The new red-lining? Gang stalking, 24/7 harassment complaints, mainstream news, and real estate links

Group stalking, multi-stalking, organized gang stalking and 24/7 harassment complaints: “The victims of the gang stalking have tried seeking relief through police reports and civil complaints that have gone to court, but nothing has changed. My friends have had their house up for sale for over a year because they feel it is the only way to escape the daily staring and leering and name calling that they hear as soon as they step out onto their own deck. New Jersey Herald

Real estate red lining is illegal. Realtors, communities, and independent home sellers cannot discriminate in the sale or rental of property.
However, as we see time and time again, local real estate “syndicates” controlled by elements from within policing can and do exactly that all across America. These collusions are also known as “community policing” volunteers, aka “Red Squads” which are well documented in the historical records, and a practice of the current DHS schemes too. And, at the center of every transaction is a lender, who is the shot caller in these local-to-international mobs (Hi Kevin!).
So- ROGS asks: do banks and lenders show discriminatory preferences for police and fire and state unionists-and their relatives?

Related Story: Have police and fire pension funds turned into racketeering-or worse? Dallas Police and Fire Pension brouhaha asks: How enmeshed are these plans and schemes anyways? RICO seems so long ago! After all- there are so  many “little people” who can be exploited in the modern Kafkaesque drama’s playing out all over America as these elements work to “frame” every discussion to hide insight into “public dealings” that aren’t necessarily “in the PUBLIC’s interests.

Here is a case where again, we see a clear link between real estate and gang stalking, as documented in the New Jersey Herald in 2013.

‘Gang stalking’ threatens lake community family

Posted: Jul. 20, 2013 9:52 pm Updated: Jul. 26, 2013 1:00 am
By: Donna Weatherwalks [click the link for he whole story!]

I live at a lovely lake community where many wonderful people live. However, amid all of the wonderful people is a group of at least eight misguided and sadistic people who have chosen to “gang stalk” two of their other neighbors on the block.
Gang stalking is a known phenomenon which can be difficult to believe and even harder to prove. It involves a group of people who band together for the purpose of targeting another individual or individuals in order to control aspects of their targets’ (victims’) lives and to monitor them 24/7.
I have been witnessing this happening to my friends since June 1, but they have been experiencing the daily stalking since 2011. The victims of the gang stalking have tried seeking relief through police reports and civil complaints that have gone to court, but nothing has changed. My friends have had their house up for sale for over a year because they feel it is the only way to escape the daily staring and leering and name calling that they hear as soon as they step out onto their own deck.
The gang has even gone so far as to call the police to make a false report against my friends in an attempt to get them into trouble. We wonder what they will do next.
Because the gang’s behaviors are not “criminal acts,” the police are limited as to what they can do, and the matter is complicated by the fact that the foremost member of the gang has a family connection with the local police department.


And keep in mind that New Jersey is already documented in the record participating in gang stalking-and that Goggle returns 613,000 results for gang stalking and New Jersey, but also that Rotary clubs and other insider (in-groups) are implicated by some in everything from active shooter training that takes place curiously close to actual mass shooter events to crisis PR dilemmas where they ask “is it ok to have arrows on our logo?” and other events that seeks to diminish the second amendment’s protections.
As some/you might have noticed: a movement is afoot to force the Constitution from our hands, through slanted story telling, and “the hidden hand*” of religious doctrines guiding our speech rights. We have the “deep state” with it’s hand in former FBI director James Comey’s ass, puppeting Reinhold Niebuhr, and everywhere you look in the dialectic of OGS you see this other “hidden hand,”which has long been the sign of “Masonic” orders.
Here- just so that you know how non-sectarian free masonry is, look here at the Beatles:

And then look at this controlled asset, Ted Cruz-and I can’t help but wonder whose hand is in his ^ss, or how he is being leveraged into the insanity that is his platform:

But don’t waste too much time over-thinking it, because what matters is that they are all in it one way or another, sticking their cultish Abrahamic/Masonic crap up your arse as if you are a puppet. Then shout out to the moron who designed this page here from the FBI countering violent extemism program (CVE), and the bloody irony of how that thing works in practice-like a hidden hand in your internet switch, on your cell phone, and “around every corner.”

