How to dismantle "the deep state" with phantom copies of Walden Pond: use phantom due process and shadow state privacy rights to bring the frogs out of the pond.

Some readers might have noticed that ROGS is informed dissent that challenges the deep state assault on informed consent; that the state is using the FISA court, the FIVEEYES data theft scheme, and bankster’s, and Transatlantic Initatives disguised as liberty assassins to murder our Constitution-and that our “good guys” are themselves little more than rats who jumped ship.
So, I wrote ROGS, and will continue to write until the cows come home-and maybe, a few others will  take up the cause, and understand what OGS is, and maybe the ACLU and others will eventually sign on to an amicus brief or two.
But I am done kissing frogs for now- I mean, words alone aren’t enough to do the trick, and get a case to SCOTUS. And if you use my search feature, you will notice that there is an assault on the 9th Circuit appeals court right now, so there’s that. Google “lesbian porn wars” and draw your own conclusions about how free speech is under attack by Isis agents.
So, while I don’t expect any help to demolish the false pretenses and constant crisis manufacture that we see as the new normal these days, it would be nice. I actually had to  try to write this post three separate times already, so I am throwing in the ROGS towel for now. But clearly, I am on to something-so if you came here to understad how OGS works, you are in the right place-use my search feature and the word “hacked,” hacks,” “Secton 702,” “Tor” and more to find what that loos like in action that any layperson would understand.
I mean- why not toss in the goves? One of my favorite journalists just swapped me for a big news scoop on the $4,000 toilet brushes they use in the We Are The Good Peeple party van, and the lawyers seem to busy with duck-rapes to get a girl boner over the possibility of challenging the FiveEyes scheme, and how the NSA used us as human targets with programs that put RAT’s in our lifeboats, or UNITE-DRAKE raping our privacy*, or how every time a senator on the intelligence committee gets caught feeling up a new million dollar government contract for her husband, the newspapers all manufacture some hysteria to bury the story.

Related Stories that YOU can write while ROGS is away: Why does Google have 68,700,000(almost a magic “69”million results for “rape” but only 1,520 results for “privacy rape”-and only 55 results for “NSA targets Americans”? I think it’s because the internet has a severe case of clap-Clapper, specifically. But-WTF??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

So, in the spirit of peaceful, Thoreau styled non-consensual disssent (after I was privacy raped, and you too) my next blog will be about how wee the peeple might be able to be creative in ways that we can dismantle section 702, and peek under the skirts of the FISA court, and it will be a direct appeal for help as I try to “manufacture” a case of my own where we the peeple can regain “standing” to  challenge these gross and unConstitutional assaults on due process, the first amendment and more.
Then, before I duck back behind my sooper seekrit curtin that only the NSA and four other nations, and the Fusion Centers, and the minions of internet word police, and their “we hate America because peeple like you talk too much” types live in, I want to note that it will take more than me to do the job.
I mean- words are indeed the best tools, but I think I might need heavier arms eventually. And, my stats are nearly through the roof since I quoted Wikipedia’s entry about poor Richard Jewell, who the 1990’s FBI tried to patsify by telling him “could you hold this bomb for us, while we snap your picture? Oh-and first-could you waive your rights before we take that picture?”
Here- have a look at the early and sputtering phase of the Manufatured Terrorism Era, where some asked: Hey, you there, Mr. NiceGuy-could yo hold this BOMB for me, while I snap your picture? You will be FAMOUS!”
Or, this:

Early news reports lauded Jewell as a hero for helping to evacuate the area after he spotted the suspicious package. Three days later, The Atlanta Journal-Constitutionrevealed that the FBI was treating him as a possible suspect, based largely on a “lone bomber” criminal profile. For the next several weeks, the news media focused aggressively on him as the presumed culprit, labeling him with the ambiguous term “person of interest“, sifting through his life to match a leaked “lone bomber” profile that the FBI had used. The media, to varying degrees, portrayed Jewell as a failed law enforcement officer who may have planted the bomb so he could “find” it and be a hero.[3]
Justice Department investigation of the FBI’s conduct found the FBI had tried to manipulate Jewell into waiving his constitutional rights, by telling him he was taking part in a training film about bomb detection

So, while the immediate jump in my stats, and the instant computer slowdown that was caused by the words of Wikipedia indicate that my words, quoting their words rang some bells and dinged Virgin Mary shaped Panoptical magic buzzers in “Goodguysandtheirgalliesland,”an image or two doesn’t hurt sometimes, to get the job done.
Here-in case you are wondering what I look like:

My Avatar2
While I might be extremely attractive and well endowed, with hands the size of Ham Sand-witches, I certainly am not the King of All Steroidal Glory’s, nor an Esthergen factory charged with the mystical numerology of the number 13 which to some, seems to indicate power, while to others, it indicates moronic or oppressive tribal practices and manipulative superstitions. And clearly, while my heavy arms have done an enormous amount of lifting here at ROGS to merely provide the language that lawyers, and researcher of the future will need in OGS cases, I am tired now. I must fly away for awhile on my magic carpet, there behind me in this photo, because all of the internet slowdowns that have occurred indicate that the Good Peeple have me trapped in the back of a Catholic Rectory in Northern Ireland, where they are corn-holing my keyboard, and then bopping my defiled intentions up to Washington State, Utah, or Nevada, where some are very mad that I wrote THIS HERE, and then, they are back-pedaling the narrative to a week ago, and hoping YOU, the Peeple, don’t notice, or care too much that this sh!t has been going on since 2001-04. First they came for the extremely handsome Guy On the Internet With an Imitation Yazidi Magic Carpet and then….the internet censors argued for decades afterwards saying important  things like “No, It’s Georgian! No It’s Kazak!” and so on. Most importantly, I apologize if you came here for the chest hair.

Meanwhile, I will be wondering “Why don’t more people know who Bruce Schneier is?” And leaving this link here to help you meet him and maybe get you, there, involved n Democracy again.
I will also still be wondering who it is exactly who keeps Ampdox’ing my writings on Google, but seriously hoping i is someone from the same group of people who wrote the “Guide to Government Hacking.”
And especially-because I will not be here to take care of TI’s for awhile, or keep up pressure about section 702 as i write another blog/book about warrantless surveillance and disruption campaigns, I will leave this here and maybe you or a friend can follow up. But try to avoid all those “new friends” who use protonmail, like the ones I keep finding in my email. They tend to NOT be real peeple, but who knows? ANYTHING can and does happen on the internet “in darkness,”when the One Percent pull the heatsink off the constitution at the switch.
Keep in mind that this blog should have all the right stuff to keep the good guys from We Are PRISM/XKEYSCORE Incorporated awake at night, sweating over evil words, and then, cue the narrator, as the Bad Guy, and the Good Guy compete for dialectic space in Panoptical Manufactured World, keeping in mind that bullies ALWAYS pick on the little guy FIRST, when no one sees it, and in our societies, this is called “ gray area” aka “high policing, “and then, read to the end of this post for some important information:
me and you1
I am hoppin’ mad now and I apologize that I had to use images to illustrate my point. But if all things go well, Maria and her war party of sad skid Row-saved hookers, and hopeful Asian Guys and that one Tree Striper and his gaggle of snarling, spitting crackheaded crooks with the ear pieces at the Public Library might pick up books again. SCOTUS, here I come!, armed with the mighty sword of “wordz” on the internet!! And followed, of course, by like, 13 plus years of bad behavior by nefarious subverters of law and due process, 77 Fusion Centers full of Paul Blart’s who never even read the Constitution (much less the Bible they swear about), a whole bunch of shredded paper from stakeouts,whirred by the gnashing blades of Bernaysian propaganda pulp mills and forever-seeking-official-sources-newstands, and a few pissed off rabbi’s armed with the High Heeled priests and Priestesses of Co-Opted religions, and the Seekrit Societies that hey use as fronts for Federal Dollar Sand-Digging. Sh!t. This can’t end well. I bet they’ll even bring some country music, and an MRAP….

Congress Backs Down From Terrible Surveillance Bill; Running Out Of Time

from the tick-tick-tick dept

Just this morning we wrote about a last minute plan by surveillance hawks in Congress to rush through a really bad bill to extend Section 702, which enables widespread domestic surveillance by the NSA. We recommended letting your elected officials know what a bad bill it was (leading at least one of our commenters to mock us, saying contacting your elected officials is useless). Turns out: it worked (for now). The bill has been taken off the table and won’t be voted on today. Senators Rand Paul and Ron Wyden had promised to filibuster such a bill on the Senate side to stop it, and it appears that widespread criticism caused the House to kill the bill for now.

ROGS will be taking time off to study some law, solve Al Gazhali’s problem, redefine my outreach and tactical disassembly of bad law and policy, file some papers after gaining reputable testimonies from others, and to contact various legal institutions and key players in this saga; and to write about section 702 and other Panoptical abuses elsewhere, because the ongoing assaults of this blog, and thus, attacks on its author- and the ‘puters it is written on have become nefarious, and intolerable in a theoretical democratic and free society.
Everything you need to know about Free Speech, and the government attack on internet privacy, assembly, and due process can be found at Mike Masnick’s starting with this section 702 link roundup.
You might recall Masnick as the inventor of the term “the Streisand Effect,” which is a close cousin of the Martha Mitchell Effect, or perhaps you will recall the “Shirky-Masnick Bureaucracy Perpetuation Principle” as well.
As you see all over ROGS, I am not offended by government-I am offended by bad government, and totalitarian assaults on our Constitution, weighed heavily by sectarian strife deliberately prohbiting any challenge to warrantless surveillance, and the hidden mechanisms of “influence operations” waged on an unsuspecting public-and waged with deliberate force against those who use the internet as a vehicle of Democracy,  in all it’s unlovely but loveable forms; and those impeded every step of the way by unchallenged government mechanisms of social control and social engineering.
Meanwhile-keep the ROGS BINGO card handy, and stay safe out there-the world is loaded with fake internet friends, and weirdo’s offline too, who ALL work “in darknessssss.”
*a deliberate play on words


Bonus 13's, Xmas, Richard Jewell, and FBI frame jobs: Mary Christ-mass and a Happy Jew year!

Well, last year, some asshole left a comment on my bog that said, basically “this is what you did for Christmas, asshole?”
Yeah.Sure- eat this:

The bomb exploded 13 minutes later,

Yup. This is what I do for Christmas. So-I hope the baby Jeshua there in your kresh has clothes on, as ICE/DHS/FBI/CIA/DIA etc. leaves fingerprints all over the definition of both gang stalking, and “political policing,”because we see over and over and over again what cops, priests, and rabbi’s-and a few Crimes Against Children Internet Task Force Heroes do to naked little boys. And it isn’t pretty, or even good. In fact-its 14th amendment un-Constittional, and kind of depraved by definition.
So, here’s a BLAST from the past- I feel like I need to BLOW SOME SHIT UP about how security guard Richard Jewell was framed as a patsy and a fall guy, in the pre “mass gang stalking” era. And in doing so, I want to set history straight, because while it might seem “OK” to some to turn America into little more than Palestine, in 1948, I want those people to be on notice that some of us “Never Forget.”
So, Mary Christ Mass! Some of us Never Forgot how Richard Jewell, a diligent security guard, saved lives by “doing the right thing,” and then, was framed by gay FBI political watch fobs and morons who used the number 13 to defame him.

Related Story: How language policing has demoloished free speech since 9/11/2001 as Amrica became Israelified and miltarized. Blow Shit Up and speech policing primer from 2001.

Here- have a look at the sad tale of Richard Jewell, who by all accounts was an honorable man who actually saved lives, by spotting an actual bomb, and stopping yet another FBI colluded “deep state” player, aka Manchurian “manufactured terrorism” event, ( am I the only one who is tired of the FBI creating terrorists in order to maintain crisis PR supremacy, gain funding, and to falsely delude the public that they are anything but political police?) while driving equally false narratives about violence, terrororism, and occluding the actual precipitators of the event, which was “Israelification” via unnacountable, hidden, and scandalously illicit activity at the hands of political opportunists and “provocateurs”who use equally questionable “high policing”methods to drive social narratives, even committing “state crimes” to do so.

Related Story: What is “Israelification,” and why do our agencies “manufacture terrorism” the way that Israel did in 1948-1017? Here is a left-wing/liberal opinion, and here is a right-wing/conservative opinion about “what is Israelification?”

But here below is Richard Jewell from Wikipedia- a man who, by all accounts, was no FBI/Mossad/CIA deluded Paul Blart. Then, compare it to my thesis of the Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock, and the “guys in the yellow shirts,” or any of many-very many-other “mass shooters” who were patsified into being “bombers” or “mass shooters,” after chronic gang stalking, and hidden “investigations” that go on for years-and simply search my blog for data about how security guards in general are both targets, and victims, but also, willing accomplices in many kinds of plots.
See if you can count how many “profiles” Jewell fits into of “deep state victim”: and extra points for noting the defamation and slander campaign waged against him.
But before you blame “Jews” on this one-notice the bonus 13 in Wikipedia (which I highlighted in the text), that is un-sourced, and unnaccountable even to Wikimedia’s censors/deep state narrative manipulators, and have a look at Christian symbolism of the number 13,as well as the many other incarnations of that number in crisis PR and propaganda operations.

Personal life[edit]

Jewell was born Richard White in Danville, Georgia, the son of Bobi, an insurance claims co-ordinator, and Robert Earl White, who worked for Chevrolet.[1] Richard’s parents divorced when he was four. His mother remarried, to John Jewell, an insurance executive, who adopted Richard.[1] Jewell was married to Dana Jewell.


Centennial Olympic Park was designed as the “town square” of the Olympics, and thousands of spectators had gathered for a late concert and merrymaking. Sometime after midnight, July 27, 1996, Eric Robert Rudolph, a terrorist who would later bomb a gay nightclub and two abortion clinics, planted a green backpack containing a fragmentation-laden pipe bomb underneath a bench. Jewell was working as a security guard for the event. He discovered the bag and alerted Georgia Bureau of Investigation officers. This discovery was nine minutes before Rudolph called 9-1-1 to deliver a warning. Jewell and other security guards began clearing the immediate area so that a bomb squad could investigate the suspicious package. The bomb exploded 13 minutes later, killing Alice Hawthorne and injuring over one hundred others. A cameraman also died of a heart attack while running to cover the incident.

