Fact checking ROGS gang stalking thesis: do "rogue employees" and political operatives work at Twitter-and cause harm?

In the absence of enforcement of laws that are on the books ALREADY to protect citizens privacy rights, corporations are complicit, and politicized tools of the “deep state”and police don’t police them.
As you read ROGS and research organized gang stalking, or as you try to understand how deeply corrupt our corporations are-and how this is encouraged in surveillance states, make sure you fact check my many claims with other data, as I have stated that my goal here is to demolish the police and surveillance state players ability to continue to subvert our nation/s.
One of the claims I have made is that political operatives work at Twitter, and that these harass, stalk, monitor, and otherwise contribute to provable, criminal cyber stalking. And these are inter-connected across corporate, government, and other sectors, and that they target individuals.
Then, I have noted that, federal agencies and local police are so focused on data-raping citizens and “targeted individuals” that “they” refuse to police this crime. And, that the complicity of police to act on such crimes contribute to active shooters, and domestic violence, and more. Yup-there’s a link to mass shooters and domestic violence alright: policing is stuck in 1993 era definitions of crime, while selectively enforcing laws.
Or, the DVIC. Thanks Joe Biden! Thanks Clinton Cops! Thanks CIA/DEA SOD database! Go get ’em Tiger! Good boy Good Boy! [patting flying pig in high heels on the head now.] Here’s a snack-a nice plank of wood that I tore off the bottom of an empty slop trough, which once sat  underneath a henhouse, guarded by a bunch of foxes.
But that’s all gone now-so eat this:

bird solo
Here- eat some crow. I have heard that it taste’s just like chicken sh!t DVIC policy.

Like policing in general, it’s not just one “rogue cop” or a bad apple-it’s a bad barrel, full of fetid and sour apple vinegar, with the rotted corpse of a dead pig stuffed full of apples-and that, with wings and a pair of high heels (well, because it’s a pig, it needs TWO pair of high heels, but I digress.)
Well- here, have a look at today’s news. Twitter found that “one rogue Twitter guy/gal” FINALLY!
(just that one)
And you will note that I HAVE SAID that it’s not just one- there’s a flock of them, and they call themselves  “the Birds.” And that flock is highly skilled, it includes retired cops and programmers, trolls, hasbara mockingbirds, and IC community players (who manipulate Tweets, and Twitterers, and then send select account down to NEW ZEALAND for special psychological operations).
And while I also told you several years back that there is also a big firehose leak, and the ACLU told you about 9 months later (after their horse lost the race) I am telling you again- go enforce the [email protected] laws that are written, on the books already.
[email protected] if it happened to an 18 year old girl, I bet Hamish Brown and his round table of white knights , the “Stalk the Stalkers Krew” would be all the [email protected] over it, trying to “protect” her gigabytes of nude selfies. Protect and serve that sh!t well! That’s our motto when it comes to protecting the nude selfies of young stupid vain little narcissists! It’s written in the chivalric code!
But you mean- cyber-stalking is going on on Twitter? And Psyops-and gang stalking TOO?? And and it happens to literally millions of people per year? Oh-don’t worry-it’s the “good guys” and the “god guys” doing it. So, it’s “not cyber stalking.”
Got it.
And besides-who WOULDN”T step up to the plate for a young girl? What cowards-all of you. Here-come do this to lil’ old unarmed, and ready for all your arguments, ME:

I saw something! I am SAYING SOMETHING!!!!
Oh-yah-I saw THIS too:

I think it’s important to add that DeAndre Joshua, a witness in the Mike Brown murder, was killed in a similar manner. Shot in the head, left in a car set ablaze. According to friends, DeAndre was one of the anonymous witnesses that was telling the “truth” about Mike Brown’s case, to the police. Is there a link here? Are the people surrounding the death of Mike Brown being systematically murdered?

Now get off your ass and go police that. Or-are there just so many young, nubile, tender (primarily white) and “selfie prone/addicted” female teenagers requiring YOUR attention? Yup. Thought so.
SOCMINT analyses reveals that gender bias ain’t just a river of blood of young men killed in “mystery stalkings” aka “organized gang stalking.”
[email protected] Go ask David, Lorraine and Liz-“well, those were group stalkings!” “No I think they were “multi-mobbings!” Split the cunt hair already, girlz. But it’s murder, no matter what you call it.
Well, Twitter:
All-such acts are AGAINST THE LAW, and it happens MILLIONS OF TIMES PER DAY in one way or another.
What? What ya gonna say bout that? Oh- your agency has no policy/it’s not your job/it hasn’t reached a level of severity/ it’s just  a harmless prank, etc etc etc? and especially-‘well, girls are different….!’
Yeah- all of you are in on it, a buncha’ Chodorow’s: the direct beneficiaries of these corporate level crimes. And believe me- I could give a rats ass about Trump. Because, yeah- its you gang stalkers that win no matter WHO is in office.

Trump’s account was deactivated after years of employees warning Twitter

Donald Trump wasn’t the first account to suffer a ‘mic drop’

Last night, a rogue Twitter employee celebrated their last day with the company by deactivating President Donald Trump’s account. In response, Twitter said it has “implemented safeguards to prevent this from happening again.” But the company declined to offer any explanation for how it would restrict access to tools that have been accessible to a range of Twitter employees, including contractors. Former employees say the company has known about the risks of rogue employees for years — and that Trump’s 11-minute deactivation isn’t the first time an employee targeted an account on their way out of the company.

In the wake of Trump’s account deactivation shortly before 10PM ET on Thursday, former employees gathered in a private Slack that they use to discuss the company’s travails. The rogue employee, who has not been identified, was an immediate source of fascination. “We’re now referring to this individual as ‘the legend,’” one former employee told The Verge. At the same time, the former employee was not surprised by the incident. “People have ‘dropped the mic’ in the past and deleted accounts, verified users, and otherwise abused their power on the last day,” the employee said. In each case, the employee said, the abuse was caught quickly and did not become public.

These “mic drops” were possible because of the broad availability of customer support tools inside Twitter. The company won’t say how many people have access to the tools necessary to deactivate an account like Trump’s — and after today, the number is likely much lower.


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