Related Story: Where did 24/7 surveillance of American’s begin? How did the NSA-Israel data theft pipeline happen? When did modern slavery by another name, aka the MIC/DVIC/PIC control of narrative begin? Ask Leo Lewis, Hollywood financed domestic spy.

So: when did the hidden hand take over real estate in America?
They pop up ALL OVER the DVIC money pot starting in 1993, building to a pet cause of “Stalking the Stalkers” in lop-sided domestic violence scenarios that have sought for forty years to throw America into the religious and arch-conservative theocratic paradigms of gendered narrative. As I have said repeatedly, if you scratch the surface of most gang stalking complaints, you will find “secret society” involvement. Lion’s and Tiger’s and Rotary– Oh My!
And the weaponized Boys and Girls Clubs, and the many headed hydra headed AIPAC affiliates and the hydra’s of NGO’s  are all monetized by mystery money and junkets overseas where backdoor deals take place to sell our democracy and erase due process AND the Constitution on the cheap.
With lots of help from behind the curtains of Oz and Fusion Centers, using “high policing”  of course, which are the de facto ground zero for plotting these domestic operations and social engineering, where domestic para-militaries under DHS contracts work with foreign spy rings,  work with blackmailers and gang stalkers in every American community-as these vertically integrated, internecine campaigns of domestic terror are waged on individuals from “outgroups” by the well heeled in-groups; the nexus and gathering point where all modern discrimination takes place.
But gang stalking is real, Dorothy-Look! It’s says so in a newspaper! And we’re not in Oz anymore-we’re in Slipperyslopeville, which is right next to Greater Tel Aviv, and it looks like the ground is shaking under the weight of all that laundered capital that finances the DVIC.
But that could also be my apophenia kicking in too, as my bicameral mind is probably in a classic conflict with Sigmund Freud’s D.E. Cameron Syndrome and under the influence of the polarized Gregory Batesonesque MSM, and exacerbated by psychology’s little “official source gas-lighting” problem.
And worse! For some reason, in bouts of deep apophenia, I obsess over the fact that John Nash’s biographer- the author of “A Beautiful Mind”-was also the daughter of a CIA case officer….yeah, I know: I’m the crazy guy on the internet; just one “potentially dangerous” voice from a tribe of troubled minds who are starting to see the links between real estate and organized gang stalking.
And, a few other things, too, like how “high policing” is what police corruption IS nearly by definition.

4 thoughts on “The new red-lining? Gang stalking, 24/7 harassment complaints, mainstream news, and real estate links