Investigation and the media[edit]

Early news reports lauded Jewell as a hero for helping to evacuate the area after he spotted the suspicious package. Three days later, The Atlanta Journal-Constitutionrevealed that the FBI was treating him as a possible suspect, based largely on a “lone bomber” criminal profile. For the next several weeks, the news media focused aggressively on him as the presumed culprit, labeling him with the ambiguous term “person of interest“, sifting through his life to match a leaked “lone bomber” profile that the FBI had used. The media, to varying degrees, portrayed Jewell as a failed law enforcement officer who may have planted the bomb so he could “find” it and be a hero.[3]
Justice Department investigation of the FBI’s conduct found the FBI had tried to manipulate Jewell into waiving his constitutional rights, by telling him he was taking part in a training film about bomb detection.


Special Agent Larry "Clint" Wooten, county sherriff's and top LEO's ask: so-what should we do with 'that one bad apple' who gang stalks people to suicide

Once again, the excellent blog medawarscornflakes has produced a story about organized gang stalking, where a group of individuals were describes as a gang, stalked like a gang, treated like a gang, indicted as a gang, implicated in a coonspiracy-but later found factually innocent of all charges.
The story involves a whistle blower who is a Special Agent of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), SA Wooten. The whistle blower cites the Whistle Blowers protections statutes within the official documentation.
Here is one take on “that one guy,” from the Salt Lake Tribune:

Public Enemy No. 1 for rural Utah sheriffs just happens to be a fellow peace officer: Dan Love, the Bureau of Land Management’s special agent in charge.

Elected law enforcement officers from Nephi to Blanding call him an arrogant and dishonest bully who has little regard for local authority and dodges accountability, derailing a collaborative approach to police work on the state’s federal lands.

Love reportedly just laughed when Garfield County Sheriff James “Danny” Perkins relayed ranchers’ complaints about federal officers

Medawars describes incredibly uprofessional conduct, deliberate attempts at hiding evidence including shredding documents, and a sadistic practice of harassing people until they commit suicide, aka “death by gang stalking.” The Special Agent went on record describing a “kill list”of targeted individuals who a particularly sadistic and unprofessional agent claimed he had stalked to death.
The story has political implications, and if you use the ROGS BINGO card, you will strike gang stalker gold. You might remember that Medawars brought my attention to a case of gang stalking in Texas that involves retired FBI agents, and agents from several other federal agencies, that I covered it here.
As we see time and time again, real estate is at the center of much gang stalking, as are document shredding, retired LEO’s and the LEIU members who participate in this illegal practice. And, once again here is an actual piece of evidence that gang stalking is an actual practice of federal agents working  within many agencies.
But let’s have Medawars tell it:

Dec. 18th, 2017

Kill Books and Organised Stalking: a Spin-Off from the Bundy Case

This article is not about the Bundy case itself: it is about something else, not unrelated, of course, which is pointed up by some of the evidence which has emerged from independent investigations of the Bundy case. There are other respected bloggers who have specialised on this subject and Medawar doesn’t intend to duplicate their hard work or get into pointless arguments: readers can go to them directly.
That being said, anyone remotely interested in the Bundy case should view or read the source material referred to immediately below.
This is a link to a (slightly shakey, but bear with it) YouTube video of Washington State Representative Matt Shea reading from a document of “17-18” pages, which is based on an e-mail sent by Special Agent Larry Wooten to Andrew D. Goldsmith, Associate Deputy Attorney General.
In it, (at roughly time index 13:00 onwards) Mr Shea recounts Special Agent Wooten’s claims that Former Special Agent in Charge Dan Love had  a “Kill Book”: a sort of trophy, containing details of cases where Love proudly claimed to have caused three people in Utah to commit suicide.
Here is a link to Mr Shea’s source material, the communication from Special Agent Wooten.  (It’s a .pdf document). Medawar recommends that readers not only carefully read, but download this. (In this form the document is 16 pages, starting with page 2.) In the first paragraph on page 8 (according to the document’s own numbering, page 7 as far as a .pdf reader is concerned), the “Kill Book” is mentioned.
Medawar would like readers to note that this document is not uncritical of Cliven Bundy and cannot fairly be represented as political propaganda in his cause, or an endorsement of his actions, which Special Agent Wooten believes probably broke several laws and risked an armed engagement which might well have cost innocent lives. It is implicit in Wooten’s view, that Mr Bundy stubbornly acted in a way which actually completely played into the hands of SAC Dan Love and others shown by the document to be highly prejudiced, biased and unprofessional. Special Agent Wooten also implies that, given the grotesque and at times almost unbelievable bias and misconduct within the BLM’s Office of Law Enforcement and Security, that had Mr Bundy recognised the Federal Government and legal system and used them properly, he would have been in a very strong position, because his opponents had mishandled and concealed evidence at every turn -and apparently continue to do so.

What actually matters most here:

The three people in Utah whom SAC Dan Love boasted of having driven to suicide, using (or misusing) his powers and position and the indulgent tolerance of his superiors for misconduct on his part. We know little about them, other than that Dan Love boasted of having caused their deaths in the course of his “work”. There’s no evidence for any of them being a confrontation artist who might be said to have engineered his own doom. They were US citizens, who for one reason or another came to the attention of Dan Love and the BLM, and they are dead.
It is apparent from the context that Dan Love hounded these people in precisely the way that the “targeted individual” community has long claimed that gang-stalkers or “organised stalkers” do. In doing this, from within a Federal Law Enforcement agency, Dan Love must have engaged in a conspiracy with his colleagues, both supervisors and subordinates, to deny these individuals their constitutional, civil and other rights. This is a Federal Felony: “Denial of Rights” under USC 18 Section 241. See also the single-most read article on this blog.
There should be a prompt and thorough criminal Federal investigation into Dan Love and his colleagues for at least three counts of this felony.

What is a "police state?" What are "political police?" The need to define our terms.

So, again, today, one of my main thesis statements has been validated (arguably) by the ABSENCE of “proof” rather than by the “presence” of proof. How is that?
Well, my readership has dropped off dramatically, in coincidence/concurrence with a co-opted pagan/animist holiday, which some call “Christmas,” aka “the mass of Christ.”
SO, in the absence of readers, I can presume that causation IS correlation in this case, and replicate it year after year. In other words-the absence of readers during this holiday is the presence of validation for one part of my thesis.
Then, there are the subsidiary correlations to institutions that mandate time off, and of these certainly those implicated as gang stalkers are PUBLIC sector, and public unions and government institutions in general.
This story here about police and firefighters stalking each other politically and for federal funding illustrates that there are distinct correlations between these groups and persons, and gang stalking, but also, this story, and this one too, and many more that you can find online implicate public sector employees, judges, law clerks,political operatives and their relations as primary initiators and participants in OGS.
So, in that light, let me connect a dot for you, the reader, so that you can replicate my results, and gradually help e wrest power from these bullies and cowards. Let’s define two terms that we see more and more frequently these days: police state and political police.
The former term is relatively well known, and the latter can be inferred from the definition itself:

Police state is a term denoting a government that exercises power arbitrarily through the power of the police force. … Political control may be exerted by means of asecret police force that operates outside the boundaries normally imposed by a constitutional state.Police state – Wikipedia
hen have a look at my personal case, and note that hidden internet operators used non-publicly available information about “me” that existed only in government databases, and these cowards, who worked in colleges, political parties, private investigators functions deriving income from the DHS, and more were directly involved. Also, and especially note that operatives from several American states, and two specific FiveEyes nations were also implicated.
For background, it is important that the reader also note that I have been an activist for the First Amendment since FOREVER, and that my activism became a target of nameable and specific persons and politics starting in 1993.
Then, much later, I began to study “enemies of speech” from the standpoint of journalism, Constitutional due process, and the first amendment, whereby my life suddenly became a freeway of hidden institutional abuse, from now nameable operators. In  other words-when I learned to use words, and specifically, words and ideas and theories and strategies of communicaton to enunciate social problems, my own personal problems, or the problems of others-I was attacked by all that I write about herein.
And so, I learned the most important lesson: embrace their attacks, as you would a hand grenade on a field of battle. Be the brave one, for the sake of others. And, as a student of history, I am well aware that our political thought leaders are targeted just as much or MORE than those who the “word police” target and entrap in “word crimes,” aka manufactured terrorism, like this moron here.
And so, ROGS here, is a sort of attempt to do that, because we are all (and some more than others) being dominated now by a vast scheme against Constitutional liberty, and that, by a hidden police mechanism that targets speech at the site of the speaker. These mechanism also target those who have even the remotest idea that police states are more likely to look like someones mom, than that poor moron who was entrapped by word policing.
But word policing is what mom’s do, right? Well-in some people’s construction of ideal motherhood, that is the case. It’s called “idealized motherhood/womanhood.” Hitler did it, Mao did it, Stalin did it, and our deep state is doing it today (and has been since 1993).
And worse-they do it AT THE INTERNET SWITCH, via Infragard agents who work in the exact institutions I name above.
So, my thesis takes on new meaning, because as I have stated repeatedly, that I was politically gang stalked by inter-connected “webs of relations in a certain and specific area of the US, since 2003-4. While my personal life has always been one of resistance and Thoreau styled civil disobedience, I have paid the price indeed, but like the example above, I am ready for whatever these types throw next.
Let’s now look at “what are political police,” and how that relates to my thesis as well. If I were t sketch out a “web of relations” in the following matter, it would read like a “who’s who”of political police, Democratic Party deep state criminals, and my internet connection, going back to 2004. Bu I won’t waste the time here other than to say “what a [email protected] rabbit hole” with a shout out it whoever it was who shared this story about Bacon Bits and Blowflies, and the story below.
But Dear Reader-Don’t Be a Political Puppet! Because another agent of America’s Premiere Political Police is retiring next year, because it will take that long to dig Trump’s foot out of his ass. But I have NO ILLUSIONS about the terms-and I personally know the language and the tactics and the methods of Americas Deep State Political Police going back to the 1960’s:
SO-stuff this un-qualified immunity in your politically corrupt agency full of blow flies sucking the War on Terrors Dick until your mama comes home.

FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe to retire next year following Trump, GOP criticism

McCabe, who served as the agency’s acting director this summer after Trump fired former director James Comey, has faced Trump and GOP attacks on the FBI’s handling of politically charged investigations into both Hillary Clinton’s emails and the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.
► May 12: FBI may get interim director Friday, Justice Department says
► May 11: Acting FBI Director McCabe: Comey’s firing won’t impede Russia probe
Among the allegations: that McCabe should have recused himself from the Clinton investigation because his wife — as a candidate for state senator in Virginia in 2005 — received $675,000 from the Democratic party and its allies.

Then, maybe get you flight suits ready, and a parachute, cuz you will need it, once we get to explorin’s how it all works at the inter-connected Infragard level. I bet the discovery on even ONE CASE of OGS would fill a court room AND a judges chambers with discs of “interconnected and switched” electronic data alone.
But for me, as you see here, I have noted a few banner years that mark distinct changes in law and federal policy, with names. Here is 2013, for example-and 2013 was quite a year in one specific ocation where the sooper seekrit societies were active, and so was I as a “deep cover American Citizen” who knew we had “rights” and oter odd stuff that is uniquely American.
See if you an connnect a few dots yourself between how Infragard works, and how it’s related to all the official B.S. about section 702 being neccesary to “protect” citizens, when n fact, these guys below are part of America’s hidden networks of politcal police-and then see how many political dots one could connect fro these names alone.
But in 2013, I connected, personally, to three of these dots, and that, connected to a first amendment case going back into the 1980’s, aka the “pseudo-feminist sex wars” that the fed and others have been pushing in various forms ranging from CALEA, to SESTA to each and every other conservative speech crushing tool that comes in the disguise of saving women and children.
But please-by all means-make my case for me, because as we see, police states-and the political police within them-don’t just “go away easy.” Nope-sometimes they take $675k in political graft first, while hiding it in criminality at the internet switch:
“Each year, Securitymagazine honors top security executives who positively impact the security industry, their organization, their colleagues and their peers. They change the security landscape…” read more

Grant Ashley – Vice President, Global Security, Merck & Co
John Imhoff – Director, Ernst & Young Global Security, Ernst & Young
Jeffrey Miller – Vice President & Chief Security Officer, National Football League
Alan Orlob – Vice President of Global Safety and Security, Marriott International
Charlie Steadman – Executive Director Firmwide Security, KPMG
Bryan Warren – Director of Corporate Security, Carolinas Health Care
Sheriff Richard Stanek – Hennepin County, Minnesota
Commissioner Edward Davis – Boston Police Department
Marene Allison – Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, Johnson & Johnson
Michael Dell – CEO, Dell, Inc
Kevin Mandia – Founder and CEO, Mandiant
Bruce Schneier – Security Futurologist
U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers – (MI-08)
Robert Mueller – Former FBI Director
Troels Oerting – Assistant Director, Europol and Head of the European Cybercrime Centre
Peter Ford – Deputy Executive Director, OSAC
Bonnie Butlin – Executive Director, Canadian Security Partners Forum
Donald Brackman – Director, National White Collar Crime Center
Chuck Wexler – Executive Director, Police Executive Research Forum
Chief William H. Adcox, Chief Security Officer and Chief of Police, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and UT-Health Science Center.


I got a secret: I know where the current whisper campaign began before it hit Kozinski on the 9th Circuit. And her name is "Amy,"a former clerk there.

