"Organized stalking" and the FBI: Cell phone monitoring is NOT new- from Fox news around 2005-8

Here is a video from around 2005-8, where some of us were battling the “soft sell” tactics of the surveillance state that was coercing us to accept mass surveillance in the internecine gray area of privacy and first amendment battles. And, that journalists and bloggers who wrote about it became targets.
Have a look at how “they” were using technology back then-and what their hackers were doing to our baby camera’s, cell phones and other monitoring devices:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ROqzZUzTzA?list=PL3E98DDC1CCE36C23&w=854&h=480]
Federal agencies have built massive privacy raping data bases and sold American’s on that idea since 1993, via boogieman narratives so that they can monitor ALL of our communications, and have tried to sell and re-sell this to the public since 1996-and that “us versus them” depends upon privacy rape as a means to an end. I have been aware of this and similar things since 2003-4, but other things earlier.
And now, as whole-internet capture and cell phone surveillance has become “normalized” some of us are STILL not on board with the master plan of the one percenters of the uber-rich, who have used this scheme exactly as Edward Snowden said “they are using it to steal our data, our ability to innovate, associate, assemble, and our technology.’
Here in this video from around 2005-8 the newscaster says the “FBI can now hear everything you say even when the cell phone is off” and then follows that with the sales pitch, that thy only use the ability to track us this way in order to “keep tabs on critical conversations between known members of the mafia.”
The mafia! How quaint-they have nothing on the bankster’s. And today, we know with CERTAINTY that the NSA/FBI/DEA/ scheme of backdoor access to ALL of our communications is real-and that our data is stored in Utah, and in Israel (use my search feature to see the links between Mormons in the FBI and Utah).
Here, the Fox news host notes that some are being monitored differently than others of “us.” Watch from 4:27 minutes in as the newscaster says the “FBI can now hear everything you say even when the cell phone is off. Notice that there is no mention of a warrant, even in 2005-8
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vh8cNjFLJVc?list=PL3E98DDC1CCE36C23&w=854&h=480]
So, again, revisiting the ROGS thesis, we see that I have connected the necessary dot between “what is organized stalking” and “what is gang stalking” by noting the collusion between federal and state level agencies to use tactics and methods to erode due process and first amendment rights for some, under the pretext of “organized crime stalking.” That in fact and practice, some have been targeted for decades, while others are just waking up to their targeting.
And all of this, as the FISA court and others deny that citizens have a right to privacy-or even the right to be left alone.

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