Whisper campaigns, slander, and victims of organized gang stalking

Republican Tom Schweich killed himself in 2015. And then, another killed himself….

The Awful Mystery of Two Suicides in Missouri Politics

Auditor Tom Schweich killed himself in February, and now his former spokesman has done the same. What has gone wrong in the state’s Republican Party?

efore I get too deep into this post, I would like to direct the security researchers, and the civil/criminal litigators to the fact that after a blog becomes a target, it takes about 25-45 minutes before “their” hackers or their “bots” start whacking away at the blog, and then, script errors, and screen freezes occur. And a jscript error 8260
So-whatever software they are using, from whatever hidden bunker they are holed up in takes that long before me, the writer, is literally under attack, in a form of prior restraint that has yet to be named in any lawsuit or media.
Then the screen goes into repeated delays, generally seven seconds or so. And, these attacks are frequent one the “good guys and gals” and all their cool war toys peek in (look at the posts from the last several weeks).

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So- whisper campaigns can be deadly. And, frequently, they drive people to suicide,  causing me, the researcher to wonder “what exactly IS hidden in darkness?” which is one of the main repeated threats that some in the emergent online community of gang stalking victims endure.
And, as I have also noted, these hidden campaigns target individuals, and that, with ‘special information.’This was the case during the last election season too, where a Jewish American Republican politician was threatened with a whisper campaign, and he killed himself, and it cannot be missed that sectarianism, and politics were at the crux of his suicide.
SO- some cases of OGS entail high profile, high level people, and then, they involve actual gangs, and/or “organized” state officials who are by every sign and signifier, gangs themselves. For Schweich, this was likely the case, as he was being leveraged, and slandered for being culturally Jewish (his actual religion was Episcopalian). But like all of these cases, there certainly is much more. Like I said- if someone did want to drive themselves crazy, and prove impossible cases, gang stalking would be just that kind of work.
But it would be irresponsible to easily dismiss victims of organized gang stalking quite so easily when we see that the noted researchers Lorraine Sheridan and David James of Curtin University, as well as Elizabeth Dietrich of Smith College and Berkeley have said that victims of OGS should be isolated from the internet, and also slandered them as “likeymentally ill,” and “dangerous.”
But the internet, and presumptive privacy-which is sometimes the last resort that people who are in positions of power have as an outlet to do research, but also, to voice their trauma-the trauma of being blackmailed, perhaps, or worse- the internet is a valuable resource for all-regardless of race class or gender.
I have demonstrated several links between “silencing” and between religious conservativism, and also globalist interests and feminists attempting to control the dialectic of OGS, and that this mediation takes place using police and military resources. That this mediation is  the militant lesbian/police state “Sex Wars” of the 1980’s, rebooted with the modern tools and tactics of the police and surveillance state via the inept SESTA bill plus United Nations and George Soros “umbrella organizations” funding.
So-whisper campaigns are certainly real, and a feature of the OGS dialectic, and also, one of the main claims is that “the gang stalkers will try to drive you to kill yourself,” it defies logic that psychologists would condone “silencing” of any kind, because most suicide victims who are “driven to suicide” seldom write blogs. But some do….
Just yesterday, I viewed e-mails from a victim of OGS who was kidnapped, and whose story was covered in MSM, but also, he ws threatened that his hands would be cut off, and more-and whose story was reported to multiple authorities ranging from police to judges, to lawyers and more, some of whom plainly said that they were scared to pursue those who had kidnapped him. As I recall from that conversation, a judge who looked his case over said, and I am paraphrasing “I would have to be nuts to take this case. Do you know who these people are?”
I personally will NOT write about that case, as I deliberately do not write about other cases, because it is plainly dangerous. But I will not allow the silencing that goes hand in hand with gang stalking-it is that real, and that necessary that we talk about it.
So, I urge the researcher of OGS to study the link between “whisper campaigns and organized gang stalking.” And, study the case of Tom Schweich.

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