  1. TO whom it should concern,
    Allow me to first Thank you for your responce in regards to absolutely nothing  I had expressed concern about though I do understand you must have a hectic schedule and emails are a bit time consuming. I UNDERSTAND how one could get frustrated at the possible 100s of emails recived daily so for future reference how would someone like me who’s made numerous phone calls And countless emails and regards to the same issue get someone like your attention?
    Its nice to know our tax dollars are paying for a automated response via. mass email and I’m sure it includes a educated secretary sorting through what seems to be important enough to bring your attention to it. I’m sure I’m not the only one that realizes when reading your responce its the same unemotional poorly written rendition to everyone via. MASS email sent to 100s. Though I’m Sure in your mind it is quantity not quailty. I’m willing to bet it has nothing to do with the lack of concern you show when making it look like you I’ve taken the time to read or show concern in regards to certain issues I’m guessing the only two things you seem to get off of your inbox is sender’s last as well as the return email address adding it to a mass database to create your brilliant automated response.
    I’m not sure if a Thank you is in order for not taking the time to actully read my original email expressing some what my emotional plea for assistance I’m going to be a bit harsh and in reading your response it shows your LACK of actual concern for anything or anyone that is not beneficial to your means. The sad and most outrageous part to me at least is you as well as every other Senator, Governor, Congressman and Mayor we as the electors the “American people” put in place all and keep in mind 89% of the population would agree pretty much building their careers on false promises and well spoken public speeches or debates only briefly touching base or pretending to address the issues that really effect our way of life or more blantly our right to live. The very PROMISES that seem to be nothing more the false hope at least for the majority of the population I have to admit it seems the LACK of effort deemed more appropriate as a conversation over dinner. something you all know we  the people or us common folk (and by people or common folk I mean the bottom half of the population who those details or issues actully matter to and effect such as gun control, gang harassment or corruption in our goverment possibly using your own people at science projects without their consent). 
    I apologize once again for being so abrupt and rude but my frustration is about as high as I can get now with all
    do respect Sr. I am a victim of gang harassment now going on three years and despite popular believe i hate the title “victim” honestly the worst  part is  not one  police officer, public official, or military personal the same ones that have access and the power to STOP such a devastating act like gang harassment  have done anything but further perpetuated the vile and invasive act. Admittingly some I think it would be fun to play detective unfortunately when you’re in that position as I am it becomes very irritable when every day has to be spent recording videotaping and notating disgusting behavior of these
    Sadly not only am I effected but my kids AS WELL AS MY family we have become the target of this hideous crime. The damage caused to this community is outrageous and I’m a bit pissed off at The message it sends to our children. From my experience thus far and the reality that they do do some sort of sound manipulation meaning lower frequency or higher frequency sounds just to mess with said Target I don’t think they realize that children have excellent hearing and then more sub ceptable to whatever the messages or whatever the skit show is at the time. SEE while these lowlifes get away with harassing us The message The kids in this community get is as long as you make money or get to be on the radio it’s ok to bully or harass someone ( if The police and grown ups do it why can’t we) then on The other hand someone like me who is a a stubborn bitch most times teaches them to fight back.   Want some gun control stop promoting this outrageous act and put a end to gang harassment and bullying stop allowing the perpetuaters to walk free and actually paying them to perform such an act. Any educated even non educated person on this planet could could see the reason the children pick up guns and start shooting people isn’t because they want to play cops and robbers it’s because somebody or a group of people have tormented them and the people that were supposed to stop it didn’t so they feel they need to take action in their own hands not to excuse the behavior but it is 100% the fact of the matter. When the so-called law enforcement or teachers are supposed to stop it but don’t what is one left to do but like a constitution says protect themselves.
    So when your response via email was received with your Theory on gun control it really hit a nerve. Despite what you believe law enforcement gets paid to protect people Congressman get paid to make laws to protect people mayor’s get paid to protect people within their City and there were constitutional rights to live and it seems we’ve come too a point in our existence where that means nothing and it’s sad to say but what what is one left to do but lose faith in not only the police about Congress mayors even School teachers. It’s really sad when the United States has come to a point when the citizens themselves have to protect themselves instead of relying on what government agency we actually pay for besides protect themselves. So there is a lesson for today if they were doing their paint job and you were reading set emails and possibly making changes that affected us instead of making and keeping it intact the changes that affected everybody in your neck of the woods then these kids and adults for that matter wouldn’t feel the need to protect themselves with guns LISTEN
