Harvey Weinstein: Gang stalking, criminology, sex predators and cover ups, and silencing

As Hollywood’s millionaire elite actresses and other Democrat donor powerhouses band together and decry the “rapes” of Harvey Weinstein, many men are surely saying “well, it’s not like they had a gun to your head.” And that is no false equivocation, either, as any peek into the state of human rights in America will demonstrate (even the PIC activists view men as disposable).
But Freddie Gray had a gun to his head-and so did many others; and I lost a story about eyes in the sky to as-yet-to-be-named thieves.
And the Forward is reporting that we shouldn’t go on a witch hunt for Harvey Weinsteins other victims. Because, you know, whisper campaigns can be deadly, or worse. But to me, and many others- it’s amazing what some women will  do in other women’s names. Like crickets in the head of democracy, what these types of women do in the name of other women is like a horsehair worm infection.
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I mean-if men like Freddy Gray of Baltimore were here today-or had even breathed a free breath, just once-OH! The stories they could tell us. Philando Castile- I sure wish I had heard about him BEFORE he was shot in cold blood, AFTER he had been stopped, frisked, and de-nuded in various ways by DVIC jurisprudence, and her international handmaidens.
But I didn’t- like that guy in the movie PI, my head was constantly drilled and filled with news about how poor lil’ multi-millionaire women had been drilled by Harvey. Poor things. Poor, but valuable things! And cerainly, we need to restore these women’s honor back to pre-Hitler days, when eastern block socialists lit them on fire and used them as “Liberty Torches.”
Freddie Gray is NOT here, and we have instead a bunch of women whose boobies were groped, or who had to endure watching as Harvey fondles himself in front of a hopeful starlet( few will argue Harvey Weinstein is anything but a disgusting pig). And apparently quite a few of them is madz cuz’ Harvey took baths in front of them, and sometimes talked mean to them as he told them to lay down like dogs; or placed their hands on his cock, instead of his wallet. Wallet’s it seems, are the goal of all hero’s and heroine’s.
So- this is why I write ROGS, and get stalked and harassed- to demonstrate how thngs really work; and who it is EXACTLY that is behind organized gang stalking. And of course-of course!-so these poor women- all of them multi-millionaires-don’t have to waste their valuable time. And too, I write it like everything I write: as a paean to the much surveilled and monitored notion of “free speech,” and as an example of what happens to victims of REAL silencing (those who don’t get $100,000 checks for giving up some ass, or placing themselves around known perverts just so that this EXACT opportunity might arise. I respect whores aplenty-but it is THESE women whose stories come pre-purchased.)
Dead Men Tell No Tales-But Silenced Blogs Do
I knew one girl who disappeared from life, and a few kids who were kidnapped by official mechanism’s and hidden mechanism’s alike in my brief time here on earth. The disappeared one is alleged to have died of a suicide, because she was gang stalked, and became involved with someone from one of the high profile “save the targeted individuals” organizations that were prevalent in the pre-ROGS era. I will not describe her, or name her, because unlike fakerape victims who are now ‘naming themselves’ “R” actually DID disappear, just  afterbeing gang stalked at a college near to Charles Fremont Dight, the ‘father of American Eugenics.’ It was a case of “academic gang stalking” that started her demise.
And the officially kidnapped kids all had marginal lives at best, each of them used and abused to the letter of D-V-I-C in false narratives and boogieman scenarios. One of them even claimed she was brainwashed (and went on to do that to her own kids.) The DVIC, you see, is about storytelling, and little white lies that travel the world before the truth wakes up and kicks these vampires in the teeth.
And, so-the disappeared one: last time I did name her, I became the target of things I will not describe here, for my own personal safety. But suffice it to say that the internet is indeed full of predators, of all kinds-and there literally is nowhere to report them, because….well, I will let you guess why. But these don’t just target our internet connections and our “big data”-our children and our livelihoods with whisper campaigns and slander, state sponsored kidnappings and so on.
NO-these predators target us with silencing, which is anathema to democracy. And, should we fail to shut up, well, they have narratives for that, too. Indeed, these days as we see with these fakerape cases that seek to litigate far into the past, we see that half the story that is being told hasn’t been heard yet-because by design, the DVIC is a one sided narrative, devoid of substance. (it’s alright Harvey-sme of us have the guts that you don’t; or the budgets)
Here-have a look at how far backwards some ant to throw free speech on the internet-the Save Evaporating Slushfunds and  Troughs Act (SESTA).
Villains are just hero’s whose stories haven’t been told yet.
Since I got on the case, well-let’s just say that ROGS has already demonstrated that it is a game changer-that the “perps” are on notice (search ROGS for anything that says “The Intercept” for example, or help find my lost GPS)
Because high heels policing and it’s smelly, sloppy DVIC relatives are rife with stories of “silencing”, and nearly all stories like this are targeted at boys and later, as they become men, the cycle of abuse is repeated (see this post here about the deep state semiotic meaning of the number 13):

The 12 year old boy under arrest, because hs parents are never home. The cold, sterile  interogation room, and the good cop, and the bad cop: “No-what you’re going to say is that you did this, No-that YOU DID THIS….” even when you didn’t.
And the cop grinding their heel into the arch of your foot, just out of sight of his partner-and then when you scream he say’s “look-this guy thinks he’s a big mouth!” and then a black glove descending into your teeth.
The jail nurse, strapping on a white glove “spread. Spread your cheeks! If you don’t do it voluntarily…”
The hero cop, who knows the value of running a script, as yet unaware how many times you have seen “framing” in action….
“No-I am telling you to shut up, do you understand that?!” And this, as you are splayed on your own dining room floor; and after they have kicked down your door; and this after years and ears of database lies, and slander.
Then, failing to shut you up there, they drag you to the alley, sam you on a squad car, thrw you in, and drag you out, push your face hard into the roof of the car;  and the hero sticking its fingers in your ears, like a metaphorical listening fuck; where you say “is that the best wet Willie you got?!”
Where, then, as their backs carefully planted in front of a dash cam; thenwhip you around and stick you face first into the waiting camera.
And all of that because you are innocent of any crime-and because you hold to your rights-your rights to not be framed.
If you guessed that word salad is the only thing these fat asses deserve froom now on, you would be correct. Because if we stripped them of guns and badges and pretentions of hidden power-history always has shown who the real criminals are.

Such goes the framing narrative-or worse, poor Freddie Gray, an intergenerational target. I still get sick thinking about what happened to Freddie Gray, as I was “silenced’ from reporting that the FBI had planes circling above us BEFORE  Baltimore even happened. But really, I was silenced well before that. From birth, as the record will show.
Correction: this post mistakenly used the name of accused rapist Harvey Weinstein, instead of his accused rapist brother Henry.

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