Dear Honduras: ya wanna hear about "leak theory" and how it applies to gang stalking? Email me.

So, as we see now, the totalitarianism just keeps coming, frosted with the drippy gooey frosting of a full blown morality panic/leverage/compromise operation via “yer a misogynist!” Even Garrison Keillor, a left wing hero, isn’t immune. And ROGS is left wondering: did a certain midwestern Fortune 500 company use a certain database in a huge compromise operation?
You decide! Because police states don’t just go away-they fester, and foam, and create false narratives, false moral imperatives, and frame pretty pictures around hard to look at subjects, and pick “needles out of haystacks” for decades, without mentioning the hundreds of billions they spent to CREATE NEEDLES and then, pile hay over them as a backup plan when the sheeple begin to challenge them.
Related Story: The NSA program to wiretap American’s, Ragtime, is just ONE of many.
But in ROGS world, I use leak theory to confirm my suspicions of compromised people/places/databases/agencies, etc. Here, let me demonstrate “leak theory,” which is a de minimis standard that ANY layperson can use to begin to comprehend how “big’ all this data theft is-but also, how you can build a case on a low budget, because why?
Because no citizen can stand against a rigged system where we are trapped for 16 years and sustain merit in a court room when you are up against a hundreds of billions of dollars per year rape your privacy scheme (they literally brainwashed a generation of kids who have NO IDEA that privacy is a Constitutional right), led by sooper seekrit society members and their ethno-tribal/religious/sectarian cults that work at the internet switch as if they are God. And their goddesses, of course, who can do no wrong.
Here- this is for you, Honduras. Here is what your phone “leaked” when you read through ROGS today (yesterday, your time):

And here is some of what else you were reading along the way:
Is anyone investigating or doing anything about mobbing and gangstalking so the victims can get help and not be thought crazy when they … neighbors, landlords …
In other words, if a gang stalking victim was not in subjective fear for his or her life, … NEIGHBORS, CO-WORKERS, AND CURRENT AND FORMER SUPERVISORS …
gangstalkingharassment. Search. … I have been attacking by “community based gang stalking” since long ago. … stalking and following by neighbors.
As per a lot of my other posts last night the Metro neighbors pulled out 2 Lexus IS 250’s to send hidden messages. Since this is a paranoid schizophrenia ……gang-stalking-gaslighting-fair-gaming-harassment
We dedicate this forum to those abused and exploited by the scientology criminal enterprise. We hope that your participation here facilitates and speeds your recovery.
mind control slave. Search this site. … For those being gang-stalked, … isolation and acts of harassment and vandalism by formerly friendly neighbors.
Are you being Electronically Harassed? Stop Electronic Harassment!
Gang Stalking and Christians. What is gang-stalking … Imagine if you discovered that a neighbor of yours was tormenting one of your pets, …
Connecticut criminal lawyer defends charges of harassment/stalking. Free legal consultation on Connecticut cases.…
Gangstalking Depopulation Program: Real Speaks Exclusive Special … landlords, neighbors and … One thought on “ Gangstalking Depopulation Program: Real Speaks
Voila. Leak theory. You see, in this online performance art that I call the ROGS blog is the thin hope that I can start a butterfly effect of de-anonymizing the privacy rapists who are destroying our liberty, and democracy, and flooding the internet with crap. Because I don’t have a 71 billion dollar machine with which to capture these criminals and their official source cults as they surf war porn, for pictures of dead people, or plot their next hijack of due process.

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*court cases on criminal gang stalking in america
*freemason pedophile gangstalkers

So, the sooner you, and others adopt the ROGS paradigms, the sooner we can get up a class action lawsuit and hopefully, get OGS and it’s petty cowardly bullies and assorted illegalities, and it’s accompanying harassment before a judge. But you don’t have to follow my advice-others are on the case too, because some of “we the peeple” think that the war on terror is actually a huge make work project for war criminals and deviants who work in the alphabet agencies, and in banks.
And, these deviants have flooded the world with all kinds of crap, hoping they can make it stick to those who cannot afford to deflect the crap they throw, or who are too mentally ill to know they are being used as “human propaganda”that funds the Terror Factory. In fact, the terrorism’s has been increasin’ to 6500% since the “good guys” and the “god guys” from Holy War Central got involved back in 2001.
The evidence for “manufactured terrorism” is overwhelming, but few will speak up or speak out, because they are plainly afraid of being murdered by their own “good guys,” or wiretapped as the Holy Order of the High Heels plot this activity, just like they wiretapped 3.3 million calls “in darkness” and with a “general warrant” that had few, if any actual charges come out of the deal, and like what happened here, we see that the good guys who are entrusted to protect our data left 198 million voter records exposed to anyone who has the slightest idea how to use Amazon3.
So, before I get to leak theory, first, a moment of silence-maybe put some black electric tape over your laptop camera in mourning, because Detective Sean Suiter’s funeral happened on the same day that the US Supreme Court considered whether or not we have a right to privacy, and yet no “cell phone tower” dumps have been done in Det. Suitors honor, because….well, you can probably guess why. Like the OJ gloves, they will sooner or later find the real killers, I am sure. I have confidence in the good guys and their gallies.
So, please put a black band of electric tape over your webcam, bow your head, and have a private moment for Detective Suitor, who was “shot to death with his own gun” a day before he was to testify against seven other cops in Baltimore who were racketeering behind the badge (but remember- “they”-whoever “they” are will still listen in on your mic as you weep for the death of due process, and watch any hope of agency reform float away like a turd underneath the NSA/FiveEyes/Israel/17 US Spy agency river of the data flow that is thieved from us every day):
A Maryland State Police honor guard prepares to participate in Baltimore Police Det. Sean Suiter's funeral at Mount Pleasant Church in Baltimore
Attendees at Detective Sean Suiter’s funeral included Maryland political leaders and numerous law enforcement officials
The funeral was held at Mount Pleasant Church less than two weeks after Suiter was shot with his own gun
 Suiter was shot a day before he was set to testify before a federal grand jury probing an elite police unit 
Baltimore police commisioner  stressed that the evidence refutes any notion that the slaying was part of any conspiracy
Eight indicted Baltimore officers, including four who have pleaded guilty to racketeering, are accused of defrauding their department, falsifying evidence and shaking down citizens 
Read more:
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So, about leak theory: your Tracphone took a leak into my simple, de minimis, free blog-my simple honey net that any common person can set up in order to study their adversaries who use them for target practice, aka my WordPress stats.
And you know what that tells me? It tells me that
1) you use a Trac phone, and are probably low status, low income, and thus, an easy target for cowards online to target you
2) you either use it as a burner, or you can’t afford a $35 Samsung
3) you fit any number of local ethnic profiles
4) a bunch of other stuff-see the “what you are reading” section above
Leaks are a two way street in most of this privacy and data rape scheme that the Grand Poobah’s who hide behind fake terrorism and manufactured terrorism, and that, iced with the drippy frosting of “it’s for the wimmin and the children-of course!” as they build trains to “pull the truth around the world.”
Image result
This new thrust of data rape by the any hidden operations and operators online promises to put us back into the stone age
Like NSA fake Google, and Bluetooth icons left on your taskbar after the sooper secret peeple have hacked you-again; or like any of the many signs and signatures of Tor hacks, all the good peeple leave data behind too. And year after year, we see that there is so little actual “crime” on the web that the good guys have created it for us to worry about. But they don’t call it crime-they call it Oooops! sorry! We left all your data exposed on the web! Nashunul Sekurity!
Anyway- leak theory: they leave traces too. Learn how to spot it, learn how to document it.
Then- have a look at this, in case you were wondering ” does the military operate on civilian soil? From the ACLU in 2008, a time when the DHS began it’s massive-and as yet to be talked about-surge in intelligence operations online, and as some operated in military capacities on the internet to build “little internet boxes” around peoples lives offline (srry bout the [email protected] up formatting-try this link to the .pdf):
ACLU documents “Fusion Center False Flag Follies” by Mike German and Jay Stanley
LACTEW, established in 1996, has often been described as the first fusion center. It has also been recom-
ended as a model for others to emulate.
BI Supervisory Special Agent William A. Forsyth described
he methods employed by the LACTEW in a Naval Postgraduate School thesis published before the scan-
al came to light: “[t]he TEW utilizes data-mining tools, as well as standardized “Intelligence Preparation
for Operations (IPO)” products to build all-source situational awareness and a common operating picture
for the interagency response community.”
According to 2006 congressional testimony, the LACTEW has
now “evolved” into the Joint Regional Intelligence Center (JRIC) in Los Angeles.
According to the
reports, a group of military reservists and law enforcement officers led by
the co-founder of the LACTEW engaged in a years-long conspiracy to steal highly classified intelligence
files from the Strategic Technical Operations Center (STOC) located at the U.S. Marine Corps Base at
Camp Pendleton, California and secret surveillance reports from the U.S. Northern Command headquar-
ters in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Some of the stolen files reportedly “pertained to surveillance of
Muslim communities in Southern California,” including mosques in L.A. and San Diego, and revealed “a
federal surveillance program targeting Muslim groups” in the United States. The scheme apparently
began in 2001 when the LACTEW co-founder called a civilian analyst at U.S. Northern Command to ask
that she surreptitiously supply the LACTEW with military surveillance reports. The National Security
Agency’s involvement in the investigation hints that these records may relate to warrantless domestic
surveillance operations conducted by the military.
Though some involved in the theft ring have claimed “patriotic” motives—the desire to share secret mili-
tary intelligence with local law enforcement—the
reports indicate the possibility of finan-
cial motives for the crimes. Investigators are looking into allegations that the records were passed to
defense contractors “in exchange for future employment” opportunities. Employees of one of the compa-
nies mentioned in the article, Kroll and Associates, a “risk assessment” firm, reportedly had ties to the
The thefts of intelligence files were not uncovered through internal oversight mechanisms at the
LACTEW, the STOC or the JRIC, but rather by accident, through a military investigation into stolen Iraq
war tr
ophies. Sear
ch warr
ants executed at a Carlsbad, California apartment and storage lockers in
Carlsbad and Manassas, Virginia located the war booty, along with boxes of highly classified FBI and
Department of Def
ense intelligence files.


Women in secret societies: "single women are highly targeted by gang stalking"

I have provided many examples here that women, and feminism, or women’s violence takes different forms under the DVIC schema, not least of which is how NGO’s are used in politics, and the hidden subversions that take place on the internet as female’s work behind the scenes at colleges and universities; in the DHS and the FBI to craft a “social narrative.”
I have also countered the linkage between domestic violence and mass shooters, other than to say that these are likely precipitated BY the DVIC, working with Rotary Clubs and more. All of this is federally subsidized, and all of it adopts a aradigm that women have NO  AGENCY in their own affairs; and I have presented evidence of that.

UPDATE 03-13-2020: The woman below who describes herself as,a socialist, and who goes by the various pseudonyms SChurchill, taknbsorbemwon5, Prayerwarriorpsychic not, etc. has now closed her various blogs.
She once contacted me at a blog I wrote in 2009, and partucularly mentioned that weapons traing was “very useful to know.”
This pattern of women and others who specialize in psychobabble about electronic weapons (as distinguished from what gang stalkers ACTUALLY use in the form.of wiretaps, and cell phone and computer “implants”, and as revealed by The Intercept and Reuters News Int’l), like these here, or this USAF-Mossad agent here who cyberstalked me on Twitter, are all ramble on about aluens, face orbs, UFOs, etc. are nearly ALL active and retired police, or actual intelligence agents.

