Gang stalking dialectic para-language: paralinguistic cues relating to expression have a moderate effect of semantic marking

I communicate with a few actual targeted individuals on occasion, and without a doubt, they run the range that I have expressed here on ROGS, from journalists who are targeted to absolutely mentally ill people and many real estate related targets as well. In fact- many of those who are targeted real estate is THE MAIN FEATURE in the dialectic.
In fact, I spoke with one targeted individual this afternoon, who told me of her long term targeting. And with little doubt, a real estate empire is involved. In her case-I will call her Diane-her father once held real estate worth $350 million dollars. And, like many elderly men, he met a woman “coincidentally” at his bank, who became his wife.
The target had recently spoken to a conservator, an estate planner-and no one seems to know where all the real estate is now, or who owns it. But one thing is for certain: her father lies in hospital, with dementia-and what is left of the real estate empire leaves exactly one million for each of four grand children.So-where’s the other 346 million? Who knows-your guess is as good as hers, because step-mommy dearest isn’t talking.
And again-without irony-the woman who has bilked his wealth is both a product of 1960’s foster care, AND fit’s other profiles that I have mentioned here on ROGS ranging from potential cultist to state affiliated insider. Get out the ROGS BINGO card, because that case fits nearly EVERY point on it, including morons with inter-changeable license plates that use goats as symbols.
So- look around ROGS and search for posts that mention real estate-it is one of th most common features of OGS. But the language of gang stalking, though bizarre in some cases-is a real and actual art of the conspiracy itself. And Dianne-who as endured all of the features of OGS, including noise campaigns and more-is a real person, who thinks that electronic weapons have been used on her-and I believe her, based upon the evidence she presented to me.
In other words- ROGS isn’t afraid of words at all, whether they are spoken by sadists and bullies, or blackmailers of the sort who leveraged me for years. I am not a pretty snowflake, and in fact, invite you, the reader, to watch me stand before any and all comers in a proper legal forum. As one counter intelligence agent said, counter-intelligence stalking is designed to ‘cut the victim’s throats’ with OCCAM’S Razor-and so the official gas-lighting, and dialectic manipulation is something I eat for breakfast. Hopefully, one day with a side of due process, and a shot at a fact finding mission at FISA.
So: when analyzing speech and speakers, we see that when analyzing the speech symbol, “paralinguistic cues relating to expression have a moderate effect of semantic marking
So- while the dialectic itself is designed like all traps and honeypots to ensnare a few, while toxifying the dialogue for the casual onlooker, the lawyer and the journalist-what cannot be missed is that it betrays in itself inherent flaws-that it’s signs and symbols have specific origins, in other dialectics-and specificallly in signals intelligence and the IC in general.
Here- let’s look at a few examples taken directly from one of the many “petitions/honey-nets” that circulates online in the form of a petition:
This first example was one persons attempt to explain what “V2K” is before Edward Snowden and others told us how deeply and unconstitutionally we are all entrapped in the NSA/FiveEyes/Israel/DickCheney wiretap scheme. I will highlight the relevant language, and also I note that frequently, those who are analysing “legal aspects” of OGS are in fact working withing state institutions in the disguise of being victims.
Then, here is part of the sufferers psychological complaint “ It helped in getting a large number of people involved, by painting me in a false light, after entrapping me using psychic driving and making illegal recordings of the reactions they provoke.
Then, the example of dialectic para-language surgery to separate the electronic complaint from the actual and possible causes of the complaint:

They are using a social media application incorporated into their software that allows it to be compatible with all smartphones, possibly via an app, which enables, and is aided by the gangstalking and workplace mobbing taking place. Specific statutes that are in the state of Missouri pertaining to this are; MO.Rev.Stat 565.225 (crime of stalking) and MO.Rev.Stat 565.090 (harassment), these statutes do not specify “electronic” or “internet”, but refers to “telephoning, contacting, or otherwise communicating” or by any action, method, device or means.

Then there is the issue that the online community of speakers has many elements of occultists, and military/police speakers, investigators, secret society/community club members and more.
Especially interesting are those who are former telecom operators, workers, service personnel, and more. And, many of those are actually the people who have access to the internet backbone, as well as ordinary phone switches and telephone poles outside an apartment. They are most likely the people performing internet black bag jobs, and political stalking. This is what the current CVE programs DO, and these are frequently those who DO them, while others are actually actual targets of this hidden subversive activity.
All of these leave linguistic litter behind, and for me, are a rich resource. I am especially proud to see that many blogs have shut down or been “web scrubbed” and “webwashed” since I began writing my blogs. And you can look anywhere on ROGS here for these links, and then apply that to the online community of gang stalking victims.
You will also find frequent references to “perpetrators” who are actually inventors of electronic devices, and the general dialogue is what you might expect of hidden operatives trying to talk to each other across the internet, as they test and retest their equipment, or signal a successful black bag job-the examples online are numerous, and easy to find.
But studying OGS with a cross disciplinary approach is without a doubt the way to read the dialogues, because some are actual targets, some are actual sadists and bullies, and more. And, their is a ton of military and police jargon, ideology, and linguistic traits within each dialogic artifact. Lastly, often, the dilligent researcher can do simple SOCMINT and find these bullies in other places online.
Related: How Gamergate was a military psychological operation that targeted individuals online, and then OFF. And, here is a military police intelligence manual for your records.
Here is one example that could go either way, and you can search it online. I have saved a copy offline, because these are SOCMINT gold:

in 1986, I lost my job and career as an Electronics Engineering team leader in advanced development. I was blacklisted for refusing to falsify electronic countermeasure environmental tests. These devices protect USA aircraft from hostile missiles, failure of this device could cost the lives of the flight crew as well as the aircraft. I tried to save lives and it cost me my career and reputation. Many years later I learned that Blacklisting was accomplished by falsely accusing me of being a homosexual, thereby preventing me from obtaining the necessary secret security clearance required for this position. Many had tried before but none had succeeded in developing an ALQ-131 ECM device. My supervisor took extraordinary measures to prevent me from going to Litton Industries to head a similar program there, I had already had an interview with Litton Industries in San Carlos , California , and he was desperate to prevent my enabling them to compete with Varian and Teledyne with this product. I had previously developed the program for both Varian and Teledyne Microwave Engineering Company. The Pentagon encourages multiple sources for such essential equipment.

And here is the “gadget.

ALQ-131 ECM Pod

DAYTON, Ohio - ALQ-131 ECM Pod on display at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. (U.S. Air Force photo)
DAYTON, Ohio – ALQ-131 ECM Pod on display at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. (U.S. Air Force photo)


I invite the researcher to have a look, and see what you think. The comment above is so nearly specific, that the individual speaker could be traced based on the device alone. Only a handful of people in the entire world even know what that gadget is, and as I say repeatedly-my analyses is designed to be refuted. But the internet is littered with similar posts.
Here is the “gadget.” And I also note that I have met many veterans who have been gang stalked, and framed and harassed, especially the whistle blowers like the one in the example above. So, because the claims of nearly every blog ever written about OGS also contains indicators of what the psychologists call “mental illness,” I would also like to point out that when our own military harasses, scapegoats, and bullies people out of the ranks, with the threat that they will be “forced into an institution, or to commit a crime, or commit suicide,” these claims take on new meaning. And, they nearly guarantee a claim of disability pay.

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