Dear internet profiler: I get letters, part four. PsyOp, or operand conditioning? YOU decide!

The Meaning of Dean
SO, I have noted that one of my main goals in writing ROGS is to use words, the most powerful weapons in the naked human arsenal to demolish these cowardly people who hide behind power and authority and abuse people in secret, and with unaccountably.

Background Reading: Escorts aren’t asking for ‘help’ don’t want ‘help’ and  don’t need to be “saved from themselves” and anyone saying differently is just another pimp. And, most of those pimps are white middle aged females, and their Eastern European Bankster Pal’s. Or, like “bullying on steroids-“ these save-a-ho’s are actually The Domestic Violence Industrial Complex on Viagra (the DVICOV).
And: When Women in Politics-and their white knights- ARE the Pimps: Sex workers and NGO’s ‘pimping for the children.’ because Cambdian sex workers AREN’T ASKING YOU FOR HELP.

World history has many examples of how institutional sociopaths find welcoming homes in hidden positions of trust and authority, and many of those themselves are notoriously described by history as “cowards,”and “useful idiots,” and a few more sparkly semiotic contrivances which escape me right now. But politician’s and political pimps DO find a place in the moment with SESTA, which is designed to kill internet speech.
So, here’s a picture of THAT guy:
[ a man stands at attention, but refuses to salute, surrounded by a sea of saluting, useful idiots and cowards who are impressed by symbolic badges and “courage” defined by compliance with being bubbles glued to bubbles, in a huge Sargassian sea of other bubbles, each of them easily popped, and no one the wiser once they are gone; and each of those fed by the corpses of dead fish babies that have turned into methane, and thse bubbles feeding off of the living babies who haven’t been bubble wrapped yet, who are kept in a perpetual state of quasi-self realization, and inhibited opportunity, and used as food for predators who just love “the children.”]

Related fun activity: FBI says “more people are killed with hammers and clubs each year than rifles”, from Breitbart.
Hey kids, wanna have some fun this weekend with Happy The Horse?? Alrighty! Buckle on your critical thinking deflection caps, and study “Crisis PR!” It’s a Fun and Exciting Activity! Google this phrase in “list of people killed by the FBI” Then, count the entries that precede any answer that even SLIGHTLY or REMOTELY resembles an answer to your question! Homework activity: Google “terrorist speech.” Then, read this, and play “Find the Clue: Operation Kill the First Amendment with SESTA” and see if you can find the source of THIS gem: “the FBI’s Charlotte Field Office opened an investigative file on the BPP to track its militant activities, income, and expenses.” Later, settle in for a night of research, and ask ” what is a ‘disruption’ campaign“- and “who finances organized gang stalking,“? What does a disruption look like in action-and “what is gang stalking?”

Civil litigators, criminal lawyers, psychologists, and especially any of my many “profilers” and “behavioral analysts” who are following along will want to read this post.
And, I especially want to dedicate this post to a lieutenant who I once encountered who fits the EXACT profile I outlined above, named “Dean,” who comes from a long line of men named Dean, in a specific local where me named Dean are named Dean because in a certain and specific culture, the name Dean is thought by women who raise men like Dean, to sound “manly,” the way that a punch in the face is manly, or the sound of a turd dropped onto the frozen snow from a deer stand 14 feet in the air sounds manly.
I will let the reader decide if men named Dean are manly, but for the record, I will state that in my experience, the men I have known named Dean are usually closeted gay men, rank and file cowards, of the type that Hannah Arendt described in her ponerological analysis of Eichmann in Israel; or huge, slobbering slack jawed bullies who “work in darkness,” using all of the means I have described herein. And of course, my apologies to all men named Dean who do not fit the “Dean” profile I have just outlined.
What’s in a Name Anyways?
Then, I ask that you keep this video in mind, from a point in history where men like Dean were loaded with ideals about women, and lot’s of cuckoldry by women who-for some reason, just can’t feed enough men to the fires of other, more wealthy men, who are responsible for other, more horrific attrocites. And Freya, Frigg, Aesir and the ever hungry-hungry, hungry hungry Virgin Mary and lots of  concepts of self and society where the “warrior class” is king(one move on the whole chessboard), and ask yourself “Is Black Death a Business Model?”
Here’s the video:
[ A group of Youths stand and salute in 1939, but this time, its 2017]
I hope you enjoyed that video kids.
Now: Here is the etymology of Dean (rhymes with “weinie” and not surprisingly is ruled by Venuses), from a random internet link. And, because the internet is something “we” can trust, and links that I get are certainly the exact same links that YOU get (they are actually not) then I will just trust my source here, and run with this version of Dean:

Name: Dean
Gender: Male
Usage: Dean is a very popular first name. It is more often used as a boy (male) name.
People having the name Dean are in general originating from Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Slovenia, United Kingdom, United States of America.

