What "they" are reading ROGS gets hits from 10-15 nations a day

As I have noted repeatedly, each case of OGS is different, but employs similar tactics and methods of gang stalking.
Rose McGowan was stalked by Harvey Weinstein’s hired guns, actual Mossad agents who work with Black Cube. The Beatrice Six were stalked, framed and literally brainwashed by a pig farmer and a psychologist. Val was shaken down by a tactical operation of law enforcement agents in a literal gang strike force. Tom Schweich was blackmailed and a whisper campaign was waged behind his back that he was Jewish-but also that he might be too “light in the loafers” to handle the job of Missouri state governor.
While none of these have officially declared that they were “gang stalked” in any official statement, I invite you to get out the ROGS BINGO card and go through it case by case, and see if it matches up to what I say organized gang stalking is, and compare it to the “online community” of those who are being gang stalked, and who share that information.
Obviously, when we weed out the Scientologists and other space cults, the military cross talk, and the obviously mentally ill, and find actual victims who have encountered this dialectic, you will see that  separating the obvious chatter from the less obvious bullying and victimization, that OGS is very real indeed-that the claims of those who suffer OGS are identical to the claims of those who suffer “intelligence and counter-intelligence stalking,” but also these bizarre “community policing” schemes as well.
And, what we will then see is a surveillance and security state on acid. That we are being exploited by spooks that work in the lowliest community snitch scheme of Infragard political saboteurs at Twitter and ISP’s, to  the security guards and other community rats (there are 1 million Paul Blarts in the US, and it is noteworthy that they show up in “odd places” especially when mass shootings take place, like the case of Las Vegas-or that some report being used and framed when they simply just want to make a living).
SO, what we see more and more is that due process never kicks in-that before any substantive due process takes place, victims of gang stalking have likely endured years and years of bullying and harassment, some of it professional grade psychological operations, combined with the new political Stasi’s all across the western world that mediate “culture and politics.”
And, we see that this is an unchecked, unregulated, and plainly destructive force in our societies; that-without irony-like the serenity prayer of Reinhold Niehbur and the AA cult of Bill W.-the goal of gang stalkers is to drive their victims to ” institutionalization, crime, or death by suicide,”and that, mediated by occut activity that derives its basis at our cell phone’s and internet switch-that some seek to throw our country back into the dark ages of social Puritanism and prohibition of privacy, words, ideas; due process, freedom of press, association assembly, while building for themselves protected spaces where “they” reign with immunity and impunity.
So- in that light, I build honeypots, like ROGS here, and document tat gang stalking is a “real” thing, not a delusion at all. As I said- my readers ome from all around the world, they clearly find the narrative structure, even though I hide it well-and they also click interesting links.
So, I can tell the difference one day to the next if an actual targeted individual is reading in-they look for the links on how to fight back, how to build a civil case, and also they read the stories about actual victims of OGS.
Others come here and try to thread together a narrative to see if I am a fan of Marv Rubin and his klavern, and then they read my post “special note about anti-semitism,” which  wrote because I am well aware that a huge majority of the online hacking is done from Israel, and that as we saw in the case of Rose McGowan, our zionized police give these unregistered foreign agents a free pass when it comes to turning a blind eye to gang stalking. These same navel gazing psychopaths always seem to miss my criticism of other religions-so much so that it s almost a feature of OGS itself.
And then their are the illuminated ones who come to read about masons and pedophiles, and secret societies-I bet THOSE people have something to hide, which is why they built the Panopticon in the first place.
Then, there are the security minded, amongst my readers, who click outbound links to valuable information that any hacker, spy, contracor, or case agent might find interesting. Here, look at what my readers from the “potentially dangerous online community of gang stalking targets” clicked yesterday:
They wanted to see an actual case of OGS that took place a couple months ago, as judicial reform activist, and Penn State Sandusky pedophile critic and former candidate for Senate Andy Ostrowski was hauled out of his house as he broadcast live on Facebook because a Scientologist tried to frame him as crazy.
Then, someone wanted to watch a video that long time anti corruption critic and former Marine John Lang made of actual gang stalking that took place in front of his house, exactly the way I describe it here at ROGS. In his case, he stabbed himself in the back and apparently set his own house on fire, as fire trucks sat a couple blocks away. He had been “on the radar” for seven years. I suspect his case started in family court and gray area poicing back in the 90’s, but I haven’t investigated it yet- I am plainly too frightened….
Then, there is a link that a journalist  or other enterprising researcher might have clicked-a link between “eye for an eye” justice, the kind that is espoused by jihadists who chop people’s hands out and smite their eyebals with-and coincidentally, the same kind hat is employed in policing and Rotary Clubs, where some old cops will bend over backwards to rescue young nymphets in distress from bad guys and “stalkers” and, also, of course, rescue their nude selfies from the grasp of internet 4chan trolls-but who won’t lift a finger to stop OGS, and even have devised a worldwide white knight plan to “Stalk the Stalkers.” See if YOU can find a connection-or patterns….
And, one enterprising hacker/security professional/pen tester/curious onlooker clicked one of my favorite links, to a book called “Silence On The Wire,” which is As you might have noticed, a lot of online gang stalking happens because our military and police are surveilling us without warrants, and then, stalking people online AND off afterwards-this is what OGS is primarily in the “community policing” scheme.
Here- have peek at the book-and note the language about the”victim-attacker model“and see if you can apply that to the way you view organized gang stalking and cyber stalking as well:

Silence on the Wire

A Field Guide to Passive Reconnaissance and Indirect Attacks

Author Michal Zalewski has long been known and respected in the hacking and security communities for his intelligence, curiosity and creativity, and this book is truly unlike anything else out there. In Silence on the Wire: A Field Guide to Passive Reconnaissance and Indirect Attacks, Zalewski shares his expertise and experience to explain how computers and networks work, how information is processed and delivered, and what security threats lurk in the shadows. No humdrum technical white paper or how-to manual for protecting one’s network, this book is a fascinating narrative that explores a variety of unique, uncommon and often quite elegant security challenges that defy classification and eschew the traditional attacker-victim model.

Lastly, the eager readers frequently click the Secret Surveillance catalogue that gives us the names for the actual electronic tools of entrapment and bullying that the pro’s use. While the discrediting narrative has all the researchers wondering “what are directed energy weapons” that catalogue provides the answers that Glenn Greenwald was kind enough to provide all targeted persons around the world with, because he knows well that targeted individuals exist, an that they deserve justice on some level-and that our governments have foregone Democratic means and methods, like warrants and substantive due process.
So, at least one person around the world clicks this link every week. And Frankly, after what I have seen of all our good guys and their gallies in action since 2004? Yeah, I am kind of OK with the Russian’s and other boogieMEN reading in here at ROGS.
Anyways- how’s the weather up there in Seattle(which is weird)? Or over there in Tennessee? Or South Africa/UK/New Zealand/-Las Vegas? Because the Panopticon is actually a two way street, once you push the bullies off the sidewalk. And if enough TI’s actually read in here, they can learn to build their own sidewalks, that lead us all to the Supreme Court and FISA Star Chambers, after we leap a few of these local political watch fobs in the district courts and appeals.
Sh!t- I’ll do that without saying a single word. Because others are saying it for me now. But thanks for playin’ ROGS BINGO!But the cat’s out of the bag now, and opefully, she will ter the eyes out of the Octopussy-con job, and pee in the Panoptical eye till the cows come home.
And: I STILL want my GPS back.

Afterthought: After writing ROGS totally free from harassment or other malfunctions for nearly a week, using the same ‘puter, the same browser, etc., today-for some reason- I get all kinds of XSS errors in my console. And this, just days after I was contacted by odd people proposing odd things, in emails that I wrote about here, and after I wrote about this case in Washington state where a newspaper called “The Stranger” is challenging all of the Stalinist Star Chamber secrecy of court dockets.
Here is a note from one browser “add on” that describes what XSS errors are:
Q:   What is XSS and why should I care?
A:   XSS stands for Cross site scripting, a web application vulnerability which allows the attacker to inject malicious code from a certain site into a different site, and can be used by an attacker to “impersonate” a different user or to steal valuable information.

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