The DVIC, and crisis PR industries versus men's lives and health: how cannon fodder become pin cushions in the DVIC narrative [Draft Post]

Without indulging readers in the massive assault that has been waged on men across the “civilized world” as internationalist interests seek to silence the critics of it’s ‘final solution’ of DVIC industries, PIC industries, and the related “health profiteers” that figure in to it, we must look at how international finance “capitalizes” countries, using women’s local power first, but only after silencing opposition in the ‘civilized world.’
It also cannot be misssed that massive hhheroin epidemics become a “penomenon” every time the MIC wages a war in the “Golden Triangle.”
Here- have a look at a manufactured crisis where “narrative control,” and “crisis PR” is at work, creating a myth about men for the direct benefit of the “addiction industry.” But also- and this CANNOT BE MISSED, is that the writer, a guy named Mukharjee, is the guy interpreting the data about American men, most of whom are white, black, Hispanic, and Asian (also note that spellchecker demands that I capitalize Hispanic and Asian, but not black or white):
From Fortune Magazine, a question never asked:  does unemployment drive addiction, or does addiction drive unemplyment-and then-is there something deeper at work?

Sep 07, 2017

The opioid epidemic is also an economic crisis, especially for males, according to new research from renowned Princeton University economist Alan Krueger. In fact, Krueger’s research indicates that 20% of the drop in men’s labor force participation is attributable to the drugs.

The opioid and prescription painkiller scourge claimed 33,000 American lives in 2015 alone. It has particularly ravaged rural areas in the Northeast, Appalachia, and the Midwest. Some employers in those regions have openly said they are struggling to find sober job applicants.

Krueger’s new study puts a number on the anecdotal evidence. His paper examines the causes behind the significant drop in U.S. labor force participation—particularly among American men—and was released Thursday at a conference held by the Brookings Institution think tank. “Labor force participation has fallen more in areas where relatively more opioid pain medication is prescribed, causing the problem of depressed labor force participation and the opioid crisis to become intertwined,” wrote Krueger.

Scapegoating, the  DVIC, and how the PIC and th MIC work together inter-generationally to limit male opportunity

“If I was just intelligent, I’d be okay. But I am fiercely intelligent, which most people find very threatening.” –Actress Sharon Stone, on her power as a woman, and as an example of the Dunning Kruger effectan example of the Dunning Kruger effect

So, to “civilize, capitalize, and profiteer” people of the under-developed world, an instructive point would be to examine how men’s issue’s are phrased in the main stream media, via corporate sponsorship, and ow and why that is related to organized gang stalking. Then, a quick briefing on “crisis PR” would be in order.
In that light, I get letters, and one of them from early in this “online performance art” that I call the ROGS blog, was from someone who told me of their experience in the security industry, and how the databases that contain our personal information are under attack by other American’s who act in ‘official capacities’ like NSA security state recruits, and more. I have documented just such an attack, and was a whistle blower in such a case.
I have promised this person anonymity, and so, I have edited the following for that purpose, but the author, who wishes to remain anonymous, pointed me to an interesting thesis: that the war on men is phrased as a “men have addiction/domestic violence/criminal records/simply dont want to work”  database problem.
Here is some of the context of our communications:

READING BETWEEN THE LINES — MEN (NOT) AT WORK This past October ’16, I observed the WaPost and Fox News pundit Dr George Will moan over the just-released study that a record number of men in their prime age 25-54 were voluntarily opting out of the workforce. He spent his article spanking them as bad menz for it. Then in early ’17 there was “some” discussion that past brushes with LEO might be to blame and not just nihilism. But here is MY theory, which I shared as a crisp email to George W within minutes of his Oct ’16 bad-menz article: READING BETWEEN THE LINES: Over the past 30 years, the Natty Bumpo rugged individualist male / WM, because he does not behave in a hive-mind manner like collectivists do (women and minorities), has been a sitting duck for collusion and institutional corruption. These men, numbering in the hundreds of thousand and into the millions, may have been reputationally hijacked to be exploited as “assets” behind the scenes by the surveillance economy to create FUD and sell more FTE’s, cameras and database subscriptions.
Because I be a BadMenz, I know fo’ sho’ that I’m a past and future “beneficiary” of “proactive policing” = (a) Hunted down, (b) Baited, (c) Entrapped, (d) Slandered, (e) Stalked
Going forward, let’s face it. The FCRA is a toothless law. And the more astute observer who has lived in Corporate American for 25 years or more KNOWS that the subculture in the human resources dept of white collar USA today, is not a man-friendly place. Males are okay, but not men….
And if you’ll check closely, most if not ALL employers get job applicants to surrender their civil right to sue any parties who provide info in a background checking scenario — as a condition of the employer accepting the application. Wow, give up the farm just for the “privilege” of having a company glance at my resume. Fascism. Finally, if the employer breaks the FCRA law, then the fine is a paltry $2000 per occurrence. And if the employer does his own checking and does not rely on a 3rd party, then the don’t have to tell the applicant dick.
So if the local syndicates in each city, empowered by the tech and spycraft formerly the exclusive domain of the feds, want to practice soft-force eugenics, then who can stop them ?
We need our FTC to grow a pair and stop kissing the ass of the spy tech manufacturers. And for the FCRA law to be relevant much less useful in today’s times. And yes, the individual needs to be given control over his bio-signature (his image). That’s probably the only way to deal with the thuggish surveillance economy’s facial recognition tech as the means for a formerly passive rent-a-cop industry to become today’s wanna-bee I-spy little f&ckers that they are now.
a. Bad Menz is Just Lazy, George Will —
b. Is It Courthouse Records & Online Mugshots — or something even MORE sinister and out of control ? —

So, here then, is a primer on how ‘women’s health’ came into being as a massive, multi billion dollar industry in America, and that, just after the Federal Reserve at of 1913 (let me now if you are seeing any patterns yet):
A brief HERstory of women’s health

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