Gang stalking is a way to suppress dissent, and silence opposition to police state policy. [part one]

Brookie called me the other day. She was barely two when her mother Linda- a gambling addict, an ex-con, a welfare fraudster, and a notorious husband beater and berater got caught selling an ounce of cocaine. Had she lived in another era, she would have been a Ma Barker, or something similar, but in that era, her husband tried as he could to keep her somewhat on the straight. And the ounce of cocaine came from Los Angeles, in the era of Gary Webb’s Dark Alliance.

[UPDATE 10-12-2017: A special note to the reader-when I write or try to edit these posts, frequently the blog platform/internet connection is under attack, and posts won’t publish, corrections, mis-statements, or other changes are impossible to make. Such was the case with this post yesterday, for over two hours. Writing about gang stalking is like writing from a live-fire war zone. This is also one very common, verifiable, and “provable” complaint among those who write on this topic.]

And Linda was a local connection point to a wider network of local people that were strung out on crack, in a mid-western city.  She was the connection point between another, cultural dark alliance that led, eventually, to the election of America’s first black president-and, she, born trailer trash, was also uniquely situated at a cultural crossroads: she was descended from Appalachian hillbillies who had been robbed of home and hearth during the Tennessee Valley Authority era of the pre-WPA, and she grew up in the era where African American’s were the new hillbillies, except most of them came from places where there were no hills, or even grass, for the most part.
And so it was Linda who became a target when “Ricky” came to town, loaded with eight-balls and ounces. In the 1990’s, urban flux drove blacks out of major cities like Detroit and Los Angeles  and into minor ones, like Minneapolis, MN and DesMoine,IA and housing projects of the Johnson era were demolished, and blacks were under attack by crack cocaine and gang strike forces,  and being dislocated in the exodus of that era. This preceded any of our current manufactured crisis and “gang stalking” in the gray area.
And as we see in the patterns of the data, all of these various exodus’ enriched state coffers at the expense of a citizenry under siege, and rove narrative and social panic of the other, but also, work with black budgets that depend upon manufactured crisis ddrove “organized gang stalking” into a wider community.
And certainly, a crisis of that era-more than cocaine- was that black American’s came into contact with white Americans, and sometimes, formed rudimentary social systems and networks of inter-dependent micro-economy. Vice Lords like Ricky met Warlords*, and so on in the pool halls and pubs where the”tyranny of the masses” plotted its course. But this tyranny-the masses working out relationships without state oversight- has always been the primary threat to “Democracy;” it had to be stopped at all costs-but how to do it?
Putting people “on paper” is a very effective means of social control, and in fcat a main goal of all federal schemes of internet wiretapping today. SO, it turned out that Ricky was on paper, when he sold the ounce to Linda, who got caught; and who put others on paper. The micro-economy of crack cocaine, it turned out, was part of a larger federal plan. And yes- the CIA’s war on America had begun in that era as well, as Newsweek’s Robert Parry noted in 1993, and Gary Webb as well.
I watched then, as family after family was taken over by the state in one way or another by Vice; and as crisis managers created narratives on the states “federal” dollar. In that area alone, they operated informal “Fusion Centers” where police, working in “the gray area” hidden policing schemes, were able to perpetrate crimes-and some of those crimes from within the morphing social tolerance for bad police conduct “for the public good.”
SO what did the hidden policing of that era look like? It looked like Viking marauders, who literally thought of themselves as such, and to whom no law applied. Warrants- what are those? Shot a 16 year old Asian kid in the back? No problem– he”s a gang member! Wiretap laws? Who needs ’em? The SOD/CIA/FBI/DEA database sent us a tip! And, last I heard, that “strike force” eventually paid out 6K or something, because they kicked someones baby in the head.

