Foster Care and gang stalking: one notorious mas shooter was connected to a multi-million dollar baby farm

I was an early casualty of the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex, and so, to some readers, it might be readily apparent that I am a Golem, rising from the masses. But, too, I am a very sad Golem indeed, my un-baked and chipped clay parts scarred and washing away in rivulets of tears, because it took some 30 years before main stream news began reporting what I was writing back in the 1990’s.
If you see something, say something-and I am reporting LIVE to my local Fusion Center and that one douchebag state/federal agent who checks in here every day and reads my posts BEFORE I even write them– I hear someone is going to start a fire somewhere!!!!!!!!
Read on for details:
You see: after the billions of dollars our government spends for crisis PR, exploiting children is the most profitable DVIC product, and “they” will say, do, concoct, or invent ANYTHING to maintain a lockup on the baby farming industry, which is worth many billions per year. And, so, one of the more famous ‘mass shooters, Myron May, was the product of a multi-million dollar foster care “home,” (keep the ROGS thesis of real estate in mind a you read through these posts), and we see many active shooters ranging from Omar Mateen to babies yet to be born in San Bernardino- to James McClynas in Florida who was pedofied by a scumbag sheriff, to many others kids and the parents who raise them are the center piece of many of these stories; and blackmail, coercion, threat narratives and more are the leverage that dirty cops, state agents, and federal agencies employ “in darkness”t control the victims of state level abuse.
You see-if all you want is to shit up and go along, grab a state check, and shut up, do as your told, you fit right into the DVIC. BUT-if you refuse to be a rat, don’t go to church, or open your mouth too much, you become a target of babay-nappers, as we saw with the Beatrice Six.
Here-have a look at where all baby-napped children end up for an hour or a day or forever once the feds incentivize child theft. The Intercept published a story today about baby farming, aka “the Foster Care Industrial Complex:
Children in the for-profit foster care system are dying at alarming rates, but the deaths are not being investigated, a two-year investigation has found.
The investigation, conducted and released in rare bipartisan fashion by the Senate Finance Committee, looked closely at one of the largest private providers of foster care services, the MENTOR Network.
The companies and agencies charged with keeping foster children safe often failed to provide the most basic protections or take steps to prevent tragedies, the investigation found.
In the wake of the report, shares of the MENTOR Network’s parent company, Civitas Solutions, traded sharply downward, but quickly rebounded amid a lack of press coverage.
By pushing the report to colleagues, Sen. Ron Wyden, the committee’s top-ranking Democratic member, said he and panel chair Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, are trying to “light a big fire around” how important it is to fix the child welfare system’s flaws.
The report was prompted in part by a BuzzFeed investigation into the company two years ago. The committee found that 86 children had died in the company’s care over a 10-year period, and the firm had conducted internal investigations in only 13 cases.

Aaaaand: a bonus 13. Hard to beat that…..
Peppering the online narratives of ‘what is organized gang stalking’ we frequently bump into Satanic Ritual Abuse, and the many satellite stories that circulate around that. We also frequently see that actual lower income men and women are “targeted” and that children are baby napped, which is a lucrative federally funded enterprise.
And, in OGS, these two narratives blur, because the religionists who work in hidden capacities in state agencies, policing, fire departments, social services, unions, and so on, are actually DEPENDENT UPON the federal revenue that child-napping brings in. No matter how you ay it-and certainly, no mater how deep you dive into the OGS rabbit hole, it pops up DVIC dollars EVERY TIME.
Put another way, the internet OGS dialectic is full of case after case of mothers targeted by social services because they spoke up or spoke out about state level abuse.It is full of fathers targeted and abused into silence with gray area policing schemes. Many are low level drug users, or petty criminals; many are being leveraged ( I can think of several journalists online who fit that scenario).
And, occasionally, we see that sex offenders-those ranging from 18 year old boys who shagged 17 year old girls to actual predators (you are hundreds of times more likely to be targeted by a government troll than a sex predator online)
Here-let’s look at a huge lie that has been running in the MSM for decades-some fifty years now: the lie that omen are good for children, or, at least, better for them than men (becuz rapists’ and pedophiles are EVERYWHERE, dontchaknow).
SO-boogieMEN are everywhere, even of you create them from whole cloth or clay-and better men, those men allied with the various sects and cults that I demonstrate throughout ROGS. And those men, allied with plainly corrupt fake feminists for whom no absurdity of lies, or deceit is enough.
So, this is whatthe DVIC really is.

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