To my reader in New Zealand: maybe, send me an email?

Hi, reader in New Zealand. I notice you check in frequently these days. And, sometimes when you check in-especially if I am writing “live”- my browser crashes, or the blog freezes.
Then, depending on where I am when I am writing, I am frequently disconnected from networks that I have carefully selected to avoid JUST THAT EXACT PROBLEM of disconnection.
In fact, I was “net cut” three times, just writing this one short post!
I am not saying it is you, personally doing these things- only that, when YOU are reading through my live posts, lots of hacking and screen freezes happen.
So, let me tell you a shot story: once upon a time, some moron threatened me. They said ” Let’s send him down to NEW ZEALAND!” in order to silence other writing that I was doing.
I of course, presumed this was a specific threat that somewhere in the roster of cancers that some are infecting the internet with, there must be a very special, unconstitutional cancer right there where YOU are at right now.
Then, Peter Thiel moved down  to New Zealand, within a year or so of that threat. I don’t mean that these things are necessarily connected- but certainly I am inferring that they are.
So- maybe just write me an email instead? Because every time my blog gets hacked, lately, New Zealand is peeking in.
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