And, it is indisputable that women’s organizations from both secular and religious cultures, institutions, NGO’s and other “organized” social structures-and even the Cult of Isis, aka the cult of the Virgin derive funding from crisis PR intiatives that favor a narrative of ‘damsels in distress’ i  curious twisting of actual feminism with the pseudo feminism of fascist  designs. Pseudo-feminist gang stalking and faux-heroism by “the good guys” is linked to nearly ALL OGS, with few exceptions in a lop-sided but profitable narrative.
Then there is how sex workers are exploited BY the DVIC, exploited in the narrative by police elements and NGO’s, and how real estate is a target of hidden “investigations” where sex workers and sex offenders are used as chess pieces in  these schemes, by both sides of the political aisle.
Now, I will present one of the well known gang stalking blogs that has been online for many years, and without comment, I will note that an “alliance” or an agreement has been indicated by the writer with another writer, whose main claim is that they were bullied at Ulster University many years ago (academic stalking).
I say that I will not provide comment for a very specific reason, which has legal implications, but also, that these implications have bearing on my thesis that there is a link between active shooters and domestic violence-chiefly that the “good guys” stalk those they deem to be “bad guys” who challenge their lockup on narrative; and the tax dollar draining DVIC teats as well. In short: this connection is purely diabolical.
Here is some commentary from a well known blog mstmha , and a party who appears atlernately as “prayerwarriorpsychicnot” aka “Williams” aka SChurchill, aka “conartistocracy” aka “taknbsorbemwon5” I will let the reader decide what this arch of ROGS is inferring, but also, I have highlighted the interesting points, and especially note the linkage to Sam Vakhnin who writes about narcissistic abuse.

UPDATE 11/05/2019: I ask you, the reader, to go over to taknbsorbemwon 5s blog and notice that it is now, “closed ” after ROGS outed her as,a gangstalker who likely encourages, and incites mass shootings, but also was active during a major election cycle .

I suggest the reader click the link, as it is a telling exchange. And, I do not mean to infer that there is a relation  specifically the two anonymous bloggers below, only that it is integral to the narrative of modern OGS to understand that women are both perpetrators AND victims of it:

Gang Stalker Ideology and The Exploitation Of The Working Class ( prayerwarriorpsychicnot explains)

mstmha: I just wanted to say thank you to the author of the following comment that was written in response to my blog post called Ever Seen An Employer Who Misrepresents Your Identity.
You can find the original post at
The comment was, in my opinion, one of the best comments that I have read yet that explained how the working class (especially women) are being violated in the not-so war on terror but the new terror war. It really explained much about what we are up against as we continue to expose the very complex terrorism program that has many names; one of which is gang stalking. The comment also really opened the door to the mindsets of the very evil controllers of these present-day torture agendas.
One of my favorite lines from the post…
“If our ” superiors” can only maintain their superiority by cheating – if they can’t face competition on an even playing field, they expose their vulnerability and their own inferiority.”
Thanks again to the author at prayerwarriorpsychicnot on Word Press …
The Following Comment Made By…
Owen Jones “The Demonisation of the working Class”. O Jones asks when did “the salt of the earth” become “the scum of the earth”. Then he describes the attacks on working class communities and their vilification in the media. Post-war feminism by including middle class women in the old boys network, swallowed up ALL the higher level jobs that previously some working class men had achieved and working class women had aspired to. Now there was nowhere for them to be promoted to. At the same time working class jobs were moved overseas to cheap labour countries. My theory is the demonisation is happening because as workers we are now redundant and seen as a threat to the status quo. Although his book is focused on white working class in Britain much of it equally applies to indigenous people of colour, affected by the same circumstances.
I also have a theory that post-war, working class women (which also include women of colour) experienced huge improvements in their previously degrading social conditions. The war had lifted women’s employment. Post war welfare set a bench mark which prevented employers paying women below subsistence wages. Working class women were accessing higher education and competing with middle class men and women for jobs. Contraception and abortion enabled women from being thrown in the gutter due to “accidental” pregnancy. The social class that prostitutes came from were given the opportunity to reject sexploitation. Women who had previously been forced into prostitution were getting educated, supporting themselves, and competing with their social. “superiors” for jobs. The status quo was upset. This was good for working class women but the men wanted prostitutes, employers wanted dirt cheap labour, the police were losing out on the profits and pleasures of involvement with the sex industry, and nobody of higher rank wanted to compete on an even playing field with this previous class of near-slaves, for career jobs. I can’t think of any other reason why COINTELPRO would target feminist and lesbian groups. Keep the whatsits in their place, right?
Women were oppressed. Now they could walk away from bad relationships and support themselves. The oppressing men did not like that and they had a lot of allies (police, people wanting the old status quo back).
I have heard other Targets say their persecution started with an abusive ex-partner , then it morphed into gang stalking. Men have always done that – stalking by proxy and all that. (Vaknin)

Sex workers, FiveEyes-DHS-ICE-HSI investigations, asset forfeiture, and fakerape: gang stalking and real estate links.

Anyone who scratches the surface of the OGS dialectic soon discovers that sex workers are frequent targets of stalking, especially women and men who work “independently” away from all the captain save-a-hoes and the various DVIC prostitution profiteers and NGO’s.
But less obvious is that frequently, they are inter-generational targets of all kinds of abuse beyond sexuality: sex workers are a “ca$h cow” for social services and the DVIC, as well as police and psychology. And that, inter-generationally. It is a situation that hasn’t changed in the history of the word, because prostitution is the world’s second oldest profession, just after those who claim to be policing it by peeking through the bushes.
So, as we see that there are also connections between militant lesbianism, state level pimping, and the gender feminist sex wars of the 1980’s, updated to include high heels policing, we see today how “far” these have gone to “own the machinery” of power. Beyond the obvious flaws in their narratology, that of swapping one group of financiers an “patriachs” for another- is the fact that pimping BY women OF women is more frequent these days.
So, let’s explore an actual case scenario drawn directly from life, and directly from the OGS online dialectic. I will not point to my source, but suffice to say that I have documentation ranging from police reports to witness testimony to ICE records of deportations.
Save the women! AND pimp the female sex offenders!
Politics and pimping make strange bedfellows as we see in the current Palestinian styled whisper campaign where western Holy Warriors working from within the DVIC framework run narratives and scripts about saving women from “abuse” as if women have no accountability, or agency in their own lives. The “hidden hand” of “occult activity” aka “culture wars financed by George Soros, et al” is all over these whisper networks, and I suspect, a direct product of “foreign mystery money” that flowed in to our politics after 1993, at the height of the lesbian sex wars where women sough control of other women, pornography, and sex.
And as we see in case after case of OGS where real estate is involved, we also see the hidden  activity of NGO’s and other “morality pimps”who derive their sustenance from federally incentivized crisis PR campaigns. And, the fingerprints of pseudo-feminism are all over organized gang stalking, ranging from the political alliances and allegiances of the “two studies ever on gang stalking” to the online “four horsemen of pseudo-feminism” and the language of those who participate on blogs, to SESTA, and much more. .
So, here is an actual example, drawn from several online stories of how this works in practice:

  1. a political constituent is targeted as an influencer by the hidden FiveEyes/ DHS/local bureau hidden activity and the  apparatus of online speech control (Tom Schweic, a Missouri politician who committed suicide is likely an example of this but there are many more).
  2. the constituent is blackmailed, compromise operations are waged, and a smear campaign begins
  3. ICE targets that persons property and real estate in a hidden investigation as local enforcers selectively enforce codes and ordinances
  4. the HSI pre-crime property assessor shows up in the yard
  5. Rental properties are raided, selectively, tenants are deported
  6. the landlord becomes aware that their rental applicants change from ordinary working people and college students into a steady stream of prostitutes, shady drug dealer types, ethnic/racial activists from NGO’s and local “cliques and mobs” of people
  7. of the candidate pool, the landlord leases to a female sex offender.
  8. other tenants on the property are then suddenly accused of sexual harassment, and attempted rape (as we see today, this has become the norm, not the exception in politics and media-and that litigated in the gray area of public opinion, rather than law).
  9. other tenants sign leases and break them in days, or move in a minimal amount of personal property-just enough to constitute legal tenancy, and enough to get the keys to the property.
  10. security camera’s become targets of destruction, the surrounding neighborhood becomes a battle ground of hidden covert activity, constant break ins and other odd happenings, sometimes with squad cars right up the block.
  11. much more. Here is a site that chronicles this activity, above,  and I suspect the author is themselves a covert, but also possibly an actual TI as they live in a Catholic and Protestant cult saturated area of the world.

All of this above will also be accompanied by the usual GS activity ranging from internet and communications manipulations/hacking/disruptions; and every city vehicle ranging from the dog catcher to firetrucks; and bright lights shining through windows and most other features that are well discussed online, and more(how bizarre can you get? This is how bizarre these campaigns are.)
So, as we see, in the research of the extant blogs, there is a connection between sex offenders, sex workers, NGO’s, the FiveEyes, NSA data capture ans backbone activity, and the police practices in some areas of the country that are heavily reliant on federal funding. Fusion Centers, colleges, local police departments, and more will be involved.
And we see time and time again, a connection to “gray area policing,” local syndicates, and a new form of red-lining, where certain state and local actors control the cell block by using heinous, constitutionally cringe-worthy practices.
And, all of that, under color of law, and subversion of internet. There are many cases online where this can be verified if the researcher merely Google’s “real estate and gang stalking.” One case I am currently monitoring has all of these features and more-including claims of directed energy weapons, which I will not discuss, other than to say that it is a feature in that case.
But there are indeed links between organized gang stalking and lesbian feminist sex wars and prostitution, which are under-explored, and until now, hidden away “in darkness,” as they like to say. And, most of THAT begins in academia, via academic stalking, which is a separate blog entirely. And as usual, don’t take my word for it-I’m just the “potentially”dangerous crazy guy on the internet.
Do your own homework, test and retest until the cows come home (which they never will again, now that we are a socialist nation in high heels), because ROGS claims are for the most art, empirical. And, I can name names too.
UPDATE, 03/12/2020:
I wrote this post a couple years ago, and as you might have guessed, the landlord in this case was me, lol.
And recently, while revisiting my evidence, I discovered that one of the tenants mentioned above has now died. Of suicide.
In that case, the tenant was a guy named Jonathan Grey, who was one of those move in/move out lease breakers that I mentioned.He claimed he found a,single cockroach in the home, but never presented it to me.
In that case, he was also a Team USA Minnesota runner, and the nasty gang stalking cunt who threatened me if I didnt let him break his lease–and she threatened me in writing–has a name: Patricia Goodman, the founder of Team USA Minnesota, which has now been renamed, and transferred out of her ownership.
Goodman had threatened to have city agencies declare my property a “sickhouse” akin to a house that had an epidemic in it. I told her I would see her in court, and later, that I would sue her for malicious conduct, AFTER I kicked her ass in court. I never got the chance, but I will publish our letter exchange at a later date.
Here is more on Jonathan Greys suicide.

And here is Patricia Goodwin, an actual gang stalker

And here is her email, feel free to repost it.
[email protected]

Organized gang stalking and privacy: Carpenter-v- U.S. third party doctrine on trial, pen traps versus fully interactive Panopticon. The end is near?