And of course, the many strike force’s came and went, followed people arund, compiled secret records on un-warranted investigations-they followed Brookie from age two, into her late teen years, and noted her ‘webs of relation’-and left no paperwork that was traceable. Here, have a look at a dry cleaning job where a makeshift Fusion Center was literally dismantled and evidence destroyed just as the newspapers started to report on it.
The reader will note that I capitalize Vice in these cases, because I am NOT talking about Brookie’s mom’s cocaine dealing, or even the low level crimes that are associated with cocaine and addicts. I am talking about the calculated social destruction of America that has been overseen by the sliding scale of morality that the DVIC and its partners in domestic crime the Prison Industrial Complex, and the crisis PR industry that creates, and then fuels moral panics– and how simple local “Vice Squads” became militarized arms of  hidden policing schemes- that the various and plentiful Vice squads that roam the country work without warrants, due process, or even substantive oversight; and with immunity AND impunity-for who can punish someone, or institutions for whom no level of corruption is or can constitute a crime-much less know that these units are frequently what modern crime is?
And- in a Jewish-Christian culture complicit in post 1993 Hegelian Materialism, that agrees not to disagree about “religion and politics,” or the spelling of GOD, god, G-d, or GOD!!! Vice squads predated the current collusion between church and state control of the masses. In that ocal, the Catholic pedophile scandal was brewing too.
So- a new G_d was born, and it’s MO was Vice, and that, which was/is “all knowing/all seeing” and so on-and it is the mass wiretapping/data collection/leveraging/blackmail scheme we see today, raising the specter of a new conservativism forming up, that runs across party lines, and based in violation of every and any law or moral code. And the two “new” tiers of society are not- in-coincidentally the old two tiers of “masters and servants; shepherds and sheeple.
Related Story: sociologist Alex Vitale’ says that The Problem is Not diversity in policing, or under-funded, understaffed agencies, or even “violent criminals”- the problem is policing itself.
And it is this social climate from which gang stalking arises, and this too, from which the coming neo-conservatism in America and the west in general has been cast back into the purgatory of religiosity diminishing our freedom and liberty as well, with sliding scales of “morality” mediated by those who sit amorally at the internet switches, and who have corrupted our Congress and our police?
And so  Brookie-now a single mother in a state whose entire economy is derived from federal grants and programs that have incentivized the criminalization of  local economy and enterprise, and criminalized men in general- Brooke reminded me of it all just yesterday, but she doesn’t the half of it, because I never told her much; and certainly we don’t speak ill of the dead to her only child, as her mother passed away from cancer.
Some cancer, alright. Shortly after Brookie’s mom was in the hot seat, she enlisted the help of a good lawyer- a notorious fixer in that area-Brooke’s mother was absolved, and put on probation, and made some kind of plea deal or other. And, peole around her began to catch a case of “bad jacketing,” which is where police frame people into crimes, or otherwise harass them repeatedly until they commit crimes. “Three felonies per day,” and all that.
SO let’s take a look at “what is organized gang stalking” from the perspective of “what is gray area policing,” and I will leave it to the researcher of the future to fill in the blanks. Also, have a look here, where one of the well known “spokespersons” for organized stalking notes that retired Law enforcement agents generate revenue and cases for current LEO’s and also target certain classes of people for selective, hidden “enforcement.”
Gray Area Policing, and “being strung out” on legal paper, aka, bad jacketing, frame jobs, bad raps and the DVIC money pot was enabled by gray area policing and the “hidden” practices of snitch culture

Shortly thereafter when Linda was let off the hook, “friends” of Brookie’s mom began to incur criminal charges, one after another, ranging from drug violations to welfare fraud, to sex charges and more. Like ducks in a pond, or fish in a barrel, one after another, Brooke’s mom’s friends were gunned down with criminal charges, sometimes with wholly fabricated or planted evidence, in repeated and incessant attempts by LEO’s to create cases for years upon years, targeting individuals.
But mostly, because the DVIC relies nearly entirely on official slander and defamation, as well as federal incentives, sprinkled with lots and lots of “he said/she said,” actual cases became contrived cases where the actions of police themselves contributed heavily to the “crime” thus created. Because what really mattered in the policing of the 1990’s was how many people could be “strung out” not on dope, but on paper-who could be added as data points that tracked cash flow across communities. 
And, interestingly, an angel got their wings around that time too, as Brookie’s uncle, who I will call “Diplomat” upgraded from being a lower tier local community motorcycle gang member to an upper tier Hell’s Angel. He was “patched in” after serving time as an enforcer at the local Angel’s bars, and meeting the any and the many gang members that rolled through that jurisdiction from one club or another. Diplomat was charged with gate-keeping  the door where El Forastero’s, Slaves, and Mongols fraternized with or fragged one another, or to sniff out cops and snitches who came fully patched to wage business or war. Not long after that, in cosmic time, the local Hell’s Angel’s chapter was virtually demolished.
In those days, sometimes, they were one and the same, the dealer, the gang member, the rats,  because by then, the DEA, and the CIA; the FBI and the local LEO’s in all of their hungry legal farces who were pretenders to the throne were all working “task forces” that were part asset forfeiture rackets, part crime rings, and part “law enforcement;”but only when it was convenient to “turn” a rat or otherwise leverage and compromise an “asset.” To say that policing was then and is now “dirty to the sh!t stained leather bottom of a pair of bike chaps” would be an understatement.
Or, as Douglass Valentine points out in “the CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America, and the World,” this agency and many other’s with a sliding door, and no discernible respect for law and order, is indiscernible from the DEA, or any of many “task forces” wose goal is to get rich, or die trying. And this is what “gang stalking” really began.
At the time, the Angel’s were a highly targeted group of gang members, because in the 1990’s America on the edge of globalism, cops competed with lawyers and CEO biker’s to ‘revitalize the Harley Davidson brand,’ and make motorcycle gangs cool again. Look, mom! No hands! The Brand is solid again!!!
But in 1993, not so much, as Harley-like the rest of the country, struggled for a “brand identity” that would sell to the global culture:


Harley-Davidson celebrates its 90th Anniversary in Milwaukee with a Family Reunion. An estimated 100,000 people ride in a parade of motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson buys a minority interest in the Buell Motorcycle Company. Erik Buell created the Company to manufacture American sport motorcycles using Harley-Davidson® XL 883 and 1200 engines.

Related Story: Gary Webb famously wrote “The Dark Alliance,” which exposed that CIA domestic drug trdade in South Central Los Angeles-and later, he died from shooting himself in the head. With two bullets. Let that sink in a bit. The Intercept covers how he was journalism itself died with Gary Webb.

And of course, in true Hegelian fashion, conflicts occurred, and the lines between good guys and bad guys were erased- there was just THAT much money available in the illegal drug trade that Gary Webb exposed when he wrote “the Dark Alliance,”which indicted the CIA and local cops as little more than dope dealers who preyed on the poor, or the marginalized-and who always came out on top of the heap; and somehow, were able to buy that Harley with cash, in true drug lord fashion.
And for reference-and especially to the researcher, the psychologist, sociologist, or the legal defender, note that just as the War on Drugs was replaced with the other neverending War on Terrorism, the transition between policing as a law enforcement, serve and protect entity was replaced-and indeed is still being replaced- with law enforcement as an “intelligence gathering” entity for whom no absurdity of homicide directed at the mentally ill, the homeless, or the dissenter is enough. So, the CIA for whom no law applies-and who notoriously hangs it’s dirty laundry out to dry all by itself-the CIA’s notorious lawlessness has invaded policing at every level.
And, so, here we are, as the CIA reigns hegemonic, over both political parties, because-who needs laws anymore:

“The CIA, As Organized Crime”, Douglas Valentine’s CIA vs. Donald Trump’s CIA

The firing of General Michael Flynn, Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, for ties to Russian intelligence has precipitated a certain chaos in the White House and Washington that could determine whether there will be more revelations that result in firings or whether we will see unparalleled control of intelligence agencies by the so-called President of the United States.
In an effort to battle the fallout from campaign advisors Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and Carter Page having been caught by the CIA and NSA for collusion with Russian intelligence officers, Trump has announced his intention to have billionaire Stephen Feinberg, co-founder of Cerberus Capital Management, oversee a broad review of this nation’s intelligence agencies. (Cerberus, appropriately, was in Greek mythology the multi-headed dog that guarded the gates of the Underworld to prevent the dead from leaving.)

Trump hopes to avoid further scrutiny regarding both his business dealings with Russia and connections to Vladimir Putin’s intelligence agents, using Feinberg, who has no national security background. He is a crony of chief strategist Steve Bannon, formerly of Breitbart News and Jared Kushner, whose expertise is being the son-in-law of Trump. This is a crucial moment in US history, as Trump attempts to stop leaks from the intel gatherers he has frequently criticized.

Related Story: There really is a discrepancy in how men and women are sentenced-as Sabrina de Sousa is let off the hook, a little bit.

So, Brookie reminded me of Diplomat’s patch, and the rapid succession between local cops as “law enforcers” to nefarious criminals, working in gray area to create cases from whole cloth, and the length and breadth of time over which states claw into the lives of individuals in order to continue the endless money stream that the federal government is pumping into local economies, as they dry up cash enterprise and replace it with asset forfeiture schemes that target entire generations of people. And it goes without saying that this has gone on for three generations, counting from Brooke’s birth, as she has her own kids now. Into the fourth generation and all that….
And, much as we see the link between real estate and OGS, we also see the link between international finance and its enablers sending American cops on junkets to Israel, where they come back as The Sanctified Son’s of Jesus, for whom no murder of the poor, or heinous slander of the unwashed; and no rape of the economy through the huge DVIC trough could ever be enough to satisfy “justice.” And, some of them even get Angel wings and new Harley’s when G_d/the CIA/Vice, and the selectmen among the chosen neo-con artists and spin doctors who wear the patch of The Pharisee’s  smile down on their good works.
*I have changed the names of the gangs

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