Speaking of gang stalking and cults: look at how Catholics and Jews work together using nefarious tools like SESTA against the first amendment

Catholics and Jews are like the rhinoceros with the tick-bird on its horn: a mutually beneficial parasitic arrangement, that some would say is designed by nature-or even more moronically “by God.”And who can tell one generation to the next which is the rhino, and which is the tick-bird? Because heir orthodoxy both agree that the myth is far more important than the facts, science, reason, or even truth.
And as I have noted before about conservative cultists in each religion, we have the opportunity to view these in political action today, much as one would view any other biological toxin underneath a microscope-but we get to view them via “the internet of broken things,” instead. And that view is afforded by watching ow the SESTA bill has been promoted as a direct assault on free speech, but hidden, as most conflated issues are, as something that is “for the children.”
So-considering the history of Jews as desert slavers and as exploiters in the pre-Stalin era of Easteern Europe and Catholics as pedophiles and Inquistors, it only seems natural that we should let these choose how the internet works, right? Cuz, God. And G-d, of course.
Of Course!
Here’s a peek at SESTA, and the conservative Jews and Cathlics that want to return free speech to the era of “blasphemy and lashon hara!”from Mike Masnik:

Campaigners For SESTA See It As A First Step To Stomping Out Porn

from the good-luck-with-that dept

There are obviously a lot of mixed motivations behind the push for SESTA — the Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking Act — with many of those motivations based on good intentions of actually stopping sex trafficking. Of course, we’ve explained in great detail how SESTA isn’t likely to help at all, and is quite likely to make the problem worse. It also seems clear that many of those lining up in support of the bill see it as a wedge — a way to slowly dismantle intermediary liability protections for platforms on the internet. And thus, some just see it as a way to attack Google and Facebook out of a general dislike for those companies — without realizing (or without caring) just how much damage it will do to free speech online and the platforms that enable such speech. We’ve also been perplexed by SESTA supporters using completely bogus stats to insist the problem of sex trafficking is much larger than it truly is. As we noted, sex trafficking is both very real and an absolute tragedy for those caught up in it and their families. But we should be realistic about the actual scope of the problem — and many SESTA supporters aren’t actually able to do that.
But perhaps the motivation behind some SESTA supporters is… even more absurd. An email popped up in my inbox recently with a bunch of really strong language supporting SESTA, coming from a group calling itself the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCSE). They run the website “End Sexual Exploitation” and are strong supporters of SESTA. But what caught my eye is that the end of the email noted the true mission of NCSE isn’t to end sex trafficking… but to rid the world of the “public health crisis of pornography.”
You see, NCSE began its life in 1962 as Morality in Media, and was a reaction to a ridiculous moral panic over “pornographic material” being left outside of a school. NCSE appears to believe that all porn is pure evil and must be eradicated. The group has insisted that porn is a “public health crisis” and has worked to get states to declare it as such. It also posts a Dirty Dozen list of organizations that it needs to shame for “perpetuating sexual exploitation.”

The keen reader will note Mr. Masnik’s clear headed dissection of how lies, conflation, conservative orthodoxy and “save the women and their children” have conspired to kidnap our Constitution at the internet switch, working from within hidden capacities like InfraGard, and the LEIU’s as well as fanatical zionism and so on. And notice that the same people who bomb babies in one place, so babies made by them in another place all tell the same fairy tales.
Note all the special beanies and clean collars, which guarantee the sheeple that these are the “goodguys”who will “protect” and guide “our” children:
Image result for NCOSE founders
And look at this Rogue’s Gallery of Jews and their pet Catholics in action, petrified that they cannot keep us al etrapped in ther mythology con-job should we step outside the pen and practice critical thinking.
Here, below the Roman’s and a few “colored others” who want to return us all to the dark ages via SESTA (the mid-70’s to late 1980’s)-and stop your Peter from paying a Pauline for sex, or even using Porn whhich will get you a black mark from(get this) Saint PETER.
Ahhh, free speech(which is protected by the first amendment) feels good- and liberates us from tribal slavers and their colliseums if we use it right. The keen reader might recall that this was the era of Reagan, the Moral Majority, and others who are descended from slave owners:
Image result for NCOSE founders
So- what’s that got to do with the lesbian porn wars of the 1970’s-80’s? Well, politics sure makes STRANGE BEDFELLOWS, and it was porn that united primarily Irish-Catholic cops who came from families where 37 kids were the “norm”(much as we see with Mormons today) with gender lesbians who hated their own rabbi’s enough to build the exact police state we are in now. This is what the DVIC IS- religiouss morons sleeping with militant feminists who are financed by other breeder cults from overseas, waging domestic war here in America.
Or, this. Because, you see, these tribes ARE what the military industrial complex IS, and all of their babies are what they depend on for their daily bread (the prison industrial complex, for example, pays out $168,000 per prisoner in New York state, and their rationale is that it’s better to imprison a man, exploit him as a resource, and pay the ‘devout’ to guard him, than to let him figure out how men are exploited by these “good shepherders”.)

