Operation MHCHAOS 2.0 and gang stalking complaints

As you read through ROGS here, please use your own judgement, form your own hypotheses, and maybe, write you own book based on your conclusions. But for the most part, all of my claims can be tested against other evidence. But today alone, the Isle of Guernsey was reading here at ROGS, along with about ten other nations, including an avid reader from Australia.
I note that I recently received a letter from a woman in Australia who told me a story about how her drug dealer (and pimp) along with family member and others were manipulating her and possibly terrorizing her as well. Her claims did indeed border on schizophrenic narrative, particularly “hearing voices.” I encouraged that writer to the proper resources, and I hope she found them.
But this is one of approximately fifteen cases I have dealt with in the last 9 month’s as I wrote this blog, and she was an outlier-her case is not representative of those who write to ROGS. In fact, here is a break down of some shoestring statistics of the cases I have dealt with in this time:

Approximately half are disinformation agents, misinformation agents, provocateurs or other agents from within policing and intelligence.
Approximately half involve real estate: hundreds of millions of dollars in fact
Approximately 10% appear to be “deep state’ actors
Nearly all of the legitimate complainants (40%), many of whom I have met are indeed homeless, or near to it of claims involve contact at several levels of the gray area policing schemes and endless make work projects of the DVIC, ranging from family courts to domestic violence to child custody or prostitution; and also real estate development
One specific contact (who is NOT a TI)  has a connection to British Royalty
One specific contact is involved in OGS as a politically involved person, who is also involved in real estate
I have had two interesting readers in the last three weeks from the playgrounds of the filthy rich, specifically the Isle of Guernsey, and Seychelles.
After I wrote about Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock, and inferred that he was targeted and possibly involved in a gun running operation, I received odd correspondence, and new readers from new places.
Two specific writers wrote to me to claim that they are involved in “groups” of men who are some sort of gang/stalkers.

I claim no authority that my results can be replicated entirely, nor can they encompass the whole of the “what is organized gang stalking” part of the many questions in the dialectic. But the do infer relationships, and connections beyone delusional complaints.
I have merely provided a starting point for those who are genuinely interested in understanding gang stalking-which is indisputably counter-intelligence stalking, augmented with the public’s general fear at confronting official narratives, or confronting the inevitable harassment and passive aggressive violence that will result from having challenged the one percent, and their many schemes of social coercion and enforcement.
In order to understand the “paranoid and delusional” features that some attribute to those who complain of gang stalking, I have provided many cases that can be compared and I have debunked many of the claims of electronic harassment that are used by “perps” to continue this abuse of citizens.
I especially urge the reader to indulge in the issue of “narrative control” and propaganda operations so that this issue can be understood, and so that the many scapegoats that hidden operators have created by official source gas lighting can begin to tell their stories.And, I point the reader to the case of journalist Gary Webb, who wrote The Dark Alliance where one can note that many of the EXACT claims made by TI’s were also made by Webb in his final weeks.
Then, for the first time you will see on this blog, and probably the last, I will note an early “conspiracy theory” from decades ago, and I would like to point the reader to this lesser known case, where we can find similar results to Webb, but also, a case that challenged “deep state” narratives-that of  Steve Kangas, who  wrote about a “vast right wing conspiracy,” and who himself died under unusual circumstances in Las Vegas. And keep in mind that a major part of the ROGS thesis is “the discrediting narrative”:

Death sparks conspiracy theory
Sunday, March 14, 1999
By Dennis B. Roddy, Post-Gazette Staff Writer
A former Army intelligence officer shot himself to death last month in a restroom outside conservative philanthropist and publisher Richard Mellon Scaife’s Downtown offices, and Scaife has assigned a private investigator to determine whether the incident was a bungled assassination attempt.
The shooting of the 37-year-old Las Vegas man attracted little attention at the time, and Pittsburgh police and the Allegheny County coroner’s office quickly ruled it a suicide.
Since then, though, the Internet has churned with speculation about Kangas. Some Web theorists have drawn parallels to the 1993 death of White House Deputy Counsel Vincent Foster, whose apparent suicide Scaife has openly questioned, calling it “the Rosetta Stone” of the Clinton administration.
For the past month, according to Kangas’ friends and family, Mississippi private investigator Rex Armistead has traveled the country, trying to learn what interest Kangas might have had in Scaife.
Kangas had recently sold his share of a gambling business in Las Vegas, and he ran the “Liberalism Resurgent” page on the World Wide Web. The page published extensive criticism of conservatives, and some of its writings asserted that Scaife was the financier of a right-wing conspiracy to topple President Clinton.

As we see, OGS provides “deep cover” for many socially reprehensible characters working in hidden capacities ranging from unionists who operate as organized gangs, to cultic and sectarian elements within government and inteligence, to pedophiles who hide behind social institutions and badges of authority, to police who frame the socially vulnerable, and the truly mentally ill, the addict, the prostitute*and other “suspects” into crimes, or use them to push a narrative-all of which examples can readily be found online by the researcher of organized gang stalking.
And so, if the reader draws any one thing fromm ROGS, it should be that OGS is mainly a feature of a wider dialectic where many things ca-and are- hiddenin plain sight, not least f which is trauma based mind control backed by actual offline activity.
In that light, I urge the reader to view the “symptoms” and the descriptions of incidents that occur in OGS as “possible” and often “probable” before you write it off as “delusional.,” as we see that many persons afflicted have endured a sequence of bizarre, unethical, and possibly illegal activities, as we see with Rose McGowan, Bob Deis, Jeff Pataky, and more.And, we see that police/intelligence methodology is designed to mimick mental illness, and that the tactics and methods of OGS are themselves “an eye for an eye,” in many cases, or simply designed to “cut the enemies throat with Occam’s Razor.”
The possibility that the persons description of events and experiences is itself designed to mask that person-to entomb the complainant in a nearly impossible discredited/disreputable dialectical framework, rather than the exact language of OGS, particularly as pertains to the “advanced sequalae” that accompanies it, because as we see, the linguistic features reveal direct influence operations, with a sophisticated network of those who discredit complainants.
And, when we push back the official source gas lighting and those that practice it, we see that in fact and practice, OGS is truly “bullying on acid” in a new MHCHAOS styled operation on a world wide level. As such, it is possible that OGS itself is a symptom of the wider social disease of black operations destroying democracy, one individual at a time. Or, in many cases, targeted influence operations designed to entrap whole communities in “bad jacketing.”

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