Innovation in the gang stalking dialectic: Aspen Hill, Maryland Wiki case studies validate gang stalking

While I was compiling demographics about gang stalking-particularly Google search results compared to state populations- I stumbled across a surprise:
One neighborhood in Maryland has already documented gang stalking as an actual non-phenomenon, but rather, as a fact of life. Meet  Aspen Hill Network Wiki, which has excellent proofs that gang stalking is real, and that unscrupulous security contractors, bail bondsmen, actual mafia’s and more participate in it.
And, they note that political implications surround the topic, and that those who do it can have a propaganda/public opinion purpose of “malicious manipulation of public or private opinion”:

Types of Organized Stalking

Organized stalking generally does not have any legitimate or legal law-enforcement goal. It is usually the activity of a group of misguided citizens acting on a mistaken understanding of law or of concepts of civic duty. The techniques are believed to have originated with the Ku Klux Klan and to have spread elsewhere to other extremists who have refined techniques and spread them yet again.
Organized stalking may also be the result of malicious manipulation of public or private opinion, by a range of instigators too large to be fully enumerated.

This is an excellent resource for anyone seekingto counter the psychological and official surce gas lighting that surrounds gang stalking in a legal forum.
Here is a bit about who does it:

Depending on the competence — organizational, technical, or personnel — of those involved, organized stalking can escalate into terrifying dimensions, all the more so terrifying as Organized Stalking groups are easily absorbed by larger groups with different aims, mostly seeking the personal information collected about victims. For example, an organized stalking group pursuant to a contested divorce might be absorbed (perhaps violently) by a group pursuing a business or criminal rivalry. Any of the above might be absorbed and/or controlled from afar by religious groups or police/intelligence operations.
Various sources claim, with widely varied degrees of credibility or lack thereof, that almost all Organized Stalking activity outside of criminal burglary operations is known to, and supervised by, one or another tier of law-enforcement. Depending on the locale, this might potentially involve elements of counterintelligence organizations from the international to the local level.
A widely circulated belief, which is not easily either verified nor disproven, contends that various agencies circulate lists of “cop wannabees” and “local vigilantes” within and between their own organizations.

An excellent, well written and reasoned account of OGS.

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