Dear reader: As you will note, sprinkled throughout ROGS are many notes about privacy.In the case before SCOTUS right now, Carpenter-v-US, gang stalking is NOT an issue, because the case is a guy who robbed something-he sought, and attained a product by force, independent of outside interference or influence and under the presumption of private and free will; and then, his cell phones location data was dumped going back 127 days with no probable cause.
Without getting into the centerpiece of the case-the lack of a probable cause warrant-I want to focus on the issue of time: his case is not at all the same as OGS, though his case DOES reach far back in time, it isn’t the same as what OGS is, which goes back over decades of time.
And that is a crucial difference, because the government (which has worked behind the scenes with prosecutors going back decades to “shop” these cases BEFORE they ever happen) uses cases like Carpenter to push the boundaries, and eventually- as we will see in the future with the Utah Data center holding ENTIRE LIVES worth of electronic data-this case is the tip of a huge totalitarian argument where the Panopticon seeks to replace conscience, and rule us by implied threat via entrapment of our data; and all of THAT data, the product of targeted and personalized influence operations over time.
And, of course, like most of these precedent changing cases, it starts with one “bad guy” who wanted some ca$h.
So, have a look at the ACLU’s Nathan Freed Wessler’s arguments and concerns, about the “GPS in our pockets.
Privacy is a Constitutional right, even outside of outrageous government conduct, like off-the-books surveillance campaigns with prosecutors and private contractors, and community rats and snitches secretly wiretapping or following activists, journalists, political targets and dissenters, or using programs that hemseves have yet to see a courtroom.
And, also here at ROGS you will see a story or two about a democracy which depends from privacy itself. Many people don’t consider this one important fact: America is America, because the original writers wrote in pseudonyms, and they spoke anonymously, in private. And it was from this-free of constraint, or restraint, or direct infiltration and manipulation of their blogs online where the Constitution was formed up.
From Stephen Sachs, the guy who argued Smith-v- Maryland which has “long since outlived its suitabilty as precedence”

By The Washington Post
Stephen Sachs was Maryland attorney general from 1979 to 1987.

By Stephen H. Sachs | Special to The Washington Post
The Supreme Court will hear arguments this Wednesday in Carpenter v. United States, a criminal case testing the scope of the Fourth Amendment’s right to privacy in the digital age. The government seeks to uphold Timothy Carpenter’s conviction and will rely, as did the lower court, on the court’s 1979 decision in Smith v. Maryland, a case I know well.
I argued and won Smith v. Maryland when I was Maryland’s attorney general. I believe it was correctly decided. But I also believe it has long since outlived its suitability as precedent.
Smith began as a run-of-the-mill purse snatching. Unsatisfied with the just- purloined purse, the defendant stalked the victim with threatening and obscene telephone calls. The telephone company — at police request, but without a judicial warrant based on probable cause — attached a “pen register” at its central office that recorded numbers dialed from Smith’s home. Within three days, the device revealed a call to the victim that led to additional incriminating evidence and Michael Smith’s conviction.

Privacy is under threat because justices do not know the extent of how “interactive” the internet actually is, or how targeted certain speakers are versus other speakers; or how PRISM/XKEYSCORE and DataminR and hidden cancers like Moonshot CVE or “smart” NSA Google affect our communications.
But you are welcome to make my case for me, OR eventually others will. I did my best to drag the cockroaches out of their hidey holes all along the internet backbone, and, I failed, for the most part. But I DID manage to poke the Panopticon in the iris once in awhile.(note to my Fusion Center fans: an “iris” is part of the eyeball-the window part. Sorry if I dinged your “ISIS” bells or your PRISM.)
You see: in a case and judge shopping climate where the NSA data theft pipeline has created “the needles” and then dumped hay over them to cover their tracks, and then, targeted the needles it created for decades via  jurisdiction hopping, parallel constructing, targeted disruptions, massive unreported hacking, and actual offline and black operations, only the pot heads and the bank robbers ever get their day in court, because they stood for nothing, and they sought rewards rather than due process and procedure.
In this case, these latter treasures were an after thought of good men and women from a variety of organizations who will argue the case on Wednesday.
Related Story: Redefining privacy in the era of data rape and non-incidental collection.

SCOTUS blog docket and Carpenter-v-US

Carpenter v. United States

Docket No. Op. Below Argument Opinion Vote Author Term
16-402 6th Cir. Nov 29, 2017 TBD TBD TBD OT 2017

Issue: Whether the warrantless seizure and search of historical cellphone records revealing the location and movements of a cellphone user over the course of 127 days is permitted by the Fourth Amendment.

These discussion have become sort of enshrined as the Federalist Papers. Hey, you there, dear reader- it would do us all well to peek into them sometime, because webscrubbing and webwashing-like parallel constructing, or dry cleaning a narrative- is un-American. Maybe take a break from reading ROGS for a minute, and mosey over to the bookstore and get a copy of the Federalist Papers. Oh, crap! The are burning bookstores these days! Bad words! Bad idea’s! Pizzagate! Satanists! Whisper amongst yourselves….
But it isn’t just privacy- it is pure speech, via the first amendment as well, and everything that can or will extend from that thereafter. Because come Wednesday, we might no longer even have a democracy. it’s bad enough, all of this fakerape and fake terror going around, but if privacy takes a sh!t, there will be nothing left here. America will be officially a surveillance state, ruled by cults and sects of ethnic and tribal religionists-just like Pakistan or Iran, or .
Here-have a look at what Carpenter-v- US purports against our democracy, from the Guardian UK:

Supreme court cellphone case puts free speech – not just privacy – at risk

Carpenter v United States has rightly prompted concerns over surveillance. But it could also have drastic implications for personal freedom in the digital age

But on Wednesday, SCOTUS will decide the long awaited questions that affect us all, regardless of political affiliation, party, sect, cult, ethnic or racial group. Carpenter will decide f we own our data or if they do.
I personally have tried for over 13 years now to keep my data to myself, and endured every single assault against it that the government has, as it sought to create loophole after loophole to target me, personally, to steal my data, as the record can, does, and will show. And this, including blackmail attempts and other fine and noble gvernment seeekrit stuff spanning decades. This is what targeting IS, by definition.
And, I still want my GPS back.

A note about language: ROGS only studies the linguistics of organized gang stalking. After that, I am illiterate.

My letter writers from this morning were an interesting bunch, dontchthink? And I would like to point the reader to the fact that my readers are generally fairly literate, and that they read through this bog seeking “narrative structure.” So-either they have sicc’d the robots on me, or they have my brain entrapped somewhere offline in a rotten barrel of apple vinegar. Maybe they are doing a biopsy in Pakistan.
But I can take heart that my readers are world wide. And they are generally literate; and they are sometimes from New Yarwk City, even. Wow. The big apple, Dorothy! Well- while we’re here in the Big Time, maybe I will take a moment to advertise an author that those good guys and gals over there should read- Alex Vitale:
Yeah, that’s an unpaid advertisement. It’s so rare to get a good sales pitch in, but when you believe in things, well, it’s easy to get the word out. But when your gods become endless DVIC/MIC/PIC dollars, probably believing in things isn’t that important. Hoof to mouth existence does that to people.
Anyways: about language, I think that this mornings readers were an interesting group. And upon further analyses, I discovered they are quite literate too, in the following languages:


  • C

    Professional working proficiency

  • C++

    Professional working proficiency

  • C#

    Professional working proficiency

  • Java

    Professional working proficiency

  • VB6

    Professional working proficiency

  • VB.NET

    Professional working proficiency

  • PHP

    Professional working proficiency

  • Delphi, Pascal

    Professional working proficiency

  • Python

    Professional working proficiency

  • Ruby

    Professional working proficiency

  • Javascript, VBScript

    Professional working proficiency

  • Perl

    Professional working proficiency

  • Oracle, PL/SQL

    Professional working proficiency

  • SQL Server, T-SQL

    Professional working proficiency

  • MySQL, Stored Proc

    Professional working proficiency

  • Postresql, Store Proc

    Professional working proficiency

  • MS Access, VBA, obj model

    Professional working proficiency

  • Fortran

    Professional working proficiency


    Professional working proficiency

  • PL/I

    Professional working proficiency

  • Assembly Intel, Motorola

    Professional working proficiency


Me, I’m just a moron who writes about organized gang stalking, and gets a few news tips here and there from those who think democracy still means something. You might have forgotten democracy, but I haven’t. Which is why ROGS is my contribution to a better society, based in not being afraid some robot, or some sooper seekrit speech policing agent,  somewhere along the cancerous internet back bone will flag my pure speech, and maybe that will lead to me getting killed by Johnny Manspreader and the Balfour girls Klan.
Speech is also what Robert Parry talked about back in 1993, when he spoke in Santa Monica California about “Fooling America,” and admonished the press that the mission creep of the Drug War and all of its propaganda operations had leaped the border, and come home to roost, where it has been dropping crappings over the edge of every conversation at the henhouse ever since.
And, all that crapaganda has become “democracy by whisper campaigns,” which keeps bobble heads front and center in the “news” business, but doesn’t do a whole lot for democracy.
An while it looks like we could theoretically blame Israel and it’s terrible hasbara for the current condition, that would be a disservice, because poor Israeli’s are every bit as bullied and harassed by cult elements in western societies as journalists are. Because, remember: it wasn’t Israeli’s alone that waged the Palestinian Whisper Campaign ( a psychological operation)-no; they had the help of the British monarchists and a Rothschild or two.
And, this same whispering trend that we see with Harvey Weinstein getting his ass handed to him by Rose McGowan(covered by Ronan Farrow); and poor Al Franken weathering an ass-grabbing scandal in the state that (most likely) started the current whisper-we see how easily mob rule can be created by attacking key constituents-aka “influencers” with slander and whispers.
But all of THAT had precedence more recently than in Palestine in 1948: remember Daniel Ortega, the Sandinista? Yup, and his charming daughter Zoilamérica Narváez Murillo were a case study n how to wage a Cathy Obrien psyop using a daugter against a father. Such is the sad state of our affairs these days. Women are bought so cheaply, having been pre-propagandized and ignited by the Bernaysian dialectic. Each firl to a letter a Cathy Obrien.
How much democracy is lost every time a whisper is more important than rights of due  process of law? I guess we will have to wait for FISA to tell us, from the deep recesses of the Star Chamber. National security? What’s that if we don’t have a nation? Because a “nation” is defined by LAWS and unreakable bonds between contractors: the social compact is each citizen’s guarantee of due process under the law.
Bu whisper campaigns and slanderous allegations that by design are destructive to justice? yeah-you get the picture-these fly around the world, light as pig sh!t encrusted chicken feathers, on a single breath of air. Pulling a train indeed.
Feminist Jurisprudence, CIA styled propaganda operations, or deep trance formation? You decide-because I’m no good with languages, or nuance:
Rosario Murillo and Daniel Ortega

As Nicaragua’s first couple consolidates power, a daughter fears for her country

Zoilamérica Narváez Murillo, shunned by family after alleging sexual abuse by stepfather and president Daniel Ortega, says landslide win would mar democracy
Children play in front of a campaign poster of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo in Managua, Nicaragua
Children play in front of a campaign poster of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo in Managua, Nicaragua. Photograph: Oswaldo Rivas/Reuters
Most daughters would be proud of a mother on the verge of a historic election victory, but the prospect brings pain and dread to Zoilamérica Narváez Murillo, who says she fears the politics of her nation are becoming as destructively incestuous as that of her family.
Narváez is the outcast child of Nicaragua’s first lady, Rosario Murillo, who is standing for the first time in this Sunday’s election on the same ticket as her husband, the veteran Sandinista leader and national president Daniel Ortega.
Polls suggest the first couple will win by a landslide, prompting comparisons with the Underwoods in the TV drama House of Cards, outrage among an opposition who claim a rigged poll is cementing the power of an authoritarian dynasty, and despondency in their daughter.
Narváez claims Ortega, her stepfather, sexually abused her from the age of nine years old. When she went public with these accusations in 1998, her mother turned against her and led a campaign of denials that propelled the president’s wife into a more powerful position both in her marital relationship and national government.
In the years since, Murillo has moved from the fringes to the centre of Nicaraguan politics. She is already de facto chief of staff, the main spokesman of the administration and a micromanager whose approval is needed for every ministerial interview or policy draft. The vice-presidency will formalise her power. According to Narváez, it will also complete a cynical trade-off.

