Stephen Paddock and the twisting time warp: Las Vegas police are p!ssed that they cannot contain the narrative. [draft post]

Forty seconds or six minutes? The data is still coming in! Again!
While police struggle to understand the causes of mass shooters, active shooters, and other confusing things, like “what is the meaning of life?”-we see counter-narrative overdrive in action over ALL THE WRONG THINGS, because the good question isn’t about six minutes versus forty seconds- the real question is : how many psychopaths and assholes work in policing-and then, how many failed wannabe’s will do ANYTHING to get hero cred?
The Rise of the Mall Cop, by Sadly Bilko
Las Vegas likely has more camera’s per capita inside the casinos than any other place on earth. Yet, Stephen Paddock not only stockpiled arms, but also, used them in plain sight of one of the largest armed domestic forces I have personally seen anywhere in America.So-what was he scared of-and WHO? A guy who gambles a million a night could literally HIRE his own small army-but he didn’t.
And, to think that he is just some deranged mass shooter belies many other salient facts that are important: lie many other points in my thesis about OGS, we see the FBI involved in hs life for two generatons-as his father was once on the Most Wanted list. so-it is yet ANOTHER CASE (like Omar Mateen, and the Tsaernev brothers of the Boston Marathon Bombing, and many others) where extensive, long term surveillance of these men contributed to their actions, and targeted several generations of men in these families-remember that OGS is “inter-generational.”
So, I think it’s time to formulate some new theories about policing, mass shootings, and also, “the effects of mass surveillance on populations,” which we see is a phrase that has been co-opted by a major web of multi-billion dollar drug dealers-the American Medical Association, et al (none of who seem to have done any studies about the effects of being watched all the time by cameras; or stalked by cowardly Mall Cops across an urban environment; and those rent-a-hero’s fanaticism by the idol worship they have for REAL cops, who are just trying to get home.

I consulted the ROGS Hero Profile Factory Complex, punched in a few random numbers and some pure unadulterated pap, and asked it to profile real hero’s and to do some behavioral analyses in order to create an algorythm to reproduce Heroism. Here is what my machine kicked out.

Let me know if you start seeing patterns.
Security Guards, Rent-a-Cops, part-time cops, and the profile of organized gang stalkers
I met my first organized stalkers in 2008, and with certainty was able to name them, and with extensive effort, a team of incredible lawyers, and others who supported me- I was able to sue those little cocksuckers and settle for a fairly paltry amount, just so that others could come behind me, and sue these same punks, and win.As I recall, five others sued after me.
My stalkers? Two rent a cops, who worked with “still unidentfied” others to shoot me.

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In the Las Vegas Casino’s “they” are ALWAYS watching-and zooming in on-men like Stephen Paddock-but again-they missed “just that one.” Los Angeles Times asks the WRONG question. asks why we have to manufacture terror. Hmmm. Is it to late to point you towards my thesis-and Glenn Greenwald’s thesis, and Jeremy Scahill’s thesis and… then, Mike Masnik of wonders why all these sooper seekrit agencies are such damn lily-liver cowards about releasing the terrorist watch lists  that are basically hidden lynchings in databases accompanied by OGS (if you have nothing too hide, then…?)
So-what’ the deal with all that “manufactured terrorism?” I suspect your triple dipping pensions (and your peers in your slopper seekrit LEO cults) are guiding you like magic carpets to the dark side, Godguys and Gals!) What is hidden n darknesssssss!!!!!???

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