I supported Florida State Trooper Donna "Jane" Watts in her battle against organized gang stalking

Florida State Trooper Donna Watts pulled over a speeding cop. He was driving 120 mph, for fun. She was doing her job.
Afterward, she was “privacy raped” and  gang stalked by organized gangs of law enfarcers, as some 88 officers accessed er personal data, and more-and it is well documented all over the web. Then, she sued her privacy rapists, and lost.
A famous author named Kago, from Zaltoldimar once called Midland City “the asshole of the universe.” I have often thought him wrong, because states like Florida and other gang stalking states of note seem to me to be better qualified for such a distinct title. Sadly, Kago is no longer with us, because, as happens sometimes to writers with important mesages, someone mistook Kago for a wooden match, and they picked him up, and struck his head against the underside of a bar, crushing his skull.
I think that happened in Florida, but I would have to go back and check. Besides, that’s a whole ‘nother story.
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But Trooper Watts eventually got, like $5000 dollars or something because in Florida, the state where Trayvon Martin was hunted and gunned down by a “stalker.” Floridians, it seems, are predational, like the lizards and snakes that crawl it’s playa’s and cove’s. And, they like stock cars, and corruption in their police ranks too. Maybe you can guess why.
Hint: Florida is a major drug corridor,, where practicing driving at high speeds gets the cash, and the dope where it needs to go-and it takes “special drivers” to get it there. Who needs-or wants- “do-gooders” getting in the way??! :

Hollywood, FL settles suit with FHP trooper who said she was harassed

The Florida Highway Patrol trooper who pulled over a speeding cop at gunpoint has settled her lawsuit with the city of Hollywood for $5,000, after claiming two of its officers illegally obtained her personal information.
Trooper Donna “Jane” Watts made national news in October 2011 when she pulled over off-duty Miami Police Officer Fausto Lopez for speeding through Broward County in his marked patrol car at speeds exceeding 120 mph.

In the days and months afterward, officers from around Florida looked up private information about Watts from the state’s database, such as her home address, picture, Social Security number, date of birth, and detailed vehicle description.
Watts said she was then ridiculed and threatened; vehicles would stop in front of her driveway or linger on her street for no reason. She said she became afraid for her life – and fled her house in Coral Springs for the Florida Panhandle. Watts still works for the FHP.

She alleged in a lawsuit that 88 law enforcement officers from 25 jurisdictions illegally accessed her personal information more than 200 times, violating her privacy. She is seeking more than $1 million in damages.

She sued a few others, and settled. But the fact is, she was 1) stalked in an organized manner 2) she was stalked electronically, aka electronic harassment, and 3) a literal gang was involved.
So, at this point, I would like to ask the researcher of organized gang stalking if it is “real”-to ask “do those who take a stand against police corruption get gang stalked? Do those who are whistle blowers, and journalists and activists get gang stalked? And of course, any issue has two side in thee Hegelian dialectic, right? SO we would see that ethical researchers, psychologists and attorney’s would all likely agree that these things happen, that they are plainly illegal/unethical, and even bizarre.
And then, there are those “other” researchers, psychologists. We know who they are, and we can generally look at the entire body of their work now, and gauge it’s veracity accordingly now.
So, as a researcher, and as a human being, I find my own biases sometimes getting in the way- and so, I find it appalling that the New York Times and several researchers who make a living from writing studies about organized gang stalking relegate it to “delusional complaint” status, aka “gas lighting those who complain of OGS.”
But because of the bravery of women like Officer Donna “Jane” Watts and many others, I find it important that I take the personal risks that she did-maybe I will get shot again, or Tasered in the back; locked up on some phony charge, or maybe, the good guys will drop some dope in my car, or a “slander and defamation campaign” YEAH! That will shut up the crazy guy on the internet! Yeah!
Whatever, you bunch of pussies-have a field day “good” boys and “good” girls, because your gang stalking gig is up. This blog gets hits EVERY DAY where people are reading the “guide for defense lawyers in cases of  organized gang stalking” sections, and especially, the “how to fight back and document OGS for a civil lawsuit sections.” so, yeah-have at it. Go ahead and shoot me. Again.
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Now, as regards “how to measure the veracity of stories of organized gang stalking,” I have documented several ways, but here is one just from today, as I started Tor browser(which I am very familiar with, having used it for over a decade)-and I must note that I personally did NOTHING different than any other day; I write from a box that has the automatic updates turned off (although “they” turn them back one sometimes), and so on-in other words, no only is Tor itself under attack, but I am under attack, personally.
So- I tried to start Tor, and got an error page “Something’s Wrong!” it said. Then, I restarted it and was able to access online (and it is important to note that the three psychologists who claim that OGS is delusional all also advise that those who complain of OGS be kept offline, because it’s “unhealthy,”- I opened my blog where the NEW error is Please check your Primary Site’s Jetpack connection.”
That’s a long story, but suffice it to say that I only have ONE site, and I won’t waste time with “fixing” it because it will get “broken again” just as quickly- but here below is what it looks like AFTER they crash your Tor browser(and stop/delay/alter/manipulate/prior restrain pure speech at the very site of the speaker)
Have a look at what happened on my my fifth attempt  to write this post:
10-08-2017 Tor Browser has been crashed as I write about Donna Watts
So, in the example above, the browser was crashed after my fifth attempt to write over Tor, and many known exploits from the Metasploit toolkit are designed for this exact purpose. Also worth noting is that the NSA and others are currently experimenting with implanting software on machines that act as both the middle man in highly personalized attacks (as I and many others have documented as well) and then, exploiting Tor from the computer itself, meaning that the computer at that point is a host to a parasite, and not a truly ‘volitional’ machine acting ‘on its own.’