Rosario Murillo and Daniel Ortega
Rosario Murillo and Daniel Ortega at an event commemorating the 36th anniversary of the Sandinista National Liberation Front withdrawal to Masaya, in Managua, Nicaragua. Photograph: Esteban Felix/AP

The threat narratives of gang stalking:

As I have noted in many places here at ROGS, those who are entrapped, enmeshed, ensconced, or otherwise entombed in the dialectic are at the whim of things they have no idea about–things they cannot name, or even know where to start once the total and personalized privacy rape begins. So, to the researcher, the journalist, and the litigator, it is important that you asses each claim individually, because OGS is highly personalized, and forms 1) a generalized dialectic that anyone can speak to, or speak into and 2) those who use OGS as a form of bullying “take names” and “make lists,” very much the way that zionists and Hitler did as they worked together against democracy.
So, in that light, let me tell you about the letters ad comments from this blog yesterday, and this morning, from Las Vegas, and Australia. It is important to note that one reader in Israel popped in, around the time a reader in Las Vegas was trolling posts to find challenging ideas that they could label as “threats,”or “bad werdz.” I sometimes include words, phrases, and “triggers” for that purpose. ANd keep in mind that the main goal of ROGS is to out the cockroaches who are attacking pure speech online.
We were NOT in Kansas yesterday.
Once upon a time, their were secret societies and their minions of flying monkeys, just like that scene in the Wizard of Oz. Then, Dorothy met the big bad wolf in Las Vegas, and ate it a new ^sshole, starting at it’s fat and fluffy tail, which Dorothy used as a mop.
The End.
Hahahahaha! Just kidding. The reality is that these new gangs of hidden social coercers and rats and bullies are every bit as terrifying and terroristic as the last group, but with ELECTRONIC WEAPONS like the Five Eyes 24/7 wiretap of all of our telephone calls, cell phones as tracking devices, and the utter joy with which the “good guys” call the shots from behind the curtin as the flying monkeys do stuff like this.
So, no, you will never get me onboard with the terrorists/pedophiles/boogieman-du-jour thingy because as we see: if you follow the money, we KNOW who is doing all the bad stuff. And those other guys are statistically nearly non-existent, compared to the DVIC make work projects all over the place. Oh- and the war on writers, journalists, whistle blowers, activists and pure speech is what is really goin’ on-yeah, that seems worth mentioning too.
We’re not in Kansas anymore, but some certainly have foist upon us a similar paradigm to “Bleeding Kansas,” in the days of old when low IQ trolls and morons took pot shoots at small town abolitionists, or tarred and feathered us and ran us out on a rail(and I am laughing every tie some low IQ data analyst has to get out a Cylopspedia to find out what “Bleeding Kansas” means.)
Ah: Bleeding Kansas, home of a Booz Allen-toTexas-To-Maryland-to-NYC nexus. Also, the site of a major part of the US Civil War. Of course, this gray area control of narrative thing woked so well then, because news paper editors could just be lynched. And it worked really well because their was no internet, and targeted individuals were usually left on their own, then lynched. I have the good fortune of the ability to communicate the “threat narrative” to others, via this amazing medium of democracy.
And, I have a few journalists peeking in over my shoulder too, because yup, gang stalking is real.
How real is gang stalking? It is SO REAL that when a writer gets close to the truth, and rules out most of the disinformation and noise-well, that’s when the “subtle hreats” begin-and these subtle threats are the same as they have always been: inane.
Here- look at this mornings mail, from one of the Five Eyes in the Panopticon. I will leave it to other journalists, and the local police who are peeking in ere to decide oif the letter is “real” or if there is a subtle threat.
I will highlight the parts that I perceive as subtly threatening, and leav it to the “pro’s” to decide what they think. Again-my intent is to create a record of evidence that others can follow, to test and retest my hypotheses
I have anonymized the writers name:

Name: Rxxx Lxxxxxxx
Email: [email protected]
Comment: If you want to tell lies, keep it up.
I have researched this for years.
You are going on a lie list.
You have not obviously been stalked.
You are as evil as the gang stalking program itself.
DEWs are not bullshit. They are used in a later part of the program.
This is not research, this is just an crap collection of opinions/lies.
When you become gang stalked, then you can update your site with truths.
Gang Stalking is a people elimination program.
Anyone show dares to tell the truth, such as:
911 is an inside job, a false flag operation, done by USA.
killing 3000 in the 3 towers (by demolition, etc)
blaming others
genociding millions for control and oil
Global Warming is a scam to collection huge amount of $lie-based-dollars$.
Agenda 21 is an attempt to land grab, reduce population, bring on a one-world control of resources.
So on, and so on.
If you discuss this online with your name attached, you will be gang stalked.
Because the liars want to keep all this covered up.
Which side are you working from.
Who is paying you?
This is the most disgusting and incorrect “research” I have ever seen for all my year of research.
Get Gang Stalked and then fix up your site.
And then you scare people saying if you leave a comment you could be more severely gang stalked! You are sick indeed.
Well bring it on, evil gang stalkers!
I ain’t afraid you you.
Rxx Lxxxxxx
(for the public, not the elite bastards)
You have done a great dis-service to all humanity by providing a very bad / false report.

Well, I won’t wade into that too much, but if I DO get gang stalked, AGAIN, I will have a good starting point that anyone can look at, and gauge “where it started THIS TIME AROUND,”as I have been experiencing this kind of thing since 2004-5. Yup. This is one example of how the “threat narrative” works in OGS. Andy psychologist can examine my claim, and decides for themselves. And I can provide email headers too, because one of the things that GS do is use other peoples names, and try to get writers like me to slander these others “by proxy.”
The reference the writer made was “Leave the Author a Message” page where I warn that the internet is itself just a huge IC/MIC/PIC/DVIC entrapment scheme. Also, I made that page because the IC/MIC/DVIC crap posters just flood blogs with their bizare theories and other hooliganism.
I don’t deny that electronic weapons exist, and so on, but I also realize what total BS. But in case anyone missed the memo, I believe that OGS is a harmful social practice, on the wrong side of the slippery slope that is destroying our cultures, and our democracy. And, as I tell EVERYONE about DEW’s “GET A [email protected] RF METER” and prove your claims. Or STFU.
But without a doubt, organized gang stalking IS what I say it is, and my many hypotheses, and proof-and the language itself can be examined and re-examined for veracity. Put another way: if OGS is a lynch mob, I am the guy with his neck in the noose, alongside those who are also being lynched. And I won’t vary from that position.
Because real men and women in real democracies either hang together, or certainly they will hang us alone.
Which is why we have to keep our eyes on the prize: a shot over the bough of the speech and thought entrament schemes that led us to the NSA-FISA FiveEyes-spy-on-citizen’s hole, where we shall poke out the eye of the Panoptical Octopussy that those Eastern Star’s built. If we do it right, we ill do it with a great sky penis! If only because whisper campaigns are sooooo cowardly.
And so, to verify how the threat narrative works in organized gang stalking, here is a comment I received yesterday as well, from someone using the name of the son of the man who designed the Eisenhower. I would like to draw the readers attention to what is called “nuts information” and especially note that the writer has requested help to “save” a little boy from a gang of meth addicts.
That is neither in my capacity to do, nor is it something that is even possible in the DVIC scheme, because there is SO MUCH MONEY in keeping children in such situations, nt to mention that organized pedophiles all work in the “good guys industries” and the DVIC- which is why Pizzagate was a total fail of altRight propaganda as well
So- if in fact there are actual good people left in the world, who can help a boy in trouble, feel free to follow this story to wherever it leads you. While I am certain that all of the CVE/DVIC/Foster care judicial corruption and CPS is merely icing on the organized pedophile cake, it occurs to me that it is also likely that there are those within those systems who might actually be able to help.
So- here is a letter, also from yesterday material this correspondent was reading on ROGS (hint-all roads lead to the wolf at the door in Las Vegas), and I will withhold my opinion about the writer, the writers intent. And, I have altered certain data to protect the writers identity or to save them from derision (my own, frequently) :

 The reason I call them the Mornxxxxx Mafia (well actually I call them the Morxxxxx Mafia just to piss them off) is because the Grand Pooh Bah is the owner, author, and primary developer of a non-genuine/counterfeit Windows operating system he calls Mornxxxxx that has been under development for at least 15 years maybe 20. The goal of this project was to develop a means of remotely accessing and controlling any targeted computer/cell/tablet/device whether or not it was online. To do that all devices need to running the same OS and that OS is Windows 8.1 because it has a virtual machine module built in. So the state of every device right now is the user is being dumped into a virtual drive with inferior permissions and a hidden bluetooth/FM Radio VPN name “None”
They got my son. I have 5600 screen shots documenting all this. Microsoft and Google are leads but Google appears to be leaving MIcrosoft holding the bag as over the past 3 years I identified 3 primary components of Mornxxxxx in Android and they have only recently removed each one. All three are gone for now.
Here’s the rest of the story. I need an attorney with some balls to go after the locals. Know anybody?
Here is the link to this writers “GoFundMe”were they seek to “save” a little boy. But as e see time and again in the OGS dialectic, it is frequently full of official source gas lighting, time wasting, and other mayhem, which all factors in to “threat levels” of different kinds.
So- I would ask my daily reader-what’s YOUR take on this?:
And I will leaave it at that.


James Comey pulling a train on freedom of the press? Nothing new here, mOOOoooove along

You might remember one of ROGS main thesis, which is that the MSM is a sewer of propaganda, based in Edward Bernay’s styled propaganda operations and corporate/ lobbyist/Big Pharma/AIPAC hasbara operations; a constant stream of brain warping crapaganda that seeks to obscure how ugly our culture has become as we struggle through the mire of “gray area policing” in our shiny DVIC high heels.
And, all of that is backed by battalions of military trained propagandists, private contractors, and Pentagon trolls who do battle with Big Teddy Bears name Fancy- and the Chinese, of course, when they aren’t manipulating every dialogue online in their home countries. I don’t know about you, but i wonder who our good guys are working for these days anyways? Because it appears that the FBI “forgot” to tell some 80 American officials that they had been targeted by Russian hackers. This must be a sign from Stalin that his evil plan worked, finally, despite that accident with Trotsky.
I mean- how can you NOT tell our own officials that they have been targets of foreign hacking? Oh, yeah, never mind: America’s premier political police strike AGAIN.

