Understanding psychologists in context to organized gang stalking

A wise man once asked me “why would you want to study psychology?
And I answered something to the effect that “because there’s a lot wrong in the world. And there doesn’t seem to be any help for people who need it.
That wise man, himself a victim of the 1950-60’s electroshock therapy, and later, a man who wore a wire for the FBI against ‘mobsters’  (with the net effect that HE himself was the actual target and it destroyed his family) responded “Well. Most psychologists I have known get into psychology because they are so fucked up that to hide how fucked up they are.”
I took that to heart, and didn’t go too deep into the psychology rabbit hole, and to this day, though I have enough college credits to qualify as a counselor in many US state, I took another path. The reader can infer why. Which is why I write instead, and glide into and out of disciplines ranging from educational pedagogy to linguistics to psychology and sociology as easy as an official and credentialed “bullshitter,” because that’s what most social sciences really are. Total wordplay, and little actual substance, no matter how high the Grand Poobah hat goes.
But yeah-psychologists are themselves quite a piece of work. The mask of sanity and all that.
And, I grew up around a psychiatric nightmare, where the likes of Bruno Bettleheim, who narrowly ducked the Holocaust competed with equal nightmares like dauhther obsessed Nancy Chodorow in the psychic space, and regardless of what you might think of either, suffice it to say that I have a few opinions about them as both of them helped form our current social climate, and who affect the dialectic of organized gang stalking to this day. It was these that laid the groundwork for our modern sex based/gander based/ institution wide battleground where hidden forces of social control wage culture war.
The marriage of the work of just these two and others like them could be seen in everything from the CIA’s LSD sexual revolution to feminist notions of how to discriminate against boys in mothering, while virtually worshipping daughters in a near cultish frenzy. And, they did much of what Roland Barthes would have called the”myth work” that defined sex, gender, culture and then, the policing of those narratives that are in place today.
Then there were the cultic, and the religious, and he anti-due process elements hidden deeply in the dialectic of OGS, as we frequently see “hidden” operatives waging “webterrogation” of targeted individuals.

If you are not familiar with “webterrogation,” which is a term I invented to describe this “phenomenon” of hidden agents and agencies using their un-warranted access to the internet connections to “interrogate” people without informed consent; that this form of interrogation used hostile and abusive tactics and methods; that this form of interrogation had the ability to isolate and then attempt to use auto-suggestion on non-consenting parties; that webterrogation had not been described in the public spaces; that webterrogation was abusive and suggestive to the point of oppressively harsh methods resembling torture (isolation, suggestion, shaming, learned helplessness accentuated by power imbalanced means and methods; etc
Feel free to Google the term, and tell me what you find. But I restte my copyrighton it here, now, and also in or about 2012.

I invented that term back in about 2012-2014, as I realized several things:

  1. a vast and actual conspiracy (now documented all over the internet, and especially by Edward Snowdens reveals) was indeed taking place to lift our personal data from us, without our informed consent, far beyond the parameters of “targeted advertisements” and pop ups from commercial entities, etc.
  2. that elements of psychological operations were afoot, also, without our informed consent
  3. that these hidden mechanism were highly targeted, and personalized
  4. that the personalized elements were in fact, direct access to personal biographical information of those thus targeted
  5. that these programs-if described out loud to psychologists would easily be interpreted as a form of delusion-and indeed, many of the “hidden opeerators” mentioned that exact thing
  6. that language to describe these operations hadn’t even been invented yet, much less an awareness of how far into George Orwellian reality the internet had dipped
  7. that it would take a greater effort to expose this than I am personally able to do, whereby I enlisted others who I shall not name