So, the avid ROGS reader might occasionally wonder “how does ROGS drop hints that Federal Judges and others are targets of highly organized, political gang stalking?” And then, days/weeks/months later, whammo! ROGS verbal dart hits close to center.
And, it certainly doesn’t hurt that I know with CERTAINTY that this time around it is the “gay mafia” and not these other assorted American Mafia’s that is doing it.
And, you can see the intellectual fingerprints of the ROGS thesis ALL OVER the Russel Simmons thingy, and the Al Franken thingy if you are desperate to make a connection. Beyond the obvious-that straight males are being targeted, and that classic sex smears have become the norm now.
I mean- get out the ROGS BINGO card for these cases, because you can bet that in each case, a private army of “investigators” and other “deep state” operatives were at work behind the scenes, targeting these targets.
There really is a coup afoot, and I am not the only one wondering “who financed all this slander, defamation, and stalking?” I mean- no one seemed to care when it was lil’ ol’ ROGS battling it out by myself in the “darkness” of the internet when these political operators, working from actual and makeshift Fusion Centers were running my internet like a popcorn machine, and blackmailing me online and off.
And- all those weirdos who pop up out of nowhere and then disappear (here, and here) I mean, all the “good guys and gals” must be asleep at the wheel. But one thing I now with certainty: no one is protecting the rights of the average citizen who becomes a political target of literal hidden armies of spies and other miscreants.
And, for my avid reader, I can name a specific clerk who clerked on the 9th circuit court who is a major part of the current crop of backdoor database abusers, and backdoor searchers-and who is directly affiliated with Infragard operatives, and a certain database that holds EVERY background check from anyone who EVER took a background check in America.
It seems the coup’ de’ tat has taken place already, and all the “good peeple” are sitting idle. I mean-isn’t being stalked and harassed online and off by “investigators” and deep state operatives under the watchful eyes of “the good guys and gals” of “high policing” a crime of some kind or other?
Here, little apes, let’s see if we can figure it out-based on what YOU are reading across my many online blogs -why don’t we revisit our ethics class shall we?
This is ethics in 2005-over a decades since this neo-Stalinist regime became the ‘new normal”

The Coward is one who fails to institute a serious attempt to protect society due to fear or a mindset that equates personal safety over the moral and legal obligation to protect others. Any officer failing to place himself in harms way because of such a mindset is guilty of non-feasance at best or mal-feasance at worst. A coward is also one who flat-out ignores suspicious activity in order to avoid dangerous confrontations. In addition, one of the duties of an FTO is to weed cowards out of the ranks. Of course, if the FTO is a coward…. Source: Police Ethics by Chuck Klein

Let’s make a connection, shall we, class?
Let’s take a look at how the Palestinian Exodus of 1948 “started with a whisper” which became a full blown apartheid state afterwards. Because this is a well known psychological tactic, and a well known group of tacticians that employ it in the field.
Here is one of the many places where I discovered that the DHS whisperers had replaced due process in America, by using private contractors, and un-warranted access to databases that were begun in 1993 to wage a domestic war in America, much the way that the Exodus of 1948 was waged.
And now, Look! 9th Circuit Appeals Court judge is stepping down, not long after I dropped a few hints about conservatives being targets of political stalking on that EXACT circuit, here.
And I guarantee you, there will be more to come. And if you need any more clues? Look in Al Franken’s former fiefdom, right across from the police station there-and in the  “let’s say, the second largest city” in that state.
Then, have a look at how deeply some of America’s finest have sworn allegiance to ISIS! And all of that tempered by the NSA-dropped-into-local, via the FiveEyes alliance, British Intel and #Gamergate.

A prominent conservative federal judge will resign Monday from his seat on the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals after facing allegations of sexual harassment.
Judge Alex Kozinski, appointed in 1985 by President Ronald Reagan, said he regretted pain he caused employees.
“I’ve always had a broad sense of humor and a candid way of speaking to both male and female law clerks alike,” the judge wrote, according to CNN. “In doing so, I may not have been mindful enough of the special challenges and pressures that women face in the workplace. It grieves me to learn that I caused any of my clerks to feel uncomfortable; this was never my intent.”

Several of Judge Kozinski’s law clerks said he made inappropriate sexual remarks to them, and one said he had showed her porn several times while in his chambers. Another judge last week ruled there were grounds to investigate the allegations.

But make NO MISTAKE: organized gang stalking is political, and in this case, we see the “gay mafia” and “pseudo-feminists” and definitely internationalists have initiated the slander campaign of a 9th circuit Judge, Alex Kozinski.
See how that works? Gang stalking is more or less non-sectarian-all political parties practice it, across their own religious sects and cults.

FILE - In this Sept. 22, 2003, file photo, Judge Alex Kozinski, of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, gestures in San Francisco. Krazinski announced his immediate retirement Monday, Dec. 18, 2017, days after women alleged he subjected them to inappropriate sexual conduct or comments. Kozinski said in a statement Monday that a battle over the accusations would not be good for the judiciary. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma, Pool, File)
The now-retiring Judge Alex Kozinski is wondering if that one bucktoothed gay law clerk named “Amy” that worked on the 9th circuit about ten years ago was the one who started the “gay mafia styled”back-biting and slander that took him out of office. Because it makes sense in this way: she was and still is Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s bitch, and she lives in (former senator) Al Franken’s state.

What the sauvages are reading today: Moss David Posner comes home, with a bonus thirteen

I spent the night reading up on the odd life and death of a savant: Aaron Swartz, who, for pro or con, was an idealist, and who was likely pushed to the edge like many sensitives are, by the heavy hand of government, aided by corporatocracy™. This is what corporatism does when it sends its soldiers, tax collectors and character assassins after you.

sunset on the wire.jpg
For most people, sunsets are already ruined by the extensive corporate initiatives that blot out our skies. And so, we must draw the lines at OUR MINDS, and become aware of deep state manipulations of our lives, our politics, our media-and the many many hidden operations they use “in darkness” online as they perform brain surgeries on targeted individuals, and whole political groups alike. Can you see what is happening INSIDE those communications cables that string our roads up? Neither can I. And this form of “darkness” enables deep state “operations” all across the world.

And, today, I watched the sun set on actual liberty-the time is drawing near for all of us to pull the wires on the grand internet wiretap. But how to do it?
As many have noted-legitimizing the complaints of targeted individuals is the key. We must cut the group in two, and talk out loud about intelligence level targeting, and leave the “DEW’s and aliens” crowd out of it. And we must separate  and remind the agencies that in fact, the theater of operations does NOT include our minds, without informed consent.
And Aaron wasn’t the first, nor will he be the last to be targeted by a corporation in hidden and nefarious assaults on the individual. And like many before him, being “one of those” kind of people who literally slept in closets, and avoided the limelight and its attendant political confusions, I suspect he was overwhelmed when he saw how evil it all is “out there,” and succumbed to pain and sadness.
Well, he wasn’t the fist, and certainly won’t be the last “targeted individual” to undergo such a horrified awakening, and as we see tie and again, corporatism seeks to own you, control you, or destroy you, failing to otherwise neuter your humanity.
So, let’s look back at the words, and actions of anoher Targeted Individual who was beyond reproach, and whose case is well known among those who have also been targeted by the MIC/PIC/DVIC™. And I apologize to any living relatives of Dr. Moss David Posner for weaving his tale into my own™, but I believe it is useful to remember those who have passed, in times when their lives have new, and positive  meaning to others, as inspirations, or as examples of courage.
So, as my casual readers are likely unaware, and my Regular Readers™ are well aware, I have incurred the wrath of the Pharisee’s and their hench-demons in the Hate Industrial Complex.
Here is a snapshot of that-My Statistics™ from yesterday:
the thirteens.jpg
Two bonus thirteens! Because there are literally more targeted individuals than can be named-and because those who target individuals do so in secret, like the true cowards that they are these that dissect living children ™as the “deep state” interests and their legal bulwarks of layers of state denial™ of the targeting; and that work across institutions much as we see with cowardly MIC/DVIC/PIC™ programs that stalk men like Moss David Posner, or me personally™, or others or that drive “narrative” rather than uncover truth-we have to look at the “phenomenon” of TI’s™ in new ways. And, some of it is so ridiculous that one simply cannot make it up. Look at the “bonus thirteen” in my stats yesterday. Are you seeing any patterns yet? Because proving that patternns exist in the data is a crucial point where we can validate that TI’s are Not Imagining It™. Many individuaals who are gang staked are LITERALLY UNDER ATTACK, here in “freedom.”

So-I watched my statistics for about an hour yesterday, and someone in the UK would read a post, and then someone in the US would read a post, and so on. Like as if they were playing ping pong (Hi Doug!™). But this is the effect my writing tends to have on people, because it is a direct challenge to “official narrative.” As we see, time and again, official narrative is itself a total crock of sh!t.
SO, for those who might have come here searching for information about Dr. Posner, who was a targeted individual, it helps to understand the difference between anti-semitism™, the Brand Name™ of the Hate Industry™, and actual anti-semitism, where those inn the business of hate target Jews and others who are vocal, political, and who stand against their Eastern Bloc Slavery Schemes™.

Have a look at Dr. Posner in his own words, and try to see if you can find “patterns” of who targeted individuals are, and why they are targeted, and who targets them. But very importantly, notice that I maintain a balance between my personal views of those who profit from “hate”-and that hate defined by the hate profiteers themselves-and the views of even Dr. Posner, who is at odds with Noam Chomsky, who I cite in my example page on anti-semitism.
Here is Pozner on Chomsky (who I merely use as a reference to how confused the rhetoric of “anti-semitism” is, and how profitable, for a select group of “professional haters.”).
Here-Google this phrase in its entirety, no quotation marks “the self-indulgent and auto-congratulatory Noam Chomsky, arguably one of the most virulent anti-Semitic Jews you can hope to encounter.”
Then, have fun tracing the actual quote- I just don’t have time today to look into a decade old smear of some kind or another.. But here is one version of where it appears:
“…the self-indulgent and auto-congratulatory Noam Chomsky, arguably one of the most virulent anti-Semitic Jews you can hope to encounter. His endless diatribes on what he wants you to believe to be the horrible treatment of the Palestinian people at the hands of the cold-hearted Israeli oppressors are unparalleled in literary hyperbole. Unfortunately, he doesn’t offer one shred of evidence to back this up. He invites you to join him, the consummate Jewish intellect, in collective snobbery by simply accepting (because you are so frightfully well-educated as he is) that what he says is so. I have yet to see one single person stand up and ask, “Dr. Chomsky, what is the evidence for this?” Should this take place, hopefully there will be a paramedic team standing by to resuscitate him.”
Moss David Posner, July 3, 2006

Posner, a medical doctor, a critical thinker, a prisoners rights advocate, a compassionate release proponent, and one who knew how complex the treacherous zionist-dominionist collusions are: “as happened with the Middle Eastern Jewry at the time of the establishment of the state of Israel, when the Zionist government encouraged the Arab governments actually to coerce the Jews to flee, it is entirely possible that the Bush and Olmert governments wish exactly the same thing for American Jewry.”
So, as a victim of actual anti-semitism as opposed to Hate Industry™ anti-semitism, said this some five years before he died (he passed in 2011, just as the DHS was ramping up domestic surveillace, and working with UK IC to target gamers in Gamergate, and “improving” mass domestic wiretapping schemes that have spanned decades):

September 7, 2007 Rally at the Capitol, Sacramento

Remarks made by Moss David Posner, M.D.

My name is Moss David Posner.  I have been a physician with the California Department of Corrections for almost five years, before I was forced out.  I’m putting my burden down now.  I’m out of the picture, but I want to say a few things to you:

Here’s the threat:  AB 1539 defines permanent incapacitation, which is the logical first step in compassionate release procedure.  If this is diluted down, which appears to be what is happening, virtually no inmate will be able to meet the standard for compassionate release. AB.  1393, was to have put teeth into requests for disclosure of public records, has been gutted by eliminating the order for punitive damages for any agency which refuses to cooperate with lawful requests for records,
If there is—literally—no way out, then the seriously ill inmates are boxed in between being kept in prison, on one side, and being denied appropriate medical care, on the other.  You have to push back on two fronts: first, the demand for the humane alternative of release of terminally incapacitated, and second, the demand for the needed care for everyone, especially those who are seriously ill.
In order to help you with the medical end of this dilemma, let me tell you why any hope of improving the medical care of the seriously ill is in such a mess as matters now stand.
Here are my credentials:  I started out as a contractor, a staff physician at Pelican Bay.  I went to Salinas Valley, where I was subsequently appointed the acting Chief Physician and Surgeon at Salinas Valley State Prison.  From there, I was transferred to the Substance Abuse Treatment Facility in Corcoran as the acting Chief Medical Officer.  From there, I then transferred to Corcoran-1 and asked by the then-Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Klarich to be the Chief Physician.  When I complained about an anti-Semitic death threat, on paper and as defined by a yard captain, my appointment to the chief physician job was cancelled.  Dr. Klarich told me this to my face.  I have won round one of an action against the Department, and now am waiting on the result of an appellate hearing, which of course the department insisted on.
You see—that was my crime: trying to help inmates.
Let me fill out your picture of what really happens in the medical department.
I ran into brick walls everywhere I went. I worked 14-hour days at SATF, arriving early and not leaving until the restaurants in town closed.  I spent hours each night speaking with distressed relatives, and doing whatever I could to make life more bearable for these unfortunate men.  I kept detailed files on my computer so that I could have the information at my fingertips should any attorney called—and call they did.  They deeply appreciated my help.  I even got compliments from the prison law office, and they were upset when I was transferred.
You would think that all this would be appreciated and encouraged.  You would think so—but you would be wrong.  The California Department of Corrections doesn’t want to help their doctors give quality care.
I cannot count the number of times our requests for consults, requests for outside assistance, requests for equipment were ignored, even laughed at.  Our orders were ignored.  Some Correctional officers would just ignore appointments with us and with outside consultants.  Officers would routinely throw out appliances desperately needed by inmates, when they transferred to other facilities.  Orders for important treatments were ignored, and many cases just cancelled.
Read more here about his stance against domestic torture of the elderly, and his PeacePink page here, and here is one of his articles about thought control via disinformation”How to Control Americans—thought control, mind control, disinformation and other naughty things” and how toxic propaganda derived from the heyday of William Colby styled CIA experiments, and Russian “mind control” and brainwashing, aka”Pavlovian conditioning” is taking over our media, written in 2006.
And, here is United States of America, Appellee, v. Moss David Posner, Appellant, 424 F.2d 181 (9th Cir. 1970), where the government decided he was not a “genuine” conscientious objector.
Related Stories: The CIA owns everybody of any significance in major media and mind control via artificial intelligence programmed by FiveEyes spy agencies is real-and in use EVERY DAY online, via captology, and IC programs like Moonshot CVE, and standard “coercive persuasion” What is Brainwashing, with pictures, from How Stuff Works

Then, it helps to understand that those who are “in the business of hate” are themselves actual anti-semites™ and worse-unimaginably worse, than even Hitler™; and that all or most talk of Hitler is, in the first place, merely coded speech that distracts the listener away from the fact that those who cry wolf the loudest actually are Worse Than Hitler™-and that they are the descendants of those who built Hitler into the horrible boogieman that he was. SO, while Hitler had power for 12 years, the One Percent and their enablers have hid their atrocities across the entire world, which has lasted for 3500 years or or so.