Related Story: Russian trolls are merely pigments of dispagination in the fancy bear imaginations of Pentagon trolls, according to Russian trolls.

But the deep state insiders who float between Lockheed Martin one day and into public office the next, and back again never seem to notice the poop on their heels. I guess when you get used to wiping your feet on the little people, you never notice why they are called “the unwashed masses.”

‘If you want truth to go round the world you must hire an express train to pull it; but if you want a lie to go round the world, it will fly; it is light as a feather and a breath will carry it.

-James Comey, citing some obscure 200 year old preacher, trying to pro-actively disarm the famous Joseph Goebbels that our crisis PR guru’s are employing about the quote on “lies traveling the world.”

Trump: The truth can’t get its pants on if you keep pulling the rug out from under it.

Last time these deep state cultists and their dominionists and sheeple/scapegoat oriented Zio-Catholics “hired a freight train” they were shipping folks off to concentration camps.
You might also recall that former FBI director James Comey is no fan of the bill of rights, much less the “free press” but today he’s pontificating on the finer points of the butterfly wing effect- and getting it all wrong, again. Because he has a sick tendency to quote from bizarre Catholic and christian narratology.
I mean- Niebur? Moral Man in Immoral Society? What do you call a society mitigated by the hidden workings of the NSA-FiveEyes data theft and privacy rape pipeline? I guess when you wear butchers high heels, you can even stand above your own morality.
And now this Baptist. Wow- religious theocracies are real, Dorothy. But a nte to dominionists and other theocrats who are hijacking our democracy: “Christianity neither is, nor ever was a part of the common law.
While that theocratic bent might pander well to the Jerry Sandusky pedophile base in the Kids For Ca$h state of Pensylvania, where we recently saw judicial reform activist Andy Ostrowski lifted out of his seat as he broadcast live on Facebook as he broadcast live on Facebook, to the “average citizen” who watched the debacle of the last election (and every debacle in other media where these guys can’t crap their yoga pants quick enough every time a blogger gets harassed, or slandered) it just looks unprofessional.
But such is the nature of holy warriors: they have no insight, no oversight, and a bad habit of pandering to “two wrongs make a mighty right,”while crapping on Constitutional rights. And that ain’t right…

james comey /&nbsp;<span style="font-size:13px;">Associated Press/Alex Brandon</span> © Provided by Business Insider james comey / Associated Press/Alex Brandon
‘If you want truth to go round the world you must hire an express train to pull it; but if you want a lie to go round the world, it will fly; it is light as a feather and a breath will carry it.’

  • Former FBI director James Comey appeared to weigh in after President Donald Trump slammed CNN on Twitter.
  • Comey tweeted about freedom of the press shortly after Trump attacked the news network.
  • This is not the first time Comey seems to have tacitly thrown his two cents in on the president’s actions.

Former FBI director James Comey tweeted out a quote about freedom of the press by the former president and founding father, Thomas Jefferson, shortly after President Donald Trump railed against CNN on Twitter.
[email protected] is MUCH more important in the United States than CNN, but outside of the U.S., CNN International is still a major source of (Fake) news, and they represent our Nation to the WORLD very poorly,” Trump tweeted. “The outside world does not see the truth from them!”
Trump frequently lashes out at CNN, claiming that it covers him and his administration unfairly and calling the channel “fake news” and “Fraud News Network.”
Comey took to the social media platform less than half an hour later, tweeting, “‘Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.'” He attributed the quote to Jefferson, who wrote it in a 1786 letter to the physician, James Currie.
This is not the first time Comey appears to have weighed in on something the president said. Earlier this month, he tweeted about “truth” and “lies” after Trump attacked his integrity, called him a “political hack,” and cast doubt on the US intelligence community’s assessment that Russia interfered in the 2016 election.
“‘If you want truth to go round the world you must hire an express train to pull it; but if you want a lie to go round the world, it will fly; it is light as a feather and a breath will carry it,'” Comey tweeted after the president criticized him, quoting an 1855 sermon from the Rev. Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

Good Gawd! Nowhere to hide from these folks.

Martyrdom? Oh sh!t!! I can hear he bells and buzzers going off at our “freedom protectin'” Fusion Centers all across the country! Look! I saw something! I am saying something! These new theocrats are turning America into a cesspool of cult activity, behind the skirts of a blindfolded and deaf justice that only makes sense when we are too SESTA silenced to care anymore.
Like I said- I am not afraid of the Ayatollah, or some “muzzie” just yet, because I see what a number these American Theocrats are doing to law and order, and it’s chaos indeed. Or, COINTELPRO 2.0 on holier-than-thou water. And Dick’s drilling for oil till the cows come back from the center of the earth.
Sure, Jefferson had slaves, blah blah blah: but nowhere nearly as horrific to them as the Prison Industrial Complex has been to their descendants; nowhere near as pimping and destructive to their families and autonomy as the DVIC-and nowhere nearly as profitable to majoritarian rulers either.
This modern slavery by another name- the situation on the ground where profiting from people depends upon exploiting them “in darkness” of the DVIC and our current FISA court star chamber styled justice system, or gang stalking them into prisons or death- these people make any “muzzie theocracy” look like child’s play.

The new red-lining? Gang stalking, 24/7 harassment complaints, mainstream news, and real estate links

Group stalking, multi-stalking, organized gang stalking and 24/7 harassment complaints: “The victims of the gang stalking have tried seeking relief through police reports and civil complaints that have gone to court, but nothing has changed. My friends have had their house up for sale for over a year because they feel it is the only way to escape the daily staring and leering and name calling that they hear as soon as they step out onto their own deck. New Jersey Herald

Real estate red lining is illegal. Realtors, communities, and independent home sellers cannot discriminate in the sale or rental of property.
However, as we see time and time again, local real estate “syndicates” controlled by elements from within policing can and do exactly that all across America. These collusions are also known as “community policing” volunteers, aka “Red Squads” which are well documented in the historical records, and a practice of the current DHS schemes too. And, at the center of every transaction is a lender, who is the shot caller in these local-to-international mobs (Hi Kevin!).
So- ROGS asks: do banks and lenders show discriminatory preferences for police and fire and state unionists-and their relatives?

Related Story: Have police and fire pension funds turned into racketeering-or worse? Dallas Police and Fire Pension brouhaha asks: How enmeshed are these plans and schemes anyways? RICO seems so long ago! After all- there are so  many “little people” who can be exploited in the modern Kafkaesque drama’s playing out all over America as these elements work to “frame” every discussion to hide insight into “public dealings” that aren’t necessarily “in the PUBLIC’s interests.

Here is a case where again, we see a clear link between real estate and gang stalking, as documented in the New Jersey Herald in 2013.

‘Gang stalking’ threatens lake community family

Posted: Jul. 20, 2013 9:52 pm Updated: Jul. 26, 2013 1:00 am
By: Donna Weatherwalks [click the link for he whole story!]

I live at a lovely lake community where many wonderful people live. However, amid all of the wonderful people is a group of at least eight misguided and sadistic people who have chosen to “gang stalk” two of their other neighbors on the block.
Gang stalking is a known phenomenon which can be difficult to believe and even harder to prove. It involves a group of people who band together for the purpose of targeting another individual or individuals in order to control aspects of their targets’ (victims’) lives and to monitor them 24/7.
I have been witnessing this happening to my friends since June 1, but they have been experiencing the daily stalking since 2011. The victims of the gang stalking have tried seeking relief through police reports and civil complaints that have gone to court, but nothing has changed. My friends have had their house up for sale for over a year because they feel it is the only way to escape the daily staring and leering and name calling that they hear as soon as they step out onto their own deck.
The gang has even gone so far as to call the police to make a false report against my friends in an attempt to get them into trouble. We wonder what they will do next.
Because the gang’s behaviors are not “criminal acts,” the police are limited as to what they can do, and the matter is complicated by the fact that the foremost member of the gang has a family connection with the local police department.


And keep in mind that New Jersey is already documented in the record participating in gang stalking-and that Goggle returns 613,000 results for gang stalking and New Jersey, but also that Rotary clubs and other insider (in-groups) are implicated by some in everything from active shooter training that takes place curiously close to actual mass shooter events to crisis PR dilemmas where they ask “is it ok to have arrows on our logo?” and other events that seeks to diminish the second amendment’s protections.
As some/you might have noticed: a movement is afoot to force the Constitution from our hands, through slanted story telling, and “the hidden hand*” of religious doctrines guiding our speech rights. We have the “deep state” with it’s hand in former FBI director James Comey’s ass, puppeting Reinhold Niebuhr, and everywhere you look in the dialectic of OGS you see this other “hidden hand,”which has long been the sign of “Masonic” orders.
Here- just so that you know how non-sectarian free masonry is, look here at the Beatles:

And then look at this controlled asset, Ted Cruz-and I can’t help but wonder whose hand is in his ^ss, or how he is being leveraged into the insanity that is his platform:

But don’t waste too much time over-thinking it, because what matters is that they are all in it one way or another, sticking their cultish Abrahamic/Masonic crap up your arse as if you are a puppet. Then shout out to the moron who designed this page here from the FBI countering violent extemism program (CVE), and the bloody irony of how that thing works in practice-like a hidden hand in your internet switch, on your cell phone, and “around every corner.”

Related Story: Where did 24/7 surveillance of American’s begin? How did the NSA-Israel data theft pipeline happen? When did modern slavery by another name, aka the MIC/DVIC/PIC control of narrative begin? Ask Leo Lewis, Hollywood financed domestic spy.

So: when did the hidden hand take over real estate in America?
They pop up ALL OVER the DVIC money pot starting in 1993, building to a pet cause of “Stalking the Stalkers” in lop-sided domestic violence scenarios that have sought for forty years to throw America into the religious and arch-conservative theocratic paradigms of gendered narrative. As I have said repeatedly, if you scratch the surface of most gang stalking complaints, you will find “secret society” involvement. Lion’s and Tiger’s and Rotary– Oh My!
And the weaponized Boys and Girls Clubs, and the many headed hydra headed AIPAC affiliates and the hydra’s of NGO’s  are all monetized by mystery money and junkets overseas where backdoor deals take place to sell our democracy and erase due process AND the Constitution on the cheap.
With lots of help from behind the curtains of Oz and Fusion Centers, using “high policing”  of course, which are the de facto ground zero for plotting these domestic operations and social engineering, where domestic para-militaries under DHS contracts work with foreign spy rings,  work with blackmailers and gang stalkers in every American community-as these vertically integrated, internecine campaigns of domestic terror are waged on individuals from “outgroups” by the well heeled in-groups; the nexus and gathering point where all modern discrimination takes place.
But gang stalking is real, Dorothy-Look! It’s says so in a newspaper! And we’re not in Oz anymore-we’re in Slipperyslopeville, which is right next to Greater Tel Aviv, and it looks like the ground is shaking under the weight of all that laundered capital that finances the DVIC.
But that could also be my apophenia kicking in too, as my bicameral mind is probably in a classic conflict with Sigmund Freud’s D.E. Cameron Syndrome and under the influence of the polarized Gregory Batesonesque MSM, and exacerbated by psychology’s little “official source gas-lighting” problem.
And worse! For some reason, in bouts of deep apophenia, I obsess over the fact that John Nash’s biographer- the author of “A Beautiful Mind”-was also the daughter of a CIA case officer….yeah, I know: I’m the crazy guy on the internet; just one “potentially dangerous” voice from a tribe of troubled minds who are starting to see the links between real estate and organized gang stalking.
And, a few other things, too, like how “high policing” is what police corruption IS nearly by definition.

