The reader will note that everytime this blog gets too critical of certain peole or certain religions, or certain policies and politics, that certain people peek in here. so, predictably, Israel peeked in today, just after THIS happened yesterday.
So it’s just plainly insane that any psychologist ANYWHERE would make the absurd claim that organized gang stalking is a “delusion.” Unless, of course-Of Course! there’s something else afoot. And what might that something be you ask? Well, I like to start with the DVIC, which is the fuel that flames the fires that these people use to cook other people with. Because the reality on the ground is that for all of my life (and probably yours too) I was told that the Klu Klx Klan, and Adolph Hitler, and so on were scary bad people.
Our propaganda stream literally flows like a polluted river full of the trash and detritus of a war that happened 70 years ago; and every time I hear about a Holocaust, it’s always “that one” and not the other ones that “those people” and their alies wage against others. Like how their philosophy killed off nearly a million people in Rwanda as thefeminist’s internationale’ cheered it on, and female leaders urged the genocidal maniacs of Rwanda to rape women and dismember living people; and forced the UN commander to stand down as it happened.
So- let me know if you start seeing patterns, in the story of Romeo Dallaire, the UN commender who is still haunted by the worlds inaction of genocides waged by SOME people, but that, for some reason, never get a memorial in Washington D.C.:
Still Haunted by the Ghosts of Rwanda.

Gen. ROMEO DALLAIRE, U.N. Force Commander, Rwanda: Rwanda will never, ever leave me. It’s in the pores of my body. My soul is in those hills. My spirit is with the spirits of all those people who were slaughtered and killed that I know of. And lots of those eyes still haunt me, angry eyes or innocent eyes. No laughing eyes. But the worst eyes that haunt me are the eyes of those people who were totally bewildered. They’re looking at me, with my blue beret, and they’re saying, “What in the hell happened? How come I’m dying here?” Those eyes dominate, and they’re absolutely right.
How come I failed? How come my mission failed? How come, as the commander, I did not convince, I lost soldiers, and 800,000 people died?

August 1993

NARRATOR: For General Romeo Dallaire, commander of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda, it was his first trip to Africa.
Gen. ROMEO DALLAIRE: You know, the first breath of air of Africa– oh, what a– what a phenomenal experience! It’s– it felt like you were in another continent, that you were– you were– it was different. Felt a little nervousness, of course, you know, of the first shaking hands with– with those leaders and starting up the mission.

Of course, I was silent too, then. I was silent because I was being gang stalked, but didn’t know that OGS is what it was; but now I have a name for it-I hope my rabbi is proud of me, having named the un-nameable ones. And, I hope that, of my growing readership, they can start to spot patterns in organized gang stalking, because if hey don’t, like Rwanda, genocide can, does, and will happen because the mass hmicides of some never get seen as what they are; and the perpetrators never get brought before the Hague for War Crimes.
War Crimes, it seems, has become an every day thing now across  the world, as some people act with immunity, and with impunity as the perpetrate these horrible things.
Especially, I want the reader to note how 1993 was a banner year for the DVIC, and how some monsters perpetrated monstrous stuff on innocent children; and how that made some of us really mad. But also, I want the reader to note that silencing victims is the first step for monsters everywhere to gain a foothold in the social imagination, and work themselves in from there.
In case you forgot my main thesis about the DVIC, here is a refresher:
How did THIS:
Become this?
Here’s the answer: A Bunch of Pussies Who Like High Heels, Purchased for a Reasonable Price

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