED STORY: Robert Dear shot up an abortion clinic. He also had extensive contact with DVIC industries, and their hidden Nikki Craft styled militant feminist harrassers and stalkers who work behind the scenes to literally stalk, frame, and harass targeted individuals, BEFORE his event.
The picture above show Robert Dears last stand (….). Notice that there are clear sight lines all around it, as if he had been driven to a defensive position. Many gang stalking targets are eventually driven to isolation, wich is a stated goal of gang stalkers, the Rotary Club DV schemes, and even stated in various ways by the “stalking the stalkers” narrative of Scotland Yard.

Related Story: Watch here, how retired police affilliates narrate the death of a man, virtually un-naming him according to certain specific religious cult practices (here, and here too), and then, relates to both gendered narratives of violence, and what ROGS calls the “after death body punch,” where DVIC affiliates like the former LA County coroner in the linked story essentially brag about participating in the marginalization of targeted individuals, as we watch the death of one man, driven to solitude in an RV, much like Robert Louis Dear.
Gang stalking by police,and police affilliates is THAT REAL.

Also, as I have noted in several places in this blog, the common slanders that communitarian policing employs is that the target is a “drug user/dealer/prostitute/pedophile/terrorist/ nefarious boogieman/woman unspecified/etc.”
While any one of those slanders can have devastating effects, one of the upsides is that the person slandered can then begin to fight back-because these specific slanders are often derived from database abuse, political causes, police records or investigations, and other community situations, many of which take place in the gray area’s of the law, where full court exploitation of targets takes place.
In most situations, the police are just doing their job, and “organized gang stalking” isn’t something all police condone or agree with- and it even happens to police men and women. Your problem-the slander and defamation- is not likely to be “the cops,” per se, but rather, those that they have passed information to, those amongst them who work in the communitarian schema, and the cults and secret society members among them, and those who use their positions to proselytize one or another form of Jewish-christian religion. NGOs such as the save the women and children organizations, domestic violence shelters, and even the Boys and Girls clubs, and .other such
So, the real issue of whether or not you can “sue the police” becomes a wider issue of having legal standing, and being able to prove a wider civil conspiracy, because that’s what  these cases are (with the exception of those who are actually delusional/on drugs/etc). Here is a bit about suing cops. (ALWAYS CONSULT SEVERAL LAWYERS FROM CIVIL AND CRIMINAL LAW before you even think about it)
And here’s a short primer on slander/libel:

  1. A Triage of Defamation Triage of Defamation for legal professionals
  2.  When do reports to the police become defamation?
  3.  How to sue for defamation in America

Because many claims of OGS are actually community policing on acid, as I have documented on this blog, one must approach these situations as one would a standard case of defamation, but also, with the knowledge that there are SO MANY MORE aspects to it than standard defamation. And also know that individuals who work in institutions and also in the community are part of it, and as such, electronic data that would not ordinarily be available in standard civil cases becomes available if you can prove a need for the data.
As such, the basics are that:

Laws regarding defamation vary from state to state, but generally speaking, four criteria must be met for a slander or libel suit to stand a chance of success. The defamation, whether written or spoken, must be:

  • Demonstrably and objectively false

  • Seen or heard by a public third party

  • Quantifiably injurious

  • Unprivileged by law

So here below, I will put forward a few hypothetical situations wherein this takes place, so that researchers, lawyers, or others can document the process from point A to point B. Some of these hypotheticals are drawn from real TI experiences, while others are strictly hypothetical based on the wider dialectic of complaints.
Janet, the College History Department office manager

