Slander, defamation, feminist jurisprudence and gang stalking: the four horsemen of the DVIC gray area policing

Ay mates, and cunty bollocks, I’m buggered! The whisper campaign is a tool of feminist theosophy, and a tool of thedeep state predators known as “gang stalkers.”
The whisper campaign has four certain and unavoidable outcomes according to gang stalkers, and these four outcomes are repeated on blog after blog in the online dialectic of gang stalking: “the gang stalkers will make you move, cause you to go crazy, cause you to kill yourself, or make you do something so that you go to jail.”
From the Guardian UK, we see the rise of the new Chivalric Orders, defending the honor of (skeezy and dangerous) women who are millionaires, and highly paid pundits, and ironically with a straightface, recommending “an eye for an eye justice”

“After all, there was a reason men in media circles were shaking in their Vans last week: an anonymously created spreadsheet was being passed around, listing “Shitty Media Men” accused of everything from sending creepy direct messages to violent sexual assault.
It was an extension of the existing whisper network we’ve heard so much about in the wake of the Weinstein scandal – women warning each other about potentially skeezy or dangerous men.”
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I have covered many aspects of “what is organized gang stalking,” from many angles, and we see time and time again, the effects of these stalkings are often mass homicides and other associated mayhem. And we see a definite linkage between feminist theosophy (Google Nikki Craft and stalking men) and certain DVIC profiteers getting fatter than a manufactured terrorist plot factory moghul in Hollywood, or there at the Farm in Virginia (Hi UVA!), as they link “domestic violence” to “active shooters” time and again, despite mass shooters and others who get caught up in the defamation game of the DVIC being far to the outside of the outliers on a Bell curve.
We see a high level Grand Poobah of a secret society recommending that police and then, their sooper seekrit societies “Stalk the Stalkers” (Hi Hamish Brown retired Scotland Yardbird-you are welcome to leave a comment here or shoot me….an email,-I am”dying” to hear how it is that you think an eye for an eye is a good thing, as that is what terrorists are said to believe, Then, I would love to know if such methods are anything short of psychopathic by definition? Maybe Dr.s Lorraine and her pal’s David and Liz can tell us what kind of person-what psychological profile recommends an eye for an eye justice?).
But it can be inferred that indeed, one bad apple-one depersonalized, dehumanizing philosophy after another leads us squarely to BAD POLICING, and BAD BEHAVIOR in policing, not to mention endemic corruption, as secrets fester behind the thick blue line bout this practice of OGS (yes, you-thank’s for the tip).
So- what kind of birds of a feather flock together? You can ask those who have wiretapped all of our internet connections-that would be a good start.=, as signals intelligence (SIGINT) agents use the blackbird and many other ‘mystical symbols’ as a signifier of their presence (Twitter, for example, has flocks of “birds” who have access to your Tweets in real time, SOMEHOW-and I suspect that “Ruby on Rails” might be involved-Google it.)
But it’s not a flock of birds leaving a sh!t trail wherever they go-and it’s not just a few bad apples: it’s a rotten barrel full of dead birds pickled in apple vinegar-so rotten in fact that science has kicked in and the mad sociaologists are waging counter narrative-and testing the waters of Constitutional free speech expressed online (Aaaaah. Feels like Napalm in the morning! And I am just waking up….).
See here what the immediate and actual “costs” are to speech expressed online, and then comb through this blog to see how many speech subverting tools, and DVIC profiteers are behind the “we have to stop the dangerous conspiracy theorists! meme).
But the DVIC counts ITS victims in “active shooters and suicides” as well as in actual dollars-and sometimes, those who scream and cluck the loudest are behind the biggest crimes. SO, while I am unable for instance, to feel sorry for millionaire Hollywood actresses in the news who sold themselves and regretted it later;  and unable to feel sorry for the common UVA fakerape victim as well-I feel most sorry for the Constitution as high level cultists and conservatives crap all over due process, and run with one sided narratives.
SO- let’s examine the link between aging and retired cops preying on women in another way: pandering to their insecurities by presenting plainly distorted, fascist, power-imbalanced, and bizarrely sexist tropes and half-truth laden mythology to psychologists, and other DVIC profiteers and “feminists” like Jessica Valenti (and really-is there another form of entitled white girl in distress more revolting? I think manicured and dyed pink poodles are more feminist than Valenti) who run with lop-sided story telling. It is this collusion that has pressed us into a coming neo-conservative dark ages indeed.
And, if violence DID need to happen somewhere, I would suggest that the readr consider these people who are not sharing their half of the burden of social injustice, if only to validate THEIR thesis, and bring their hidden InfraGard, and other cultic and religious enablers out of their NSA/CIA/DEA/DHS/Israel-internet hidey holes.
But the truth is, violence DOESN’T happen to these cowardly mouthpieces almost EVER. And despite Hollywood’s well reimbursed myth making, violence against police is statistically rare, and even less violence is directed at women-and some of THOSE women are themselves very violent, or otherwise deranged.
But the fact is: this surveillance state was built BY these people, and without a doubt in any rational or reasonable mind, more death and mayhem has been caused in the last 15 years by these people than any other thing anywhere on the planet. And, more babies have died BECAUSE of them than any other cause-te statistics are there, if you look (Google “Iraq body count,” or “pictures of gulf war babies” and watch how your internet switch gets redirected. Telling indeed.)
But yes- there IS a link between domestic violence and active shooters, mass shooters, and othr acts of violence. Google Hamish Brown, who recommends that stalkers be stalked; or Google Rotary Club and Domestic Violence-all of these DVIC industries were built back in the days when the term and the tactics and methods of “organized/gang stalking” were applied to millionaire mobsters and Colombian cartels; and now, they are applied to some loud mouths ex-boyfriend who smokes weed; or anyone that crosses a dirty cop.
But, too, these tactic and methods of gang stalking-and especially the whisper campaign- are also applied now to politics.

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