December, 2016: ACLU, Gil v. DOJ, Ed the Morgellons guy, and PsyOps, in America

So, Ed and his pal “Celeste”-one of the many Celeste’s- hit my blog up around the same time. And, most of those who hit my blog up are in one way or another involved in some Psyop, or some “deep state” B.S., so much so that it has become a predictable pattern (use my search feature for “I get Letters”).
And after awhile, I’ve made my mark, because it’s hard to hide claims of Morgellon’s in conversations that-somehow-slip in information from my own actual personal life of over 10 years ago (my regular reader will know what this means) and expect to be taken seriously with a straight face.

What is organized stalking? Ask the Intercept “what is counter-intelligence” surveillance and monitoring, and data collection instead.[photo from the Intercept]
But like they all do, these operators slip away after they get made, or otherwise are busted in their psyop/security theater/webterrogation/controlled delivery session. But I can smell RAT’s from miles away. It’s plainly PLAINBIZARRE how long these folk have dragged this out, and justice none the wiser-and neither is the public at large.
But just before Ed exits, stage left, he is zipping around between SB, and MN, and back again, telling the special peeple in the Land of Ten Thousand Minnetonka Moccassins to erase the tapes, or send them on to his base ops, wherever it is. I mean-for an unemployed former federal defense attorney, he sure flies around alot.

Related Story: How private security contractors Tigerswan stalked, and monitored activists and others at Standing rock after having created a “no-fly zone” in our public airways Get out the ROGS BINGO card! And, the ACLU asks:

Why Did a Private Security Contractor Treat Standing Rock Protesters Like ‘Jihadists’?

And so does Celeste, who one day is saving the cute animals and kitties in South Korean bordellos, and the next, she’s in in Seattle, and the next in Tennessee, with a stop-off at the Standing Rock Pipeline, for “who knows what.”
I mean: in the last two months I knew him, he flew at least four flights that he discussed, and at one point drove the length of the CA coastline in search of rocks-and all this culminated in odd questions posed at even more odd times. Like-in an eection year, just as I was shaking a ten year old tail.
And when I contemplated the power that he and others in his “network” had over my life for over two decades, I wonder: why don’t all the “good peeple” break the stories BEFORE the election is over, and their annointed Queen didn’t win?
Like-why did I have be the one to tell Ed “Yeah, Ed, Twitter actually messes with people’s accounts in real time. There’s even a “network” of insiders there and outside of there that have real time access to Tweets AS WE TWEET them.”
Well- Ed, he says he had never heard of either the FiveEyes Nations alliance, OR Twtter’s firehose, OR even gang stalking.
“Gang stalking? What’s that?” He said ” I’ve never heard of it!” And shortly thereafter, he is telling me about his Morgellon’s blog, and then, flying down to S.B., and dropping hints about his own experiences on FlightAware, and in the air as well, as planes draw circles on maps.
Never mind all that bad data about flight schools and terrorists and all that bad intel about fake terror and manufactured terror-the real story is now and always has been that our tax dollars are being spent to demolish due process-the REAL terrorists are those who watched the surveillance state get built on top of our civil liberties, and who did NOTHING to stop it; and worse-those who had the training, but were caught in some rats and snitches sting, and so they dropped their lawyer training inn the toilet instead.
I mean- were were these assholes with vagina hats in 2004?
So-just AFTER I last spoke with Ed about the Twitter firehose, and how silent the ACLU had been about it (in an election year)-Look!
This story broke, about how Fusion Centers were/are using SOCMINT to destroy actual democracy, inn real time-and how they DO watch us in REAL TIME.
And then this challenge in Gil v. DOJ, which i had nothing to do with, but that was curiously timed for just after the election, and revealed to me at least, the partisan bargaining that all the good peeple with law degrees are up to. They’re almost as bad as the “bad guys,” sometimes.
And Ed was exceptionally evasive about all those trips back and forth. Even more evasive about his photograph online with the flight gear on.AND: even MORE evasive about which political group he was working for, but he did give me a hint: it rhymes with “Mom-unists” and, if you whisper the name really softly, it sounds like “shaina maidel” or “shatans shell”
But really, it was the Asian Law Caucus, sitting on it’s ass for nearly a decade, stewing in racism rather than fighting for civil rights, or any other thing:

Gill v. DOJ (Challenge to Federal Suspicious Activity Reporting)

December 8, 2016


#Gamergate, Infragard, Stasi, DHS, artificial intelligence and gang stalking

Gang stalking and search language: ROGS is crowd sourcing the investigation into “who are gang stalkers,” in many ways, and one of my favorite “returns” on my investment is the actual search language that gets directed to my blog.
Much the same way that cowardly gang stalkers have hidden their evil and mayhem, and plausible deniability behind “the war on terror,” and saving dipshit teen girls who post their boobie pics all over the place, I write ROGS with veiled intentions too.
Oh, alright-maybe not-so-veiled: I have been very honest since 2004, that this is a huge [email protected] YOU to those who hide behind secret societies, and “high policing,” to steal even more of the time from the poor, the disenfranchised, and the dissident; and who take burrito sized sh!ts all over the Constitution and due process in the process of getting all nice and fat.
Gang stalking and search language is one way to validate features of the common complaint of OGS, and ROGS is crowd sourcing the investigation into “who are gang stalkers,” in many ways, and one of my favorite “returns” on my investment is the actual search language that gets directed to my blog.

Related: “The Enemy Within” How RAND Corporation began to slide the civil rights and due process bar by wooing then head of the FBI Robert Mueller into the globalist fold by false comparisons to Four of the FiveEyes Alliance nations, and “terrorism hysteria,” of course. Or, new shiny heels on the poor starving pigs.

Here is what some are searching for today, and the connections they are making to “who are gang stalkers” and how “gang stalkers use artificial intelligence” to attempt to manipulate people, politics, and to actually stop the democratic use of the internet by flooding our “choices” with fascist options, and entrapment of all of our data, that is then used in NSA-to-FiveEyes-and-Israel comprise operations that are waged on individuals.
For me, I have learned to take it very seriously when a retired USAF investigator, from a longitudinal cult related directly to foreign spy agencies, or yet another internet provocateur is targeting me, personally. As some of the good people say “Never Forget” where you come from; never forget that history repeats itself when the military and police power conspire with the One Percent to wage totalitarianism.
Today’s search language:

infragard gangstalking
a.i bots online gangstalking
a.i accounts stalking
infragard gangstalking stasi
And: an outbound link that three people clicked, for the first time EVER, to another author who derides UN Transatlantic policy, via the attack on Japanese cultural practices:

So, one of the ways we can ascertain that gang stalking is real, and that others experience it, AND that many rational people are beginning to make connections to gang stalking and hidden “high policing” that takes place online and in Fusion Centers, routed from the NSA and British IC before it is the brought “offline” where  “low policing” functions take place, is to simply monitor search language, personally.
You see, one of the main claims that has been made by gang stalking denialists is that OGS victims are “delusional” and “part of a potentially dangerous online community,” of targeted individuals. Well, this is called “official source gas lighting,” and it is practiced by those who sit within the exact MIC/DVIC/PIC that stands to profit from all the disorders they are CAUSING in the western world.
And, a big part of them being able to continue to cause harm is by denying that TI’s have “personal agency.” Again, this is by design, because as we see thee same are the ones who continue to profit from the Hegelian dialectic/IchDu Buberism’s/Barthes styled deconstructions of identity/ Freudian projection.
Agency is where you, the targeted person begin to be aware that you, individually and specifically, are targeted because of who you are, and how you think, by well heeled psychopaths from various institutions, and hidden practices that some feel are authorized by the DVIC gray area schemes that have slowly drained the blood out of our democracy.
Here- look at where some of my awareness began in 2004-that some who worked from institutions targeted me personally, directly, and in hidden capacity. These who targeted me worked in: 1) politics 2) government 3) academia 4) policing 5) private security consultants financed by the DHS 6) more as yet to be discovered and named.
And now look!
My little, free, WordPress blog is changing the dialectic, and taking power away from the oily scumbags who have targeted me. Here below is a snippet of that exact moment when I was able to use internet functions to discover the exact things I am writing about now. This conversation took place over a three year period, used multiple computers from multiple resource areas, and I documented the newly emerged national NSA/Fusion Center wiretap with this one conversation.

Related: It’s not Treason if you leave citizen’s data in the wide open on Amazon 3 “by accident” with “plausible deniability,” right kids? How the Army left you exposed to violent crime, and worse.
“the metadata of files stored on the virtual hard drive allowed researchers to determine the SSD image held troves of highly sensitive files, some of which were classified with the TOP SECRET and NOFORN (NO FOReign Nationals) security classifiers.
Metadata from one of the files found inside the leaked VM image file

Here was the aha moment that took me about three years to “prove” and this is just the tip of the Icyberg. And here is how I was able to connect British IC activity to my personal blackmail event, but also, to #Gamergate, where UK intelligence agents began to influence our national “American conversation” under the watchful eyes of the DHS and the FBI, and with direct assistance from the NSA. And all of this subverted individuals to what they will one day claim is a “greater good,” in the name of “national security,” which is neither, because “they” (whoever “they” are….) are so many layers deep into the absolute subversion of due process that it will take an Army of “us” to get a case together.
In other words: intelligence operations came “home” in the most Constitutionally cringe worthy manner in 2008, and I “proved”it in 2011, as some “white knights” and their minions hidden away along the cancerous internet backbone used protected information, from protected databases, in unwarranted access to leverage politics and procedure out of the hands of Democracy, ad those of us who believe in it.
Now, while our agencies target people all over the world, and share the information across international boundaries, and literally trade citizens from their own nations around like baseball cards, we see the full scale blurring of these lines within our own agencies and practices-in other words, targeting individuals on a MILITARY SCALE is literally a CIVILIAN problem now.
So, the Brit’s do the illegal, un-Constitutional dirty work that American agencies and miltary operatives are prohibited from doing to their “own” citizens, and our US agencies do this to “their” citizens in a huge demolition of due process. But because it has so far evaded being seen as that, the vast majority of American’s don’t even know its happening.
Here is what targeting is according to the US Army Police Intelligence Operations manual:

Targets may be identified for further informational exploitation as conduits to attack an enemy, criminal, or terrorist network. Sometimes, PIO results in a prosecution in a court of law. If the prosecution takes place in an emerging democracy, it shows the people of that nation the value of a professional police force that operates within the rule of law. PIO activities also provide information critical to determining measures required to protect the force.

#Gamergate indeed. We are human chess pieces on their huge board of “games,” (whoever “they” are...)many of which are derived from John Forbes Nash’s head.

Dear Armenia: I have story for you.

Very few people take the time to notice the little things in life, like how the wold is connected by six degrees of separation.
Maybe that’s because American’s, and our toxic media, our toxic military, kills off beautiful things because at the top of our structure, dead people rule us. These are colloquially called the “One Percent,” and they are backed by high heeled killers with low IQ, and NO EQ.
But I notice small things. Here, look: Australia is talking to Armenia, and while few know this, Armenian people were genocided in the early 1900’s, and they got ZERO press for it, and even today, the one percent seeks to cause them further distress, because they refuse to recognize that genocide. You can ask yourself who the One Percent are, or why some genocides are more important in the news and Hollywood than OTHER genocides.
But for Armenia, I have a few stories, and some of those stories are about people named Ebrahimi who live in America; and some of those are now catives of our secret services.
Here, Armenia, is a snapshot of your country, via my gang stalking blog:
I could tell you some stories about both the Ebrahimi tribe, and also about a former acquaintance of mine who is central to a recent story about “gang stalking” in the United States, but  i won’t do it here.
Instead, I implore you, Armenia, to devote a criminal investigator to the case of Bijan Ebrahimi, formerly of England, which is a FiveEyes nation, and also, a nation rife with gang stalking complaints, because in western secret societies, our “goodguys” and police hunt and stalk outsiders, and shake them down for cash and other things-they literally stalk people to death, and our police laugh as people are murdered and set on fire.
Well, Armenia, Bijan Ebrahimi, a crippled immigrant who I am guessing is one of yours, was murdered and set on fire in Englandstralia. I think there should be a letter or two to International bodies to protest the fact that Ausengland did not protect him, and worse, mocked, derided, and aided in his murder.
If that sounds “unreal” or exaggerated, I implore you, Armenia, to have a look at the case of Bijan Ebrahimi, who was gang stalked, murdered and set on fire in Australengland.
And keep in mind, that this happened after SEVEN YEARS where he had repeatedly called western police, who mocked him, laughed at him, and allowed his neighbors to torment him, until finally, he was murdered in this literal “conspiracy.”
While his murderer has been jailed for life, I think that you, Armenia, can become better advocates and press for a wider investigation of how the police in Australia are treating immigrants. It is epidemic, how badly hman beings are treated by America’s One Percent, and their international buddies.
You see, in the west, everyone is afraid of “pedophiles” which is short hand for “pseudo-feminist policing,” or as we call it here “High Heels Policing,” where “white knights who are asshole deep in corruption send out false flags, and frame people who challenge their version of God/narrative/funding sources.”
You probably already know this, but the desert tribes of your general region believed that if you meet a Moses traveling alone in the desert, then it is the duty to kill him and rob him of all that he owns.” Or, at least that’s what kabbalist and author Chaim Potok tells us about your region. And really-who can trust a tale where they didn’t follow their own best advice?
Wel, as you see it is so confusing in the west these daays as secret societies blur law and ethics, and wiretap us all, in hidden progarams that turn anyones good intentions into mush. Just like the blur between Australian and English culture, who can tell anymore where the muck starts and the rake starts? I can’t tell the difference anymore myself, and I am a trained journalist.
And, it really doesn’t matter, because when police become criminals-who cares about boundaries? But I hope you get on the case-because you should see how easily, and how quickly Armenians are swept into our hidden spy agency blur here in America.
My email is at the top of the page, if you need a local correspondent.

