Te gang stalking has begun, part deux!

[My eager reader will note that this is an unfinished post. Frequently, I have stated that one or another attack is taking place that prohibits my postings. This was not the case here, as I had tapped my cursor to “off.” Silly me. But one day, this simple “cognizance,” will be important. Stay Tuned! And-dear reader, nice hubcaps! Even morons know enough to scuff ’em up a bit.]
SO, there comes a point of every society where strain and tension becomes evident, and, like over-filled balloons, or wooden troughs loaded with too many hooves, pressing down deep into the bottom-most boards, so that the strain leaks the juicy slop everywhere.
This is what we see in the case of Stephen Paddock, and several others where multi-billion dollar crisis PR factories collaborate with “the Deep State” to form what is called in propaganda-to form a narrative. Put in layman’s terms, a “self sustaining line of total bullshit” must be created to convince “we the peeple” that strain-pressures on our society- is so stressful that things start to break, and not work right anymore.
SO, in the DVIC/MIC/PIC, we see that institutional forces conspire to manufacture terrorism, or badguys-are EVERYWHERE, every minute of manipulate poor fools into bad behavior. I was lucky to live in this era-where, frm my birth until now, I have watched as America-once an autonomous nation-was morphed with lie after lie after lie into something I barely recognize anymore.
And, if I told you all the details, you would see that because I have lived long, like a mossy-backed turtle, my bark is worse than my bite, or, at least, mossier. And, unlike sme, I do not derive sustenance from the DVIC/PIC/MIC, so I have no “dog in the fight” and no triple pension to protect, as I was an early casualty of “heels on the ground” policing. And as such, I chose a “third way” which is to write, because it is truly more poweful than the sword.
But don’t let that fool you (and crtainly, I ave had my share of black eyes and broken bones and bullet holes frm all those “good guys” who, for whatever reason, couldn’t shut me up)-I know that those good guys with gunz ‘n bomz are always itchy to take another whack at me, which, while truly perverse in every sense of the word, because they are truly perverts of nature.
SO, in that light, note that the gang stalking has begun! Watch as my thesis bears itself out-that these well organized groups and individuals are “on the case” and it is possible they will seek to kill me AGAIN. *SIGH*
The keen reader will note my intense affinity for life, and that I have outlived many such homicides directed at me, but not as many as many others, which is why-sorry BOYS and GIRLS, I can’t ake the DVIC seriously, as fat old larders troll the world, recommending that cop

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