Patterns and schizophrenia: delusions or 'coincidences?' It's not apophenia when 'the magic number' pops out of the rabbit hole- gang stalking case study

UPDATE 09-19-2019: About a year and a half after I wrote this post, certain political groups have admitted using actual military grade psychological operations on targeted individualsand recent mass shootings indicate a link between PsyOps and the shootings.
That link is so solid that ROGS Predictive analysis even predicted two key features of a recent mass shooting in Virginia Beach, VA. You can read about that here. Also, the heads of Fusion Centers (many of them with PhDs in weaponized psychology )are targeting citizens with non -consensual psychological operations, and the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals has attempted to invent another phrase to combat the growing awareness of organized gang stalking, calling these psychological operations “parallel colluding investigations.

So, I have demonstrated “patterns” and coincidences throughout this blog as well as documented many instances where social forces ranging from police an fire to community organizations, and faux -feminist groups and more, work together to form a ‘social narrative,’ which is connected to several lucrative ‘domestic industries’ that derive their sustenance from borrowed international finance.

Related Background Reading: Apophenia: “it’s all related!” What happens when apophenia, Type 1 errors, and false positives-or the interpretations of them-are little more than clever wordplay, mixing pseudo science with PR?

Disappearance, death, suicide and homicide are all features of the OGS dialectic, and so, shedding light on the cockroaches that are undermining the Constitutional part of ‘our’ democracy is in order. Then, there is an over-arching pattern in cases of OGS where the lucrative industry of “saving the children” from non-conformist, or non-police state minded parents, bad thoughts, mean books, and even worse ideas is central to the narrative.

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So, I would like to turn this analyses again to propaganda tactics and techniques that figure in to the forced suicides, other deaths, and homicides of many people who qualify as “targeted individuals.”

And because the terms of propaganda studies are not the same as sociological analyses, or psychological analyses, we see that the interdisciplinary approach is the best approach, and necessary to understand OGS.

For the reader, here is a short series of links to how the number 13 is used in both propaganda, but also that propaganda drawn from a cultural framework of inter-religious networks, and cult numerology, from MSM sources:
Thirteen Things You Should Know,About the Jewish Queen Esther, propaganda operations, and nepotism in mainstream media

The Thirteen Golden Rules of Crisis PR management, from Forbes Magazine online

Properties of the number 13

How the US Propaganda System works  a brief introduction to propaganda

13 Advertising Propaganda Techniques

13 Fascinating Propaganda Films“(note that this article begins with analyses of “The Hunger Games”)

13 Hours” The story of Benghazi” ( a pet conservative cause, and also a political tool with which the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton was derailed)

How the multi-billion dollar “Save the Sex Slaves” PR industry uses the number 13 and fake statistics to conflate facts with myth to drive moral and social panics

The examples of the use of the number 13 to signify coded meanings to groups and individuals is well known and well documented in the record. So when it comes to media and the other industries that derive sustenance from narrative control, we must turn our eyes to a topic that for some is “off limits” or otherwise controversial: Jewish control of the media, which I have touched on here in regards to ‘narrative control’ in the cases of mass shooters, and how apartheid, AIPAC, and other right wing MIC elements literally in every sense, conspire to control narrative, but also, conspire against those who challenge it, even murdering them in fake terrorist plots.

But it must be said that while on one hand, Jews are disproportionately represented in the the task of waging propaganda in all forms, with some 90% or more of Hollywood and MSM being a Jewish enterprise-MSM is financed by Catholic and christian interests, which descend from the co-opted Jewish religion to tell simialar fairy tales (and also to burn heretics, as we saw with Mel Gibson)..

And as we see progressives now turning on their own on the case of Hollywood Moghul Harvey Weinstein; just as many Catholic/christians turned on Bill O’Reilly- that both elements of the Catholic-christian-Jewish propaganda stream zealously covet and protect their lockup on this industry, and use it as a way to enhance or exploit others, and sometimes, media is used to defame and slander opposition. But chiefly, media is a tool wit which to manipulate the masses, for DVIC/MIC/PIC interests.

Related: Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world, and also (coincidentally )Jewish. His newspaper, the formerly reputable WaPo, has turned into tabloid style journalism, smearing a child who was in the right place at the wrong time. The “Covington Kid ”is now suing Bezos for 250 million.

Bezos himself is also embroiled in a dick pics scandal with another tabloid.

It is also worth noting that the hegemony of “news” and narrative works at the behest of the DVIC social policies and related industries-but that these also support christians as well, and foster alliance with christian narratological basis. SO again, in a culture entrapped and ensnared in the Jewish-christian narrative, we must ask one generation to the next “who is the cricket, and who is the worm?”