What the hungry, the tired, and the huddled masses are reading today

The statue of liberty has a very odd history, that, like many things we take for granted, has hidden meaning.  In linguistics, hidden meanings are a source of nearly erotic excitement-linguists love to discover layers of meaning in ordinary things.
SO, for example, for us, the phrase “War on Terror” is well known to mean “the war on people who know that the One Percent and its agencies and tax collectors and people targeters target speech more than terrorists,” and so on. Speech IS terror to those who stitched and sewed and who control the sows ear that is the NSA-DEA-FBI-DHS/etc agency nationwide wiretap out of nearly whole cloth.
So, let me jam this post in those pig’s eyes of “theirs” and stop up their silky ears today with the soft cotton of my words, wielded like a sharecroppers plow, by filling the local Fusion Center’s “words and people who use them” entrapper with “what my readers are reading today

I get around of 40-70 readers per day, who read between 3-5 posts each. And they come from many nations, because as we see, culture jamming requires an international focus by writers like me, so that cowardly battalions and squadrons of hidden groups of terrorists get shut down.

Update: 07/28/2019– Iget avbout two hundred reads per day from Israel, Cyprus, Hungary, etc.-anywhere George Soros Open Society is politically active, and most hits, some 80%, come from the USA

By far, my most popular posts are the ones teaching people how to document gang stalking for a civil lawsuit, or how to hack the CIA’s hacks, or how to protect themselves against the thousands of roving gangs of security contractors and other gangs of”community police” and “private contractors” and “security state criminals” that are hacking our online conversations, our lives, our web, and our relationships. And, how to spot actual targeted individuals from the hordes of paid speech killers online.
And, lately, many criminal defense lawyers and civil rights attorneys-maybe some journalists and others who know that gang staling is all too real are downloading the Guide to Government Hacking written by the ACLU, the EFF, and the NACDL
How police frame mentally ill people “in darkness,”but ony after brainwashing them
How retired law enforcement, and other nefarious elements of “our” society get away with murder, and more “in darkness.”
How the NSA steals data and stops innovation by hacking corporations and passing data around to the One Percent and their enablers, that influences politics, and people, via back door searches, and thousands of varieties of wiretaps-and by stealing SIM cards.
ANd this is just a sampling of today’s readers, but many other posts get read too.
And Look at the search language that lands here at my simple, free, wordpress blog, aka my “proving gang stalking is all too real” honeypot:
gang stocking research combating the lies
bolo gang
ex-air force organized stalking
champion gangstalking
osi gang stalking ti
psychopath gang stalking
See? Some bright soul wants to see if someone is actually combatting gang “stocking” as opposed to combatting manufactured terrorism that happens because a huge vampire is attached to our lives.
And the BOLO, aka “party flag” is very real. And, my GPS is still missing, but at least I have help looking for it now. Here-maybe YOU can help me find my “lost” GPS?
And while I am flattered tat someone might think I am ex-AirForce, I am not. I was once a nearly hopeless guy like poor Jurgis Rudkus, an immigrant from Osweiczim, Poland (I think) who encountered hardship and economic necessity in the American dream, and then, I learned to use words like these ones you are reading now!
Then, I especially like the fact that some are making the connection between military operations having bled ALL OVER OUR INTERNET, and into civilian operations,  via “black” operations like OSI informers, who run a variety of military programs that track people, target people and coerce and manipulate information out of people.
In fact, I am so pleased that peope are searching for this, that I am going to write a story about the daughter of a former USAF Major, who was a Playboy Bunny back in the heyday of Hugh Hefner. She is a beautiful woman, even many years after her tour of duty at Hef’s Mansion, and she told me about a weirdly fitted bicycle there, where young girls from UCLA…oh, nevermind. I will write that story later…
But as you can see, writing about organized gang stalking is what we must do in order to restore our democracy. And as you can see, I need help doing it. Have YOU had enough of the bleedover yet? Keep in mind: you swore an oath, and I swear a lot, so we have this in common-we are both fighting for our democracy with the tools our constitution guarantees to us. I got words, you got MRAPs and donu shops and weird USAF flyovers loaded with electronics, and bucketseat britches full of sh!t.
Because this is just the beginning, and it isn’t pretty. And I can’t help but feel a bit fattered at whoever it s that came ere looking for a Champion of Gang Stalking, because he’s not here-the writer has left the building, and in his place, only  the ghost of Vonnegut, who reminds us that Dwayne Hoover was kind of an asshole, and that police states by design CREATE terror, rather than any other thing.
Because Look!
When you give low IQ morons whose ballsack’s are falling out of their pants and overly eager to fall dickhead over gloryhole to make an impression on the ladies, and use those fancy toys that Saint FiveEyes the Panoptical Inquisitor gave them, they eventually create a use for them.
And, failing that, they go a bit nuts themselves:
dwaynes martha.jpg

Just in case you need a reminder about “what the boys and their ever thankful girlz will do with toys:”
sky penis
Why Neocons should be rounded up and locked away in fiery hot gulags in New Mexico, which has odd policing habits
I personally find layers of joy in looking at web pages for hidden meaning, and especially web pages created by teachers, many of whom are not very web savvy, but whose hearts are nearly always in the right place, despite the American education system being a more nefarious propaganda delivery system then many communist nations.
In act, our education systems have become whole-person rendering plants, enabling a select few, while destroying he vast majority of kids that enter into it. Our schools are virtual experiments in destroying human potential via race-class-gender narratives, while continuing to allow the descendants of Eastern Bloc gangland affiliates to have their way with kids.
So, sometimes in pedagogy, it is important to revisit our terms: what do you call someone who would harm a child? And, draw better lines in our society when some murder the crippled, the mentally ill, or the immigrant
Then, let’s revisit  the statue of Liberty, in the 1920’s, for a few facts about how the fourth generation frequently forgets where they come from, or why they came here to America in the first place, for the sake of the 99% of modern parents whose kids will unfortunately encounter the American education system:

Stories of Jewish immigrants throwing their tefillin overboard upon encountering the freedom and promise of life in the United States may be the stuff of legend, but for Mendel Aisenbach, a Chabad-Lubavitch Chasid from the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, N.Y., such tales emphasize an important point: When they approached the Statue of Liberty, many of the tired and poor masses from across Europe – a good portion of them Jewish – pushed their identities to recesses deep inside in the quest to become Americans.

Then keep in mind that targeted individuals are not a new phenomenon, anywhere in the world; that targeting has been going on here for many centuries.
Today, we see the American agencies financed and inspired in their targeting by the descendants of this exact group of immigrants; and we see them having no sense of why they are here, as they target and harass and stalk us via databases much as Hitler did.
Look! IBM dealt directly with Holocaust organizers, much the way we see Big Data working across continents, across politics, and across human morality aka Transhumanism to eradicate bad ideas and bad thinkers via Total Information Awarenness, and rampant database targeting (as I chronicle here at ROGS).
And, sometimes, I recall their inspirations then, all those repressed men in tefilin, when I recall a certain obese blonde woman in the classroom of a wonderful American teacher, who I will call “Liz” who taught pedagogy in a midwestern college; and this pudgy blonde who “coincidentally” arrived in my class on inter-disciplinary approaches to solving education problems, which is known in some aspects as “The Pedagogy of the Poor,” which has its origins in the teachings of Paulo Freire’.
You might have noticed that I apply the pedagogy of thee poor to my writings about targeted individuals. This is because the One Percent-the descendants of those who financed Hitler-are actively monitoring all of our communications in real time from their escape pod in Israel after the NSA gives them full access to all of us.
And please, feel free to label me an anti-semite, or a self-loathing secularist, or even a hater of God, Gawd, Gad, G_d, G_d, god, dog, Yeshua Ha Nosering, the Virgin, ISIS, or even a disliker of Hashem the provider of great tidings of Chinook flyers,  but keep in mind that I am well aware that non-Jewish Dick Cheney, ambiguously Jewish Rupert Murdoch, and a definitely Jewish Rothschild are active in that country, financing strife, and doing things FROM Israel that are forbidden by our Constitution. I am well aware that Jews are targeted too. So, yeah, call me wutever.
But one thing you CANNOT call me is a hater of Democracy, or even the Statutes that guide our liberty, aka the Constitution, and its guarantees within our Bill of Rights.
And, as I have inter-generational memory as well, I specifically recall things that most “Americans” do not, like this overweight blonde white female who was affiliated with the Department of Homeland Security, and I recall how many of her written papers that we read out loud in the classroom (for a specific purpose) indicated as much, as she was one of many agents of the neocon Hydra that then had just begun targeting American activists and critical thinkers.
And like we see today, these have infiltrated every singe aspect of our culture so that real “change” will never occur again. The police state never looks like the police state when it is being constructed, because frequently, it looks like someones mom. Hitler did it, Stalin did it, an America has done it today via the memetic that women are somehow beyond blame for social problems.

Related Stories: When Hitler’s Perfect Woman Came to Call-how  Hitler used images of idealized women to build Nazi Germany; and ISIS in the American neocon dialectic, aka “The Virgin Mary flapping her garments like boatsails, as flags of anti-misogynist/anti-sexual harassment/anti-educated male,” and the criminalization of speech on the internet, or, this.

In order for the students of the future to understand how integral the DHS is/was/will continue to be in the destruction of American Democracy, via speech prohibitions and high heels policing, and then, the “phenomenon” of social justice warriors and cry-bullies (SJW’s)  after that, one need only keep in mind the image of plump white women who drew double salaries across America, and who targeted many activists of many races and many classes during the “War on Terror.”
And, unlike American propaganda systems, which are designed to limit the potential of American children, these others are designed to rigorously teach kids hard science, math, and more. It’s as if we have succumbed in totality to international finance treating our children as sheeple.
In order to understand how deeply they have inserted themselves into our children, note that the word sheeple , is one of the words that the One Percent and it’s domestic spying and democracy clearinghouse operation the DHS has “terror watchlisted” at one point or another.
Here, have a look at one such page from the early days of the WWW (back when we still called it the WWW!), before corporatism and the War On Terror infiltrated every level of our propaganda stream, and diddled our children’s minds like Facebook billionaires have admitted to doing today by deliberately, and with impunity manipulating dopamine levels in children’s minds.
Also, keep in mind that during the election of 2016, many of the neocon left were echoed in the propaganda stream calling for MANDATORY USE OF FACEBOOK. Then, compare the ideals of Lady Liberty THEN to this neocon version of Jewish-Catholicism and it’s faux assault on speech via sexism/harassment/misogyny memes; ISIS, indeed.
Mystery cults INDEED. Lady Liberty, indeed. Is it misogynist to say that the resemblance is striking these days? :

The Statue of Liberty

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me.
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

The Statue of Liberty was a gift to the people of the United States from the people of France. She stands in the middle of the harbor of New York City. She is a symbol of hope and freedom for immigrants.


Mind control experiences on the internet: what is "captology" for the win!

So, I began ROGS over a decade ago, and of necessity began to write it last year or so because I was simply tired of all these phony hero’s and the new technologies acting as a virtual leverage and compromise or bully and blackmail scheme where one after another of these cowards “working in darkness” at a Fusion Center, or some private contractor gets to comb through my life every time I hit “send” on a blog post they don’t like.
Lately, the asshats of Las Vegas are combing through here, looking for clues as to how a guy 1) whose family is an inter generational FBI target 2) whose whole life consisted of Las Vegas and a slot machine and a few Filipina balabayan boxes and 3) how being stalked through Vegas by Paul Blart’s is somehow  big mystery.

Related Story: The actual “going dark problem” is this->We live in a TOTAL SURVEILLANCE STATE, and without a doubt, the Las Vegas casino where Stephen Paddock shot up some folks is a PRIME TARGET for NSA surveillance-but Mystery Policing, aka “high policing” where police/intelligence level corruption, and the various intel cults compete for ca$h derived from black operations; and which takes place in “total darkness”  then takes place in “gray area” as multiple agencies scramble to cover their tracks via “parallel case laundering” in the Las Vegas shootings, and possibly frame a few new “suspects,”make a few headlines, and later, make pleas to the fed for MRE DVIC DOLARS, and counter-terrorism funds-but only after the judge (who is without doubt a grand Poobah in some secret society) seals the warrants that reporters could otherwise use to begin to unravel these manufactured terrorism frauds.