I saw something. I am saying something: Whistle blower murdered-maybe my readers can get on THIS case? $200k Reward for capture of cop killer.

How mobbed up is Baltimore? Don’t ask Detective Sean Suiter, father of five children-he was assassinated one day before he was to testify against seven other cops who were racketeering behind the badge. Then, they closed downn the neighborhood for SIX DAYS.
Let me know if you start seeing any patterns, cuz….
Sure-not everyone comes here for the hunting like that one total moron who is reading through here to see if “my” views are aligned with one or another of some “other’ on some kind of list, or to see if maybe I am still laughing my ^ss off about the latest attempt to throw our country back into the 1960’s with a ridiculous threat assessment that tries to frame black males as “identity extremists,” or some other pap; and someone sure digs my post about Lynne Stewart lately-creating links in their own mind to some nebulous thing or another-but probably missing the fact that my reporters notes from that era were rifled through multiple times by as-yet-to-be-named black-baggers. Who ya gonna call when….
Or, especially, someone likes how I have linked sex trafficking panic to Foster Care factories that incentivize states to harm children for the cool sum of $1 million per child. Yah- I wouldn’t waste toooo much of my time on Pizzagate because we all know that states are incentivized to medically kidnap children-and that most children who are sexually abused get abused in state care-only second to being with their mothers and their many “BFF’s”. Here- save this little girl! Oh wait! Tooo late! she was kidnapped, raped, exploited and burned while she was IN STATE CARE.
Just that one….Boogieman indeed.
Yup- I have the memory of an elephant, and the patience of a stone Buddha- it’s Your move, Dwayne Hoover-but don’t go “crazy” on me bro’! I’m just a little ol’ writer.But while you’re here, wasting time reading my every word- maybe you can get on this case for awhile, and get a #badguy off the streets! Because boys and girls-“we the people” have an officer down!
But, WOW! COINCIDENCE strikes again! One day before Detective Sean Suiter is about to testify at a major corruption trial….try not to see any patterns tho,’ Dwayne:
Any guess who might have done it? Let’s crowd source it-mebbe put a feeler out on Reddit, or Who’s A Rat? Tweet it- and 77 Fusion Centers will raise their hands and say “I din’t see nuthin'”
I bet if it was a white female in distress, the entire city would be under arrest just to get the perp! In this case-my money is on “unsolved homicide,”that stretches into a few elections, or some other ridiculous and obscene thing that one could have gotten away with in the 1960’s-but which will be hard to pull off in the era of GPS and a nationwide wiretap, and “personal trackers” in every vehicle and cell phone; with the long bet on “maybe we will see a shakeup in the department” or possibly-I doubt it-but possibly “this one is gonna shake the nation if we get to the truth and the right PR.”
And speaking of cell tower dumps….I wonder why no one can catch that sicko serial murderer in Florida, but the guy in the van up the block can hear a guy take a crap seven blocks away-before he even sits down? Oh never mind-that’s just my paranoid belief that I have a tracker in my delusion box.
So- while you’re here, maybe take a look at cell tower dumps- they might help out in Florida *cough cough*:

Cell Tower Dumps: Another Surveillance Technique, Another Set of Unanswered Questions

Today, the ACLU filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the FBI, the DEA, the Secret Service, and several other agencies asking for information about a surveillance technique known as a “cell tower dump.” If you’re wondering what that is or why we’re worried about it, a story from a few years back might help to illustrate.
In 2010, the FBI was looking for a pair of bank robbers known as the “high country bandits.” Security footage from the banks wasn’t very revealing, so the Bureau turned to cell phone companies for help. To find out who was consistently near the banks when these robberies took place, they asked for the number of every single phone that was connected to cell towers near the robbed banks around the time the crimes occurred. In response, they got back over 150,000 numbers. This is a cell tower dump: the practice of demanding an enormous amount of cell phone location information—anywhere from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of data points—in an effort to identify just a few suspects.
The plan worked, and the FBI was able to identify the two numbers belonging to the robbers. But they still had around 150,000 numbers left over—meaning the FBI was in possession of location information about many thousands of people who were not suspected of any wrongdoing. You might be wondering, as we did, what happened to all of that sensitive data in the federal government’s hands?
Unfortunately you’ll have to keep wondering, at least until the government responds to our request. The legal standards surrounding tower dumps are extremely murky:

  • We don’t know what law enforcement agencies do with the data about innocent people that makes up most of what is caught in a tower dump net.
  • We don’t know what minimization measures they have in place to ensure they collect as little data about innocent people as possible.
  • We don’t know if or when they notify individuals that their information was collected.
  • We don’t even know what evidence they believe they need to show a judge before proceeding with a cell tower dump in the first place.

Auto-antonyms in the gang stalking dialectic: linguistic mechanism's and double entendre's [draft]

Peeling back the semiotics of organized gang stalking reveals that it is not a simple dialectic that is easily dismissed as mental illness in any regard, simply because the “symptoms” can all be traced to real events, and frequently co-occur with actual military grade psychological operations, as well as plainly bizzare community policing type “colluding parallel investigations.”
And, like all or most of our current social diseases,such as “high policing” having slipped our democracy into the very definition of a police state, and replaced other policing models, it is a symptom of a larger and more specious disease: hidden forces at work to disrupt and deny Democratic due process.
So, we can look all over the dialectic and see state workers, union members, academics, and more using police power to “shape” and “form” a society that fits their version of what a society should be. And, like the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex itself, we see dual meanings in every initiative of these “movers and shapers” of our society. In soe dialogues online, you can even note that some of these refer to this as “shape shifting,” which I will not analyze here.

Related Story and UPDATE 11/20/2019: The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)and LA County Sherrifs Department (LACSD)are literally full of gang members. Some estimate that one in five cops actually belong to an actual gang within the departments, while others estimate that all cops are complicit, because they dont actively police the gangs in their ranks.

Instead, I would like to point out the linguistic traits within the dialectic as one full of auto-antonyms, by starting with the phrase “domestic violence” which is what the DVIC purports to eradicate. And, I would like to ask the reader “what is DV?” What is domestic violence? And the answer, we shall see, is not just the centerpiece of modern gang stalking, but in fact and practice, the phrase is auto-antonymal.


In English, “inflammable” means “combustible”, but can be taken to mean “non-flammable” by people who wrongly treat the “in-” as meaning “not”,[1] so English safety labels typically use “flammable”.

An auto-antonym or autantonym, also called a contronym or contranym,[2] is a word with multiple meanings (senses) of which one is the reverse of another. For example, the word cleave can mean “to cut apart” or “to bind together”. This phenomenon is called enantiosemy,[3][4]enantionymy or antilogy (enantio- means “opposite”). An enantiosemic term is necessarily polysemic.

For brevity, I will simply state that the DVIC has had the net effect of creating the prison industrial complex, waging an endless undeclared and pre-emptive war that benefits few at the expense of many; and eradicated due process, among other things. And, that this is the result of auto-antonyms that work “magic” on the sheeple. It is what our modern fascism IS.
Here are just a few ways that we can look at this grand scheme where all of us are deluded that terrorists are everywhere, that women need to be respected no matter what, and that we need to keep our blinders on at all times.
Let’s first look at how we were sold on the idea of the NSA trapping and tracing and injecting and redirecting and otherwise miscegenating our data in ways still as yet enumerated.
Then, we will look at the contrast between “feminism” of yeasteryear, and “feminism today in the form of the biggest threat to a Democratic internet in history: The SESTA bill and a bill that came before it which is a tactical assault on our democracy, wrapped like a euphemistically sugar coated turd:

S. 178 (114th): Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act of 2015

Then, let’s look at my thesis again:
When did THIS become this?

Gang stalking and ritual defamation

One of the single most common features of gang stalking complaints is that slander and defamation is being waged behind a persons back. This is also a main fetaure of what psychologiss call “delusional complaints,” of the type suffered by “schizophrenics.” and others who are “mentally ill.” Indeed, religion is often a main feature of schizophrenic delusions as well.

Related Stories: The Case of the “Slenderman” and schizophrenia; then, the odd circumstances where un-empathetic societies that bomb babies and rape our data seek to label others as having a lack of empathy, aka “psycho’s and anti-socials.”

But in politics, certain elements of our western culture suffer the loathsome an literally communicable disease of “neuro-memetic fasciitis of the mind,” too, by spreading memetic slander and defamation by targeting individuals. And, we see this most commonly in politics, academia, and other institutions.

Related Story Update: Bari Weiss, a pseudo-journalist who wrote the defamational smear referenced below has now quit the New York Times, trying to stave off her inevitable firing, and ironically alleging “bullying” and other dubious claims. It takes one to know one, I suppose. See also this post about liar and fraud Sabrina Rubin Erdelywho notoriously concocted the UVA #fakerape story

Few circumstances in modern psychology, sociology, or policing allow us insight into the nefarious practice of gas lighting and official source anomie than the case of ritual defamation, which is widely used in policing, and especially in DVIC gray area policing aka “community policing.”It is this gray area collusion where many civil conspiracies are hatched these days, and I will provide an example below of such a case, and that case, where actual gang stalking takes place.
So, keep in mind that most OGS is the direct actions of local “mobs” of insiders ranging from union members to police and fire, to academics and other institutional forces working together to control an individual, or to craft, or contain a narrative. This is called “framing” in public relations circles, but also is a feature of “bad jacketing” as well. And, the preferred tool of slander these days originates in database abuses, which then frequently becomes the defamation campaign waged in the thin disguise of “police investigatory privilege” via the massive NSA-Israel–FiveEyes data theft that we see today.
So-bad jacketing and ritual defamation is a practice of religious cults and sects who work in institutions and policing, much as we saw with Andy Ostrowski in The Kids for Cash state of Pennsylvania who was targeted by Republican’s, judges, and Scientologists as well ( a virtual trifecta of OGS) because he advocated for judicial reforms, children’s rights to not be bought and sold for state incentive dollars, and more. So, OGS is political in many/most cases.
Asking “Who stole progressivism” is like asking “who stole feminism.” The answer is: the usual suspects at the Anti Defamation League and its related octopus of NGOs.
This was most evident in the last election cycle, when some noticed that the progressive party had been hijacked by an especially vicious form of hate that can only be described as psychopathic-and that, encouraged by people who “are in  the business of hate.” This is how sick our society has become-that hate is actually a business model for psychopaths and DVIC profiteers. And-it proved how hollow their ethos is.
Here is a bit about ritual defamation as practiced by NGO’s and other political elements in western societies as a form of leverage and compromise operation on a grand scale. And keep in mind that these elements used data bases, and then, as we see with many of the new fakerape’s being rolled out every day in the press, actual rapes are being conflated with mere slanderous allegations of impropriety, with the same effect as if they were actual rapes.
This is what ritual defamation IS, and regardless of any opinion for or against the “necessity” of airing all that dirty laundry, we see without a doubt that the same slanderers are involved time and time again-that those who are “in the business of hate” have left their ideological and linguistic, and tactical fingerprints all over the dialogue. This is what the Whisper Campaign IS, which not in-coincidentally, was also a main feature of the Palestinian Exodus of 1948.
So- what IS ritual defamation, and why does it matter? Well, for starters, it is very Jewish. From Yakov Hirsch, citing Laird Wilcox:

It’s important to recognize and identify the patterns of a ritual defamation. Like all propaganda and disinformation campaigns it is accomplished primarily through the manipulation of words and symbols. It is not used to persuade, but to punish. Although it may have cognitive elements, its thrust is primarily emotional. Ritual Defamation is used to hurt, to intimidate, to destroy, and to persecute, and to avoid the dialogue, debate and discussion upon which a free society depends. On those grounds it must be opposed no matter who tries to justify its use

Then, Hirsch goes on to explain how extremely Jewish the smear campaign is in cultural practice and politics, as he cites one after another Jewish whsiperer in the defamation of BDS supporter Linda Sarsour, and Senator Keith Ellison, (D) MN. Also note how the term anti-semite-like fakerape’s-have deflated meaning in such a dialectic.
Then, notice that these smears routinely appear in the New Yarwk Times, just like the original piece about OGS that inspired ROGS blog. The reader will note that my goal is to reduce and eradicate database abuse, to expose political psychiatry/psychology in action, and, to protect future victims, and also provide help for others who are actual TI’s from all folds of this dialectic. But also, to call the blackmailing cockroaches out of their hidey holes.
For me, I encountered people who used the tactics of Gavin de Becker, who is also a Department of Homeland Security contractor. So, for me, there is little doubt that this is one function of this agency, and it’s IA styled black cash hidden domestic operations. Unlike each and every other blog about OGS, here, I provide evidence of these operations, and links to the wider dialectic
Here is ritual defamation in practice, and it is important to note that it is not a delusional complaint:

The reason for this discrepancy over Sarsour is explained by understanding why she is being defamed.

