ROGS and sabotage: when "they" impersonate a website certificate

At least two Las Vegas police officers and two armed private security officers were on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel during the time that Stephen Paddock was firing down into a concert crowd

So-Yup. It doesn’t get any better than this, for any writer, or journalist. That day when your entire thesis is validated, and that across time and spaces that and continents, and decades of time, to “prove” that organized gang stalking IS what I say it is, and more- much more. And also, for any civil litigators or criminal defense lawyers; journalists or free speech advocates that are looking in, note the “veracity” of what I am saying, which is indisputable.
You are probably wondering what I am talking about, right? Here-have a look at what “they” are reading today, from THIS POST which I wrote many months before media reported similar things:

I also had security guards, the guys in yellow shirts, and a large, friendly Hispanic man named “Leo” and a crew of what appeared to be four undercover cops/citizen volunteers outside my hotel room door, and a hacker along with them in a hoodie. While many claims of targeted individuals are easily testable, few do test the claims, because most are thougt to be mentally ill. In my case, I have studied the things I say above  and I was only aware of these types of stalkings, because I have studied it for periods of years, going back to 2003, and now know ow to document it. Your methods may differ, but mine are designed to old up in court, and in sociological research studies as well.

I have left the spelling errors intact for veracity later on.
Now: try hard not to confuse your “apophenie” with your “epiphanie” OK? But note these four details:

  1. Yellow shirts
  2. the number four
  3. computer activity, in this case a hacker in a hoodie, sitting outside a door.
  4. nebulous “Hispanic men”

Compare THAT to this, from the Washington Post:

Mandalay Bay says four armed officers were on the 32nd floor as the Las Vegas shooter attacked. Should they have acted? November 1

An investigator works in the 32nd floor suite of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino where a gunman opened fire on a concert crowd, killing 58 and wounding hundreds. (Gregory Bull/AP)

Note: This story has been updated with new information from Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo, who disputes MGM’s claim that police responded to the 32nd floor immediately.
At least two Las Vegas police officers and two armed private security officers were on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel during the time that Stephen Paddock was firing down into a concert crowd, killing 58 and wounding hundreds, according to a statement from the hotel’s owners, MGM Resorts International. Should those officers have tried to stop the massacre, knowing at least one person was firing a high-powered rifle and they probably had only semiautomatic pistols?


The diligent researcher of organized gang stalking will note this part of my thesis-and Dr. Mike, I am looking at you, particularly to wonder “is organized gang stalking real?” And then, re-read your own blog, and compare it to this here, now. Then, revisit your Air-Loom Gang theory, and update it a bit, mebbe.
SO: Here is the phrase that I wrote many months before Stephen Paddock’s went bonkers, where I made a scientifically verifiable, and falsifiable claim-the claim that MY methods of documenting, and analyzing, and predicting outcomes in regards to “what is organized gang stalking” are in fact the correct scientific and sociological approach to studying OGS.
I said this, above, which I will re-state. My methods are:

designed to [h]old up in court, and in sociological research studies as well.

Now: I will also state that my methods are also designed to PREVENT the “false narrative” and the un-neccessary homicides that are associated with organized gang stalking, and as such are themselves a threat to the DVIC/MIC/PIC narrative, as well as the BILLIONS of dollars that certain unscrupulous operators use to drive this narrative.
Now, have a look at this thing called “certificate impersonation” which is when state agents take a website and “fake it” somehow so that it becomes a de-facto tracking agent, or in the case of James Tracy, they poison the site with malware and spyware.
The reader might note that this is anathema to a Constitutional guarantee of first amendment rights, and even to due process of law, and likely is in violation of United Nations initiatives as well (but as we see the selective enforcement/selected targeting of speakers via the Transatlantic Crime initiative is itself a double edged sword.)
Unable to communicate securely with peer: requested domain name does not match the server’s certificate.
HTTP Strict Transport Security: false
HTTP Public Key Pinning: false
Certificate chain:
[portion of this certificate omitted by ROGS author]

Related Reading: Keep in mind that one of the central claims of those who endure OGS in peaceful, informed, and Thoreau styled Civil Disobedience often claim that they are stalked until the “commit a crime, become institutionalized, or kill themselves,” which can be vaidated across the dialectic as a claim; but also, that many are mysteriously disappeared or otherwise swept up into “bizarre disruptions,”and more.
Lastly, note tat a central part of the narrative is that somehow “mental illness” is a feature. Dr. Otto Dorr-Zoegers has noted  that the methods of CVE stalking/ CIA enhanced interrogation/ webterrogation can, and do mimic certain features of MI, but that this is “by design” of  the no touch torture methods of chronic and pervasive stalking and harassment. In the case above, I leave it to my reader to judge the veracity of my claims.
Four Viral Claims By Journalists That Are Total Bullsh!t
Then, have a look at a pure coincidence with the number “four” that is totally unrelated to anything at all, as The Intercept noted that the sabotage of the Democrats by Hilary Clinton’s megalomania was the likely cause of the Democrat loss to Trump, but ALSO, how the media is being manipulated by these media mobs has real and deleterious effects on democracy: and, that fake news by “real” journalists is anathema to free speech and democratic assemblies, such as media forums like Twitter, and it’s deep state connections are.
Then, it is important that, according to my stats, I note that Israel peeked in three times yesterday, and Algeria-where black site torture took place-also has been peeking in as well. And without irony, I also stte that I have not been noticeably hacked for days, except for one quick black screen attack.

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