Dear Honduras: ya wanna hear about "leak theory" and how it applies to gang stalking? Email me.

So, as we see now, the totalitarianism just keeps coming, frosted with the drippy gooey frosting of a full blown morality panic/leverage/compromise operation via “yer a misogynist!” Even Garrison Keillor, a left wing hero, isn’t immune. And ROGS is left wondering: did a certain midwestern Fortune 500 company use a certain database in a huge compromise operation?
You decide! Because police states don’t just go away-they fester, and foam, and create false narratives, false moral imperatives, and frame pretty pictures around hard to look at subjects, and pick “needles out of haystacks” for decades, without mentioning the hundreds of billions they spent to CREATE NEEDLES and then, pile hay over them as a backup plan when the sheeple begin to challenge them.
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But in ROGS world, I use leak theory to confirm my suspicions of compromised people/places/databases/agencies, etc. Here, let me demonstrate “leak theory,” which is a de minimis standard that ANY layperson can use to begin to comprehend how “big’ all this data theft is-but also, how you can build a case on a low budget, because why?
Because no citizen can stand against a rigged system where we are trapped for 16 years and sustain merit in a court room when you are up against a hundreds of billions of dollars per year rape your privacy scheme (they literally brainwashed a generation of kids who have NO IDEA that privacy is a Constitutional right), led by sooper seekrit society members and their ethno-tribal/religious/sectarian cults that work at the internet switch as if they are God. And their goddesses, of course, who can do no wrong.
Here- this is for you, Honduras. Here is what your phone “leaked” when you read through ROGS today (yesterday, your time):

And here is some of what else you were reading along the way:
Is anyone investigating or doing anything about mobbing and gangstalking so the victims can get help and not be thought crazy when they … neighbors, landlords …
In other words, if a gang stalking victim was not in subjective fear for his or her life, … NEIGHBORS, CO-WORKERS, AND CURRENT AND FORMER SUPERVISORS …
gangstalkingharassment. Search. … I have been attacking by “community based gang stalking” since long ago. … stalking and following by neighbors.
As per a lot of my other posts last night the Metro neighbors pulled out 2 Lexus IS 250’s to send hidden messages. Since this is a paranoid schizophrenia ……gang-stalking-gaslighting-fair-gaming-harassment
We dedicate this forum to those abused and exploited by the scientology criminal enterprise. We hope that your participation here facilitates and speeds your recovery.
mind control slave. Search this site. … For those being gang-stalked, … isolation and acts of harassment and vandalism by formerly friendly neighbors.
Are you being Electronically Harassed? Stop Electronic Harassment!
Gang Stalking and Christians. What is gang-stalking … Imagine if you discovered that a neighbor of yours was tormenting one of your pets, …
Connecticut criminal lawyer defends charges of harassment/stalking. Free legal consultation on Connecticut cases.…
Gangstalking Depopulation Program: Real Speaks Exclusive Special … landlords, neighbors and … One thought on “ Gangstalking Depopulation Program: Real Speaks
Voila. Leak theory. You see, in this online performance art that I call the ROGS blog is the thin hope that I can start a butterfly effect of de-anonymizing the privacy rapists who are destroying our liberty, and democracy, and flooding the internet with crap. Because I don’t have a 71 billion dollar machine with which to capture these criminals and their official source cults as they surf war porn, for pictures of dead people, or plot their next hijack of due process.

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*court cases on criminal gang stalking in america
*freemason pedophile gangstalkers

