Pimping Guardian UK's Suzanne Moore: Linguistics and gang stalking language is full of signs and symbols-and politicized meaning

I have covered language, and the specific language of organized gang staling fo several angles so far, documenting it’s similarities, and specific signifiers that indicate that it is derived from the argot languages of policing and military jargons. I have also demonstrated links between cults, sects, religious orders, and the sliding door between the CIA and local LEO’s such as we see in the NYPD.
And, everyone knows that plenty of SJW’s and Klansmen  and others compete against each other, and work in policing, military and community policing settings, and, the pseudo morality of “women and children’s” policies of the modern police state interests that all derive income from the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex, which is an unimaginably profitable, hundreds of billions per year industry that chiefly exploits and profits from the creation of ‘domestic violence.’
So, a look at women’s violence, and the marriage in the VAWA era where lesbian gender feminists, backed by communist capital married the American police is in order.
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Here- have a look at these images that will explain my main thesis of OGS:
How did THIS:

Angry Eastern Bloc, New Yarwk, Jewish lesbians who were, Frankly, not that attractive, were enraged at “me” and “men in general” and especially- for some reason- angry at the rabbi’s who raised them. But the reality is that, Frankly,  these suffered from deep scars and mental illness, from religion in general as well as being “not that pretty” in a culture where most healthy men-and even lesbians- prefer pretty women.

Utilize THIS:
we can do it
White, non-Jewish women have always been a target of both the Eastern Bloc sex industry, and the gangs of Jewish pimps, and ‘social minded’ do-gooders who used them for leverage against the wider culture (and who used them for a few other things too), the exact same way that Adolph Hitler leveraged women’s wombs and the “youth” against their own parents. Oh yeah- and radical lesbians like Andrea Dworkin who were dying to get their fingers in the moneypie too.

To become THIS:
So they created the Domestic Violence Industry, and targeted the families of police and other social, and institutional enforcers with “gray area policing” by leveraging their OWN CHILDREN against them, and their ability to make a paycheck, and then, exploiting those children like ping pong balls (shout out to Doug, in the alley, who finds mystical, clearly Sataniss meaning in the phrase “ping pong balls) in a variety of cash-rich schemes ranging from family courts to foster care. Eastern Bloc Bankers got filthy rich. The kids of that generation, not so much.

And all of that, became this:th
Because these armed hero’s with MRAP’s and donuts at the trough-slop-shop are deadly afraid of THIS:
90 and full of beans
This woman- who I will not nae because someone is lurking at ROGS blog and taking names, and sometimes, hunting down people that I write about- this woman is from Hong Kong, and her son-in-law is a multi-billionaire in America. She, however, was just thrilled when city workers allowed her access to a withered community garden where she nabbed this handful of dried beans. To those peeking in here today on your hendheld raadio’s aka “cell phones” or on your cmputers- aka “government wiretaps”- dried beans were once called “seeds” in days gone by, and some people still grow them, and eat the results.

So- what has all that got to do with the price of tea in China, you are probably wondering- right?
Well- the answer is all over this blog, if you look closely, and maybe- do some linguistic analyses. But the short answer is that our own governments are doing to US what they said that the CHINESE are doing to their own people, which is simply not true, because the Chinese do not yet have an internet that is totally full of mind control experiments. And I know this because I tested it out.
And what I can tell you with certainty is this: here in America, secret cells of quasi-foreign agents ranging from Middle Eastern federal prosecutors, to aged white females in Virginia at UVA, to Jewish girls who write blogs from Ohio, to Taiwanese guys who are lawyers in San Francisco are utilizing the dialectic AND the internet to spy on American’s, without warrants. And some other stuff.
So, if you want to know more about that, you are welcome to pay for that information, because it didn’t come to me cheaply. Otherwise, moving on now….
So- some say that language is learned in a variety of ways, and in order to understand OGS, you must change your mindset from Occam’s Razor of Simplicity, to Occam’s Razor Gauntlet- which posits that the simplest answer is one that simpleton’s understand; but that in reality, i is just the tip of a Titanic Iceberg, which is really a hall of mirrors, amplified by black operations.
So, each razors edge becomes a hallway, and in that hallway, many other razors, some real, some not.
If I had a razor, which I don’t because I am writing this from the Salt Lake City public library- if I had a razor, as we once heard about ALL Italians, and ALL Mexicans- ‘ those guys were born with razors in their hands’ we can say today of the infamous gangster babies of the CalGang database, r, about telephone poles, to whit:
Here is how every internet communication works- and keep in mind that the thesis above is mediated by the modern policing of language itself, utilizing algrythms, and profiling, via Palantir, Media Sonar, PRISM, Dataminer, and all thse other programs that target “pure speech” as an identifier of a speaker ‘on the internet.’
As we see in the example of the late model white female Suzanne Moore’s body punch to Hugh Hefner’s still warm corpse, we see all over the internet that slander, defamation, and libel are the tools of the modern police state.
So, here is the primary question that the DVIC industries ask in relation to OGS victims like Bill McGaughey of Minneapolis, or of the various so-called “mass shooters” lie Omar Mateen, as they gleefully stir up conflict via Rotary Club training of “Stalking the Stalker’s” and more:
beat your wife
Then, they take individual language expressed on the internet and run it through a variety of filters, and switches, and redirection. And at every point, or any point, an Infragard member, a government hacker, or a battalion of Pentagon paid crisis PR trolls intercedes in the connection, and the words expressed online.
So, this is how the internet REALLY works, for those who seek to change the dialectic; and I have put forwards here many proofs of that.
How you THINK you connect to the internet:
internet for dummies 1
Just you, online sending some blips and beeps over a wire

But- the “good guys” are actually screening EVERYTHING YOU DO AND SAY as soon as you meet the internet switches:
internet for dummies y1
Then, all of that meets politics at the Fusion Center’s, or in the NSA sooper seekrit spots:
internet for dummies y2.jpg
If this looks like a huge mess, it is because it IS a huge mess- and, it’s against the law. “They” have hidden this mess from you for over two decades, and in doing so, literally denied the public the right to know- but ALSO, stolen your data, and elections, and more.
SO, put another way, linguistics is the primary-and perhaps the best tool, with which you can study OGS, but also, to identify your personal stalkers, and their politics.
Here is what they look like online, and sh!t flies everywhere after they get involved:
birds on wire2

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