I saw a conspiracy unfold before my eyes!

I saw something, and I am saying something: look at these conspirators below-they clearly are plotting something, and so I took a picture of the plotters in action-look-these people are plotting a revolution!!!!:

I was toodling around in my Transhumanist Time Warper machine, and I honed in on the 1770’s, where I noticed something suspicious. (and the careful reader will also note the recurrence of the number 77-try not to let that bother you-and here, take some Big Pharma dope, and the number 77 won’t seem so significant after awhile) And so, I put on my flashers and I swooped in, like an MRAP in High Heels, and aimed my TTM’s speech crusher cannon on ’em, and pulled out my PanoptiKon Kamera to snap this photo of old white men plotting the overthrow of the King of England’s reign of Tyranny. What they are conspiring to do appears to be “how can we divvy this thing up into toilet paper so that EVERYONE can use it?” And the problem, for some, appears to be that there isn’t enough of “it” to go around for all of those who are in the “We the People” databases that have taken over half the tillable acreage of American Democracy. So, others want to just throw it away, and start over, which is never a good idea for Democracy.

The reader should call a Fusion Center immediately, and report this sighting of revolutionaries. There are 77 Fusion Centers around America-but good luck finding one in a phone book-because phone books weren’t invented in the 1770’s.
Related Story: Twitter cut off due process subverting access to Fusion Center’s that used firehose access to live Tweets of Americans, because the 77 centers (and thousands of other Democracy subverting centers ranging from local law enforcement to private contractors, to law firms whose members are in the Infragard- Hello, Dorsey Whitney!)
Oh, wait-never mind: my blog here is so wiretapped that the New Zealand Occulus ( a new program not yet described in media or literature available to the public) gets to look at it BEFORE I even publish. And, of course, Qatar was peeking in today, as was Pakistan. Shout out to black sites EVERYWHERE ( I could use a job, BTW, but I just can’t get on with that “torture them first” then ask questions later model of policing-coming to a towne near you soon-, which while effective in some cases, is actually total bullshit, and you know it. And Guantanamo is a mind control facility. Three cheers for the red red and red!)
You don’t have to take my word for it-gang stalking is SOOOO real that these guys peeked in today, and read stuff that forms a “narrative” in their dossiere’. And for SOME REASON, they like to read about Mormon’s-let me know if you start seeing patterns, because….:
stats today qatar.jpg

In Other News
UPDATE: I wrote this post about our hours ago, and then, as I was publishing, the blog was hit with an attack of one kind or another. In order forlawyers, and psychologists and future researchers to understand OGS, one must research one of the common repeated phrases that many TI’s make “they are messing with my computer,” is one, and frequently, those who do these things will speak in third person voice, once removed, such as “Yeah, I hear the TI’s get hacked, and their computers get all messed up,” and so on.
For me, today, there was a four hour time-lapse between this moment, and the writing above. especially, note the following:

  1. I uploaded media, which becomes a target itself
  2. The subject matter above discussed Panopticism, and government actions
  3. This blog s uder surveillance from New Zealand, and several other locations
  4. Someone from Finland has been actively looking in-and this is a first, as I routinely have monitored this blog since the beginning. (check my other posts chronologically where I note certain patterns and users in the last several weeks)
  5. Note that this blog was “followed” yesterday by a reader in my immediate vicinity who talk about “lizard people” and so on.
  6. Note that many of my thesis about hacking and redirection campaigns being used as a form of social control, and directly used to inhibit speech.
  7. Lastly- to my avid readers from Utah-note that the previous days writings have a direct intent which I will not disclose yet. But correlate it with the “intelligence” potential of certain things that I am drawing attention to, which I will write about later (also note, that I still want my GPS back.)

SO, again, to the researcher of organized gang stalking-it is hard to miss the fact that these facts I have demonstrated herein, and above* are indeed what internet cyber-stalking looks like in action, directed from any of many sources that have access to the writing-and the writer- as it is written.

  • I have a video recording of the attack itself, as my entire system was disabled for nearly an hour before I logged off that connection-a well known, secure, state-hosted connection.

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