Sure- toss the baby AND the baby maker into the same fire. It may sound a lot like hell/sheol, but it’s really not: it’s religion. Bad religion, and false religion, with pretty pictures and mosaics of people in 13th century head scarves, and a bloody guy on a cross for the bad ones to think about/.
Which totally makes sense once we weed through the various bad strains of each religion that are trying to kill off free speech, which challenges there tribal-religious storytelling and myth-told-as-truth. I mean- what good are either of these mass-murderous religions of the kiddies knew that they are totally full of sh!t, telling pure lies in place of encouraging rational inquiry and enlightened reason?

Related Story: How religious sects and cults within Jewish-christian culture use internet hoaxes, black operations, and internet switch black bag jobs to create the appearance of a need for their version of God to watch over all of us sheeple as we web surf; or, SESTA meets the lesbian Sex Wars of the 1980’s in the Pulpit of Police-statism.

If you, like me, have noted that any time the courts, and then, policing and public policy making are primarily stacked with Catholics and Jews, that fascism is the inevitable result, you would be correct. The Supreme Court is comprised entirley of Jews and their pet Catholics. Feminism and social policies of the DVIC are also full of Jews and their pet Catholics as well.
So it goes without saying that the DVIC and it’s associated (*cough cough*) organs of propaganda is a largely Jewish-Catholic enterprise in action, exploiting children as “it’s for the children!”and a massive power grab to control the the dialogistics of Democracy. In other words- these people are essentially waving a boogieman/stealing our children,, so that others don’t come over here and-you guessed it-steal/exploit our children. Got that?
Or, Mussolini meets the internet, and SESTA, and why porn is protected by the first amendment, and these same trolls have poisoned the porn stream

Mike Masnik of Techdirt.com is perhaps the only author online who is keenly aware of how this interplay works in action. You might remember that I wrote about Masnik, the inventor of te term “the Streisand Effect,” but also the originator of the Shirky-Masnik bureaucracy perpetuation principle, which basically states that “bloated, hog joweled industries, enterprises, entities, and institutions will seek to create, maintain, and perpetuate whatever lies, deceptions and deviousness they must create in order to stay in power (or something like that).
And what better place to view these thiings than in our modern DVIC and it’s accompanying wolf-whistling about the evils of porn and sex as reasons why the MIC must experiment with the “porn deluge,” and  FBI must distribute child porn; and why the UN must get it’s tentacles inter-twined around the soft inner….souls…. of nubile youg 16 year old Japanese girls?
Few authors on the internet can, or even will cover these topics-perhaps because they are all MSM cowards, or because they were vetted at the beginning of this century for willingness to learn the same way that parrots are trained. But Masnik isn’t afraid- of anything, because he sticks to his “guns” aka “the rights of a free press in a free democracy,” to write “what is in the public’s interests.”
SO- Masnik is always worth a read- he should be ‘starred’ in your bookmarks up there, in the upper right corner of your browser. Unlike me, who freely rails (somewhat) anonymously about the evil’s of these desert tribes, their cults and sects and their captors who work together and conspire against liberty, Masnik sticks to the training in the AP style manual, and utilizes the luxury of editing his work(AND stays away from religion and politics)- but THEN he  amazingly says whatever I wish I HAD SAID, but wayyyy better, as he riffs his keyboard like a seasoned Hollywood Rock Star in the middle of a heart attack (buh-bye, RIPP Tom Petty) on issues that EVERY AMERICAN should know about.
And what could be more in the public’s interest than the fact that Catholics and Jews are trying to return us to the dark ages, via SESTA?
Well, enough about that. Here below are more excellent posts by Masnik-first they came for the crazy guy on the internet. THEN, they came for the Mike Masnik’s, and you said nothing….
Las Vegas shooting by Stephen Paddock PROVES that MORE surveillance (and those trolls in the yellow shirts on bikes) is NOT the answer.
Known terrorists roaming the country, having sex with underaged girls, courtesy of the FBI
FBI has abandoned any pretense of being a “law enforcement agency,” morphs into black operations Stasi instead
NSA has built a time machine that can reconstruct an image of you, taking a crap, on the lower level of a five story apartment building, fro the sky, as you call your girlfriend(while your wife is at work)
“Tough on crime” is jus coded speech covering over fraud, waste, and abuse of process, asLike the Orange County jailhouse snitch show, Baltimore PD dismisses hundreds of cases due to laziness, misuse of technology, and more.
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