So, the sooner you, and others adopt the ROGS paradigms, the sooner we can get up a class action lawsuit and hopefully, get OGS and it’s petty cowardly bullies and assorted illegalities, and it’s accompanying harassment before a judge. But you don’t have to follow my advice-others are on the case too, because some of “we the peeple” think that the war on terror is actually a huge make work project for war criminals and deviants who work in the alphabet agencies, and in banks.
And, these deviants have flooded the world with all kinds of crap, hoping they can make it stick to those who cannot afford to deflect the crap they throw, or who are too mentally ill to know they are being used as “human propaganda”that funds the Terror Factory. In fact, the terrorism’s has been increasin’ to 6500% since the “good guys” and the “god guys” from Holy War Central got involved back in 2001.
The evidence for “manufactured terrorism” is overwhelming, but few will speak up or speak out, because they are plainly afraid of being murdered by their own “good guys,” or wiretapped as the Holy Order of the High Heels plot this activity, just like they wiretapped 3.3 million calls “in darkness” and with a “general warrant” that had few, if any actual charges come out of the deal, and like what happened here, we see that the good guys who are entrusted to protect our data left 198 million voter records exposed to anyone who has the slightest idea how to use Amazon3.
So, before I get to leak theory, first, a moment of silence-maybe put some black electric tape over your laptop camera in mourning, because Detective Sean Suiter’s funeral happened on the same day that the US Supreme Court considered whether or not we have a right to privacy, and yet no “cell phone tower” dumps have been done in Det. Suitors honor, because….well, you can probably guess why. Like the OJ gloves, they will sooner or later find the real killers, I am sure. I have confidence in the good guys and their gallies.
So, please put a black band of electric tape over your webcam, bow your head, and have a private moment for Detective Suitor, who was “shot to death with his own gun” a day before he was to testify against seven other cops in Baltimore who were racketeering behind the badge (but remember- “they”-whoever “they” are will still listen in on your mic as you weep for the death of due process, and watch any hope of agency reform float away like a turd underneath the NSA/FiveEyes/Israel/17 US Spy agency river of the data flow that is thieved from us every day):
A Maryland State Police honor guard prepares to participate in Baltimore Police Det. Sean Suiter's funeral at Mount Pleasant Church in Baltimore
Attendees at Detective Sean Suiter’s funeral included Maryland political leaders and numerous law enforcement officials
The funeral was held at Mount Pleasant Church less than two weeks after Suiter was shot with his own gun
 Suiter was shot a day before he was set to testify before a federal grand jury probing an elite police unit 
Baltimore police commisioner  stressed that the evidence refutes any notion that the slaying was part of any conspiracy
Eight indicted Baltimore officers, including four who have pleaded guilty to racketeering, are accused of defrauding their department, falsifying evidence and shaking down citizens 
Read more:
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So, about leak theory: your Tracphone took a leak into my simple, de minimis, free blog-my simple honey net that any common person can set up in order to study their adversaries who use them for target practice, aka my WordPress stats.
And you know what that tells me? It tells me that
1) you use a Trac phone, and are probably low status, low income, and thus, an easy target for cowards online to target you
2) you either use it as a burner, or you can’t afford a $35 Samsung
3) you fit any number of local ethnic profiles
4) a bunch of other stuff-see the “what you are reading” section above
Leaks are a two way street in most of this privacy and data rape scheme that the Grand Poobah’s who hide behind fake terrorism and manufactured terrorism, and that, iced with the drippy frosting of “it’s for the wimmin and the children-of course!” as they build trains to “pull the truth around the world.”
Image result
This new thrust of data rape by the any hidden operations and operators online promises to put us back into the stone age
Like NSA fake Google, and Bluetooth icons left on your taskbar after the sooper secret peeple have hacked you-again; or like any of the many signs and signatures of Tor hacks, all the good peeple leave data behind too. And year after year, we see that there is so little actual “crime” on the web that the good guys have created it for us to worry about. But they don’t call it crime-they call it Oooops! sorry! We left all your data exposed on the web! Nashunul Sekurity!
Anyway- leak theory: they leave traces too. Learn how to spot it, learn how to document it.
Then- have a look at this, in case you were wondering ” does the military operate on civilian soil? From the ACLU in 2008, a time when the DHS began it’s massive-and as yet to be talked about-surge in intelligence operations online, and as some operated in military capacities on the internet to build “little internet boxes” around peoples lives offline (srry bout the [email protected] up formatting-try this link to the .pdf):
ACLU documents “Fusion Center False Flag Follies” by Mike German and Jay Stanley
LACTEW, established in 1996, has often been described as the first fusion center. It has also been recom-
ended as a model for others to emulate.
BI Supervisory Special Agent William A. Forsyth described
he methods employed by the LACTEW in a Naval Postgraduate School thesis published before the scan-
al came to light: “[t]he TEW utilizes data-mining tools, as well as standardized “Intelligence Preparation
for Operations (IPO)” products to build all-source situational awareness and a common operating picture
for the interagency response community.”
According to 2006 congressional testimony, the LACTEW has
now “evolved” into the Joint Regional Intelligence Center (JRIC) in Los Angeles.
According to the
reports, a group of military reservists and law enforcement officers led by
the co-founder of the LACTEW engaged in a years-long conspiracy to steal highly classified intelligence
files from the Strategic Technical Operations Center (STOC) located at the U.S. Marine Corps Base at
Camp Pendleton, California and secret surveillance reports from the U.S. Northern Command headquar-
ters in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Some of the stolen files reportedly “pertained to surveillance of
Muslim communities in Southern California,” including mosques in L.A. and San Diego, and revealed “a
federal surveillance program targeting Muslim groups” in the United States. The scheme apparently
began in 2001 when the LACTEW co-founder called a civilian analyst at U.S. Northern Command to ask
that she surreptitiously supply the LACTEW with military surveillance reports. The National Security
Agency’s involvement in the investigation hints that these records may relate to warrantless domestic
surveillance operations conducted by the military.
Though some involved in the theft ring have claimed “patriotic” motives—the desire to share secret mili-
tary intelligence with local law enforcement—the
reports indicate the possibility of finan-
cial motives for the crimes. Investigators are looking into allegations that the records were passed to
defense contractors “in exchange for future employment” opportunities. Employees of one of the compa-
nies mentioned in the article, Kroll and Associates, a “risk assessment” firm, reportedly had ties to the
The thefts of intelligence files were not uncovered through internal oversight mechanisms at the
LACTEW, the STOC or the JRIC, but rather by accident, through a military investigation into stolen Iraq
war tr
ophies. Sear
ch warr
ants executed at a Carlsbad, California apartment and storage lockers in
Carlsbad and Manassas, Virginia located the war booty, along with boxes of highly classified FBI and
Department of Def
ense intelligence files.


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