  1. Janet works at a college in the History Department. She loves her job, but finds that every election year she is pressured to vote one way or another. Somewhere she has an epiphany that she is not going to vote for candidate A and instead, makes it clear to her co-workers that she prefers candidate B.
  2. She then discovers that in a ‘chain email’ that EVERYONE got, she was left out. she thinks nothing of it, and goes about her week.
  3. At the beginning of the next week, she hears that from her supervisor, who asks her why she missed the meeting. She asks “what meeting?” The supervisor informs her that she sent Janet an email, Janet looks at her inbox, and finds the email in her reycling bin.
  4. Janet gradually realizes that her co-workers avoid her, and that sometimes, they act and do things with no shame around her, and she feels mocked, or that sometimes co-workers are even changing the tone of their voices, or walking away when she appears.
  5. One day, Janet finds a magazine on her desk that is not hers. On the cover of the magazine is a picture of an abused child, with the words “Whose fault is it?” That day, in the company lunch room, Janet overhears a converstion where one party says to the other ” well I heard that she is getting fired for abusing her daughter.”

Now- I could write this analogy further, and add many more details; and you, the researcher can infer your own. What I have outlined so fr is a classic “workplace bullying” situation and a “gossip” campaign frequently found in workplaces aross the world. It is not YET a ‘gang stalking’ scenario.
But the purpose here is to provide a case study, and then, indicate the steps one can take to begin a lawsuit. So now, I will go in A, B, C order, and dissect what Janet should know inn order

0 thoughts on “Gang stalking and slander: "they will tell the targets neighbors (….)

  1. Hi, your article was insightful and I appreciate the time you put into researching, and I’m wondering how you are holding up today? In 2020. I have a problem or 2 that you may be able to suggest something I haven’t heard or thought of yet, one, I know I was slandered, by mysterious Gangstalkers out of several jobs, also neighbors, roomates, ‘friends,’ were recruited to be used to harm me. I know but have no reason I should know, that they used Drug Dealer, though there are no broke and friendless drug dealers, mentally ill, presented as concern, and more. But not one has ever actually stated, save one, but I wasn’t fully aware of accepting this gangstalker thing at that time. He was my oldest friend/ roommate who also poisoned me with anti freeze. And also, an incident 20 years ago, in which I shot a man, justly, but because I whistleblew on a cop who murdered and covered it up, my best friend, I was afraid to call police, and we were on drugs at the time. I won 2 appeals which angered the county it happened in. Anyway, I have no proof. Only results. Am living in car I’m 4 payments behind on, camara proves nothing. Are you still alive? Hope so.

    1. hi.
      Yup, still here.
      OK, basically you got caught up, right?
      And you won a few appeals, good job.
      So, what can I do for you?
      First advice: live the best life you can, and make allies. Go to a yoga class, or other alternative, non -religious setting to make friends. Enlist witnesses. Avoid Americans who talk about race, class, or gender. They are all toxic, and will hurt you.
      And keep documenting it. Start a blog. I did, and it saved me.
      But especially, make connections with foreigners in your area, and try to help them. Learn their issues. Become of service to them, and offer advice when they have trouble.
      And, if you are on drugs, etc., quit it.
      Where are you located? How do you make money?
      And lastly, look up @suzie 3D online. She has documented this fairly well, including how foreign agencies are allowed by police to call the shots in these cases, via FVEYs harassment.
      Thats all for now.

    2. BTW: if you shot a guy it is likely that some private contractor, working with the original investigators, is seeking to make you crazy, in order to force you to confess to a murder.
      Dont do it.
      Cold case invedtigators, and fat retired cops with a hateboner seldom give up, because they are,what is called Apex predators.
      They dont give a,shit about a dead guy, or you, but these vain, narcissistic sociopaths only want their egos jacked off, bu saying See! I,was right all along!
      None of them care about you, or others, they only care that their cop butties think they are Apex predators.
      Look at my story about Joyce Kato, the former LA CTY coroner, and the gang of LEOs that she works with to persecute people.
      And, keep in mind that people like me laugh, everytime their police -Masonic relatives encounter unfortunate circumstances, like sudden deaths and car crashes, etc .
      These are what gang stalkers are. Retired cops with vendettas,and official cover.
      Use my links to invedtigative tools, and start tracing your stalkers, and their relatives, starting with the detectives/judges /others related to that shooting case that MIGHT be behind your stalking.
      Then, go have fun, if you can

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