The Stranger, AFOSI, Dreyer-v-US, and a Speakeasy walk into a bar….

SO-have a look at how America’s festering racism and religious.tribal theocratic cult activity, combined with un-Democratic total surveillance, and East German Stasi tactical methodology of gang stalking is affecting “terrorism” cases.
Then, let’s peek into rat-world (over there, underneath the hole in the earth  that these cows fell through). But first, a primer in propaganda, law and the “hidden hand” of good will, and love of the Constitution, from a reguar citizen of a FiveEyes nation:

What is “organized stalking” in the FBI context? Benjamin “Big Daddy” Paddock, father of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock, was well liked by his neighbors, and was a merchant mariner, a patriot, and despite and years of contact with law enforcement, and bad jacketing over his actual racketeering (he’s a psychopath!) and the Corporation in an inter-generational shakedown racket.
Posse Comitatus
Dreyer-v-US, and USAFOSI aka OSI informers and the Third Amendment, and the ACLU on the case- a blast from my 2010
Dorsey Whitney, retired FBI, and “The Stranger”: seeking proof of gang stalking (use my search feature for post with Dorsey in it)
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)” “Why we are helping the Stranger in Washington State uncover warrantless surveillance, case laundering, parallel construction and the dry cleaning of legal narratives “

It’s time I confess: in a previous incarnation of ROGS, I was one citizen, too terrified to speak up, as my life, and my homes, my cell phones and my internet became a training ground for domestic terrorists who work in “community policing.” It went on for over a decade after i wrote a few college news stories about the coming neocon assault on civil liberty.
I was surrounded at all times by nefarious informants who work in hidden capacities to subvert due process by cowardice, entrapment schemes, and the suspension of belief and due process. These rats were named James, and ‘R”, and Celeste, and Mia, and Ed, and Maggie-and who can forget “M” who did more time in solitary pre-trial than any other American? Well-I am willing to wager that wasn’t actually a single stretch….and many more wonderful peeple.

Related Story: Is gang stalking real? An online account from 2004 documents how police and firemen act as political/religious/sectarian tools of the state, or local interests, and the ACLU’s 2008 report on Fusion Center spying, and domestic spy rings full of military people who work between military and civilian roles with police power and  under color of law to subvert due process in the disguise of Patriotism.

And-I was too plainly terrified to lend my voice to the wider dialectic, because they had me all to themselves, and too pummeled with swirling and hidden activity that sought for decades to compromise me; and so I say “Hey you there, you sh!tbag cowards-you’re stealing democracy one dropped dime at a time!” But if any lawyer is looking to file a amicus brief-I would suggest you write me at the email provided.
Then, I watched as the AIPAC lobby charged in like a bull out of pasture, and waged wars on citizens, in a scramble to grab those rolling dimes and turn them into dollars via fake terror events and constant hysteria “Misogyny! Hate! Domestic Violence! Racism!” And all of that, as they waged whisper campaigns, odd-bizarre even- un-adjudicated slander, waged domestic violence in lop-sided broadsides on men across my country, and misandry-waged it upon those who “they” hate.
Then, I got mad, and I did something about it.
I began to write ROGS, so that others could follow along and see how corrupt these cowards are who wage “collective violence” at the edge of a huge sloppy pig trough lined with corpses of those they ritually defame sans due process-mmmmm: pork. Who knew the tribals and their minions and dominionists loved pigs so much? My, how they throw stones, start fires, burn bridges, rob databases, wage defamation assaults, and then hide behind high heeled jackboots. Terrorism indeed is institutional now.

Related: How Adolph Hitler’s mentor Edward Bernays made bacon and cigarettes a staple of the American Breakfast. Champions, indeed-he couldn’t have done THAT without all of his Liberty Torches. It’s not cholesterol if the high heel machine says it’s just fat-what, do you have body image problems?! Are you fat shaming me??!