What Linda Sarsour did or didn’t do is irrelevant; the goal is to make her Palestinian perspective taboo. We see more evidence that Bari Weiss has that frame of mind from her description of Congressman Keith Ellison in her same “hate” article. How does Weiss refer to Congressman Keith Ellison?

“Recall that only a few months ago, Keith Ellison, a man with a long history of defending and working with anti-Semites, was almost made leader of the Democratic National Committee.”

To be clear, Bari Weiss is calling Keith Ellison an “anti-Semite.” Non-anti-Semites don’t “defend” and “work with” anti-Semites. But the question that arises is that we know Keith Ellison is not an anti-Semite. Listen to the Jews who know him best….That Ellison is not an anti-Semite earns him no protection from ritual defamers like Weiss.

….It is noteworthy that Weiss’s conscience is clear, that NYT readers will leave her “hate” column believing Keith Ellison hates Jews. Anti-Semitism is a stain Ellison will never remove. Think of the real world “hate” Weiss intended for Ellison. But Keith Ellison being a “Muslim peacenik,” as JJ Goldberg called him, offered him no protection from Weiss. Because from Weiss’s right-wing Jewish perspective, Keith Ellison has a “forbidden attitude, opinion or belief” that must be made taboo.

We clearly see that ritual defamation is both a feature of politics AND a main complaint of those who are gang stalked. And with little to no doubt, we see that organized gang stalking is in fact and practice, a very Jewish tactic-but also a mob tactic- of social engineering and control. In the example above, we see it toxifying progressive politics, and revealing Jewish racism, but also, we see that all roads lead to Israel, no matter whose side you are on. It’s a win/win for that lobby.
Now, let’s look at community policing for signs and symbols where social interactions can be forensically analysed to see if they are affected by OGS; to see what kinds of politics are involved. But also, to see what kind of “electronics” and databases are used to target individuals.
Here is a case where Bijan Ebrahimi, a crippled immigrant, was pedofied by local police and community stalkers who likely were on his internet connection. “They” eventually murdered him, and set him on fire after a seven year long stalking, and some 80 calls to police, where he was “framed” as an unstable liar, and a pedophile. Welcome to the new religious theocracy! And, the “scapegoat” of Catholic and Jewish rituals, and kabbalists.
Here below is a comment from 2004, when both the internet, and organized gang staking as an occut practice, and gang stalking as a political and social engineering tactic took hold across America. Note the specific name of a specific council member who was named in the blog, the use of coded symbols, the mention of ‘mob’ activity’, as well as elements from police and firefighters being implicated as stalkers. Then, notice that license plates are being tracked (click the link to the full article).
This license plate tracking is not insignificant, because as we saw in the case of the Electronic Peeping Toms of Minnesota and the police stalking of Minnesota reporters, journalists, and lawyers around 2011 (just after the DHS ramped up sectarianism and selective enforcement of law and surveillance) TODAY, we see Automated License Plate Reader’s (ALPR’s) in use across the country. Imagine the impact on or political climate? Then, add the NSA full capture database that has been collected since then…..
From LA Indy Media in 2004:

How to otherwise explain the kids all driving around with the decals?
Well, we make them nervous. And they should be….if they are breaking the law.
Maybe this is why GEORGE NAKXXX, YAKUZA BACKED STATE ASS-EMBLYMAN, gets so much support from some firemen’s cells – uh, we mean unions.

I have preserved this conversation here as well, because frequently, webwashing takes place just AFTER I write about or document online evidence of OGS. But like the example of Who’sA Rat which I provided here, from that same era, we see that OGS is very real, and that attempts are made to control the public’s insight into this nefarious practice. And, so, here we see state paid and union backed actors actively subverting the law-or in the least playing hide and seek on state dollars.
Lastly, here is more about RD from Aletho News:

Ritual Defamation: A Contemporary Academic Example

By Daniel McGowan | Dissident Voice | September 22, 2017

The term ritual defamation was coined by Laird Wilcox to describe the destruction of the reputation of a person by unfair, wrongful, or malicious speech or publication. The defamation is in retaliation for opinions expressed by the victim, with the intention of silencing that person’s influence, and making an example of him so as to discourage similar “insensitivity” to subjects currently ruled as taboo. It is aggressive, organized and skillfully applied, often by a representative of a special interest group, such as, ironically, the Anti-Defamation League.
Ritual defamation is not called “ritual” because it follows any prescribed religious or mystical doctrine, nor is it embraced in any particular document or scripture. Rather, it is ritualistic because it follows a predictable, stereotyped pattern which embraces a number of elements, as in a ritual.
Laird Wilcox enumerated eight basic elements of a ritual defamation:
First, the victim must have violated a particular taboo, usually by expressing or identifying with a forbidden attitude, opinion or belief.
Second, the defamers condemn the character of the victim, never offering more than a perfunctory challenge to the particular attitudes, opinions or beliefs the victim expressed or implied. Character assassination is its primary tool.
Third, the defamers avoid engaging in any kind of debate over the truthfulness or reasonableness of what has been expressed. Their goal is not discussion but rather condemnation, censorship and repression.

Now, when  factor in these facts above, and add to them the “delusional complaint” of schizophrenic paranoid anxieties about whisper campaigns, we see a new picture emerge, and it indicts this practice, and the official source gas-lighting that gies along with it.
I ask the reader to look back upon my thesis and do their own homework now. But also, to note how easily Big Pharma psychologists and prison profiteers work within the OGS Big Data abuse schemes-they are the perfect mockingbirds. Because crisi public relations firms do more than just create messages: they monitor them too, and that, sometimes in real time as the monitor individuals.
Related Story: The Association of Threat Assessment Professional(ATAP ) calls OGS the “colluding parallel investigation. ” ATAP is also on record linking the police and private contractor, multi -agency blur of “community policing ”to gang stalking. But also, to agencies that are affiliated with Fusion Centers, and who literally practice what is called psychological operations.

Dear John Jay College of Criminal Justice: please email me, and I will explain further.

So- about the Lorraine Sheridan, David V. James thesis that those who complain about being targeted individuals of organized gang stalking are likely suffering from delusional disorders: they are totally full of sh!t.
And how do I know they are totally full of shit? Because ROGS gets hits from all over the world, and the average ROGS reader weeds through my blog, and clearly threads together “narrative structures” that in and of themselves are a novel. My readers are clear headed enough to look for “structure” in my writing by threading together various stories that fit together.
And, I have used ROGS as a de minimis method and tactical counter-assault against a world drowning in Big Data and Big Surveillance State abuse.As the avid reader will note, I have documented various forms of targeting, and targeted individuals from a wide range of cultures and practices.
In fact, my methods can be replicated, refuted, empirically validated or invalidated-and my many thesis will leave inspiration to others long before this blog gets a single dime of ad revenue. But what ROGS won’t do, is participate in the abuses that big data, and it’s DVIC/MIC handmaidens are perpetrating on an unaware public- or specifically, targeted individuals from within many societies. This blog will not contribute to the civic abuse, targeting, and entrapment or containment schemes that academics, politicians, and police power are foisting upon an dis-armed public.
In that light- I get readers from interesting places. Look whose peeking into ROGS today! Someone from John Jay College of Law!
But who is it? Who is my reader from John Jay?? I hope it’s a budding forensic psychologist, cuz’ Lawd only knows I could use some help performing a biopsy on the sick minds that created this abusive surveillance state:
Here’s John Jay College from Wikipedia (which will likely have to be shut down if SESTA is allowed to become law):

The John Jay College of Criminal Justice (John Jay) is a senior college of the City University of New York in Midtown ManhattanNew York City. John Jay was founded as the only liberal arts college with a criminal justice and forensic focus in the United States.[3][4]The college is known for its criminal justiceforensic scienceforensic psychology, and public affairs programs.

And: Someone from Iceland peeked in a couple times, and they are affiliated with this book here:

Outside Insight – Navigating a World Drowning in Data

Here’s what Forbes magazine says about that book there:

“Decision makers need to understand Outside Insight. [Jorn]Lyseggen is at the forefront and helps companies make informed and better decisions. Lyseggen is the first CEO to explain how to think differently about external data”

And look! Here are the log-in portals that registered in my simple “honey net” that the WordPress Stat’s page is:

So, when one way to answer the questions “who are targeted individuals?” and “what happens to targeted individuals,” or “are complaints of gang stalking delusional in basis?“is to set up a simple honeypot. Then, count bees till the cows fall through the center of the earth till the cows fall through the center of the earth, as in this post here.
You might have noticed that I gave Dr. Mike Wood a limited free pass about his version of gang stalking as a conspiracy theory, if only because he didn’t open his yap and deny it completely; and that he was aware that Scientologists space cults are well known gang stalkers, among many cults and religious sects that practice these horrible stalkings. And, he also knew what Bateson’s Dolphin’s were, as opposed to other unethical experiments on trapped and coerced subjects, of the kind that Ms. Sheridan practices in prisons.
Well- by all means refute me-refute it all. Probable i am wrong when I say “cops are political fobs whose union activity is every bit as mobsterish as any mob run union ever,” as we see all over the US right now, or in the cases of Donna Watts, or Bob Deis.
And, maybe targeted individuals are all delusional, like we see with Val the electrician who was pursued as a recruit by a “gang strike force”or the Beatrice Six, who were framed as a gang, then stalked into prison, after some unscrupulous pig farmer turned profiler literally brainwashed them. Let me know if you start seeing patterns with pigs, cuz…
And certainly poor Timothy Trespas is mentally ill in some regards; maybe he suffers from delusions-there is little doubt about that. But there is also no doubt that he lives in a highly targeted and gentrifyng neighborhood, where real estate is involved, and likely the mobs of retired cops and FBI agents that work for real estate developers too. Beause there are extensive links between police corruption and real estate, and “retired” LEO’s and the hidden gangs that actually control our nations, the LEIU’s.
in task farces, and  America’s gang strike forces and SWAT teams that target individuals- there is NO DOUBT that Israeli border patrol members work in hidden capacities, and teaches the tactics of terror creation. Or that cults and sects work in policing.
I dunno, you can make up your own mind about TI’s, and delusions. But for me, the thirteens are like, a real thing, just as they were for Saul Aulinsky-except in reverse: I have been stalked by the worst and most nefarious gang stalking academic turds n the planet. And all of them follow Saul’s strategem of the 13’s, and they are all rolling around in hell right now, coated in the feather clumps and wood chips that are trapped in the droppings of flying pigs, who chewed through the center of the earth, till the cows came home to roost.
And, if you read deeper through ROGS here, you will discover that if you aren’t crazy BEFORE you encounter the horror of hidden institution level abuse, combined with the monstrosity of Big Data abuse that targets us all differently, and that combined with corrupt senators and their love of privacy rape via section 702 of the FISA bill that was slipped into an entire generations lives 16 years ago-you might be crazy when they get done with you.

