The new Inquisition via SESTA? Why not! It makes sense in a COINTELPRO 2.0 world.

SO-over and over, we see the footprints in the sand trap: arch-conservatives from the Catholic-Jewish-christian fold using the internet to on one hand do all kinds of horrible stuff “in darkness” and on the other, proclaiming “WE NEED TO SILENCE BAD SPEECH AND WORDS!” all the while getting filthy rich playing by playing at being both “the Gawd” and “the Debil” as they have raked in BILLIONS by abusing the internet as a surveillance tool, and now want us to shut up when we talk about how they are abusing us.
Does that sound familiar? Yeah, like Harvey Weinstein’s scandal, or Catholic priests raping boys, this is what the powerful DO.
What an odd racket that is…
Well, Sen Ron Wyden seems to be the last hope for the first amendment anywhere, and he’s probably the only senator left who can’t be compromised by the deep state.
And so, like a real hero, in true western style, he, lassoed the most recent attempt of the SESTA freaks, and has it locked away in a corral-for now, having voted it out of committee:

“Today I am announcing my public hold and a public warning about SESTA. Having written several laws to combat the scourge of sex trafficking, I take a backseat to no one on the urgency of fighting this horrendous crime. However, I continue to be deeply troubled that this bill’s approach will make it harder to catch dangerous criminals, that it will favor big tech companies at the expense of startups and that it will stifle innovation.
“After 25 years of fighting these battles, I’ve learned that just because a big technology company says something is good, doesn’t mean it’s good for the internet or innovation. Most innovation in the digital economy comes from the startups and small firms, the same innovators who will be harmed or locked out of the market by this bill. That said, I appreciate that Senators Thune and Nelson worked to improve SESTA, including by narrowing its scope. While it still makes inadvisable changes to bedrock internet law, those changes are narrower than originally proposed.

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