Remember when they killed Radio Shack, cuz, "terroriss'"?

If one thing is certain, writing blogs about “what is organized gang staking” certainly doesn’t win me any “friends.”
But trying to be a journalist in a nation stratified by allegiance to binary choices isn’t exactly honorable anymore-because- Choose! Now! Or- POW!
SO I guess I am OK being friendless for now (*snipf*). After all, it worked out so well for Barret Brown in his hour of need, it just might work out for me too. Yu /might recall that Brown informed us that StratFor was spying on all of us and feeding that data into the FBI/CIA/Israel data theft pipeline, and getting us harassed, and worse by “private security contractors.” Emphasis on “security,” lol.

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From the Reddit AMA our days ago: “I’ve been asked by the moderators to do an AMA here, presumably because a lot of my work has focused on opaque relationships between governments and private entities, and because my adventures have given me access to a lot of very telling scenarios involving secrecy, conspiracy, and state criminality.”
See the Pursuance System here

On the upside, I get to expose the intelligence tactics and methods of organized gang stalking, so that future generations of those who are bullied, tortured, defamed, stalked, and harassed in this “community policing” scheme are seen to be what they are. Yup-you guessed it: they are cowards, who, for the most part are too average, unnattractive, dull, and un-enterprising to the point where they find enjoyment in window-ledge leering(or Windows 10)- and these are teddy bear fat foxes guarding the hen house(full of federally funded squawking chicken hens that cluck and screech on cue), which sits precariously atop a huge trough of pigslop.
The Murder of Radio Shack, and the Death of American Enterprise
In that light, how about a few blasts from the past-an era before you were born, maybe, when most American’s believed in something called “The United States Constitution,” and its many guarantees of privacy, liberty, due process of law, equal protection, and so much more. Or-all of those things that they have managed to destroy over the last two decades (counting from 2001).
Oh- that and the first amendment, and it’s associated guarantees to journalists, whistle blowers, and others which were once thought to be important in a healthy, functioning Democracy. But you see- then there was that ‘lil Nixon thingy which was really a thinly disguised battle between WASPs and JAPs (which I won’t go into right now) and that blew the sip out of the water, and made Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld, and a few other douchebags from that era very unhappy. SO unhappy in fact, that they became bend-over boys for the neocons and the bankster’s (which I won’t go into either.)
And, one of those wonderful things that was guaranteed to us here in America is that we could be inventors, and innovators! Because we “are a free nation!” and ” America leads the world!” and all that other crap. While today, “innovation” is a word that Silicon Valley Transhumanists (all of them funded by CIA InQTel capital) kick around as if they “invented” the term, the fact is that in America once, a guy could go to a place called “Radio Shack” and buy “components” to build stuff .
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And Radio Shack was where those of us who built radio’s and CB’s and short wave broadcast networks, and who bought police scanners and other incredibly cool stuff went to build cool stuff-until building cool stuff was deemed “a terrorist activity.” That thse of us who still had even one drop of creative blood in our bones were deemed dangerous, cuz, knowlidge.
You can write to, and ask them about how building cool stuff can get you in trouble- but e careful! Even TALKING ABOUT building cool stuff can put you “on the radar.” And these days, the illegal, un-warranted activity and gadgets that the “good guys” point at us “bad guys” is even more exotic than mere radar-here, have a look at where the Radio Shack catalogue ended up-(If you guessed ‘it ended up in the hands of terrorists, you would be correct, depending on whether or not you believe that state sponsored goodguyism IS what terrorism IS.)!
Radio Shack is now bankrupt, for a variety of reasons, but one of those reasons is that, just after 9-11, 2001, the bankster’s decided to stick their hand up George Bush Jr.s ass, and use him like a puppet and then, use his mouth to form the words “This is an ownership society.” Here- have a look at what “buy in” to an ownership society looks like today.
Well, then, those of us who watched in the era where  “Dirty Dick” Nixon  was taken down because he was a dirty bastard and a criminal, watched as well when other, dirtier bastards took over, using what we now know as the “organized crime and gang stalking era” where the CIA BECAME the DEA like a worm in the head of a cricket, and then, became the CIA again in the sliding door LEO schemes of our era. And, law enforcers became law enfarcers, creating crime, ad then policing the crime they created, just like any other syndicates.
And, one of the biggest crimes one could commit post-911 was to be an individual who merely knew these things-that people who knew our country was becoming a syndicate-operated nation was the real and actual horror.
I knew this before I learned to write, and re-learned this in a college newsroom, where I was a critic of community policing as covered the early era of Clinton COPS program, which was the precursor to the current “organized gang stalking” that we see today. And I will ever forget how I encountered the total corruption of both law and procedure, but also, how I was personally under the microscope then to see if I would run with “agenda and propaganda” OR use critical thinking, and the law as it was written to write a “story.”
So, my introduction to gang stalking, AND my introduction to the ore-vetting of journalists who would mindlessly run with narrative instead of facts and news went this way:
A student rushes into the newsroom, breathless, and drops a story on us. The story went like this:

“Did you hear? Did you hear about the student who got dragged out of school today?”
No, please do tell us!
Some boy hit a girl in a classroom, and they called the cops! Then, he was taken off campus. They say that he is going to be kicked out of school because, violence!”