In Re: The NSA's Great Sim Heist, a corporate hack, and the XKEYSCORE program.

The avid ROGS reader will note that not all hacks are created equal, and while national security is indeed an important and necessary function of our current state of law and justice-not all hacking targets are the same.
That, indeed, politics are behind every single hack. Also- that gang stalking is real, and not necessarily delusional, most of the time; and that all “electronic harassment and directed energy” claims are usually related to eavesdropping and other redirection, and communications systems n one way or another-that a lot of “cross talk” can be inferred from these dialogues.
And, I would like that one special reader to take note of this: while you might think your salary depends upon the will of international banking cartels, many American citizens whose rights and liberties that have been compromised by these schemes are taking notice of how “un-American” some of these inner circle politics are-and how the great American dream for some is itself a target, because politicized racial, sectarian, ethnocentric influences work at times with each other, but also, against each other.
So-while the NSA hack that targeted certain companies cell phone SIM cards once seemed like a good idea I ask you, the special reader if that is the case now-that such a company might in fact and practice deserve MORE protection now? Because if security is the goal, then I would imagine that all the sectarian and appalling partisanship within the “deep state” that we saw ‘then’ might take on new meaning ‘NOW.’
Like I said once upon a time-it seems that everything I write about today, get’s into the news shortly thereafter. And in the case of Senator Al Franken’s recent debacle, which I touched on here months before it happened, or the new fate of Russell Simmon’s, who I touched on here about a month ago is any indicator, you might want to get a manila envelope ready. My imaginary friends  would appreciate it. And, I certainly am not complaining either, because like I said repeatedly-you come in through the front door, or go [email protected] yourself.
AND-if you haven’t heard yet- this is the NSA’s Google:

Source map blah blah
Notice that one beam in the eye of the Panopticon that goes to Washington State, and that other one in Texas. That seems like it will be relevant later, hmmm.


NSA’s Google for the World’s Private Communications

The reach and potency of XKEYSCORE as a surveillance instrument is astonishing. The Guardian report noted that NSA itself refers to the program as its “widest reaching” system. In February of this year, The Intercept reported that NSA and GCHQ hacked into the internal network of Gemalto, the world’s largest provider of cell phone SIM cards, in order to steal millions of encryption keys used to protect the privacy of cell phone communication. XKEYSCORE played a vital role in the spies’ hacking by providing government hackers access to the email accounts of Gemalto employees.
Numerous key NSA partners, including Canada, New Zealand and the U.K., have access to the mass surveillance databases of XKEYSCORE. In March, the New Zealand Herald, in partnership with The Intercept, revealed that the New Zealand government used XKEYSCORE to spy on candidates for the position of World Trade Organization director general and also members of the Solomon Islands government.
These newly published documents demonstrate that collected communications not only include emails, chats and web-browsing traffic, but also pictures, documents, voice calls, webcam photos, web searches, advertising analytics traffic, social media traffic, botnet traffic, logged keystrokes, computer network exploitation (CNE) targeting, intercepted username and password pairs, file uploads to online services, Skype sessions and more.

Bulk collection and population surveillance

XKEYSCORE allows for incredibly broad surveillance of people based on perceived patterns of suspicious behavior. It is possible, for instance, to query the system to show the activities of people based on their location, nationality and websites visited. For instance, one slide displays the search “germansinpakistn,” showing an analyst querying XKEYSCORE for all individuals in Pakistan visiting specific German language message boards.
As sites like Twitter and Facebook become increasingly significant in the world’s day-to-day communications (a Pew study shows that 71 percent of online adults in the U.S. use Facebook), they become a critical source of surveillance data. Traffic from popular social media sites is described as “a great starting point” for tracking individuals, according to an XKEYSCORE presentation titled “Tracking Targets on Online Social Networks.”

"Organized stalking" and the FBI: Cell phone monitoring is NOT new- from Fox news around 2005-8

Here is a video from around 2005-8, where some of us were battling the “soft sell” tactics of the surveillance state that was coercing us to accept mass surveillance in the internecine gray area of privacy and first amendment battles. And, that journalists and bloggers who wrote about it became targets.
Have a look at how “they” were using technology back then-and what their hackers were doing to our baby camera’s, cell phones and other monitoring devices:
Federal agencies have built massive privacy raping data bases and sold American’s on that idea since 1993, via boogieman narratives so that they can monitor ALL of our communications, and have tried to sell and re-sell this to the public since 1996-and that “us versus them” depends upon privacy rape as a means to an end. I have been aware of this and similar things since 2003-4, but other things earlier.
And now, as whole-internet capture and cell phone surveillance has become “normalized” some of us are STILL not on board with the master plan of the one percenters of the uber-rich, who have used this scheme exactly as Edward Snowden said “they are using it to steal our data, our ability to innovate, associate, assemble, and our technology.’
Here in this video from around 2005-8 the newscaster says the “FBI can now hear everything you say even when the cell phone is off” and then follows that with the sales pitch, that thy only use the ability to track us this way in order to “keep tabs on critical conversations between known members of the mafia.”
The mafia! How quaint-they have nothing on the bankster’s. And today, we know with CERTAINTY that the NSA/FBI/DEA/ scheme of backdoor access to ALL of our communications is real-and that our data is stored in Utah, and in Israel (use my search feature to see the links between Mormons in the FBI and Utah).
Here, the Fox news host notes that some are being monitored differently than others of “us.” Watch from 4:27 minutes in as the newscaster says the “FBI can now hear everything you say even when the cell phone is off. Notice that there is no mention of a warrant, even in 2005-8
So, again, revisiting the ROGS thesis, we see that I have connected the necessary dot between “what is organized stalking” and “what is gang stalking” by noting the collusion between federal and state level agencies to use tactics and methods to erode due process and first amendment rights for some, under the pretext of “organized crime stalking.” That in fact and practice, some have been targeted for decades, while others are just waking up to their targeting.
And all of this, as the FISA court and others deny that citizens have a right to privacy-or even the right to be left alone.

Who wants to watch a murder tonight?

Dear Fusion Center: I saw something! I am saying something!! The local CIA Operation, a predictive crime and human tracking program called LASER is about to go nuts! And I had to ask the Russian’s about it- because apparently the first amendment and FOIA only works in Communist countries now.

Related Story: What is Operation Laser, and how have CIA programs “gone local?” Here is the Laser operations guide.pdf from LA County.
Dubbed ‘LASER,’ the software program was developed by the CIA’s venture capital arm and connects the dots from 15 separate sources of data to draw links and connections for combating crime. Ultimately it is able to analyze street crime locations, as well as ex-cons and their alliances, the Associated Press reported.
Under the program, a crime intelligence unit creates a list of people’s names, which patrolmen routinely gather when doing street stops and arrests. The lists are marked for information only and include a photo and the license plate numbers of vehicles that people use. This information becomes the starting point for analysis and investigation.
READ MORE:‘Drone-Free LAPD!’ LA residents protest police spy drones


Look- you and the Five Eyes apparatus are about to watch a murder! Remember Ramsey Orta, the guy who filmed the murder of Eric Garner? He filmed a murder in progress as sh!tty little gang stalkers killed a man for pennies.
Yeah this guy is about to be murdered. This is truly MHCHAOS on acid:

How is Palantir’s crystal ball used?  How does modern CIA domestic operations  use Palantir to “target individuals”?
“LASER stays on mission, measures dosage, uses Palantir”

Every time I am online profiling assholes, just like you, I find comments like this, here, that some assholes leave on blog comment forums-this was from an article that detailed how gang stalking BY federal powers is designed to protect corporate interests, AND manipulate a young girl who was forcefully incarcerated in a hospital-and, it talked about how an activist was protected by gang banger’s in a prison cell:

Yeah, but were the demons appeased?

Oh My God, its me again. Jaab
LOL.. Poor Amerika, everybody getting raped, raped growin up, raped at their jobs, raped tryin to get a job, raped in prison, raped at the airports, raped on board the aircraft, raped, raped, raped, and now its not just rape, its devil Satanic demon rape. And I though I’d seen it all when everyone stared getting raped in the Airport.

Dude if MS!# are so nice will you house some of them ?
And you are aware that to be one you have to kill before you are in ?
My cousin did 4 years in Prison in El Salvador he can tell you how nice is MS13. He was lucky we had money and he could pay for protection .
Inmates with no money had to fight for the food rape others for food etc…
So go F yourself with this article

Like most people, I think gang banger’s suck. But only a little less than corrupt police who encourage the brutality in the first place, rather than mitigating it, or working towards better solutions that foster whole communities instead of gang activity.
But what we see instead is a total cognitive dissonance between our social tiers-and how the problems of the or are mocked and derided. But we also see how certain species of human’s use labeling theory in practice-and how “satanic panic” in daily dialogue echoes well documented “gang stalking jargon” to the net effect of othering in an Ich, Du paradigm, and maintaining status quo, and more. So there is little doubt about who it is that these comments are from-what “sector” of the DVIC is plain and clear.
Then, we note how some use rape threats to control other men, and the net effect of an ape-like social structure that perpetuates bad behavior. And all of that with the straw man that has such wide appeal to white female voters. So, truth to power and all that-where’s the man/woman who will shoot Liberty Vallance in the heels this time around?
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.jpg
We the peeple need you, pal. And- bring your ROGS BINGO card this time.
From Huffington Post, the story of a gang stalking target, Ramsey Orta:

He Filmed The Death Of Eric Garner. Now He’s Getting Ready To Spend 4 Years In Prison.

Ramsey Orta, who says he’s still haunted by Garner’s death, thinks the NYPD is out for revenge.

LAS VEGAS ― Ramsey Orta says he’ll wake up crying sometimes, and he won’t know why.
A few days will pass, and suddenly he’ll remember the dream. The one where he’s on that block in Staten Island, on that cool July day, filming a police officer putting his friend Eric Garner into a chokehold.
Only this time, Orta feels an arm wrap around his own neck, squeezing tighter and tighter. Until he can’t breathe.
“And then it just goes all black,” Orta said.
There are other dreams too: the one where he’s running from the cops, and the one where somebody in a hoodie walks up to him in a park and shoots him.

“Pretty much all my dreams are messed up,” he said. “I don’t remember the last time I had a nice dream.”