And we find that christians and Jews work together in this enterprise, aka “social liberalism” which in many cases (prisons for example, full of mostly non-Jewish men, and those incarcerated BY progressive policies in the era of rape hysteria.)

Don’t believe me- by all means, please form your OWN OPINION ( see what I did there-that’s a PR joke). From 2008, just as the DHS ramped up domestic surveillance and harassment of activists, AND Google search results registered drastic increases for searches about organized gang stalking, and federal DVIC policies began to target online speech:

Who runs Hollywood? C’mon

December 19, 2008|JOEL STEIN

I have never been so upset by a poll in my life. Only 22% of Americans now believe “the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews,” down from nearly 50% in 1964. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers a victory against stereotyping. Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood….read the rest here

And related claims everywhere else on the web

But it must also be remembered that among the hard to find “real journalists” we see high percentages of Jews as well-and those who are able to transcend the cultic features of both religion and Jewish culture-aka true progressives, which are very rare, and I reference and cite them with special joy when I find them .

But the “others” who “other others” do not plot their lies and “fake news,” and other journalistic evils in a vacuum-or wage war against “conspiracy theorists”online; and that the wider net that we are all caught in is the larger christian culture and all of it’s “G-d, Mother, and Country” types, which derives massive financial benefits and narrative value from this collusion-that Jews are historically smear artists and propagandists operating with and on behalf of it’s mercenary class of its christian murderer class- “if the Bible is to be believed.”

But keep in mind that Jewish smear artists and propagandists are NOT Jewish culture per see, just a certain and specific mercenary class of gangland descendants-the chaff  and detritus of the pre-WW2 criminal class. And, these once did the dirty work of the wider Catholic-christian culture, and today act in similar capacities, but with a glossier cover.

SO I will introduce here a well known case where numerology,  the “Thirteens” that Maya Angelou referenced and how international DVIC industries utilize it as a symbol, became a feature reported by the MSM.

When Omar Mateen “shot up a gay club” in Orlando Florida, it was found that the number 13 appeared in the MSM in direct relation to his story.

Here is the Headline:

Cops: 13 SWAT members fired at Mateen in final Pulse ‘gunfight’

But before I get my nose too deep in that mousetrap, I would first like to point out that many of the sects and factions of organized Jews have a cultural practice of discouraging dissent, and literally targeting the dissenter with social death, outright homicide, or worse, turning their dirty laundry over to the “Roman’s” to deal with, aka “the Jesus complex,”which I touched on here and in other places on this blog.

An astute reader of religious texts, psychology books and treatises, or social critiques, as well as common literature will instantly recognize “The Jesus Delusion,” (which is different than Dr. Richard Dawkin’s book the God Delusion), aka the “Messiah Complex,” or any of many manifestations of this idea in Jewish-christian religious cultures.

Related Story: In the movie “PI” the lead character is a mathematical genius who gets stalked and hunted by a fanatical religious cult, until he finally kills himself. Or, Jewish gang stalking on steroids.

Official Trailer for the 1998 Sundance Fim Award Winner, PI:


Any common reader of the Torah-Biblical mythology and who augments that reading with Talmudic texts will instantly recognize that “Jesus had twelve disciples” and so on, but also, that Talmudic scholars have their own set of numerological basis and plot their course through he world according to this numerology.

So the claim that many in the OGS “online community” make of attempts to “mind control” them and other references to numerological and symbolic meanings must be validated in these cases, simply because they have basis in propaganda, aka soft force influence operations– and as such, that because numerology affects even the “official sources” in the MSM, that some of the claims that TI’s make are substantiated.

Now, turning to the case of Mateen once again, which in my mind was a classic attempt by the FBI n “community policing” to flip a man into being a collaborator or an informant which is common in these scenarios, or to merely ‘ritually abuse him’ because his father worked in the alternative media and other political factors; and then, incorporating the fact that SWAT teams now train in Israel in the “Ich Du” manner of Martin Buber’s Zionism, we see “individuals” under scrutiny and eventual attack, and that even these mass shooters get ‘extra help” and are instantly granted a personal meeting with a bearded St. Peter at the pearly gates, who looks in te Golden Book, and, finding n sin, no matter how cruelly or unconscionably they act, whips open the doors of Heaven so that all the “good guys” can come in, no matter what.

For my part, I am with Samuel Clemens, who famously said, through the mouth of Groucho Marx “I wouldn’t belong to any club that wants a piece of my member.”

So, these convenient narratives and numerologies guide the Jewish-christian culture through its lies, mass homicides, genocides, and more, and it cannot be missed that when you take the 12 disciples account above, with Jesus being the “head member” of his merry troop of disciples, sitting with his sacred buttocks onto the tippy-top of a pointy six hooded star, that makes a convenient “13.” And look how THAT turned out for him.

