Gang stalking and surveillance role players, again. And, interest from Israel, and Turkey.

Here is my most popular post today: my post where Professor Robert Guffey documents the use of surveillance role players, who are using our citizens on American soil for “target practice,”as they stalk some people in outlandish manners. America has become a training ground for domestic AND international back operations, courtesy of all that MIC/DVIC money flowing through the hands of programs like the FBI’s Countering Violent Extremism programs and others like it at the federal, state, and local levels.
And worse, these who work in these programs get their training in Israel, where they become part of one of the least talked about cults of our era: international Zionism.
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You don’t have to take my pinion on the matter-here is one version of the widely known definition of a cult in context to Falun Gong, but it is similar to every definition of a cult, anywhere:

A prominent feature of a cult is its hierarchical structure, through which practitioners strictly follow the instructions of the cult leader and are willing to sacrifice themselves for this spiritual leader[…] that his disciples think, act and even give their lives at his command, it says….Members of a cult are subject to a systematic form of mind control.

You can do the research yourself, but Israel itself is one after another layer of cults and is heavily indoctrinaire, using the EXACT tactics and methods of Nazi’s-which, without irony, were the EXACT tactics of Sigmund Freuds nephew Edward Bernay’s.
Let me know if…
So, as a former “doorman,” surveillance role players aren’t just interesting to me, they are also interesting to Dr. Guffey as well. And, just today alone, the connection between surveillance role players and organized gang stalking are quite interesting to: Israeli’s and Turks; Brit’s and other Americans, because that is who is peeking into ROGS today.
Now- I have one dedicated reader who also peeks in every day, and that reader just reads- they never write. What does that tel you, the researcher of organized gang stalking? In he least, when a blog incurs a single dedicate read, it indicates “interest” in the topic. But also, to the seasoned security professional, the detective, the psychologist-or the actual victim of OGS, it can indicate other things, which I will leave it to the reader to infer.
Here is a bit more about Guffey, and his book which is gaining a bit of warranted attention today( did you see the joke in there about “warrants”? Hahahahaha. They don’t even issue those any more in America. Thank’s sworn LEO’s, for your respect for the Constitution!)

Gang stalking and surveillance role players

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Meet Robert Guffy of Cal State University, author of Chameleo which documents one man’s experience being gang stalked by organized military figures:

Robert Guffey

Robert Guffey is a lecturer in the Department of English at California State University – Long Beach. His most recent book is CHAMELEO: A STRANGE BUT TRUE STORY OF INVISIBLE SPIES, HEROIN ADDICTION, AND HOMELAND SECURITY (OR Books). His first novel, UNTIL THE LAST DOG DIES, is scheduled to be published by Night Shade/Skyhorse in November of 2017.

I think the researcher of organized gang staking, the legal counselor, the psychologist, or the social worker would do well to understand that surveillance role players are indeed a real thing-so real in fact that many come here to ROGS just to read that post. But I have others that mention surveillance role players-and if me “blowing the whistle” about the practices of intel and counter-intel seems like a huge “FUCK YOU” to those who do these things to the unsuspecting, you would be correct;-)

Surveillance role players mentioned at ROGS here, here, and here

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Now- the web is an interesting place in may ways, not least of which is that the IC is constantly manipulating it, or you. But, far worse than that is that is how “web scrubbing” takes place in the cases of OGS. I wrote about one example of this awhile back, in the case of TI guru Eleanor White when she documented that retired law enforcement agents are a large part of what gang stalking is-and then, shortly thereafter, the web was “scrubbed” and the website where this “fat” was documented disappeared (strange disappearances are also a “fact” of OGS.)
So, here is a site that I recommend you download and keep around, only because it will one day become a target itself.
Dark Corner, Egyptian Website
(it would make an interesting study in and of itself to see how that one site s monitored by “good guys” and all of their predictive software, like PRISM, Palantir and Google)
Ignore the blatant anti-semitism of the author, because the material is valuable in and of itself, and as we know in the intelligence field, there are as many racist Jews as there are racist neonazi’s and neocons.
Here below are some of the tactics surveillance role players use to tail(follow) OGS victims- but ALSO, note how the author uses innocent people to “practice on“:

CHAPTER 2 – Surveillance, Undercover, and Task Force Operations



If you are selected for a surveillance, get all the background you can on the subject. If he is not known to you, have him pointed out to let you make your own observation. Learn the subject’s habits. Learn his contacts, friends, and places he frequents. Try to get a picture or an accurate, detailed description of the subject and his automobile.
If the subject of your surveillance is a place, locate entrances, exits, and vantage points. You may find more surveillant are needed. And check the character of the neighborhood. You will learn where to watch from and how to dress to blend in with the environment.
Make sure your attire is like that worn by others in the area. That way, if the subject sees you, you will not draw attention. On a military base you might wear an appropriate uniform. But avoid wearing unauthorized rank or insignia. It could bring unwanted attention from an innocent third party.
Concern with your appearance should not stop with clothes. Do not wear rings or other jewelry that denote status or club membership. If you usually wear a distinctive ring, replace it with another to hide the mark on your finger. If your coat or pocket bulges, it may reveal that you are carrying a weapon. And be careful your habits do not reveal that you are a law enforcement officer.
If you use a cover story, make sure it fits your dress, speech, and mannerisms. Be resourceful when your cover story must be used. If confronted by the subject, do not offer information. The subject may try to check the information and, perhaps, expose you.
Technical surveillance devices can be highly useful to you. These devices range from tape recorders and hidden microphones to small devices that can be hidden in a subject’s clothing to transmit to a receiver. The devices let you know approximately where the subject is at all times. But be sure to get SJA advice before you use any type of electronic surveillance equipment.

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