I mean-it’s SIN CITY, ferchrissake,  and corrupt to every corner of the six pointed badges that feign ignorance of the rancid corruption there, and who take orders from Saudi princes and the descendants of Mayer Lansky alike.
Yeah- big mysteries there in Vegas. The only actual mystery there, as in most places in America today, is how to “frame a narrative” and extricate all of the hidden state actors and other sordid criminals who work in the FiveEyes policing scheme, which is by definition what a corrupt police state looks like, and what it does, and then get their finges into the money pots. Here-they are are already setting up a “fund” so that the lawyers get their cut, first.
Then, the spin doctors will all get their sloppy snouts greased, and then, al those federal matching funds for manufactured terror will roll in. I mean, the police state is by design a MAKE WORK project, as we have seen over and over since 1993.
Yeah, big Mystery. Lots of mysteries in these deals indeed, and all the access is ealed, at all times. This IS what police states ARE.
Some of my last rounds of stalkers, like Ed and Celeste, and the morons next door were stymied that I would write about actual mind control experiences on the internet, which is like, a real thingn practicee EVERY DAY on evveryone, but because all the sooper seekritt stuff that is cloaked in nashunul sekurity never sees the light of day because TERRORISS!!!
You see, letting the public excercise its right to know what I know seems to be a threat in and of itself, as I found out in 2003-4 as I wrote about civil liberty and due process in a climate of manufactured terrorism. Yup. I did that.
And then, my life became a freeway as assclown after agency turned my life into t hnting ground, or just used it for target practice. Yup-they did that.
The problem is, in a climate of weaponized internet that the good guys use for year after year to wage psyops and other harms to individuals who challenge their crimminal unConstitutional basis, depend upon the secrecy to CREATE crimes, or the appearance of crimes, or doubt as to whether or not “we the people” can be trusted with our own privacy; so that they can then rush in and POLICE crimes, or create the appearance of crimes.
Meanwhile, in case you haven’t heard, the Saudi’s who FINANCED 911 were the only people allowed to fly on airplanes on that day. See how it all works kids? Land of the free!
So, journalists like me are a problem, as are civil libertarians who let us all now that YES THEY ARE ALL SPYING ON YOU, and people who believe in Democracy over secret cults in law and law enforcement, running game and ten running narrative are also a problem to those whose income depends upon Fabian Socialist methods of removing due process from our daily lives so that there own personal favorite cult/sects/religion/tribe gets some federal dollars in their piggy heels at Saint Nicholas time.
So, yeah- go [email protected] yourselves. Decade after decade, I am amazed at the Pig-Cow hybrids that you people are breeding together via this Panoptical totalitarian state, and it’s bizarre high heeled policing schemes.
Well, anyways, mind control: don’t take my word for it-I am not the only person on the planet who knows what the NSA/CIA/FBI/GCHQ/etc is up to online-here, have a look at “captology” and what the mad scientists of “influence operations are up to. And keep in mind-these are the “good” mad scientists, not the “deep state” mad scientists.
From Stanford University:

What is Captology? is the study of computers as persuasive technologies. This includes the design, research, ethics and analysis of interactive computing products (computers, mobile phones, websites, wireless technologies, mobile applications, video games, etc.) created for the purpose of changing people’s attitudes or behaviors. BJ Fogg derived the term captology in 1996 from an acronym: Computers As Persuasive Technologies = CAPT.
BJ Fogg speaking about Captology

Where Persuasion and Computers Intersect

The field of captology and persuasive technology is growing quickly. Every day more computing products, including websites and mobile apps, are designed to change what people think and do.
As we see it today, captology isn’t just persuasive web sites or video games to change behaviors. Captology is a way of thinking clearly about target behaviors and how to achieve those goals using technology. Captology is a method with related tools for solving problems. Our frameworks and theories are all about helping people understand and measure what matters.

Captology Resources

People often ask how they can learn more about captology. Here are some things we suggest.

We’ve also created some books related to captology:

And so,  if this is what the “good” mad scientists are up to-what might the “bad” mad scientists at JTRIG/GCHQ/Croughton RAF/Israel/CIA/NSA be doing? Well, I will let you “good guys” figure it out, all by yourselves, because after a lifetime of watching you crooks in action, I have nothing left to say to you.
Like Edward Snowden says “I used to work for the government, now I work for the people.”
Or, something like that. In my case, I was just a doorman, once, with a pen and paper, and five classes short of a  journalism degree. So, yeah-than’s for the deep knowledge deep stater’s. Betcha didn’t know I was watching you as you were watching me. And now, others know it too.
The word truly is mightier than a bo’ncha morons with 97 IQ’s and a desire to murder people who tell stories, dontchathink? And look! The narrative is changing! See how that works? But I think some of “we the peeple” have had enough of “overpaid cowards with bombs and guns and high heeled narrative control.”

An army of Paul Blart the Mall cop and a database walk into the Hero bar: recipes in nauseating social policy and corruption

So, I have documented a distinct link between crisis PR narrative control and how organizations like the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) has deliberately blurred the line between so-called terrorism and domestic violence, utilizing what they call the,”colluding parallel investigation,”and advisinglaw enforcement, LEIUs, and Infragard community policing elements to wage pre-emptive, multiple and never ending investigations on targets;and how auto-antonymal language and double entendre are used in “influence operations”which the ACLU has also noted; and how alternative media is under attack from the “deep state” and it’s hand maidens in civil conspiracy, the psychologists who gaslight TI’s, but who, by proxy, are also those who are causing mass shootings, suicides, social isolation, political corruption, and more.
I have also repeatedly documented the toxic blur between security contractors and police functions that operate in an “intelligence capacity,”as we see a link between the Yellow shirt security contractors and the Stephen Paddock shooting, as well as documented links between Omar Mateen and G4S concurrent with Mateen being “on the FBI radar,” directly because his father is an FBI asset/informant,but how these literally conspire under the ATAP “frame”work and also wage hidden terror and morality/coercion/social conformity/entrapment/social engineering campaigns “in darkness,” and without oversight.
It is these latter subjects who are what can rightfully be called the modern equivalent of Nazi Brownshirts, or Stalinist purge agents, or Israeli Sterns gang members, and the ‘whisper campaign’ is the tactic both groups used to cause strife in local populations. All of that whispering, starts in database abuse, and BOLO’s of various kinds.

UPDATE 10/28/2019
: Actress Rose McGowan, who I mention in this post you are reading , has now sued Harvey Weinstein and his sleazy gang stalking lawyers David Boise and Lisa Bloom, as well as the Mossad affiliated spies that he hired to ruin her life, the spy firm Black Cube of Israel.
Rose McGowan sues Harvey Weinstein, Lisa Bloom, more claiming ‘diabolical’ intimidation plot
Maria Puente

Also note that one of my personal stalkers is also a Mossadi jihadi, and WOW did my blog, and my communications device/s get interesting after I PROVED what gang stalking IS with that one example.

In case you don’t recall what a BOLO is, have a look here especially, then here, and here.
Then, have a look at this Wiki site where the excesses of the unethical post 9-11 “information sharing environment” as we see security industry are documented in one specific community, Aspen Hill Maryland, as an organized gang. This Wiki has valuable information, but also some classic total time wasters like the “”Old Men from Out of Town” story started by private detective David Lawson, which, while interesting in the way that other locker room talk is interesting, has no merit in our Constitutional crisis era of total system failure.
From Aspen Hill Wiki:

“Fake Cops”

Local law enforcement has a very effective and legitimate approach to dealing with localized crime problems. This is “PCAT” or “Police Community Action Teams” programs, in which officers from other areas are given significant opportunities to accrue overtime hours, by concentrating forces in one or a few beats. This effectively floods the streets with both uniformed and plainclothes officers.
Some Organized Stalking groups are well aware of this, and they will occasionally flood an area with their own staff during, or more commonly immediately after, periods of PCAT activity. They can expect cooperation from grateful shopkeepers, mall security, and other property-management types who are allowed to believe that these individuals are operating under, or personally possess, police authority. It’s possible that some persons affiliated with such organizations are in fact police officers, or more likely were at one time police officers. Yet the vast majority of these “Fake Cops” are in fact fake cops. Quite frequently they work with, or are part of, “security gangs”.

“Security Gangs”

Some commercial facilities such as shopping centers or office campuses may be unable or unwilling to afford the level of security available through legitimate private security services. Some such may be approached by organizations offering their services to “help clean up the place”. These organizations are, effectively, unlicensed security officers and also often operate as private investigators with no permits. Or, they may possess permits or licenses which do not apply to this sort of work. For example, Bounty Hunters are in fact law-enforcement and may have special permits… which do not apply to any duties outside of seeking bail jumpers. Yet neither the property managers nor the people “apprehended” (usually beaten, intimidated, or frightened away, instead) by these individuals or groups are quite cognizant of the fact that these persons have no legitimate special authority nor license in these places and situations.


Certain specific shopkeepers or property-management people are quite cooperative with either “fake cops” or “security gangs”. To such groups, such enablers are golden. In the rare case that the “fake cops” or “security gang” operatives feel that they are at risk and choose to hide their presence rather than risk the exposure of their operations, such shopkeepers or comparable staffers can act as eyes and ears for the fake cops and/or security gangs. Indeed, given enough time in place, and they may come to manage them, if not in exactly a capacity of being a management-level employee of a corporation or company. Yet they can direct the operations of such organizations, in effect, picking victims.

What makes the documentation of “organized gang stalking” significant in this case is that we see how elements in policing trickle information to security contractors, and “cop wannabees” who then form literal gangs, and use technology and tactics of OGS to seize turf, and “run neighborhoods,” in the disguise of authority; and this, which is a recipe for corruption.
Then, take a look at how “security guards” were an integral feature of “narrative control” in an ever changing story about the Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock in order to understand how similar mass shootings are to activities in the Hitler era with Brownshirt marauders corrupting Democracy; and other periods of history where the Constitution of a nation was suspended, diminished, or eradicated entirely.
So, the Maryland Wiki from Aspen Hill has great information, and names some names to some degree, and can help point the researcher, the psychologist, the criminal defense or civil attorney into the right direction in pursuing cases against gang stalkers.
As I have noted, my personal case of OGS began distinctly in 2003-4, and progressed throughout decades, and went into full swing in 2008, and I worked with great lawyers, and began and prevailed in a lawsuit that blossomed to five other independent litigants to literally take a cowardly security contractor OUT OF BUSINESS. As you can see, I am taking my time this time around, and making sure I get it right for everybody.
Without coincidence, 2008 is also when the Department of Homeland Security, working under the “intelligence sharing” platforms where the DEA/FBI/DHS/CIA waged hidden database backdoor searches across agencies, and began to target individuals with ferocity, and devoid of any due process, or even anything resembling due process protections.
In other words, systemic denial of substantive due process became the norm in 2008, as well as a host of other institutional practices that require a separate essay, but simply put: information sharing became indiscriminate, political, slanderous, and frequently sought targets that refused to participate in such a social scheme, which is well documented all over the web as one TI after another becomes targeted with “hidden operations” of many kinds.
Have a look at another of my encounters with hidden internet operators in 2011, which was another big year for DHS backdoor black operations. Like Rose McGwan and tens of tousands of others, we can begin to envision how civil conspiracies of deprivation of rights are traceable to both private contractors, who can  be sued for actual damages, and the DHS which can be sued for complicity and reform, which won’t come easy as major senators sitting on the intelligence committees continue to derive substantial kickbacks under the watchful eyes of the FBI and other agencies.
But because the federal government has managed to skirt color of law claims, due process claims, ad substantive due process claims bu claiming state secrets, FISA exceptions, section 702 loopholes and more, I will leave it to actual lawyers to make the larger arguments.
It is at this point, beyond a reasonable doubt that the government acts pre-emptively in these cases with actual prejudice, maliciously, and with selective enforcement, and that the government has excercised bad faith by using back door searches and OTB methods. But for the lay reader, here below is basic Due Process, 14th Amendment where the federal scheme has shifted the burden of proof to the citizen to bring claims:

Every Due Process Clause analysis begins with the question “Has the government deprived some person of life, liberty, or property?” If there has been no government action, or if there has been no deprivation, then there cannot be a Due Process issue; substantive or procedural.
Substantive Due Process issues involve the states’ power to regulate certain activities.
Procedural Due Process issues involve an analysis of the procedure required by the Constitution when states seek to deprive people of life, liberty or property.

While the majority of persons targeted with these hidden schemes that are waged from behind the DHS and other agencies target low status, low income individuals, a savvy civil or criminal lawyer will see the merits of pursuing redress in cases of OGS because there are other venues whereby proving substantive due process has been occurring on a massive and industrial scale, as we are now faced, literally, with predatory “law enforcement” that is actually not enforcing any laws, but rather, seizing property in record numbers, framing suspects, and using intelligence agency tactics in local communities to create the appearance of crimes instead.
So, OGS has morphed into real estate red-lining, and a CIA styled asset forfeiture racket; but in many other ways too. ANd here is a case from a local community where a citizen has documented other real estate related claims, as did Bob Krlich.
Up until ROGS, few would risk speaking out about ths form of corruption, and worse, the actual language didn’t even exist in many cases, which is by design of the corrupt, and the corruption itself. Look through ROGS foor more links to the dialectic itself-search for tags with “linguistics” and “para-language” and “semantics”  and “jargon” for examples.
One of the chief and main reasons this is allowed to continue is because “security gangs” and “private contractors” are not held accountable to the public, and as we see on an  industrial scale, the public doesn’t even know what any of the many “hidden operators” online are even doing. And how can you litigate for a client, or in a class action lawsuit of the proof of such a diabolical state-level brownshirt scheme remains under authoritarian control, disguised by “state secrets” and other unchallenged privileges?
Well, it helps to have a starting point, but as we see pre-ROGS, there was a dearth of data that verifies OGS as an actual complaint. is one of the few who has stuck with the facts, and occasionally whistle blowers step forwards; and there are some highly credible online testimonials and a few court attempts like the case of Jeffrey Kantor, but other than that, where to start?!
So-start with the private security contractors and their chain of oversight. and work your way up, combined with other data that proves patterns of state conduct, substantive due process violations that stem directly from the DHS scheme, and the hidden data about back door searches and the electronic trails they leave that became available since Edward Snowden and corporate collusion at the database level.
Further Reading: What is substantive Due Process?

Due Process Clause:
The Fourteenth Amendment reads, in part, that no state shall “deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” This applies to the states and to local governments. The Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment applies to the federal government. Most Due Process issues involve state laws.
Common Law:
The two sources of law are statutory law and common law. The common law is that body of rules and principles developed through the courts over time. While legislatures often overrule an area of common law by enacting a statute, and while courts often overrule an area of common law by refusing to follow it further or by handing down a decision which makes use of a competing principle, the common law carries with it the force of law and is generally binding on courts within that jurisdiction.
Burden of Proof:
In every case one party or another has the onus of demonstrating the truth of some fact or another. The party who must so demonstrate is said to have the burden of proof. In addition to who carries the burden, the burden can be of different loads. For example, in a criminal case the prosecution carries the burden of proof and must prove every element of the crime “beyond a reasonable doubt.” In most civil cases the plaintiff generally carries the burden of proof but must prove every element of her claim only by “a preponderance of the evidence,” which is far short of “beyond a reasonable doubt.”


Have High Heels Policing Professionals pledged themselves to the Cult of ISIS? Or: Temple Prostitutes and Isidore, revisited.

Fun Fact: Fakerape’s and “sexual harassment” claims are a political and dialogical tool of ISIS-and the Virgin Mary. Or-both?

File:Wien KHM Isis I 158.jpg
Hey! did I say you could use my picture? What gives you the right to use my picture? What sense of privilege you have to use my picture without permission-and don’t you DARE call me a Temple Prostitute! I will hunt you stalk you and harass you, using slander and defamation in gray area, and worse! I will do it IN DARKNESSSSSS!!!!