Without irony, I had recently done a story about another student who was nearly kicked out of school. That story went like this:
A student rushes into the newsroom, breathless, with a story to tell.

” I just got a ticket! I just got a ticket from a cop! Now the college president is talking about kicking me out of school!”
What was that ticket for?
“The cop was parked in a no parking zone! The no parking zone was cearly marked! So I hand wrote a note, and slipped it under the windshield wiper! Next thing I know the cop is rushing me and beating me, telling me I broke the law, and hauled me off to jail!”

And so on. Let me know if you start seeing patterns, cuzz…and it can’t be missed that then, students getting dragged out of class rooms for violations of DVIC narrative was just emerging as a tactic of the crybullies.
So, I wrote a story critical of the COPS program, and noted that wrecking a young man’s life was counter-intuitive to good or decent policing; but the student himself-who I knew for years after- was relieved to find out that, after the story ran, the president of the college didn’t kick him out. Oh- and as I have noted, that college, and that president of that college was a major recruiting spot where foreign students are recruited by various agencies as rats, and snitches. That seems important.
Well- that OTHER story, the one from the nascent, post-1993 VAWA era where the DVIC became the Octopussy of mass surveillance, and the police policies of shoot first hide behind the FOP later homicides of the mentally ill, the black, and the disenfranchised that we see today-that story turned out like this:
I investigate the story, and seek witnesses. The young man who was implicated as a woman beater was nowhere to be found, few knew his name even, and of course, the college couldn’t release his name. But the general witness statements from witnesses were this:

” Yeah-she was passing him a piece of paper- a sign in sheet for the class- and he wasn’t paying attention to her. So she hit him on the head with to to get his attention. He picked up the piece of paper, and hit her on the head with it. And she went nuts.”
Did he physically hit her?
” Well, when she went nuts, she hit him, and then he pushed her.”
Did e hit her?
“No the teacher intervened and the cops were called.”

So went the huge story of “violence on campus!!” and “Men are violent to women!!” and so on. A cultural war was afoot indeedy.
Well- the AIPAC sponsored college president was outraged-he sent his emissaries into the newsroom to question the editor, and t find out ” who wrote this” Quote/unquote.
And the emissary in turn, told me that “The president is mad at the way you wrote the story!” And of course, a short lecture about Domestic Violence.
From that day forward, I was a marked man- because no truth could appease the college president(who I might add was and still is a big huge fan of the VAWA, the COPS program, and the DVIC in general, and all of those federal funds-and he heads ALL the colleges in that area to this day).
Gee whizz- if I had only run with hysteria; I had no idea how profitable confabulation was then, or is now. But as you can see here at ROGS, yeah- I have figured out that the 72 BILLION DOLLAR BAD GUY AND JOURNALIST VETTER AND CATCHER MACHINE (the BDBGAJVACM72) depends upon conflation and confabulation to keep it gassed up and puffy like a bloated dead pig (a little known fact is that farm animals boat up like balloons when they die, and are left unattended for days-and that bloated pigs faces appear to smile just before they explode, or get tossed into a rendering truck); and failing that, lots of security theater, designed to drive people who report facts and counter-narrative out of newsrooms everywhere (have a look at the cases of the Minnesota Reporters who were gang stalked; and Vester Lee Flanagan, and many more across the world.)
That, the hope of a wrter of such things as I wrote-where law enforcement agents, retired law enforcement agents, secret clubs and secret societies ranging from the Rotary Club members (Hi Deano! I gotchu, bro-) to the various other Masonic orders and cults, and then, all their community stooges and their enlisted Judenrate-will be able to better document what is happening to them, and learn to fight back using legal, and ethical means.
You see: someone must be the one to guide the researcher of the future over this great River, and point you the way back to “democracy,” and away from “Worse-Than-A-Stalinist-Stasi-Cheka-NKDV/Easern Bloc police state. And please- if you land here, read this post first-this post here about how we need to get rid of police altogether-to off them, using democratic means.
But while Radio Shack has died, the will to innovate hasn’t, and some of us, as in the case of Barrett Brown’s Pursuance System, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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