Related: Download Metasploit for free. Metasploit is the same hacking software that the FBI is using against targeted individuals; activists, whistle blowers, journalists, and others,  every day. Let me know if you see any connections between the term “exploitation” and what “the IC” is doing across America every day.
Also- if you download Kali Linux, also free, it has Metasploit and a sh!tload of other stuff that you can use to hack them back (ethically, of course!)-or hack their daughters Barbie camera, their sons and nieces and nephews, or their aging grandmothers bank accounts-cuz, liberty is a two way street, whereas police states are one way highways full of “highwaymen.” And, if you get really good, you can hack their cars, like they did to Michael Hastings.

Related Story: Michael Hastings car crash still makes no sense-until we factor in manipulation of it’s “electronics”and, maybe, some blackmail.
So, if anyone needs “proof of gang stalking” understand that those who write about it literally have TENS OF THOUSANDS of examples of proof of gang stalking over the internet, just like this above, and none of these problems are “problems with software” or “problems with Tor,” or anything else-these are direct attacks on Tor itself-which is a stated goal of the NSA and many other IC projects; but also that those who expose this practice become “targeted individuals” at the site of speech itself.
And we know this because I/we have spent decades studying these attacks and the attackers-as I said, I am NOT worried about the “Russians,” or “the Chinese”-I am plainly appalled at the fact that our own agencies are deliberately undermining internet security and using people in experiments. And, these are primarily attacks on SPEECH itself, waged across the internet by the exact cults and corrupt cops, and sects within policing and especially in  ‘community policing,’ that I have named and documented-attacks waged by those who seek to enforce their version of “reality” based in Biblical or Torah narratives.
 Well, anyways: Trooper Watts and organized gang stalking in Florida is an example of online AND offline stalking, where a woman was stalked by men and women in a state known for gang stalking, and also known to harbor the asshole of the universe, in the form of the schizophrenic “God, and G-d,” who apparently is a registered Republican. And Florida-like California, Minnesota, and Las Vegas Nevada has incredibly high rates of gang stalking complaints.

There are many complaints of gang stalking in Pinnellas County, Florida, which is not in-coincidentally situated in a major drug corridor; and the case of the official gang stalking of James McClynas which I mentioned in my “Reward for the Capture and rsecution of Organized Gang Stalkers.” McClynas is currently running for sheriff as well.
And of course, I have documented the stalking of veterans and doctors and others in California; and Minnesota Democrats are hugely “invested” in gang stalking, as MN is situated in the ice-pack of the Great Asshole of the North, and has inordinately high numbers of gang stalking complaints as well, because the DVIC and the state conspire in gang stalking which garners them $65 BILLION dollars per year in federal funds. If you came here to ask “who pays for gang stalking,” start there, in Minnesota, where reporters and journalists can get stalked by some 180 police agencies, and the Zionist Federations there, which are like AIPAC mosquitos sucking the DVIC teats.
Not in-coincidentally, Minnesota was also host to several trance formations at the height oof the “Satnic Panic” era of the late 1980’s, including the Lesbian Feminist Sex Wars of Andrea Dworkin and Katherine McKinnon, but also the Jordan Satanic Panic’s where alleged child daycare sex abuse accusations were a political travesty and a hoax of the highest orders which destroyed the lives and exploited the futures of many children. But hey- both were GREAT PR, and crisis PR specifically, all of which brought attention to the state, and federal DVIC dollars, as MN is ALSO host to man y notorious PR firms.
So, we see that everywhere lesbian/feminist/Jewish/progressive politics meet police corruption/Catholic/conservative Jewish/statism, we see the unholy alliances of “hidden policing” and “gray area policing”uniting in gang stalking as well.
Related Stories: the Jordan Daycare Scandal then and now: how politics make strange bedfellows when ideologues stalk “the other” when everything is “for the children.”

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