Orlando police chief blames Mateen for any ‘friendly fire’ deaths at Pulse

June 20, 2016 3:59 PM

Myth Work: Can you spot the patterns, or is apophenia and “conspiracy theory” at work?
Then, we factor in the issue that the well known profile of targets of “workplace bullying”-which is what Mateen’s case clearly was, compounded with the hidden tactics of OGS-are under great stress, as even ZOGBY international points out (ZOGBY-with little irony again). so compare the possibility that Mateen was under duress to become an informant, or under threat from coworkers, and then, look at all mass shooters this way.
And it CANNOT be missed that SWAT is involved in EVERY SINGLE MASS SHOOTER EVENT, most notoriously the famous “man seen running into the woods” at the Newtown school shooting.
As I write about frequently, baby-napping is a lucrative American industry, despite the fact that a child stands an 80% chance of being raped, sexually assaulted, or otherwise hurt in foster care; and this beyond the initial exploitation of the child, who is worth between $800-$1500 dollars per month to those who “care” for him/her in the American baby farming industry.
Do you see any pattern’s in these cases yet?Any slightly bright bulb might note that the various cults and sects of Jewish-christian culture compete for federal dollars, and use children as bargaining chips, or outright hostages.And the dimmest of all the Christmas tree bulbs woud even notice that “majoritarian” mythology and it’s upholders plainly derive profit from such schemes.
Not convinced?
Have a look at the story of the Beatrice Six, which I call gang stalking BINGO, because it has ALL he elements of classic gang stalking, and it is  one of the largest DNA exonerations in American history. These people were literally “created” as a “gang” in the mind of the cops, and then, literally brainwashed (!!) into false confessions. This resulted in them eventually being freed, and then, they sued the sh!tty little town that gang stalked them, and bankrupted it by forcing them into a 30 million dollar settlement.
So when we factor these things in, and especially that we see the numerological superstitions and Kaballistic signifiers are repeated in the news by ‘coincidence’ or by design, we see a different picture emerge indeed.

Targets are independent. They refuse to be subservient. Bullies seek to enslave targets. When targets take steps to preserve their dignity, their right to be treated with respect, bullies escalate their campaigns of hatred and intimidation to wrest control of the target’s work from the target.

Targets are more technically skilled than their bullies. They are the “go-to” veteran workers to whom new employees turn for guidance. Insecure bosses and co-workers can’t stand to share credit for the recognition of talent. Bully bosses steal credit from skilled targets.

Targets are better liked, they have more social skills, and quite likely possess greater emotional intelligence. They have empathy (even for their bullies). Colleagues, customers, and management (with exception to the bullies and their sponsors) appreciate the warmth that the targets bring to the workplace.

Targets are ethical and honest. Some targets are whistleblowers who expose fraudulent practices. Every whistleblower is bullied. Targets are not schemers or slimy con artists. They tend to be guileless. The most easily exploited targets are people with personalities founded on a prosocial orientation — a desire to help, heal, teach, develop, nurture others.

Targets are non-confrontive. They do not respond to aggression with aggression. (They are thus morally superior.) But the price paid for apparent submissiveness is that the bully can act with impunity (as long as the employer also does nothing).

According to the 2007 WBI-Zogby Survey, 45% of targeted individuals suffer stress-related health problems. Additional findings regarding targets’ health can be found in WBI research and the PTSD-related research by others posted at this site.

Lastly, it cannot be missed that while many still remember the name of Omar Mateen and that it has gone down in “infamy,” even the main stream news has not discussed the fact that his mosque was bombed shortly after the shooting, and that Messianic Jews claimed credit.

But also, that the name of the suspect who DI IT is somehow, still not a household name, and didn’t even make it into the news. Are you seeing any patterns yet, or is apophenia clouding your personal narrative?

Here, then- drive yourself crazy:

Google “omar mateen mosque suspect” and see how many of the top-tier articles, including the New York Times name the suspect beyond a vague “Hispanic-like man” in military gear. This is a crisis PR rope that is as old as the USS Liberty strafing- that a “Hispanic man” is implicated, every time an Israeli or one of the many mind controlled who fit such a profile pulls off a crime on American soil.

Seeing any patterns yet? Well don’t let the facts drive you crazy-because the Mosque was bombed on 9-11-2016.

Hmmmm. My apophenia is probably kicking in, I better get some Big Pharma dope to paste over it all, and dull my sensibilities down to where the MSM meets Occam’s Razor, and my skull explodes, or worse,  like that poor guy in PI.

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