Spooks, Sayanim, and Ta$k Force $aint$: The spies who never existed.

So- between 1993 and now, one thing is certain-and, my thesis is validated over and over again as regards many points, not least of which is thatthe actics and methods of “organized gang stalking” are themselves derived from agency bleedover between the CIA/DEA/ and the FBI Hydra of domestic local LEO blur. And-no offense to my sources, or to those who nobly serve these units-but boys and girls-smething stinks in this version of policing, and it isn’t just that ca$h cow in West Hollywood CA,  with the Israeli name.
As Douglas Valentine has noted in several of his works, such as “The Phoenix Program,” or in other of his works that chronicle the agency bleed between domestic law enforcement and international intelligence, I have given you the pearls of my comeupence into this knowledge-in this piece here where I document how federal policies, CIA tactics, and gang strike forces erased boundaries; but also eradicated respect for due process of law.
So-here is little to no difference anymore between CIA tactics, and the actual CIA operations-and that ‘black operations’ and even blacker methods of monitoring and outright intimidating and harassing citizens exists far outside the law, and outside of the sight of judges and juries-and indeed, gray area policing leaves it’s fingerprints at the sight of every mass shooter event.
Related Post: the extremely distressing methods of CVE targeted at citizens who use words-and the incredible duration of time over which sooper seekrit agencies target journalists and others-here a story or two from between 2004-2011
And, that this has become so egregious that the American citizen is left defenseless against recurrent, severe, illegal and un-warranted- and well armed-tactical assaults by illegal tactics. Never mind all that wiretapping and internet redirection, “influence operations” and the Fusion Center to local LEO hotline-the real issue is that the CIA has no laws-and this bleedover has crept into every facet of domestic policing-every beat cop is now their own Sanctified Son of Jesus, or a James Bond, working for that mystery voice on a telephone; a handler that they will never meet.
And- such tactics make good men and women into bad men and women, which is what you, dear reader, might be feeling right now. SO read on-there is still hope for you, and for due process-look MA-no hands! I am talking trash directly to the deep state! They are reading this post about how TASK FARCES train the newbies, and also reading this today, which talks turkey feathers and saying to each other

lone wolf journalism
“Hey, are you there Bob? Its me, Margaret. Say-do you think that lone wolf journalist guy who is shitting all over our sooper seekrit methods and tactics knows anything about the Strike Force? I mean-who are his sources??!!- some of his stories are starting to make an Impact.…(snap crackle, Pop!) Bob: well- I dunno. I mean- they keylogger keeps sending us gibberish-but occasionally we get to steal a letter or two to Drop-box, and connect some dots.”M: Well….Soooo…..Bob- he said the tail lights go from red, to yellow to white. But really, they go from white to red sometimes-and back again, and then to yellow! Is he pulling the wool over our eyes? And how do I even know this anyways? Or is he talking about video poker? B: Poke her??M: Hay-stop all that dirty tslk-your starting to make me SWeAT

Related Story: Counterpunch documents “70 Years of Organized Crime” with Douglas Valentine “Everything the CIA does is deniable. It’s part of its Congressional mandate. Congress doesn’t want to be held accountable for the criminal things the CIA does. The only time something the CIA does become public knowledge – other than the rare accident or whistleblower – is when Congress or the President think it’s helpful for psychological warfare reasons “

Well: About training young journalists in the dark arts of “fearless reporting” I think a note about how Jerusalem Syndrome isn’t just a cherry on top of the DVIC henhouse every year is in order.
What is Samag/Yamas/Yamam, and how does it affect American police?
I could digress into how the same Israeli unit that assassinates low level Palestinian activists in the well-armed-spy-v-rockthrower game of Samas-v-Hamas, is also rumored to create terrorists from young shepherds and stone throwers, who drop their rocks at the possibility that their harassment might end-and tat they might one day be able to feed a family, but INSTEAD, are armed with suicide vests and told it’s for the “greater good,”in a grand make-work Ponzi scheme project called “AIPAC.”
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And that these EXACT units of the Samas are also present among American law enforcement units, and have been documented among those present at Occupy rallies and events. But that would be a separate novel.
This unit ALSO trains within various task forces across America, and there is a documented link between their methods, and the mass shooter events that we see all across the country. And, this presence can be documented in both the ‘dry runs’ and tactical events called “active shooter drills” as well as documented in actual live fire shooter events that are a ca$h cow for the DVIC and its subsidiary industries in high heels policing.
So, to the researcher, the journalist, the lawyer, or the social worker (and even to the cop who believes that America still has a Constitution-and that these tactics assault it at every level)-you might hear a client talk about what the media calls “Hispanic looking men” being seen before a major ‘event,’ or you might have a client talk about strange encounters with people who ‘suggest’ things to them.
I am deliberately NOT saying that the CIA is doing all of this, and in fact, I am aware that some farmers are patently against these tactics being used on Americans. But I AM saying that here is one other place to look for “links between active shooters and domestic violence” or strange damaged kids like the Newtown shooter and his interesting history with mysterious agencies.

Ruthie- is he making fun of our shoes? Tanya: Noooo- I think he’s saying that America has fallen off the slippery slope, and only Lone Wolf Journalism can save the country! Ruthie: That does it! No more words! Let’s gun-im-down! Tanya: No-wait! he has an adorable little  schmekle-and its intact! I have never seen one of those! [Ruthie’s Thompson goes Rat-a-rat-rat-rat-rat!] Ruthie: NOT ANYMORE….
And this had been the case for a VERY long time-and it has been cited by human rights groups as an abuse, and as an excess of mission creep. But I am citing this involvement here, as a direct assault on civil liberties, and in conravention to all journalism ethics, using plain language, occasional insults, and more, to make a larger point, which a very special few will appreciate eventually.
Meantime, here below is a flash from the past-and a story that should be much bigger, but isn’t-yet. But that’s due to change, and soon. And, while were on the topic of “naming names” I think the greatest Impact that I can have is to continue writing, until they make my point for me.
The “Demographics Unit,” LOL.

 08/31/2011 08:51 am ET Updated Oct 31, 2011

Inside The Demographics Unit, The CIA Spy Team The NYPD Says Doesn’t Exist

NEW YORK — Working with the CIA, the New York Police Department maintained a list of “ancestries of interest” and dispatched undercover officers to monitor Muslim businesses and social groups, according to new documents that offer a rare glimpse inside an intelligence program the NYPD insists doesn’t exist. (See documents here).
The documents add new details to an Associated Press investigation that explained how undercover NYPD officers singled out Muslim communities for surveillance and infiltration.
The Demographics Unit, a squad of 16 officers fluent in a total of at least five languages, was told to map ethnic communities in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and identify where people socialize, shop and pray.
Once that analysis was complete, according to documents obtained by the AP, the NYPD would “deploy officers in civilian clothes throughout the ethnic communities.”
The architect of this and other programs was a veteran CIA officer who oversaw the program while working with the NYPD on the CIA payroll. It was an unusual arrangement for the CIA, which is prohibited from spying inside the U.S.
After the AP report, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the NYPD has kept the city safe and does not take religion into account in its policing. The NYPD denied the Demographics Unit exists.
“There is no such unit,” police spokesman Paul Browne said before the first AP story ran. “There is nothing called the Demographics Unit.”

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