The rick-rolling of Democracy, with sooper seekrit Fusion Center's and Dirty Deeds Done DHS Cheap.(72 BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR in the US alone)

Fusion Centers are a conveniently self perpetuating make work project
There are 77 Fusion Centers across America. They all use different names, and all of them use different email addresses, and different “mission statements” with completely obscure (occulted) purposes that even the Department of Homeland Security has failed to rectify.And their chief design s to contain us in our ability to speak an communicate freely, as civil liberty, and awarenesss of due process is much feared by some as a potential social contagion.
And, they amount to little more than modern day slave patrols, targeting the usual suspects and terrorists alike. The only problem with that reasoning is that there simply are no terrorists, but there are hundreds of thousands of people targeted on political enemies lists, and run-of-the-mill runaway slaves from one or another of the DVIC, MIC, or PIC industries as well.
So what does domestic spying on citizens really look like? Fusion Centers can be thought of as the ‘local brain’ where the huge apparatus of internationl data capture ends up, to do the bidding of the political elites, and the dirty work of community leaders as well. Here is one story that documents a connection between Rotary Clubs and realtors, in a situation where a person believes they are gang stalked, but across the country-and the world- dirty deeds get done DHS cheap (72 BILLION DOLLARS per year according to last years intelligence budget)
Yes, they really are spying on you/me/them/us in real time.
Here is a link farm from Mike Masnik’s with many stories about how these domestic spying centers are actually political tools that steal due process from the lowest level drug offender to the highest level politician alike.
The most popular two posts on this blog today are this one about the “discrediting narrative”, and then, the one where I make the claim-and I note that even the ACLU has made these and similar claims-that Fusion Center’s are very well disguised mass surveillance and spying centers, where ‘community policing’ initiatives meet military hardware and software, via people who routinely violate due process and civil liberties, and who target free speech at the site of the speaker.
Here below is their current ‘favorite post’ (and I note that there has been a recent uptick in the direct hacking of this blog, over Tor, and also that yesterday as I wrote about the Shirky-Masnik Bureaucracy Perpetuation Principle, I was able to document the seven US, seven Canada, and the six readers in the UK were all reading this blog at the same time.
You see, police states don’t die easily, and like “they” remind you in the many online dialogues about OGS ” what happens in darkness…” and “he who smites his brother in secret,” and to which I reply: “these cockroaches hate it when you shine a light on them.”
So, words alone can bring them down, or get this monstrously wide and deep Octopussy, and it’s Medusa’a and Hydras and all of their many heads into a court of law, if we are all on the same page (that is a joke about what they were reading yesterday, and their poor, sore eyes, and even now as this blog, and my ability to write it is under an attack that I do not have time to analyze yet.)
Here is what they are reading right now(literally): “Yes, ‘they’ are spying on you in real time” cuz’ ‘jus’ doin’ muh job!’

Now that the slow roll-out of totalitarian domestic spying has occured (while you were sleeping, perhaps), we can look back at the many felony lies to Congress by NSA and CIA chiefs, and the local lies from Fusion Centers and the FBI and local police to see that, well, it was all lies.
And, Democracy was dead after that- those with power had, and do, and will continue to destroy our democracy-because they can, and because YOU are letting it happen. (Hi there, cockroaches! Now get back into your hidey holes! If you can, when I am done with you….)

And here below is a list f titles that you can read to see with your own eyes how nefarious and discombobulated and hidden, and sooper seekrit these “spying on citizen’s” centers really are. And to be clear about my position-there are no “pro’s and con’s” of any agency that violates the letter and the spirit of the Constitution.
Fusion Center link farm:
Here is a .pdf file about Fusion Centers from the ACLU back in 2007, when they were still on the “do anything to get a Republican out of office” tip; and the quote above documents their stance now that a Democrat is out of office. Funny how things change when….
ACLU National HQ link farm of stories about Fusion Centers, aka “domestic spying centers.”
The FBI didn’t even warn the Fusion Center about the Boston Bombing
Fusion Centers actively disrupt the communications of online speakers and attempt to disrupt online organizing, an access to media.
Congressional investigation SLAMS Fusion Centers as nefarious, trough slurping “make work” projects.
Fusion Centers track, spy on, monitor, follow, and manipulate the movements of peaceful activists
Fusion Centers use powerful tools like Google, Twitter, and social media to track, monitor, and manipulate activists in real time, with real ‘results’ of intimidating speakers.
Follow the link to Mike Masnik’s Tech dirt to learn more!

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