While many blame Bush2 for these surveillance abuses, and others name Obama as the blackmailer and gang stalker in chief-I blame YOU, personally, whoever you, the reader are today. You see, both of those men fit the exact profile I have outlined here at ROGS-and all those rats and snitches above? Yeah- they are working their way up the masonic food chain. They are “evil doer’s”who have burdened many with impossible legal, cultural, and social baggage.
Because the burden of proof of wrong doing of “evil doer’s” has been shifted-indeed it has been deliberately cast AROUND us- from a corrupted government to the citizens in this neocon post-Constitutional world, and it will take more than lil’ ol’ ROGS here to ferret out all of the rotten cheese that fills the minds of the weasels who are actually bad guys in sheep’s clothing. And, unless your goal is a religious theocracy, then maybe follow along, because no democracy includes theocracy-the two are incompatible business models.
And while the boogieman du jour is “Islamic radicals”, some of us are old enough to remember those other radicals: Catholics and Jews who came before them. And, any fear that one might have that the crazy Muslims will degenerate my/your country, came before they were here, because these same things were said about Catholics and Jews.
Not that these anxieties were misplaced-one brush with any bush-muslim will reveal that they use rosewater as cologne, and to cover up days of sweat and skin odor in a nauseating mixture of “berber and the barbary sea,”but that could be said of any trying-too-hard-with-aftershave American fanatic as well.
Look, we even have these Catholic/Jewish/”Episcopalian” cockroaches filling every fart stained seat in the Supreme Court. As you see throughout ROGS-Abrahamic religions in general are the disease itself, and how their cults and sects intermingle in the ideological cesspools that our nations have become. It’s purely repulsive; and it distorts the letter and the spirit of the law.
Few know that Catholics are fans of secret tomb-like chambers where they once practiced viewing the Virgin Mary, much as we see they have done today with voyeuristic spying on whole societies and targeted individuals; or how their cults like the Cult of Saint Catherine work “in darkness” at the internet switch, and in the court rooms and secular society after that (Al Franken?). Or, that Pharisaical Jews actually do eat babies for breakfast and lot’s of pork too, if the cosmopolitan trend toward expensive organic baby fingerling potatoes, and little tiny clumps of baby broccoli payed for by the Homeland Security allotments ever year are any example.
I mean- Rienhold Niehbur? This is the guy who created the serenity prayer that is used in Alcoholics Anonymous, for Bill W’s cult. If one had any demons to cast into pigs, certainly the Cult of Bill W. would be a great place to start. I’ve met a flying pig or two myself in those kinds of surroundings.
But these are the people we are stuck with ALREADY. This is what majoritarian rule IS. Why not have  few Muslim’s come along? The Abrahamic pigs of a feather can certainly learn to fly together-after all they all claim to descend from the same select period of history where oil was discovered under the sand, which, not coincidentally, just happens to be around the same time as the Whispering Network of 1948 was formed by Oprah Winfrey and Dick Cheney, working from the Clinton Foundation and AIPAC.

Related Story: What is a man-in-the-middle attack, and how does the The NSA program called “Flying Pig” target individuals and entire nations with man-in-the-middle attacks?

And, we have all of their over-breeding hands out, dipping their fingers into every dialogue, and especially, eating at the same pork-pile of counter-terrorism funds, mingling their spit and slobber with chicken feathers and wood chips, as they eat through the center of the earth, chasing the devils they make. Here- have a look at “manufactured crime and terrorism.” It’s a real cash cow for flying pigs.
Here-this is a list of manufactured terror events that these “good people” have created, and if you look at the mass shooters, you will note a few “stings” gone bad. And, as you have noted my thesis-many of THOSE events were preceded by months/years/decades/generations of covert activity directed at the “bad guys” by all the “good guys.” And their religious sects, of course.
Of Course!
Here- I be you didn’t know this about the Las Vegas shooters father(or this about Florida Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen’s father)-he was well liked in his community, and despite the constant involvement of the “good guys” and despite overt criminal acts (racketeering, running a speakeasy/gambling den) his community actually asked that he be set free from prison. Are you seeing a conflict in narratives? I sure am.
And power to “we the peeple” begins with taking narrative control away from those who have used to nefarious ends that ever and always create more work for them, and less work for us.
So, we are forced to live among these people, encased in their insane “glass cages” so let’s have a look at the real problem-the stumbling stone they have cast in our path in order so that they can play at being God behind every internet click-the hidden chambers in the Occulus of the Panopticon that they have created, and framed around our internet cells for us all to stumble through(some obviously more than others-who might THAT be?)
The beam in the eye of the One Percent is every case that hacks away at FISA and section 702 warrantless surveillance and how the Hydra agencies use the “reach around” to wiggle and wet willy those who they target: meet Section 702 of the FISA Star Chamber monitoring, and manufactured terrorism/crime/bad ideas/bad thoughts/ your babies Barbie camera/manufactured Bernaysian consent on acid.
From Trevor Aaronson at TI:

While traditional FISA authority permits spying on a particular person or group through warrants issued by the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, under the new powers, codified in FISA Section 702, monitoring is approved in bulk by the court through what is essentially a recipe for mass surveillance. Once approved, such a recipe can be used against thousands of targets. Under Section 702 authority, the NSA is currently monitoring digital communications of more than 100,000 people; it swept up an estimated 250 million internet communications each year as of a 2011 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court opinion. The FBI frequently searches Section 702 databases when it opens national security and domestic criminal “assessments,” precursors to full investigations.


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