Let the gang stalking begin! Look- The Intercept published criticism of the ADL sponsored junkets to Israel!

So, speaking of hornets nests: The Intercept, the online news Journal that is published by Pierre Omidyar, and whose content is brilliantly helmed by Glenn Greenwald, is finally on the case of the militarized American Police, who are murdering people left AND right across America. It seems that “Ich” and Du! are getting a well earned makeover.
Here- look at the beard-bristles that are poking my ass today, as some fanatical rabbi, or one of the Mossad’s black sites is peeking in from South Africa-and for those who have never encountered zionist stalking, watch in the near future what I write about, because here is what “they” are reading today, according to my stats:

  1. My reader from South Africa- an apartheid state despite the PR- is reading about ow “the goyim know!” that the Hegelian Dialectic Divide and Conquer Materialism is at the root of organized gang stalking
  2. Because so many of my readers are actually involved on some level with mind control, they HATE IT when you help TI’s who are often their victims. So today, my SA reader combed through all the pieces where I offer help to TI’s, especially my advice on taking care of themselves.
  3. Then, my reader clicked on the Reward that I am offering for the capture, and criminal prosecution of Peter Thiel, and Alex Karp, who are integral to the NSA/CIA/DHS/everybody else data theft pipeline that feeds the gang stalkers. Hmmm. that seems to be the only reward offered on the entire internet for the punishment of these sociopaths…except this one, which is a reward for proof of OGS that involves state agents.
  4. For some reason unknown to me, the person in South Africa also clicked on this proof that “gang stalking” is indeed a real thing, as I interviewed a young black male who was recruited by a “gang strike force.” Then, my SA visitor clicked that link twice- and THEN sent it to America, where seven others clicked through this blog. I think I hear the sounds of a Golem stomping about!
  5. My visitor was also very interested in how Fusion Centers are indeed spying on all American citizens. I can’t imagine why….
  6. But especially, my SA visitor was interested in my guide for civil litigators and criminal defense lawyers too understand how governments all over the world are mind controlling, hacking, and otherwise soiling evidence, thousands of cases at a time.

And now THIS….hrmphhh….”the goyim know!!”

Israel Security Forces Are Training American Cops Despite History of Rights Abuses

Law enforcement exchanges are marketed as an opportunity for American police to learn about counterterrorism from the field’s self-appointed leader, but, for Israel’s advocates, they are also seen as a way to sell a particular audience on pro-Israel ideology.
“[They] come back and they are Zionists,” then-ADL regional director David Friedman said of the delegation’s impact in 2015. “They understand Israel and its security needs in ways a lot of audiences don’t.”
That may just be the intended outcome.
“They are trying to get the U.S. to see the world as divided into these camps of good and evil, and they want to tighten the U.S. commitment to Israel on the basis of it being on the front lines fighting terror,” said Vitale, referring to the groups behind the trips. “The whole project is a political project, which uses the police to answer a particular analysis of international affairs.”
To date, Israel has already been an inspiration to some controversial police initiatives, like the infamous NYPD Muslim surveillance program, which was modeled in part on the surveillance of Palestinians in the West Bank. Thomas Galati, the chief of the NYPD Intelligence Division at the time, had participated in one of the ADL trainings in Israel.
Israeli police and security forces may also be learning a thing or two from their American counterparts. In 2016, for instance, Israel passed a “stop and frisk law” modeled after its American equivalent, allowing police to “search anyone, regardless of behavior, in a location that is thought to be a target for hostile destructive actions.”

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