    for once to someone who’s living experiencing this horrible act of gang harassment and poisoning with electronic devices and mind reading software first hand when The police or so called great government don’t protect you people are left with two options either die from it or protect yourself.
    This is the bottom line if you don’t want Anarchy violence with guns and mass school shootings which as for me I know it’s the worst and most devastating part of it all, then maybe it’s time our government does something different stop giving the guns to the people that don’t do their job and start protecting the United States citizens right to live in case you forgot your position the one you hold was built upon a constitution that was put in place years ago and let me remind you those rights were never EVER to be abridged.
    I’m not sure about you but I know as for myself what I have had to go through personally what my children AND FAMILY have had to indoor. The countless other victims before me of non stop gang harassment the Hideous Act of being violated mentally abused physically hurt as well as he humiliation of the perpetrators convincing the city and everyone that come across of Lies they tell themselves.The devastation that it causes to a community are unpresidented. I have personally called every congressman, written emails and telephoned several times the D.A in both L.A and S.D and filed reports with not only local P.D here in wonderful Poway Ca, but The infamous F.B.I, and even crime stoppers without recourse. Although they have absolutely arrested me the last three times I’ve called over 3x when I called to report anything from being raped a few years back to the current gang harassment nothing was done no report was taken and all they did was make me feel like I was a piece of crap. I have came to the conclusion that it is time our government has a absolutely without a shadow of a doubt became way too powerful. See when the Constitution was originally written and put in place there was a clause at the bottom that stated one day our government would become too powerful and that on that day the people meaning the ones it was put in place to protect could and would overthrow your corrupt goverment.
         SEE I’m not sure how you get to enjoy your day but as for me I DON’T I have 24/7 none STOP stalking followed by the constant threats of being arrested for something I didn’t do, all my personal info has been broadcasted everywhere and sadly on some sort of Hamm radio station that I would never allow, I have my kids lives threatened as well as my fathers daily, they have cost me my life since the end of 2016 and countless other victims including as some called in whistleblowers which are cops telling on Bad Cops I think if I remember correctly it wasn’t but a few months ago there was another death.  
     THIS IS THE harsh reality I can’t get anyone to help me and neither could the other victims and if they did they died right before taking the stand. I am being recorded and in private homes and yes even when I’m in the bathroom they are relentless I have absolute 100% Proff and know 90% of the offenders including documented instances along with pictures, license plates, and much more. I suppose some of my issue lies with the off duty local and state officials perpetuating this act of terrorism.  It’s Kinda hard to hide the constant Skit shows or bullshit rendition of who did what to who they put on all over not only this city as well as Ramona, Escondido, Temecula, west Covina and Carlsbad in the not only the early stages but continued as of today of this hideous act. 
       Don’t get me wrong Mr. Congressmen I’m sure you will be like the other 5000 government employees (paid let me remind you by the very people you allow to get used, mentally and physically abused the same people like me and my family that at one time belived in people like you and the concept of change, but the harsh reality is without people like us you would not get paid period.  The responceability of our several worthless departments in our so called Free nation from local P.D to the piece of shit WE decide gets the UNPRIVLAGE of ruling UNDER GOD this now tainted unconstitutionally morally deprived place. Gets a pay check simply cause we pay our taxes, we not you donate to a promise and in case you didn’t know without us voting for you and paying your salary you wouldn’t have the position you now have. 
         I have a question would you or anyone else in your office do your job for free?  I honestly can say your first response is the correct one NO.  Well how about your daughter or son getting used in some research project without their consent like they were some ginipig? Then harassed over it just so the perpetuaters whom are government officials can get away with it? Tell me Mr Congressmen/Lawyer/ or whomever. Have you ever been poisoned with some sort of mind altering substance pretty much dropped off in the middle of a strange city, then messed with so bad you lose your mind and end up stepping on some property where you hear kids screaming for help and in desperation of trying to help or find them end up in the middle of some KKK OR BIKER BATTLE you have no clue of?    Have you ever been homeless sleeping outside of a bank while these perputaters get on a microphone And put on Some side show getting everyone in your community to participate?  of course I do the pretense of lies or some telepathy War. Let’s see how you would feel if it was your child and like me or my family had my whole family lied to by the and newscasters who are supposed to stop it? What it feel to have everyone including a news STATION like KUSI hold a award ceremony for the same Hamm radio station you were used on without your consent while you or your daughter is not only homeless broke and hasn’t showered in a month due to the harassment begging for help. How about them then holding a field day in honor of damn radio contest being one at none other than Poway California. He has for me it was never about anything to do with money it was more about being convinced that everything I saw I didn’t see and everything I heard I didn’t hear and told by the officers when I call to report such an act that I might be schizophrenic in the end.   