Meaning: Valley, Leader
Please feel free to read what others say about this name and to share your comments if you have more information.
The name Dean is ranked on the 356th position of the most used names. It means that this name is very frequently used.
We estimate that there are at least 1857300 persons in the world having this name which is around 0.026% of the population. The name Dean has four characters. It means that it is relatively short-length, compared to the other names in our database.
The Growth number corresponding to this first name is 6.
Qualities: Romantic, Nurturing
Ruling planet: Venus
Colors: Blue
Gemstones: Emerald

There. The meaning of Dean. Hey Dean! How’s things? Long time no see. But we will meet again*, old friend Dean! But not until you read on…..
But first, I will give you a case that was in the news, where the “writing is on the wall” where we see the actual mechanisms of organized gang stalking described in an actual case that came before the courts.
So, before I get into that, let me give you a short primer on the “why” and “how” that superstitions and mystical tribal and sectarian religions infect secular law and culture, and policing/enforcement/and narrative control, aka crisis PR, and then, I will cover the other four W’s of it all with an email that I received from a “victim” of OGS.

I don’t have anything that is “official”. I only have my experiences and my intuitive abilities to go on. You mentioned that real estate is a big parallel. In my town, real estate companies are involved by allowing properties that are empty around a TI to be “leased” by OGS thugs (I am sure in their circles they are well respected and lots of pats on the backs go around). They are thugs to me. Well dressed or not. I believe my house was “set up” for me to come to. I was kind of “pushed” towards it. I married a man that i later found out was my handler. As I certainly do not have the colorful background that you do, I believe that I have a greater grasp of the brevity of the big picture of this crime than most people in my situation. I look at it like this: Every city has its government. Every person in this city has a family. Every family, like most networks, have their circles of people. Good ole’ boys networks have lots of long arms. It is not too much of a stretch to think that the second biggest city in, say, Iowa each of these arms has a family member or friend or cousin or sister’s boyfriend. If all of these people house the same ideologies of what make America great, It is not that hard to fathom how so many people become involved in this unscrupulous stalking bullshit. Of course, most of the more ignorant ones don’t have any real idea of how they are harming a selected TI, or even that there is one. And there are definitely some ignorant F%%# just hanging around. Sick and stupid has been a systematic and longtime happening seduction of the masses. I guess being a black sheep has finally paid off for me because I don’t follow very well. ESPECIALLY, when I am told I must. I question everything. Have since I was a very small child. Have NO real clue about why I have been targeted or when it started. I only know when I realized something was going on. It doesn’t even really matter to me at this point. I know it’s wrong. I know it goes against my humanity. I know it is unfair and horrifying. I know I WILL NOT STAND DOWN. I will not shut up. I will stand at the top of the any building and yell names. I know what I know. I have no proof. Only my knowing. I don’t know where to go to fight. I am a fighter. I am a rational and sane person. I have learned many lessons through this experience. Some of those things have actually made me a better person. Others, are lessons NO ONE should have to learn or even be aware they exist. I read a little bit of your blog every night. Some of it is way too overwhelming for my tiny brain, but I find most of it very useful. To me, knowledge is power and the better I understand what is going on, the better my reactions to it become. There are not too many things that I have read online that convince me that they are for real. To be honest, I am still skeptical of you. That is one part, my conditioning, and one part I just don’t fucking trust anyone any more. Thank you for putting this all out there and having the fortitude to keep going. It is very lonely as a TI. If only they had known (they probably did) that I have always cherished my time alone. Please don’t stop. You give me hope and remind me that it is real, it is global, and that I am not in this by myself.

*Because most online profilers focus their energy on young, nubile damsels in distress who need strong, heroic figures to rescue their boobie pictures from badguys, much as Hamish Brown’s famous case where he saved a single  18 year old girl in “Stalking the Stalkers“(as bombs rained down over Baghdad in Holy Crusade 2.0) -and indeed, the Rotary Club International seems to be popping up more frequently in narratives of saving damsel’s in distress (and saving lots of hookers too, for SOME REASON, even though hookers for the most part don’t want to be saved)-this little asterisk is here to trigger paranoia in the profilers, who have an average IQ of between 97 and 110.
AND: because all online profiling is NOT created equal, and that chivalric and noble intended surveys of online “potentially dangerous” gang stalking victims (who never get interviewed in person by the New Yarwk Times) all hearken back to the days of COINTELPRO 1.0-which is why endemic corruption IS whatever “they” say it is!
Afterthoughts: Any avid ROGS reader should have a look at my “search” feaature, and look for posts about Stephen Paddock, and the BOLO, and also, of course, hep me find my Bolo tie if you will? But also note that one professional pundit has validated that there is a problem of some sort with those guys in the yellow shirts. And too, there is probably a problem with how Israelification creates terror in America.
Google Excercise:
“Conley said Campos was a contractor from a “yellow T-shirt” concert event-type security company, not a full-time Mandalay Bay employee
UPDATE 05/29/2019 : Because of the nature of propaganda, counter messaging, and narrative control, it is important to note that headlines only mentioned “four officers” while security guard Campos was the fifth PERSON alleged to be there. And major news accounts and interchanged the following phrases:
-security guards
-private contractors
-yellow tee shirts
-undercover officers
Here is one such blurred example, and I invite. …to take note of this.
Here is the quote from the article:

Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo has repeatedly said that police didn’t know that a security guard had been shot until four more officers climbed the stairs to the 32nd floor at 10:17 p.m., 12 minutes after the shooting started and two minutes after it ended.

So: four cops, and one Campos. I win, you high heeled bitches.
And Dean M., you cowardly little Rotarian, -I will soon see you in court.
Or, you can call Attorney Catherine Lombardo, and admit your own role in these types of DVIC initiated things.
Happy hunting, Pal. Hope you dont become the prey.

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