Organized stalking, Domestic Violence MONEYPOT$, and internationalist feminism (fauxminism) and gun control-and a bonus 13

This blog is literally under siege as I write this post, as the browser froze multiple times, and the cursor as well. I was literally in the condition of prior restraint.
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Then, when the cursor unfroze, the keyboard interface between WordPress and the box I am writing on (right here where you are reading these words) was disconnected, and the page redirected- that my actual ability to even  write across time and space is being tampered with.
Here is what he redirection page said:

The address isn’t valid
The URL is not valid and cannot be loaded.
Web addresses are usually written like
Make sure that you’re using forward slashes (i.e. /).

An here is what this looks like “in action” from the other day-and note the spelling errors and especially the formatting errors in this post about “mass shooters,”who are manipulated by those in LE communities.The reader will note that this has happened to this blog many times, which I documented in multiple places.
Do you see how the linked post just above this paragraph looks like one single hard to read paragraph? This is by default of the thousands and thousands of sloppy and careless, and even calculatedly prohibitive,  “redirectional‘ and ‘dehumanizing’ programs these many NSA/FBI/CIA?DHS/ local law enforcement and FiveEyes Alliance bots, and programs like PRISM, and thousands of “internet backbone cancers” are to those who practice pure speech online, which is highly targeted by the many cultists, retired LEO’s, InfraGard members and others who act as middle men attackers in every online dialogue (total cowards, bullies, and subverter’s of law and due process).
Put another way, the guardians at the trough are nibbling away at the henhouse clapboards in a Panoptical Praetorian quest to prove that they are right, somehow, despite the police state illegality of it all. and that the “ends justify the means,” which is the guiding mantra of fascist forces everywhere-and nordisrespect intended to communists in well established communist countries, as even they abide by law, now, and, at least, are open and honest about their forms of censorship, whereas America and the FVEYs are killing their citizens after intensive online psycholigical operations.
And, these “disruptions” are the “psychic” equivalent of bullets whizzing past the head of a writer who is deep in thought; or the equivalent of stepping on tripwires and booby traps. The direct equivalent of surprise ambushes on those of us who have been coerced into this war for free speech. None of this subversion  is an accident either, as we see time and time again politicians (especially Democrats under Obama) targeting “alternative media” for assault and silencing.
As a journalist, I am aware that war zones are widely thought to be where “the action is at,” and that main stream journalists-ranging from my personal mentors who were embedded in the Iraq “war” to the many progenitors who came before me such as Hemingway– had warned me that ‘modern Hegelian Dialectic war is asymmetrical, and is blind to civilian casualties.’ And if I had wanted to go to war, I would have hopped a plane and gone there, which I didn’t, because the war was already here at home, on me, back then. (this link here chronicles specific, named academics, and state-level actors attempting to blackmail me using state databases, and “predictive policing,”aka Fusion Center spying and police intimidation.)
But also, that journalists are themselves targets in fascist and communist conflicts much as we saw in the case of Reuters journalists being gunned down alongside children in Iraq in a calculated homicide made famous by the bravery of Chelsea Manning, who leaked documents to Wikileaks in the famous case where our own military violated the Geneva Conventions in an act of Collateral Murder.
And, as we see in the constant encroachment against speech and speakers-and all of that AFTER the NSA/CIA/DHS/FBI/Israel data theft pipeline has eradicated our privacy,targeted our associations, assemblies, and more.
SO any decent writer accepts a fate to be soundly hunted by deluded “goodguys” who murder children and journalists to get some kind of point across. Good guys do that, dontchaknow. And zionists especially-look here, how I predicted this oncoming onsaught just a few days ago, when I said ” Here comes the gang stalkers- let the gang stalking begin!”
See how that works? And, as I came under attack about forty minutes ago, or near or about 1230, my stats went from 7 readers or so to 63 readers/hackers/Fusion Center attackers. That is all documented in my stats. YUp- to thse who doubt that gang stalking is “real” well, refer them back here, to this post, and then guage reality from there.
I had also been warned that resisting war is to embrace a fate of constant targeting by the MIC-and certainly as “targeted individual,” prisoners rights activist, and humanitarian Dr. Moss David Posner experienced, they hunted and targeted him and many others to the grave.
So, it helps to know that gang stalking is very real indeed, and that words are the primary targets, and after that, the narrative the words form in the real world. That racial/tribal/ethnic supremacists-not surprisingly- seek supremacy. And like I say, I have little to no fear of the KKK, or the nebulous “white supremacists” because they are a relatively small group of cranks with little to no social power.
I am afraid- very afraid- of these religious fanatics who kill journalists and babies and then laugh about it, as we saw in Collateral Murder, thanks to Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning (ho, it might be noted, is being gang stalked as I write this.)
You don’t have to believe me- have a look at this in action, as these lunatics-these clinical psychopaths- murder a journalist and some babies:
And all of this was sold to us as a war of good versus evil, moral right against moral wrong. You know- all those Hegelian Dialectic tools of race and tribal supremacy that play one group against another group, century after century, and who always some out on top-with wads of cash lining their Kristians, their kreshs’, their kippah’s AND their koffers.
And so, revisiting my many thesis on organized stalking, gang stalking, stalking and so on- it is this issue of cause stalking that pops out most. That those who charge themselves and others with the “destruction of individuals” are really psychopathic entities whose goal is to ensure the supremacy of their narrative at the expense of every other, and especially at te site of speech itself-the individual.
We saw elements of this when the architecture of totalitarianism masqueraded in the interests of “women and children” via feminist calls for unity under stalking, when Nikki Craft was at war with men in general-and that the “dehumanization” of the male was in fact a tool of control, and a ploy with which to gain the attention of the police.
SO, today, we see the military and civilian propaganda organs cranking out endless streams internet discussions, and campus level trauma bonding sessions that cry out  “rape rape rape is everywhere!” despite the fact that it isn’t (and frankly those who believe such slimy pap could probably use a rape reality check).
But we see now that beyond pornography (which was the last generation feminists complaint-that men would rather use porn than cater to late aged females who stretch their crotch muscles in font of foreign swami’s) we see in the porn deluge today, these work together with military/civilian LEO’s to distribute WEAPONIZED porn into the private, personal space; but now, that speakers are targeted at the site of words; and that writers are under attack.
SO let’s look at this issue of weaponization for a moment, in retrospect, and how the gun-a symbol and a tool, was used by internationalists to frame a dialogue between their finance, and police power.
International Finance Courts American  Police Power Through the Radicalization of “Minorities”and the Weaponization of Words
For reference, a look at how the CIA LSD program  targeted white males, in the cases of Whitey Bulger, Ken Kesey and others, and used white females and black males against them is in order, but also, the issue of the second amendment.
For that example, refer here, to the bottom of this post about Lucie, where I discuss Nurse Ratched as a sociopath, and then, this link to Negroes s With Guns, by the late Robert Williams, who pre-saged the armed self-protection of Malcolm X and the Black Panthers by challenging the fore-runner of the race-baiting supremacy and the ADL lockup on narrative in the black community which was then the NAACP (which, like most “progressive” projects, has little to no actual power today).

