Silencing and gang stalking and SESTA: the amazing lengths religionists go to to stop free speech-or keep the children from science.

Over and over, you will note that gang stalking victims categorically are silenced, much as witches were once thrown into fires, or heretics burned at the stake. And, without surprise, we see the SAME people behind almost every pogrom, Inquisition, or witch hunt, with these ultra-conservative, religious delusionals forming mass hysteria and moral panics in order to use others-usually some from the fringes and the margins of society- to explicate their causes, aka “cause stalking.”

[UPDATE 10-10-2017: This blog has been under consistent and malicious attacks from “unknown” entities and parties for several days. The reader will note that this post which you are reading, is incomplete-that the writing, and the information I am presenting seems to “fall off” in mid paragraph, and for now, I will leave this pst “as is” to demonstrate a key part of my thesis, which WordPress servers certainly have evidence of as well. This is because yesterday as I wrote it, the blog froze, I had to log in and log out a few times, and so on. Are you seeing any patterns in this data yet?
Then, today, someone clicked in from south Africa, where the cowardly Roy Bullock notoriously provided information to apartheid elements of the SA government which caused death and torture of anti-apartheid activists there. Then, today, someone literally jammed up Tor browser so badly that I couldn’t load a single page, nor edit anything. And, the most popular ages here at ROGS were these here where I talk about how pedophiles filll the ranks of most police departments, and here where we see that the CIA and some 16 other spy agencies mirror our cellphones, and plant malware on EVERYTHING, and here where we see the British Services planting porn in P2P applications, and here where I expose the porn deluge, and many other posts where I expose the inner workings of the FBI’s various mafia’s, religiously charged policies-and especially the various places where I discuss Mormon gang stalkers.]

These ultra-conservatives, religionists and the Judenrate work together to distort, deform, deface and defame words themselves-and that, at the site of the speaker. Then, they come “for the children:”

September 13, 2017

In all of the debate about the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA, S. 1693), there’s one question that’s received surprisingly little airplay: under SESTA, what would online platforms do in order to protect themselves from the increased liability for their users’ speech?
With the threat of overwhelming criminal and civil liability hanging over their heads, Internet platforms would likely turn to automated filtering of users’ speech in a big way. That’s bad news because when platforms rely too heavily on automated filtering, it almost always results in some voices being silenced. And the most marginalized voices in society can be the first to disappear.


And, we also see the PhD’s, the Dr’s and the High Order’s and their Grand Poobah’s and Bearded Wizards using highly paid, highly trained parrots such as Lorraine Sheridan and David V. James, as well as Elizabeth Dietrich to voice their causes (and in the case of Sheridan and James, they have every base covered, as much of their work is about how ‘dangerous’ people might stalk psychologists who are totally full of sh!t/ part of the problem itself)-as the aforementioned have all recommended that victims of gang stalking be silenced, and made claims that OGS is indicative of delusional thinking, and that OGS victims are “potentially dangerous.”
Well- if my 20-30 daily readers are any indicator, yup, I’m causing some danger– to those who are themselves being exposed as gang stalkers, and gas-lighting professionals who are so immersed in their isolated state of socio-phobic anomie that they hole up in ivory towers and snipe at the dialectic of democracy, and their pals in secret shenanigans snipe at citizens internet connections from the FiveEyes, and Fusion Centers and Infragard hidey-holes; or NSA deep state bunkers in Maryland, Georgia, Texas, Colorado, and of course- Of Course! Virginia, which you might remember as the site of one of our era’s biggest and most costly fakerape hoaxes.

Related Story: Get a free copy of Kali Net Hunter Linux  or Kali for pen testing, and snipe back at their cell phones and internet connections once you have their names, and locations

Yeah- I am personally TOTALLY OK if a few “dangerous individuals” target these people who target you/me/us/ with official “total bullsh!t”or who work from within black budgets to cause silencing, or other harm to individuals who resist or dissent; or who challenge their lockup on our entire social narrative. But of course- I am not recommending violence, which is NEVER the solution-I am recommending that you do unto them as they HAVE DONE unto YOU, or someone you know. And as some may have noted, their families are NOT off limits, as they have targeted the families of others. Get a copy of Kali-and build your OWN databases of these people- put them on lists of your own!

Related Story: From Rachel Aviv “Remembering the Murder That You Didn’t Commit.”The Beatrice Six were framed, literally brainwashed by a pig farmer, and did many decades in prison before the “Largest DNA Exoneration in US History” set them free. Then, they sued, and bankrupted a corrupt gang talking town, and got 30 million dollars.

So, there’s also that little ol’ connection to Ohio-and SESTA with Senator Douchebag. Hard to miss THAT connection, which I have mentioned in several places. Shout out to Ed in Frisco for that link. Thanks, BRO.
And the fact that they are reading the guide for civil litigators and criminal defense lawyers that was written by the EFF and the ACLU and the NACDL about how the government targets individuals with illicit hacking and more; my sections on how to fight back and how to document gang stalking, and my various posts about naming your stalkers and the organizations they work for (for example, the internet has several documented links between organizations like the Rotary Clubs-who are in crisis mode over the fact that their logo shows guns and bows and arrows- and Lions who appear in the “crazy talk” of many OGS blogs, and so on-and nearly every blog notes that these stalkers are “masonic” and more).
Yeah- I have certainly created some form of danger indeedto gang stalkers, which is the intent of my writing. Because, you see-the pen is mightier than the sword, or even whole towns of gang stalkers plastered with Masonic logos that have guns and bows and arrows-and Lions and Elks and Mooses-Oh My! on them.
Yup. Words are “a threat” indeed in the era’s of Stalinism, Hitler, Pol Pot, and Benjamin Netanyahu. This is an indisputable fact, and also why I write ROGS-because yes, what is hidden shall come to light indeed. You see, I was silent in the era of  plain evil that these people are capable of in order so that their version of reality is implemented as social policy. Or, a police state, guided by the ideology of hateful lesbians, and smelly, little old bald Eastern Bloc socialists who slip dollar bills into the pockets f policemen-or send them on paid junkets to Tel Aviv.
So, few cases more clearly embody this cause stalking element of OGS that the current morality panic that has been concocted by ultra-conservatives in the form of SESTA- the Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking Act which is the wrong answer to any social problem.
I have an idea- why don’t prosecute these people for profiteering off of fake rape (which is a very useful, conservative political tool)? Or-can we stop these maniacs from distributing illicit porn? Or maybe, hand out stiffer sentences to rich old pricks that seduce teenagers as the FBI holds their “black book” for them?
SESTA is one of a long history of bills that ask the questions that no one wants to give the wrong answer to, by using lies, confabulation, and conflation of issues with lots of crisis PR thrown in.
For example: Questions No One wants to Have  ASESTA is the modern version of the lesbian Sex and Pornography Wars of the last century, where the usual suspects in the pornography industry were confronted for control of that “industry” by others who sought control over women, and then, children, which we see time and again are exploited BY THESE SAME PEOPLE as “cash cows” the return dividends to the DVIC and it’s related industries.

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