When power hungry female predators and other women rape, they do it with Buber/Hegel/Barthes/and Saussure; deconstructions of law via dialectical materialism, and “Hegellian Phalluses,” and gray area assaults on civil liberty, and due process. But they also do it for Caligula….

The cult of Isis was formally introduced into the Roman Empire by the Emperor Caligula who constructed a temple to her in Rome.The cult of Isis would spread throughout the Empire, during the formative years of Christianity, to become the largest cult in the Roman world. Isis would become the patron of several of the greatest Roman Emperors among them Vespasian, Titus, Trajan and Hadrian. The name Isidore (Gift of Isis) would become one of the most common names in the Empire would be common into the medieval period.

LOOK! I saw something! I am SAYING something! ISIS has taken over PBS!!!! ( I am writing this in BOLD LETTERS so that the Fusion Center, and XKEYSCORE can hear it better)

One of the very few reputable left-center journalists on television-Tavis Smiley of PBSis the first, and ONLY man to show an ounce of testicle and stand up against ISIS in our media! He says he will “fight back” against all of this he-said, she said gray area policing of the past, via the dialectic contortionism of the present, which vies against cultic elements for the future of “our” country, and Democracy.
Get out the ROGS BINGO card, and see if it applies to fakerape as much as it does to whisper campaigns, and OGS itself. You will immediately note the gray area policing, the speech monitoring, the hidden mechanisms, the British-Rothschildesque Palestinian Exodus styled slander campaign, and more.
Then, have a look at the dialectical and linguistic features that prove a portion of OGS is related directly to cultic elements in policing, and gray area slander campaigns in OGS that deny due process-or, as we shall soon call it “Dark Ages Redux” of a post SESTA/FOSTA internet world.
As Smiley said-he was denied due process, which is what feminist jurisprudence, aka feminine-fascism seeks in most cases, as the Jewish and Catholic sects rule by slander ad defamation, aka “ritual defamation” of character, rather than rule of law:

“If having a consensual relationship with a colleague years ago is the stuff that leads to this kind of public humiliation and personal destruction, heaven help us,” Smiley said.
And also that investigators refused to look at certain documentation, refused to interview any of his current staff members, refused to give him the name of any of his accusers, and “refused to give me any semblance of due process.”
“It is clear that this has gone too far,” he said. “And I for one intend to fight back. PBS overreacted and they launched a sloppy investigation. It’s time for a real conversation in this country about where the lines are, about how men and women can engage each other in the workplace. And I look forward to actively participating in that conversation.”

Well- the Virgin Cult is active even at PBS now. And for anyone who s here because you have been accused of fakerape or other things that the “deep state” hides “in darkness” then have a look at the top of this blog for ways you can fight back and document OGS, including a guide to government hacking for criminal defense attorney’s and civil litigators written by the EFF, the ACLU, and the NACDL.
But as we see in this spate of “change culture by bitching about stuff from forty years ago!”some have conspired and actually removed due process from the reaches of even wealthy people like Tavis Smiley, and now seek  to turn us back into a state of Inquisition to hide their involvement in ISIS. These same have actually been doing this since 1993, though you might have just discovered it.
How is that you say?
Well…..a little history of mystery cults is in order. You see: ISIS and the VIRGIN Mary (who can  do no wrong, and who is forever a helpless victim of penises shaped like pike-axes) is taking over our public spaces, and our media, and our information channels! Or, here come the Catholic Dark Ages, AGAIN, courtesy of “temple prostitutes.”
Here- have a look at my main claim, that ISIS and the Virgin Mary are one and the same:

When Christianity eventually became the official religion of the Empire the cult of Isis had already become synonymous with the cult of the Virgin Mary. As pagan worship gradually became outlawed the cult of Isis managed to survive by providing the template for the cult of the Virgin.
Of course there are a great many differences between the two cults. The cult of Isis was renowned for its sexual promiscuity whereas the cult of the Virgin prizes chastity and purity in such matters. Nonetheless there is a common and very pronounced feature of both cults which is that of the mother of the saviour. Just as Mary gave birth to the Messiah, Isis gave birth to the saviour and first Pharaoh of Egypt. Both conceived by supernatural means and both have become the ultimate symbol of motherhood.

As we see, the One Percent are no slouch when it comes to spending the One BILLION per year that the Government Accountability Office has allotted for Public Relations-look! They have convinced you that ISIS is s FOREIGN enemy, when in fact, it might well be the women in bed with you tonight.
Or one of her forever hungry sisters in crime who today are all saying “Ouch! That guy togged my skirt forty years ago! And this guy weaseled out aof a fakerape/blackmail scheme! And that guy this and that!!! HeeeEEEELp!”Where are all the Good Men®??!! Who will help a helpless girl whose veils are flapping in the wind like boat sails???”
I’m sure ISIS is on the case, and all of the good men and women righthere in America who work in the Good Guys and Gals Industrial Complex® are on the case as I write this (from my curiously trouble free WordPress blog)
But just in case they are not on the case tonight, here is a refresher-as the active reader might recall my thesis about the need to separate the church from the state, so that we don’t fall through the center of the earth and become worse than Communist nations that we apparently abhor, but willingly accept their runaway billionaire’s and all that black ca$h and hide in our real estate-but just in case, I will remind you of my thesis:
When did this:
Abe Cohen.jpg
Become this:
tor stopped working.jpg
And this:
Multiplied by this:
brave new piggies
Divided by multiples of this:
no plates USPS2
With this as the sum and total:
dwayne fin.jpg
And all of THAT because you are ugly, not very bright, kind of a bully, and secretly, only you and I know you are basically a criminal. That’s why.  It is also how, when why and what, for that matter. See, do you feel better now that you know that ISIS is actually a Catholic construct, mediated by a Jewish cult of Propaganda?
Cool! Have a look here then, and tell me what you think about all this fakerape going around now. Then- tell me why YOU are working for ISIS? Because as we see that is bad, and not good, so knock it off, and get busy edumicating the public about the REAL threats to liberty, which is “trial by slander,” and it’s fat little sisters who are always in distress.

Related: Wash your brain out, you foul mouthed bastard! Oh-never mind-the USG has that covered to the tune of ONE BILLION per year to cover their tracks in the great brainwashing of our century.

Because the One Percent are well aware of  the crisis PR imperative of uniting whacky Catholic’s with whacky Jews at crucial nexus points, and waging propaganda over decades of time. First, they kidnap and then brainwash all the little Virgin Mary’s, then, forty years later, they whinge on about hw harmless thee wonderful creatures of Hashem are, despite a few cannibalistic tendencies.
And the Russians are certainly laughing their asses off saying “Privyet Old Soviet Friend! You are liking found new home in US official propaganda! Ukraine is smaller joke than American’s are big stupid followers of Virgin cult, military taking over their brains, use minds like remote viewing stations in Finnish Harbor!”
Sure, I know that sounds crazy-but probably not as crazy as a government that foregoes the rule of law, suspends the Constitution, and denies due process for so long that citizens generally think that “if the Virgin Mary said it, it must be true!” And forego their due process rights, because the deck is so stacked against any challenge to FISA/section 702, that dissent i stopped at our fingertips, whcking away in WordPress.
So, let me repeat-some religions hide their presence in our secular law and custom, and it is destroying our democracy. Or astroturfing for fakerape, and chopping  hands off for booty grabs- and the diaectical power that comes afterwards. Some say that Machiavelian lies and abuse of power causes multiples but I could have heard wrong:
When Christianity eventually became the official religion of the Empire the cult of Isis had already become synonymous with the cult of the Virgin Mary.
And-if you are extremely bored, have a look at some deep Catholic sectarian occult teachings about ISIS…er…”the Virgin”:
3. Narrative
We have looked at this in connection with the scenes of the nativity and Crucifixion. There are two special scenes for the Virgin Mary, the Dormition and the Assumption, that are of special interest.
4. Dormition and Assumption of the Virgin
Dormition means falling asleep–as when Paul refers to deceased Christians as those who have fallen asleep through Jesus. This conveys faith in the resurrection–particularly appropriate for the Virgin owing to the belief in her physical assumption into heaven–a belief in existence already by the fifth century where it is found in a written source known as the Transitus Mariae–the passing of Mary that provided satisfaction for the believer’s yearning to know what happened to Mary. The account is as follows: Mary’s death is foretold by an angel; the Apostles gather to assist Mary and to receive her blessing; Christ comes and takes Mary’s soul into heaven; her body is carried by the Apostles to the valley of Josaphat for burial; the Apostles keep vigil at the grave; after a short or long period there is an assumption of Mary’s body into Paradise.
As a liturgical feast the Dormition was celebrated as early as the end of the sixth century–at that time Emperor Maurice (582-602) determined that the feast should be celebrated on August 15 throughout the Empire. At that time there was a basilica in Gethsemane that claimed to enshrine the tomb of the Virgin. Dormition and glorification of the Virgin’s body became a popular theme in Byzantine sermons. The feast was adopted in the West during the seventh century. Note the Virgin Portal at Amiens Cathedral
Assumption — The theme develops from the belief in the essential similarity of Christ and the Virgin. Circumstances of birth are the same. Scriptural basis of the Assumption comes in the Apocalyptic vision of the woman clothed in sun with the moon under her feet and her head wreathed with 12 stars. This was the Church in ultimate victory–but it was also Mary.
5. Triumph of the Virgin Mary
We may first consider the concept of The Universal significance in the Song of Songs

Gang stalking and Ambulance and EMS and Uber: Don't call 911-call Uber for non-life threatening emergencies!

I generally believed that people who work in “helping” professions are good people, despite experience telling me the opposite up until 1993.
Then, all bets were off, forever, and always. That’s a different novel entirely (you can peek at that novel in the story of Lucie, here), but for me at least, I “saw the light” then, in the “birth year” of VAWA, and how lies were more important than truths(as we see with the mystical product placement of the number 13 in many mass homicides, and Crisis PR), and how the road to DVIC hell is paved with good intentions; how the good peeple launder money through the laundering of narratives, and thus narrate our lives using cultic symbology, cgorruptions of law and due process, and raw abuse of power.
I mean-just looking at how deeply the crisis PR teams are involved in every single issue is disgusting-here, look at how they are “framing” Joe Biden as the kindly, Catholic, mis-understood old uncle Tom. In Teen Vogue, of all places.
See how that works, kids? They are “framing kindy Uncle Joe the Godfather of VAWA and Chief Swamp Rat for the next generation! And likely, greasing his well oiled political sleigh with Biden 2020 oil. All told, from 1993 forward, Uncle Joe and his band of Mary robbers pulled off the greatest mass kidnapping in world history, and built gulags in the US the size and scope of which would make Stalin blush.
From the link above to Teen Vogue, we get the idea that “When Uncle Joe puts his hand on you, it’s because Mommy Dearest says he’s a good guy!” See? It’s good touch when Uncle Joe does it!” It’s pure Catholic deep state trance formation warming up the ISIS wombs of the future, who will later morph into the Virgin Mary’s who will hold the Charlie Rose’s and Bill O’Reilly’s and Matt Lauers, and the Tavis Smiley’s of the future hostage after whoring around-it’s a self perpetuating political Miracle!
Or: Back into the dark ages again, with some women every bit as pimping as they have always been, but fueled by the billions of DVIC dolars that come from eating young boys alive, like this little guy here.
Well- I think we need to break the bank that finances this charade, and if we have to start with the lowest rungs of the ladder, so be it. I personally started at the top and worked my way down once I realized who the leadership structure is-here, look at one of the great leaders of the altRight Nazi party of my era: the Jewish Nazi, Frank Collin.,whose ideology has infected both the altLeft AND the altRight of today. Collin  was an instrumental and literal political tool whereby cosmopolitan Jews and Catholic police leveraged ca$h out of the orthodox Jews of his era.
Next time you need an ambulance for a NON-life threatening emergencycall Uber instead of 911
Our institutions of healing have become little more than racketeering enterprises themselves, and in many cases, the medical community literally sucks the life out of young children with the willing accomplices that Bernaysian crisis and jingoism laced PR built-their Liberty Torch bearing, vagina hat wearing by proxy of the DVIC Mommy Dearests.
Yeah- all those terrorists and  journalists and whistle blowers and activists MUST BE STOPPED! And te “drug dealers, prostitutes and pedophiles” of curse, which is the centerpiece of DVIC slander.
And sure- gang stalking through Websleuthing occasionally kicks up an actual rapist and solves an actual homicide-of yet ANOTHER white female!
Yay! Catching a rapist from four hundred thousand years ago in 1989 makes all these current fakerapes worthwhile! Because nothing works Eastern Bloc Socialists and their henchmen in goodguy/galism into a froth quicker than aiding YET ANOTHER white damsel in distress (whose parents were too cowardly to teach her how to fight her own battles). Yup-saving dead white female’s are the raison de’ etre of the counter-terrorism initiative, and the pillar of it’s comical religious basis.
STOP THE BAD PEEPLE!! Before word gets out that real monsters, and real terrorists and real pedophiles hide behind crisis PR, and “saving women and children.” They’re saving them alright-saving them like pawn shop pink slips in a piggy bank, with borrowed finances. But they won’t lift a fingernail to raise awareness about systemic corruption, because they ARE ALL IN ON IT, hoof deep.
*CRASH* Sound of the piggy bank hitting a wall of silence around systemic corruption, bullsh!t narratives of ‘danger’ and ‘harm’ and ‘threat,’ and heroism gone wild.
And, they actively work against those who suggest better alternatives-like taking UBER for non-life threatening emergencies. So next time you sprain an ankle, bump your head, slice a digit-grab some ice and call Uber. It’s safe, faster than an ambulance, and will save the taxpayers/your piggy bank hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
And, it will help demolish the false threat narratives that we endure every day about manufactured terrorism which only help SOME people who comprise the superstitious/murderous/religious-sectarian/conservative class, at the expense of ALL the rest of us:

“In order to lower health care spending while improving health outcomes, people can use the least-skilled professional who is still qualified,” said David Slusky, assistant professor of economics. “It’s the same in the provider space: you don’t need a neurosurgeon to diagnose strep throat.”
With emergency room patients who are too sick to drive but who don’t need medical care during the drive, an Uber would suffice. An ambulance ride can cost someone or their insurers hundreds to even thousands of dollars.
“Many patients don’t need something that can break traffic laws and don’t need something staffed by paramedics with a bunch of fancy equipment,” Slusky said.
Slusky and co-author Leon Moskatel, of the Department of Medicine at Scripps Mercy Hospital in San Diego, examined ambulance rates in 766 U.S. cities across the country in 43 states as Uber entered their markets from 2013 through 2015.
In those cities comparing before and after Uber became available, the ambulance usage rate decreased at least 7 percent.
Read more at:

Not that I didn’t have “good guys versus bad guys relapses along the way, but since 911, I am convinced there is more evidence than  less evidence that our nation, and it’s institutional representatives, are rotten to the core-and that they are rapidly eroding our society through special entitlements and corrupt “high policing” schemes.
As I state repeatedly here at ROGS, I generally believe, based in ample evidence, that the “official institutions” are corrupt, and rotten to the core. Any Google search of “police” and “gang stalking,” or “fire trucks and gang stalking returns tens, or hundreds of thousands of hits; and gang stalking and New York returns MILLIONS.
And, a search for gang stalking” and “ambulance” returns nearly 48,000 hits, whereas “gang stalking and EMS returns even more-nearly 55k results. Why is this important? Because as you see throughout ROGS here, linguistic analyses is required to understand that state level actors are involved.
Let me explain: the common ordinary citizen will most frequently use the most common ordinary terms to describe something-so an “ambulance” is what most people know as an Emergency Medical Services vehicle, whereas to those who work in official capacities are familiar with the term “EMS.”
So, you can do your own research, but this is just one metric with which to verify that organized gang stalking is real, and non-delusional in basis; and that it has its origins in institutional settings..