             I’M really curious how you would feel or better yet how your child would feel going through the same things your public officials turn a blind eye to and work so hard at covering up that they end up telling on themselves?  I have been harassed streetside from bikers, gang members. So called extremist groups, cops, gov. Officials, news STATIONS, as well as the everyday small time criminals and most of them were evoked by someone who had not only my death in mind but I’m absolutely sure the P.D s way of getting their quota for the year.  SEE once you evoke or make it seem as I did on a radio/hamm station or sideshow on some sort of microphone or sound waves people from said group actully hear it and come all the way out even to fucked off poway. ALL THE LAZY investigators had to do was run the plate, name and known Associates and wala a phone call to next county as they leave it seems that’s how they worked this whole situation. I can absolutely 100% proof that there were countless raids, over 2000 arrest including the so called cartel and what a coincidence I’m , bikers put in prison and yet the same perpetuate is that began that’s the same perpetuate is that began this hit this hit is act are still walking the streets harassing me. This is the sad part the the above God it seems law enforcement and I’m not talking about local anymore simply because at one point you have to realize that the federal agents take over choose who they feel like putting away.
    The truth is when these perpetuate Ernie decided on my fate and my family’s fate which was death they knew exactly what they were doing seem read the newspaper articles on what happens to rats or people they think are rats when the so-called extremist groups are made to believe that sajd individual in this case me has taken away millions in settlements and is in protective custody. WHAT do you think happens when those groups think I was in on this b.s the whole time? Everyday They kill he so called “rat” and their family .   I am not kidding when I tell you I don’t give two shits about my life compared to the life of my CHILDREN and your great nation has hurt my family so badly ( keep in mind my grandfathers, dad, and brother are all retired military) I absolutely lost every bit of respect in any government agency.
    I will NEVER TRUST ANOTHER POLICE OFFICER,  CONGRESSMAN, OR ANY GOVERNMENT PAID EMPLOYEE EVER. They stand for nothing except covering their own ass. I reported all this last year to the mayor, city lawyer and countless others like I said and I’m currently still getting harassed over loudspeakers for God’s sake. The most fucked-up part they have time to change or alternate Phone lines with C.B radio receivers and Amplified speakers but can’t stop oh wait that’s what was being used to harass me all over the city. 
        You want Proof how’s archives from Hamm radio and 5000 tapes including PICTURES? How’s the D.A’s car parked several times next to the mayor’s and none other the F.B.I several times over not only following but harassing me? NO women , child, parent should have to beg everyday of her gang harassed life for help from the very people who get paid to STOP it.  Let me ask you one last question when was the last time you kissed your child goodnight or told her you loved her? How are your parents? Safe k assume? Well I Don’t get that PRIVLAGE see I can’t stay more then one min on the Phone to check on my kids cause the Phone calls get recorded without consent from either party, I can’t go see my children nor check on my parents cause I’m scared the wrong person will be led to their home, my dad and mom have not  answered my text or returned my calls and the last time I went by their I caught the undercover van for P.D , two of the org. Perps parked and following me so I couldn’t stop. That was last year before Christmas and that’s about the time they said they were stealing my mail. NOW MR. Congressmen about your so called gun B.S, do you really think taking away my right to own a gun is helping me I mean the ones you actually give them to like cops are perputaters in gang harassment so don’t you think it’s a stupid idea to take away my right to defend myself and family?   I dont know about you or your family but im tired of the corruption in sick of having every single one of my constitutional rights taken away. I’M 38 and a women not a cop, investigator, I’m not a biker, white sup. Lesder,cartel adss. Nor do I ever want to be the in any position that stands for corruption however I will say that our worthless President needs to open his eyes his war on eradicating the mexican population and worthless option on how terrible they are how many crimes they commit means nothing when he allows his owe people including government officials to commit the same times and get away with it.   YOU WANT the truth 1000 gang members, 100’s of so called cartel, MAFIA ads. Put away 100s deported but I’m still harassed and your corrupt P.D has never been more weathy and bottom  line my family and I as well as this city Poway is still harassed daily.   SOUNDS LIKE YOUR PRESIDENT put the wrong people away.
          LAST thing Mr Congressmen before I end up dead from this gang harassment perpetuates by the United States government I live by two simple truths one. “I always said if I belived in something I would absolutely stand alone even if it was AGaist everyone under the Sun” so if you stand for nothing why the fuck are you standing at all? Two never destroy someone’s life with a lie when yours can be destroyed by the truth.
    So I hope you have so I hope you have a so I hope you have a wonderful day and I hope you actually get a second of your time to actually read this because not only am I begging for help I’m actually telling you that I have the right to defend myself in any way shape or form from these perpetuate hours so you are forewarned that this is way out of control and should have been stopped two years ago.
                              Candice Atallah
    [email protected]

