O.K.-I saw something. I am saying something.

( Summoning Jimmy Fallon, with a pen in hand)
Dear LEO’s, and Fusion Center hero’s and the rest of the “good guys” who hack me in real time (and all of your butties in the US military who stalk people online, hack people from military bases (Hi Germany! I noticed you were peeking in here as I got hacked earlier today!), and then, these good guys use phone apps to stalk people offline in real life):
I saw something. I am saying something.
I saw a person online who suggested that a woman be sliced open from her vagina to her chin with a “KBar” knife. That was Grant Aldrich who said that. I myself have never made such a comment anywhere to anyone. Well, maybe low IQ pussies with tiny penises like Grant Aldrich, but that’s another story.
Grant was mad because a woman exercised her Constitutional rights to both wear a fake dick (OOOOOOOOH! Rageboy!).
Here is what exercising Constitutional rights looks like, for those of you in the Hero professions (and BTW, THANKS FOR ALL THE PROTECTION Of THE CONSTITUTION YOU SWORE AN OATH TO BUT NEVER READ!!):

And here is what Emily Lance thinks about the way our LEO’s and so on are crapping all over our Constitution (which I also document here at ROGS as I write “live” in Wordpess):

One woman from Philadelphia has made headlines after she urinated on an American flag and sharing the video on social media. Netizens were shocked and disgusted at her actions and demanded that she paid for what she did.
Using a GoGirl, a device that assists women in urinating while standing up, Emily Lance urinated on the flag, which was already half-submerged in the toilet bowl. She captioned the video, which she posted on Facebook and later deleted: ‘F*** your nationalism. F*** your country. F*** your stupid f****** flag’.
One netizen told her that there was a $3,000 bounty on her head on Craigslist.

So, it appears that her critic is either 12 years old; influenced by military and LEO jargon and those who use such language (like these other kids in Newtown, MA, and Columbine, CO, and so on), or is just another one of the many SESTA types who live in OHIO, USA. Ohio, it might be noted, is rapidly becoming the ^sshole of the Universe because the internet has apparently brought science, sex, and a need for SESTA.
Please, Hero’s and good guys and good girls! Look into this matter, which I wrote about here many months ago. Because- I saw something, and I am saying something: I am saying that free speech IS WHAT DEMOCRACY IS MADE FOR; and free speech is WHAT MADE DEMOCRACY. And, it’s guaranteed to all of us in our Constitution. And, even morons like Grant Aldrich get to use it any way they want.
SO, no matter how many demented 12 year old boys, or twisted US military trolls working for the MIC or in Georgia, or how many sooper secret “masonic” orders use the internet as a tool to drive moral panic and hysteria; or how many DITU hackers or TAO critical response teams show up in Anywhere, USA to monitor their “good deeds;” or, how many crisis PR firms try to bend and distort the issue (some 40% of online social media comments are from US military trolls who work at the Pentagram), I still stand behind free speech.
Allahu Yeshua Ha-Nose-ring! Allahu “Kbar”!!! Saladin, Aladdin, and Salami!
Because something is plainly wrong in Ohio as we see sectarians and cultists active all over the place.
Here is a screenshot of a guy threatening to slice a woman from her vagina to her chin:
Woman-pees-on-american-flag_7 Kbar comment
Thank you, good guys and gals.

As I have noted for decades in my writing, ultra-conservatives from the various demented western religious cults and sects who work in hidden capacities, using hidden means and methods, will go to any and every absurd lengths to force religion upon people, and SESTA is the latest round of that, after the good guys and good girls worked in secret to flood the internet with all kinds of crap-posting, porn deluges, and assaultive speech designed to make us dependent upon their evil to keep us “good.”
Above, we see a woman being threatened by someone who uses a word from military and policing jargon (and hunters of course, who stalk deer and then kill and gut them)- that the single word “KBar” has meaning to a select and certain group of individuals.
I note that in the argot language of policing, the KaBar knife is well known. Here, have a look at the “KBar” knife that even PoliceOne.com talks about, and certainly advertises for.
Related: Cutting through the hype about knives, from PoliceOne.com (which occasionally has interesting
The funny hook at the tip of the “tanto blade”is called a “gut hook” among butchers, or a “seat belt cutter” in colloquial LEO jargon:

Here is another “law enforcement tanto” from KaBar:

And here is the “TDI/Hinderer Hell Fire” from KaBar (note the religious inference of hell, which is a recurring theme in these hidden narratives):

These above are what “Grant Aldrich” wants  inserted into a woman’s vagina. And here is a list of Facebook “Grant Aldrich’s” And here is the Grant Aldrich FB with the same logo as the OG poster.
SO, to understand my thesis here at ROGS-that in fact, our police and military are now mere tools of the Saudi’s and others, or, just a bunch of vengeful morons who have no concern for “liberty” and due process; and is no longer working for “us” it is important that I explain why I think the commenter is 12, aspires to or has military experience, aspires to  or works in the LEO community.

  1. can’t spell KaBar correctly
  2. has fantasies about women that are challenged by women with fake dicks
  3. has experience or knowledge about how to skin animals
  4. has fantasies about skinning women with fake dicks
  5. knows razor’s but not sharp enough to know subleties of Occam’s Razor
  6. has no knowledge of the Constitution
  7. Has no respect for the rights of others that descend from Constitutional case law

I mean- this assclown could just as easily be a hasbara parrot,or w feminist, because these also flood the internet with the same crap, using similar(slightly different) jargon and language structures), and “progressives” certainly “ape” the language and jargon of the altRight to drive policy as well.And, these hide their violence and hate inside “crybully” narratives such as “Do you still beat your wife,” and “are you anti-semitic?!”
And, not least of which is that these ultra-conservatives, and their cohort of “progressives” do their dirt together on certain issues, or work against each other for cotrol of women-so they are hard to discern one from another, much as we see with SESTA, and the Armed Forces, the UN, and the FBI distributing child pornography (most notably under the “watchful eyes” of James Comey and all of those other good guys who wiretapped the entire internet after lying about it for decades).
Then there’s “international” social-industrial DVIC interests (from a predictable background) that seek control of the “sex supply” such as Sweden’s Sex Purchase Act, and  the UN’s urgent, breathless political thrust to access young, breeding age Japanese females –which is really a cleverly designed ploy by globalist interests to gain control of the treasured “feminist sex supply”and it’s lucrative porn industry) in the thin disguise of the Transatlantic Organized Crime Initiative, which is itself just thinly disguised racketeering.

The MIC/PIC/DVIC all got together and agreed that they know what’s best for “us.” Without any votes, and without the “tyranny of the masses” getting in the way of what’s good for “US.” I think I am seeing huge Scarfaced rabbits everywhere as I comb through dumpsters. But thank’s to psychologists, and the good guys, I know it’s all in my head.

Related Story from Reason.com:

The (George W. Bush/Barak Obama) FBI Distributes Child Pornography to Catch People Who Look at It

By its own logic, the government victimized children thousands of times.

Well- for my part, if I haven’t been clear- yeah, the truth is while you guys were building endless war, some of us were here battling for the life of privacy itself, which is what the US Constitution is based in, and then, rights of due process, freedom of association, assembly, and more.
But we lost, which is why now, I am combing through trash cans in Salt Lake City, or Seattle, delusional- I think I just saw a huge rabbit jump out of a hole, with the number 13 on it.
Turns out, it was just a huge rabbit.

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