In 1975, Craft founded Women Armed For Self Protection (WASP), which advocated armed self-defense for women and retaliation against rapists by their victims. In 1976, Craft co-founded the Kitty Genovese Women’s Project when they posed as sociology students under the pretense of doing “statistical study on violent crimes” and compiled, pre-computerization, on index cards, the names of every indicted sex offender in Dallas County from 1959 to 1975. A year later 25,000 copies of a newspaper listing all 2,100 indictments, 1700 of which were multiple offenders, was distributed throughout Dallas. On March 8, International Women’s Day, the group read the names over local community radio KCHU for 13 hours. The same year she wrote and recorded the Rape Song about Inez Garcia and Joan Little.

And here is from her work labelling men as dangerous rapists, and helping to build the massive surveillance and police state that we see today:

Larger Poster

Drifting from the Mainstream
A Chronicle of Early Anti-Rape Organizing

by Nikki Craft
1972 – 1975 — New information was surfacing within the women’s movement about the myths surrounding rape. Women were beginning to discuss rape in feminist consciousness raising groups. For the first time women could benefit from the experience and knowledge of other women. Susan Brownmiller’s eloquent historical analysis in Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape, Diana Russell’s, The Politics of Rape and Medea and Thompson’s Against Rape laid the foundation for the changes that would sweep the country in the next decade.

So, what is missing in these two examples of Craft and Williams?  The observer might note many things missing- and certainly time has passed- butguns are the one thing that all social movements f that era relinquished control of, and over to the police power.
The “rape is everywhere” of yesteryear has been replaced with politic that awkward, immature, unsatisfactory, or less than artful sex between teenagers  is rape; and the NAACP is led by white women who call themselves black, as we saw in the case of Rachel Dolezal.
SO, progress, it seems, is one-directional, and words themselves are targtes.

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