    1. Ms. Attalah:
      I have no advice for you, and no, I am not a spam bot. Best of luck.
      But please be careful out there, because highly paid, professional agitators who work in military positions, policing, retired policing organizations, and “community organizations” look for peope just lie you tointimidate, harass, and bully, until you o something “bad.”
      And, many of THOSE are professionally trained bullies and sadists, many of whom work/ed in military intelligence, or other similar capacities. Most mass shooters actually are surrounded with these types for months, years, and eve decades before they do something stupid (Omar Mateen, the Texas shooters, etc are all CLASSIC examples of how military styled conformity operations manipulate and bully people to exteremities).
      Especially take note that EVERY SINGLE TIME there is a mass shooter, or a bomber or some other crazy thing and AFTER these “events” of staged terrorism, we discover that the FBI/DHS, etc had “those guys” on “the radar,” which more often than not means: Facebook profiling, internet monitoring and “targeting” the person with email hacking, odd popups, conections getting cut and restored, and worse; Twitter monitoring, online and offline psychological operations and intimidation (just like you say you are enduring), and more.
      This is a tactic that has a long history in Viet Nam,and many PsyOps, from Iran Contra to the Palestine Crisis and Exodus, to todays “gang stalking,”whereby active and retired intelligence agencies and agents actually bully, harass, and intimidate individuals mercilessly, until these people go ballistic in some form.
      This worked very well to drive both “narrative” in the middle east for half a century ongoing, but also, now, we see the same international interests are doing it in America and elsewhere to create terror, which drives funding initiatives-these bullies literally get paid to create terrorists!
      Then, they delete all of the so-called terrorists social media accounts which are FULL of evidence that these guys were “driven” to the point of having no solutions by 1) cowardly private contractors, and Paul Blarts who work on the DHS/FBI/CIA/JTRIG/Mossad payroll bully, and harass people with non-conforming viewpoints 2) that Fusion centers actively work with international interests to harass local American individuals 3) that local actors do the “brunt” of the harassment AFTER one r another sooper seekrit agent/TOTAL COWARD has “leaked” that persons data local 4) sometimes, victims of these OGS cases go ballistic, but most do not, and even those who do are directly involved with the aforementioned assholes and trolls 5) the agencies entrusted to investigate these crimes of harassment derive funding to NOT police this form of bullying, or to overlook it, or t beg for even MORE funding to get off their larded asses to investigate it (this online/offline bullying which is ALWAYS predicated by NSA/DEA/SOD/military ‘contractor’ database type snooping that is trickled into local areas 6) that western religious fanatics (aka “zionists” ) are highly involved in these OGS cases 7) that other theocratic interests who work within these hidden agency plots are NOT policed, or investigated (as we saw in the case of Andy Ostrowski, and many mass shooters and lastly, 8) that most of the Western economy derives both narrative value and actual funding from international banking interests to create these hideous stalking environments as a way to maintain social control
      So- be carfeful you do not get involved with these types, and especally be aware that Facebook, Twitter, etc are literaly FULL of western military trolls whose actual GOAL is to create fear, and terror, which is what their “god” does.
      Hope that helps!

    Watch the green Dodge gangstalker, organized harassment perp engaging in pretending to do road rage, bobbing around inside his truck, and screeching his tires. I purposefully slowed down to the same speed as the right side car next to me, to box him in and then continuously brake to slow down even more and flash the brake lights at the asshole perp.

    1. Hi.
      Well, I watched your video, and a few others, but honestly, it looks like pretty normal stuff. I didnt see any gang stalking as I know it.
      I am not saying you arent being GSd, but I just dont see it in your videos.
      However, one of the side effects of being covertly fucked with is that we become hyper sensitive, and overly vigilant, looking to be “on top of” the next bizarre event caused by these community policing vigilante scum.
      Your case looks like that.

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