Psychologies greatest hits: The Duplessiss Orphans, kidnapped, sold, tortured in "How Psychiatry Used Quebec’s Orphans as Guinea Pigs"

As we see with organized gang stalking, psychologists seek to silence victims of it. This is normal to those who work in these professions. And, we see, the past repeats itself in the present.
In and of itself, OGS could easily be seen to be a delusional complaint, but like nearly ALL of the history of psychiatry, psychology, and social work; and much like the FBI Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) programs, and Guantanamo Bay Cuba, and mob rule in general, no one wants to be the person to bring attention to state level abuses, because corporations, policing elementss, and narrative control agents all intervene and cast stones upon the messenger.
In the case of Gary Webb, and Michael Hastings, we see that they didn’t merely cast stones upon Pullitzer Prize winning journalists, but that these journalists died in “strange circumstances,” after writing about these horrors of the state.
One might wonder then-why didn’t Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein whoo revealed the Watergate Papers also suffer such fates? The short answer was that these were tribal-sectarian journalists, and as such, both had prior careers as state agents themselves, unlike Webb or Hastings.
But when writing about OGS, I keep in mind the most basic principles of journalists inquiry: remember who your subscribers are!
And, because I actively discourage THOSE kinds of followers, and actively discourage actuall perpetrators of OGS and ban them from my followers here at ROGS, I somehow manage to attract readers from places as exotic as Malaysia, and the Phillipines and Taiwan (if bastardized Chinese culture can still be considered exotic); and as far flung as Belarus, Craotia, and Zambia.
I even get subtly threatening letters from Seychelles, via Tor, via Midwest America,and Washington State, which has inordinately high rates of school shooters, gang stalkers, and sex workers on the federal string, or who read The Stranger.
So, hopefully these can have a read through this story, where actual psychologists used actual kidnapped children in human experimentation. And, they all GOT PAID to do it; and the state covered it up for decades. And best of all? It happened during the height of the MKUTRA years, and the Catholic church was involved.
But like I say repeatedly-the modern DVIC glosses over all of this, and focuses you, the reader, on hypotheticals, rather than what is actually HAPPENING today. And what is happening today? COINTELPRO 2.0/MHCHAOS 2.0/MKULTRA 6.7 on acid. And, like the Duplessis Orphans, “it’s for the children.”
Without irony, I note that the Church of Scientology has hosted this link:

The Worst of Times
How Psychiatry Used Quebec’s Orphans as Guinea Pigs

By Christine Hahn
Special to Freedom

For many people, sitting near a body of water is a relaxing experience. For Clarina Duguay, it inspires terrifying memories from her childhood—memories so painful she can scarcely find words to express them more than 50 years later.The shy, soft-spoken, 65-year-old Duguay is one of Quebec’s infamous Duplessis Orphans, a group of more than 5,000 children whose parents handed them over to Catholic orphanages during the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, promised their children would receive a “good education.”Instead, psychiatrists falsely declared them mentally ill or severely retarded and warehoused them in psychiatric hospitals, enabling the Quebec government under former Premier Maurice Duplessis to receive a bounty of federal funding for their care.To date, investigations into the Duplessis Orphans have focused primarily on actions of Catholic Church officials who managed the orphanages and psychiatric hospitals.But in an apparent move to stymie any further probing into past crimes or misconduct and those responsible, on September 26, 2001, the Quebec government passed legislation to bar Orphans from taking legal action against the Quebec government or Catholic Church officials, in exchange for a paltry settlement of $10,000 per person. If an Orphan refuses to sign the agreement, he forfeits his right to even that compensation.As a result, Orphans say, one key group never held accountable for its fundamental role in their abuse may now get away with it too: the psychiatrists who signed bogus orders labeling them “mentally ill”, committing them to a living hell.Human Guinea Pigs?
The need for further inquiry into the case of the Orphans is apparent, as an investigation supported by the Fund for Investigative Journalism in Washington, D.C., has revealed something even more sinister on the part of psychiatrists than signing away the lives of normal, healthy children as mental misfits—invoking the specter of psychiatric programs under the Nazi regime in Germany.The Orphans’ medical records and recollections of the Orphans themselves suggest the children were exploited as human guinea pigs for a new drug, chlorpromazine.Chlorpromazine—known today by its trade names of Largactil in Canada and Thorazine in the United States—was synthesized in France before World War II for use as an anesthetic. In the years since, it has been invested with such epithets as the “chemical billy club” or “chemical lobotomy” because of its mental and physical consequences—including a “complication” known as tardive dyskinesia, a central nervous system disorder that includes involuntary, grotesque facial and body movements.For the children, the drug submerged them in a nightmare from which they could never awaken. The purpose for the drugging and the extent and consequences of testing, including deaths, are continuing to be investigated by Freedom.Some of the Orphans interned at St. Jean-de-Dieu Hospital remember being treated by Ewen Cameron, the psychiatrist who conducted appalling and inhuman experiments on human subjects at Allan Memorial Institute of McGill University as part of the notorious “mind-control” programs of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency from the late 1940s through the early- to mid-1960s.Bruno Roy, president of the Duplessis Orphans Committee, examined records of hundreds of Orphans, and said that Cameron’s name, indeed, showed up in children’s records.Cameron was known to use chlorpromazine in his experiments, combining drugs, electric shock, lobotomies and other savage incursions on patients.His associate Heinz Lehmann, who did undergraduate and postgraduate teaching at McGill and became clinical director at Allan Memorial in 1958, is regarded as the psychiatrist who discovered the use of chlorpromazine on psychiatric patients in 1953 (see accompanying story).Yet today, evidence reveals the Duplessis Orphans, railroaded into psychiatric hospitals as retarded and mentally ill, were being administered the powerful drug as early as 1947 with debilitating effects.As defenseless children, unaware of their rights and without a voice, the horrifying truth about their experiences were hidden from public view.Wasted Lives
Two years after arriving at her orphanage in 1946, Clarina Duguay was transferred to St. Julien Hospital, an insane asylum more than 1,000 kilometers from her home.Duguay experienced appalling treatment at St. Julien.“They would plunge our heads into ice-cold water if we did something wrong,” she said, adding that to this day, water terrifies her. She described being tied to a bed with a collar, and having to scrub floors seemingly without end.Duguay was told by the nuns that her mother had become psychotic and had died as a patient in another psychiatric hospital. In fact, her mother died of tuberculosis two years after the nuns claimed she had passed away.Two weeks after arriving at St. Julien, Duguay vividly recalls being given medicine that the nuns said would make her sleep. The medicine, however, did much more than that.“It made me into a zombie,” she said. “I had no energy, I was always feeling sleepy, had a hard time getting up. I was getting the drug every night. I have a hard time remembering, which I think is because of the drug.”Duguay and other Orphans say that while the province failed to provide them with records from their first years at their institutions, the drug they received was the same one all along, identified as chlorpromazine in later records.Francois Lantagne was a frightened, 9-year-old boy in 1946 when he was sent to St. Michel Archange psychiatric hospital. Born out of wedlock, his mother did not have enough money to raise him.Lantagne was regularly placed in a straitjacket and subjected to ice-cold showers. Like Duguay, he received chlorpromazine every night at bedtime.Today, Lantagne has been on welfare for 35 years.“They have wasted my life,” he said.Joseph Martin was only 5 1/2 years old in 1938 when his parents placed him in Montreal’s Buisonnet Institute. Shortly after that, he was transferred to St. Jean-De-Dieu Hospital, where he remained until 1956. Martin said he was given a variety of “purple and pink pills” and chlorpromazine.Alice Quinton said she started to receive chlorpromazine when she was 13—three times a day by pill and injection.“I felt sleepy all the time, like when you get operated on,” she said. “When I woke up, I did not know where I was. I was having nightmares and my heart was always beating fast. I felt anxious.”The drugging continued behind the walls of St. Julien until Quinton was 23.Justice Sought
Rod Vienneau, Clarina Duguay’s husband, investigated his wife’s past and said that from the early 1990s, when the Orphans began fighting for justice, they all told the same story: from the time they arrived at the psychiatric facilities until they left, they received chlorpromazine.When they requested their medical records, the early ones—during the period the drug would have been undergoing testing—were not provided to them, said Vienneau.However, he said, “every one of the Orphans has told the same story. They all say that the drug was the same one they were given all along. They have no reason to lie. Three thousand people cannot all be lying.”Vienneau said the Orphans have demanded that the psychiatrists involved—some of whom are still living—be charged with crimes against humanity.“We would like to see real justice for the thousands of innocent young children and survivors who day after day had to endure unimaginable torture, being used as guinea pigs for experimental drugs at the hands of criminal psychiatrists and religious orders,” said Vienneau.Hundreds of Unexplained Deaths
Vienneau compared the cold water plunges and the drug use to experiments performed on children in Nazi-run concentration camps in Europe.“This has been a conspiracy of silence from the beginning,” he said. “The province of Quebec was just another Auschwitz.”Michel Lebel, a former Montreal police officer who specialized in investigating cases against children, said the crimes against the Orphans went far beyond drugging and physical abuse. Lebel has discovered unexplained deaths of hundreds of Orphans and many examples of bogus paperwork in their cases.When children died, he explained, as yet unidentified persons within the psychiatric system simply came up with phony new identities, fabricating records to replace those deceased so funding could continue. “Some of these kids died and were reborn 10 times,” said Lebel, now a freelance journalist.Compounding such deception in cases of those who died, he said, is the longtime maltreatment of survivors. According to Lebel, “This was an organized crime against humanity.”What Vienneau, Lebel and others point to are parallels between occurrences in Canada and Germany, where orphans were warehoused in psychiatric facilities and victimized as experimental subjects. The parallel is drawn not to Nazi atrocities, but rather to the crimes of German psychiatrists in their institutions. As it is now widely known, the eugenics theories in vogue in Nazi-run Germany were not limited to that country.The practice of removing “undesirables” from Canadian society was already firmly in place before the Duplessis Orphans. In Alberta, starting in 1928, close to 3,000 youth deemed “mentally unfit” were surgically altered without their knowledge or consent under the Sexual Sterilization Act. The sterilizations stopped and the law was repealed in 1972 after the atrocities were exposed by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights of Canada.Peter Breggin, psychiatrist, author and founder of the Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology in Bethesda, Maryland, said that “medical murder” found support at the highest levels of Canadian and American psychiatry. He points to examples like influential psychiatrist Foster Kennedy, who at the 1941 annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association called for the extermination of retarded children over the age of five.Breggin said Kennedy’s goal was to relieve the “utterly unfit” and “nature’s mistakes” of the “agony of living” and to save their parents and the state the cost of caring for them.These speciously compassionate phrases were virtually the same ones used to describe the Orphans, said Michel Lebel.A Call for Open Records
University of British Columbia Professor Emeritus Sally Rogow wrote in Hitler’s Unwanted Children that although it has been widely held that Hitler’s regime killed children with actual disabilities, in fact thousands of healthy orphans in Germany were murdered or used for drug experiments.In both Quebec and Germany, the truth behind what happened to the children was covered up with phony paperwork and bogus reports to parents by psychiatrists. Children were moved without informing families.In Germany, wrote Rogow, “Children who were transferred to state institutions from religious homes and schools were moved from place to place without informing their families where they were located. Many parents could not keep track of their children.”Clarina Duguay’s father, who lived in Cape D’Espoir, Quebec, was not even aware his daughter had been transferred from the orphanage to St. Julien Hospital, a psychiatric facility 1,000 kilometers away, until she escaped several years later.Rogow also reported that German children were used as guinea pigs in drug experiments.“Many a doctoral dissertation was based on the experiments performed on living, conscious children. … Children were injected with drugs, sugar and other chemicals to test their reactions. Generous research grants were given to support this kind of research,” she wrote.The Duplessis Orphans were given chlorpromazine starting in the late 1940s and continuing into the 1960s, as well as other drugs.In Germany, when children died in the euthanasia institutions, grief-stricken parents tried to bring legal action against them. In response, the Nazi government issued a legal decree in 1941 preventing them from doing so.So the passage of legislation in Quebec on September 26 brings yet another chilling analogy.“Enforced secrecy is contrary to democracy and the spirit of freedom,” said Bob Dobson-Smith of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights.In the case of the Duplessis Orphans, he noted, those whom secrecy benefits most are the psychiatrists accountable for confining and treating the Orphans. “What is needed,” he said, “is to open all records and find out what happened, who was responsible, who knew about any mistreatment or crimes, and when they knew it. Only then can we bring appropriate parties to justice and finally close this chapter in our history.”


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