This is really a center-piece of the dialectic, webterrogation, as programs like Moonshot CVE and others have now revealed that what I say is true, and that many others yet to be naed are doing EXACTLY that-webterrogation.
So-webterrogation is, like, a thing in organized gang stalking, and entities ranging from Fusion Centers, local police using Twitter, and foreign and domestic agents alkie are using the internet this way. And, that InfraGard, etc, is actually tasked by the FBI to do these things; and that these operate under conditions off “plausible deniabilty”and I will at a later writing demonstrate this. Keep the law firms “Dorsey and Whitney” and then “Lindquist and Vennum”in mind at that time.
But because a proper analysis of an entire dialectic hinges upon my challenge to the New York Times piece, where several psychologists recommend that “TI’s be isolated from the internet,” and also infer that TI’s are potentially dangerous-it is important to deep dive a bit into the past to see how necessary it is going forwards to keep the internet open to all-but also, to cause any rational observer-particularly criminal defense lawyers and civil litigators-to look into this matter at each and every opportunity ( I merely point you in that direction here).
So-back to psychology, and my analysis of the dialectic of gang stalking-because one element that simply cannot be missed is that indeed-we now have plentiful evidence of auto-suggestion aka mind control on the internet (you will find that ROGS is the first to make this claim in context to these programs, and then, to link these to police programs, and auto-suggestion and so on. It is not an intellectual leap to go from the Beatrice Six to “fake Google” at the NSA/CIA, or over there in Seattle/Sacramento/etc and FBI DITU/ROU.)
And, I have herein provided several snapshots of other “coercive” or “forceful” methods whereby browsers are hacked and crashed, and more.
But my focus here now is this issue of psychological operations over the internet, aka “soft force mind control,” but also, as Otto Doerr-Zeggers has noted, no touch torture is in fact as harmful as other forms of torture. And as we see time and again-interrogators who hide behind the internet frequently mention this fact, as do actual TI’s. (@https://twitter.com/ottodoerr…..without irony, has 13 followers)
So, while many have claimed that the internet is used this way, as a cultural and social engineering scheme swilled to the brim with what can ONLY be called mind control influence operations-I have documented it in many examples, with the best to come, I assure you.
And, no touch torture via the internet, is in fact-and practice-a thing.

In Contravention of Conventional Wisdom: CIA “no touch” torture makes sense out of mind control allegationsBy Cheryl Welsh, January 2008

“University of Wisconsin professor Alfred McCoy wrote the 2006 book, A Question of Torture, CIA Interrogation, from the Cold War to the War on Terror. It’s a compelling account of McCoy’s search for understanding the CIA’s “no touch” torture techniques used in the war on terror and the Iraq War. McCoy shows how “information extracted by coercion is worthless””

But back to psychology. A careful reader of the entire dialectic of OGS will occasionally kick up a few rabbits, as we see with the connection to moral panics, and the UN’s Transnational Organized Crime initiative; and the UNTOG’s connection to local policing initiatives and prostitution, and “human trafficking” which is frequently conflated with sex trafficking, and the related DVIC dollar producing crisis PR industries, much of which is derived from the gender lesbian sex wars and white feminists of an earlier era.
And-especially in te example of enjo kosai and the UN policing local culture -it is IMPOSSIBLE TO MISS that the dialectic is one where the most jaded species of our “imperialist” world-white females- lead the charge at the future wombs of Japan, using ambiguous Asian males, rather than virile and vigorous ones. I wonder what Barthes would have t say about “the absence” of a father in these scenarios and their accompanying graphic representations in print, film, or other media?
But we KNOW what Chodorow would say….
Symbolism indeed. Eichmann in Jerusalem indeed-in privately paid junkets courtesy of the ADL.
Without elaborating on the layers of the onion of semiotic meaning, symbolic transactions, or religious and cultic signs, symbols and meanings-or especially semiotic “meaning making” and mythological meaning in narrative, I will simply say that many of the internets hidden “gang stalkers” are fans of M. Scott Peck, a psychologist hose main analyses is drawn from the study of “human evil,” aka a “ponerologist.”
Ponerology is one of the many and infinite ways that Catholics and some Jews constantly attempt to insert their mystical mythology into science; and to blur meaning in psychology. In order to understand what a vapid form of junk science this is, one only need look at its Wiki page.
But Catholics and religious Jews are never sort of power-or the will to shapeshift their analyses into ‘less than fact’ that gets inserted into whole dialectics and even court rooms (one of the most famous of these cultic hoaxes was the FBI’s go-to-hoaxer Kee McFarlane’s deception and wholesale fraud upon the courts in the McMartin pre-school Satanic panic’s and the accompanying era of fraud uponthe courts via child-napping, which affects this country to this day, as these literally stole a generation of children.)
Peck wrote a book called “The Road Less traveled, and he still has an avid readership amongst Catholic’s and some Jews in America and elsewhere; but he also has ‘meaning’ to many cops who trained in the era of the Satanic Panics. So- a peck through the pages of OGS online will reveal his words and presence, as behavioral analysts and other “occulted” operators perform botched brain surgery on unsuspecting victims of webterrogation/net-terrogation.

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